Saturday, March 5, 2011

Parenting is HARD but Running a Sub 20min 5k is Harder

Boys Boys Boys
This first section is for the Motherhood part of this Runninghood Blog.  Be warned, if parenting/mommy talk makes you want to poke your eyes out, you can skim down to my equally boring (today) running section.

I know that many of you mothers out there might recognize this book by David Shannon called No David.  This book is mostly illustrations with the words "No David!" on each illustration of the little boy David doing something he isn't supposed to be doing....Running down the street naked, breaking things, playing with his food, making messes.  Poor David.  Always being told NO!  But in the end his mother says "Yes David, I Love You!"  This story was always funny to me and I've always loved it as a teacher.  My girls have also enjoyed it over the years and David Shannon has been one of their favorite authors and illustrators.  But I didn't truly "GET" this book until I had my little man Runninghood!  Now I think this book was written just for him!
My little guy is giving me a run for my mommy money!  Such a different ball game than what I've experienced raising girls.  First off, he is totally and completely attached to ME! I rarely get a break when he is awake unless I leave the house.  Or, like now, I'm typing on the toilet in the back bathroom.  Oh, here he is banging on the door as I type. Darn, I've been caught.  Let me go to using fragments and bullets now:

  • I told you all that this little guy has a thing about calling everyone Bad Boy.  Lately, I've really been trying to put a stop to this by telling him "No, you are not a bad boy. That was a bad choice."  I think it is working because this morning when he threw an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet, I said "No Thank You!  Bad Choice."  And he responded with "Good Boy.  Bad Choice."
  • I'm thinking at least it is a good thing that he says "No Thank You" when he is cussing people out with his "Bad Boys and Stop Its!".  The other day I was at the gym and my husband picked up our Nephew in the car.  My son threw a huge fit because he thought that our nephew was taking my seat.  He threw out a few choice "Bad Boys" and yelled "NO THANK YOU!  STOP IT BAD BOY!"  
  • Again, I do not call my son bad boy!  He picked this up from his oldest sister. 
  • Yesterday I asked him to "Stop It (yes he gets that from me)" and he responded by grabbing my leg and saying "NO MAMA, you stop it!"  Not something I'm proud of...actually rather embarrassed to admit it but it is real life.  He did get a time out.  
  • I had someone ask me what we do for consequences when this little guy decides to hit, throw food, grab his sisters hair, throw almost 2 year old tantrums, etc.  Great Question!  
  • I usually say something like "Uh, Oh, not a good choice".  Sometimes he responds quickly to this and says "I'm sorry Momma" and that's that.  But if it happens again, I take him to his crib and give him a 1-2 minute time out.  Research suggests that you only give a time out for as long as the child is old.  So my daughters might get a time out for 3-5 minutes or 45 minutes depending on how I'm feeling.  
  • When he gets out of timeout, I ask him if he knows why he was in time out.  Of course he is 20 months so he isn't going to respond in a complete sentence so I answer the question for him and tell him why he had consequences.  Then I ask him to say sorry to the person he offended.  He always does so with a hug or kiss.
  • Overall, he is a wonderful, loving, bright and funny funny boy!  He acts like a text book 20 month old who is experimenting with control and trying to have power in his little world as a third child with two older bossy sisters.  He shows so much love to all of us.  I really should include all of the positive things he does that are funny too. 
  • Oh, and for the record, we do have a regular babysitter that we LOVE.  We believe in getting away on dates and making time for just us.  He is just having lots and lots of anxiety right now.  Leaving him with people he isn't used to is the difficult part.  This is normal.  Part of the game of parenting.  

Running Running!
Note:  I am not training for a 5k.  I'm marathon training.  I won't be hugely disappointed if I don't PR in a 5k this year since it isn't my focus.  In fact, I won't be hugely disappointed if I never ever race a 5k ever again!  

The consensus is in!  The majority of people that responded to the last post said that the 5k is their least favorite race.  For good reason! I agree!  I went to the gym yesterday with my mind set on trying to scrap my mile repeat workout and instead attempting to set the treadmill to a good ol' 1.0 incline and holding on for a sub 20 minute 5k.  I left with visions of victory and I returned with visions of reality!  

The original workout plan for yesterday:
2 mile warmup
4-5 1600 repeats at 10k pace(really I should be doing these a little slower than what I've been trying for.  I should be more at a 6:39 or slower since it needs to be realistic for what I could run a 10k in now) with 2 min active recovery in between
2 mile cool down

Here's what happened:
2 mile warm up/dynamic stretching
1.34 miles @ 6:27 pace and then the monotony of the pretty empty gym + treadmill + bad talk show and no music + mental wimp out + hard pace for me = I gave up.  (looking back I wish I would have just slowed down to a 6:45/50ish pace until I could speed back up again)
2 min jog
1 mile at 6:31
2-3 min jog
3 miles at 7-7:27ish tempo pace. Ran until I got to 6.2 miles...last .5 was at 6:31-6:50ish pace.  
Ended with 45:15 10k.  I'll take it.  Not nearly as good as breaking 20 in the 5k or running my 4-5 mile repeats at pace but that's okay.  It was a good mental wake up for me. I'm not in 5k PR mode right now.  That's okay.  I have to remind myself that this is marathon training.  And even if I don't ever break 20 in the 5k, I'm still good enough, smart enough and doggone it!  People like me.  

Week Review
My training is still in the early stages since my marathon isn't until June.  I'm just following this Brain Training Plan and hoping that it is leading me down the right road.  Trusting Matt Fitzgerald to tell me what is best!  Tomorrow's 14 miler will give me 50 miles this week and I feel great!  I feel  a little soreness in my lower hammy/knee area but overall, I'm feeling pretty solid!  My Brooks Launch shoes are everything I would have hoped them to be.  I LOVE them!!!  The Asics made my feet fall sleep after 2 minutes.  What?  I tried loosening them and still my toes feel asleep.  Weird.  I'll try again but if they keep feeling like that then I'll just get another pair of Brooks shoes to alternate with and we'll be good to go!

Off on a light and easy 6 miler with little man Runninghood in the stroller!  Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.  

1. Any exciting plans this weekend?  We are just redoing the floor in the kitchen and getting ready to have the kitchen redone on Monday. Oh, and it isn't raining here in Portland! An outdoor run in the semi-sunshine will be heavenly!!  And getting a sitter for my husband and I to run 14 miles tomorrow.    

2.  If you are a parent of a toddler, what are your methods of giving consequences and discipline?  

3.  Good luck to anyone who is racing this weekend!  



  1. I like the "not a good choice". I will be trying that. We do time out's. My littlest is 26 months. She has been good for the most part so we have not had to deal with the timeout's for her. She is also a bit speech delayed, which we expected. She had a VERY tight frenulum (tongue tied). So she has been talking in her own language for a while, some we could make out some we couldn't. Now she is finally starting to talk loud and clear.... and using words to describe wants, needs...etc. I am noticing she is becoming more naughty, so I am sure we will be doing more time outs. My oldest was VERY naughty, she went through a biting phase at 18 months, before she could talk. I would have to remove her from situations and she would bite and kick, not cool when your huge and prego with the second. That was the hardest. It took time and patience, but she grew out of it.

    Great job on the run, it's so hard to push through them sometimes!

  2. I love your approach--good boy, bad choice! Perfect way to handle it. And it's interesting to me that it's your boy who has been the tougher child. At my house my son has been a breeze, but my daughter challenges me!

    Breaking 20 minutes is very hard, you're right. And it probably takes doing it when not training for a marathon. My 5k PR is 20:14 and that's where it's gonna stay. I've reached an age where PRs at distances shorter than 10k aren't going to happen anymore. That's ok, though. You'll get your 19!

  3. Have you seen the movie "raising helen"? there is a quote in the movie where one of the moms says, "You are not a bad person, this is just very, very bad behavior!" I love it! My family quotes it all the time :)

  4. hmmmm - love the good boy bad choice - we use the same strategy. Like Miss Zippy though it has been - so far - my daughter who's been the challenge and my son has been so much easier to get to cooperate.. Oh well.

    Re the running - I like how you didn't bail on the run when you didn't get the pace you wanted but carried on - well, well done. Oh how I hate 5Ks.

  5. I missed responding on the last post, but I'm a 5k lover!!! :D

    I haven't done really any longer races yet and my half mary is coming up, but I just like the faster shorter 5k training better than the longer slower mary training anyway. So I doubt I will change my mind after my first half.

    I could NEVER 5k PR on a treadmill, that is crazy talk!! You should run a 5k an the roads just to see!

  6. and now I see you ARE running a 5k and even though it is mostly a training run, I'm sure you will Rock it!!

  7. Thanks Katie. And in regards to boys vs. girls...I think they are just different. And I think the biggest difference is that I have way less energy with my third than with my first and second. :) This makes things seem harder than they probably are. He is also much easier in some regards. I love my little man! So flippin' much!!!

    And Katie, I'm beginning to agree that the TM might be harder rather than easier. :)

    Oh, and I try not to even refer to my kids as Good boy and Good girl but rather say Good choice. I say things like "I like the way you did that. Great choice!"

  8. I used to hate the 5km distance. Now I kinda like it. I think my least favorite distance is the 10km... not really sure why.

  9. Sounds like little man is definitely giving you a run for your money! I don't really have anything to offer as I'm not a parent yet, but I will say that I think you're doing a good job and as you said, everything he's doing is completely age appropriate.

    Your training seems to be coming along very well! Good for you! That's so cool that you and your hubby are having a run date again. That must be awesome!

    My wknd has been uneventful so far. I wasn't feeling well last night so I just laid on the couch (after my workout!) and today I worked until 1:30. Laundry right now but when it's done I am going for a short run! Tomorrow is date day!

  10. I've never run a 5k race and probably never will. I did run a virtual 5k this morning but official 5k never. We don't really have those in South Africa. Races are from 10km upwards. Fun runs are 5km. My best 5km training time is 21:14, many years ago. Now I do 29min because my focus is on ultras.

  11. Oh, thanks for this!!! I'm passing on your blog link!

    Sorry for the mix up on the 5k...that WOULD have been a very fast marathon training session though! :)

  12. Kickass workout. I want you to chase me next time I have to do mile repeats!

  13. oh! yeah i guess i missed last post....
    im a 5k lover here as well,but also enjoy the longer races. i like the mental aspect of the 1/2 and having pacing goals. never been a great pacer until i started doing longer races.....5ks is just SUAR until the end,lol!
    anyways,you are doing the right things with your lil man,using positive words,positve reinforcements,and the time outs when needed. i have 2 girls and a boy as well,and YES they are very different! my son was the easiest as a baby,toddler, middle baby girl---wow,h-e-double hockeysticks on wheels!!! time out didnt work for her,but taking away her privelages did. no telling how this 3rd baby will be like when she is a toddler..every kid is different and learns differently. finding the differences and following plan accordingy is the hard part!
    anyways,ive rambled reading your blog btw.
    hope you have a great weekend!

  14. I don't resort to any sort of physical punishment either. I'm not going to teach them a behavior that I wouldn't want them to continue as adults or associate with how we voice disapproval. My son definitely throws more tantrums than my girls and one thing that I learned is that its over faster if you ignore it and don't feed into it. Of course, after he calms down I will go over his behavior and make sure he understands that I don't approve. I think it sounds like you're doing a great job. Consistency and positive reinforcement have been my go-tos.

    I ran 5 miles in 45 min last night so an under 20 5k sounds like a dream for me!! :) Have I mentioned I think you're amazing?!

  15. I HAVE that book! haha! My boys love it. Especially the page with his naked buns streaking down the road and the other with his finger jammed up his nose.

    So...that's a pretty decent treadmill 10K! I think there is something to be said for getting on the road and really racing. I wouldn't be surprised if you dropped that time and hit the 5K goal time soon too.

    BTW..YES those shoes were the Manas. :) I don't even know if I can run in my race right now. If I do, I'd like to wear the adizero tempos, but since I haven't even tested them yet, I might end up wearing a new pair of sequence 3s. But they are pretty heavy. 10oz vs 8.
    Nice to know about the brooks! I wish I had a brooks discount!

  16. I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old. We do timeouts, they have to say sorry, ect. I'm very proactive on behavior. When one child get antagonistic I totally drop the "attitude' bomb on them. Basically if it's not nice they get a "Oh no you di-ent!" or something like that. I don't usually wait until it gets to the point of needing timeout and the kids are very responsive. I also make them respond to me when I am correcting behavior, ie "don't play with the water glass" and they have to acknowledge and say "ok". They have to at least go through the motions! And if I ask them to do something they get one repeat until I switch to 'do what your mama tells you' so it doesn't become a struggle. I don't argue with stuff that is not a negotiation!

  17. My youngest LOVED No, David! when he was little. My students always love it too. It's a great beginning of the year book to help them help create classroom rules. I did time outs with the older two, but it wasn't effective for my youngest. What works with him has been taking favored things away. The youngest has never been spanked at all. I did spank the older two, but I got to a point where I felt like I was crossing the line between disciplining them bc they misbehaved and hitting them bc I was mad. So I stopped.

    You may not have met your goal, but WOW are you fast. Nice job! And glad at least one pair of shoes are working out for you.

    I ran 18 miles for the first time today, and now I'm off to (gulp) take my first ice bath. Boy, am I sore.

  18. Wow, thats an impressive treadmill tempo workout! Being a parent seems really really really hard, but I might have to agree that a sub 20:00 5k might be harder :) Seems extrordinary to me!

  19. I have to confess, 5k's scare the crap out of me. I've never raced one, and have a hard time myself trying one in the near future. Sounds like you had a great week of running and are feeling strong - so with that in mind, who needs a stinkin' sub-20:00 5k?

    My husband and I spent the morning doing a ridiculous hill ride on our local trails. Whew, my quads are going to be feeling that tomorrow when I attempt a 10 mile run!

  20. I have three sons. Two were really easy to discipline and the other was a challenge. What worked with the first (being sent to his room) just didn't work for him. He would tear books and throw things from the window - including chairs. We did smack and that worked for him. He knew what he was being punished for because we told him before the misdeed that if he did so-and-so he would be smacked. With our third child we never had to raise a hand.

  21. I have girls, not boys. Girls are worse in the dark ages (aka teen age years).

    Does it count for me if my daughter breaks 20 for a 5k? She is at 22 and change now. I'm no where near that :)

  22. Miss C will be 2 on Monday, so I am right in the thick of that stuff, too! I use redirection a lot. Time-outs don't seem to be all that useful with her yet. Part of why you are more tired with little boy is that you also have 2 others to contend with! The only time I have ever spanked one of my children was when he or she was doing something that was TRULY dangerous to someone or themselves and they were not going to stop without a swift and harsh consequence. It was not done in anger or on impulse and not taken lightly.

    There are 5 boys and 5 girls in our blended family. I have to say that each gender comes with its own built in set of issues, neither are better or worse... just different. Even the teen years... hard w/ boys and w/ girls in my experience. But there are so many lovely things to go along with the challenges. How it goes at any given stage depends a great deal on the individual as well :)

    Perseverance! Fortitude! Tenacity! Patience! and some Running! among other things will help you make it through in one piece :)

    Big plans? After this morning, I am pretty much toast. Did go out last night and saw TWO movies! lol But that's it.

    Sounds like such fun... you and hubby going for a run! Enjoy what sunshine you can!

  23. Ahh! I love the mommyhood posts! Bringin' back the memories! On my phone so will be back to better comment later! BTW-16 monster hill miles today! If I decide to reward myself, you will be getting a txt later-haha!

  24. Oh my gosh, the day I run 6 minute anything is probably the day my hair is on fire and I forget to stop, drop, and roll. You are awesome!

  25. Not a big fan of the 5k I cant seem to get in a rythmn until around 5 miles. Im working on it though.

    My toddlers are grown and gone. :( Each child is different doesn't really matter what gender they are. Our Discipline was completely for both.

  26. Oh, my gosh that was cold! It definitely made a difference, though. I'll be a repeat customer.

  27. I love that book!

    I think you will have an easier time running the 5K outside. Trust me, trust me! Plus, with your husband pacing you, you won't have to worry about looking at your watch.

    I have to confess, I do not miss those early years...My son used to call everyone stupid a year was all Thomas the Tank Engine, which he has not watched since (that show is evil).

    Long run with the hubs, that IS a great reason to get a sitter!

    Oh, and don't be dissapointed about that workout. I think you did great. As you said, the marathon is your A race.

  28. My parents have 9 kids, and some of us were WAY obnoxious (ok, me, it was me). My mom tried to only say, "That's not for you," instead of "no" to one of my little brothers and my sister and I made it our mission to make him say no as much as possible! We told him "no" meant he would get ice cream! Sometimes I wonder why my mom didn't kill me...

  29. You'll get faster and faster as you get closer to your marathon - that's what's so cool about these little tune-up races, they show the progress so don't set the bar too high right now, you want to improve :).

    Of course people still like you...actually, they love ya!! :)

    Have a great rest of the weekend! Excited to see your kitchen redo - oh how I'd love one of those. One day!

  30. I can totally relate- my son is 21 months and is tired of listening to mom and dad. We use timeouts (same as you for length)- but we have a designated spot in the living room. It's been rough lately though- the past 3 weeks...I finally stopped nursing (which he was not happy about), molars are coming in, independence is strong, sentences aren't able to be formed yet...
    I was just asking some ofmy good friends what they did for discipline on work on Friday- so thanks for this post!
    Something that has started to work for us (as far as getting him to do what he needs to do) is using "First..., then..." so we state what we want him/he needs to do, follwed by a then comment (usually what he is wanting) ie: "First get dressed, then play trucks"

  31. Love the "good boy, bad choice" comment LOL. I never came up with good consequences when my boys were toddlers. Thankfully, they are now older and get real consequences of losing privileges.

  32. I know you have high expectations and righfully so, you are very talented. I am always in awe of your speed. I have given up timing myself on the treaddy--not sure if it is the monotony or what, but running "to" something with others around always helps.

    For #2, duct tape??

    Hope you had a fabulous, sunny, dry run!!

  33. Oh boy...your little boy sounds like my 3yr old girl. she has given me a run for my money like yo wouldn't believe too. she also is a MOMMY"s Girl and no one can take my place...sometimes drives me crazy but at least she loves me. she is crazy and neurotic and E-MO-TIONAL!!! lol...actually she's a mini-ME ha I deserve it.
    anyway...the 5k thing.....dude, you could do it if you were racing, give yourself some credit, you're a freakin' rockstar! the treadmill stinks (in my opinion) infact I told myself I didn't care if it was raining this week or not I was going to try to run outside once I can actually run again:):)
    you're doing great!!xx

  34. oh my gosh do we know each other?? I am from Corvallis Oregon! I saw your picture at the OSU game, we are huge beaver fans. :) We just moved to Alaska a year ago and I miss OSU football games SO bad!

    I’m so excited I found your blog. I am training for a couple half marathons this year as well. I was suppose to do Hood to Coast a few years ago but found out I was pregnant with my now 2 year old! :)

    Good to “meet” you! :)

  35. OK-finally back! I really got a laugh out of your little guy! We had the same child situation with two older girls and then a boy. Two provokers and a retaliator sometimes! You are a better mother than me! Seriously, I LOVE my kids so much but I have such little patience....the older two have seen me absolutely FLY off the handle some mornings.....then I feel guilty all day at work. You're a great mom with the appropriate consequences stuff and the teaching at the same time. I was totally laughing at you typing in the bathroom!! How you do what you do.....

    Running-you are really doing so well! I really think your 5K will be smokin' by the end of the year. Things are really different in a race situation and your short interval paces are Fast! I really honestly see sub 20 in your near future!

    Fun on the kitchen remodel! I need a house remodel!Lately, it's turned into a bit of a "functional" habitation around here. Hockey equipment hanging on the dining room chairs, weights in the living room, a pullup bar hanging in the doorway of the spare bedroom....

    Have a great Monday Amanda!

  36. Great post. I really like the pic with the 5k notes. I had my time trial this weekend on the TM - hated it.

    peace and Godspeed.

  37. Hey girl!! I'm back and finally able to start catching up on blogs!

    Are you still planning to be at the Shamrock this weekend?

    I'm curious to see when I do another 5K. I was starting to get better at them last year and really liked them. It was a good challenge for me to always try to improve my time with each one. But now that I've got the first 1/2 marathon under my belt I find myself looking for longer versus shorter runs. Never thought I'd see the day!

  38. I just got through with a marathon, now there's a 5k I might run this weekend which I'm not ready for. Sounds weird to say you would prefer to run for 3+ hours at marathon pace than for 20 minutes at a 5k pace, but I understand where you're coming from.