Saturday, October 8, 2011

The New Face to Minimalistic Running--The BRAless Running Society

As we see an ever increasing Scream from the running world to "Get BACK to Basics", I feel the inner cave woman in me just waiting to get out.  Get out there and run the way we ran before all this gear was invented.  You know, fancy shoes, shorts that make our ass look good, tanks that make us look like we have a flat stomach, soles that cushion our every step with names that resemble clouds, bras that look like they were meant to strap down and restrain someone in an insane asylum, or bras that are padded to make us look like we have a perfect little handful of a rack.  If we are going to get on the "trend wagon" with the minimalist shoe craze then why not just get minimalist with all our gear?

What about Bras?  Is your bra weighing you down?  Making your boobs feel suffocated?  Making them feel angry and unable to move the way they were meant to move,
Landing the way that natural running would allow them to land?

Forget the barefoot running without the braless running.  It's time that we set these babies free and run the way we were "BORN to RUN".

Getting Started With Bra-less Running
As with most things that are new to us, we want to start gradual.  The Bra-less Running Society advises:

  • Start with 10 minutes a day of braless running and slowly move up your time in 5 minute increments each week.  
  • Eventually, you will train your melons to land naturally and bounce in tune with your natural stride.  
  • Note: It is important to focus on proper form and making sure your feet are landing in a very natural mid food strike to prevent heel striking.  This will cause your boobs to balance in ways that might throw your alignment off and cause injury. 
  • The first time you take your bra off to run, try wearing several layers of clothes such as a tight tank and t-shirt.  You will gradually be able to wear a loser shirt.  Some might even find it freeing to find an open field where they can run without anything at all.  This is the nirvana of minimalist running.  
  • Women with larger racks might have issues with chaffing, black eyes, or something known as the pendulum effect.  Just like transitioning into barefoot running, you can purchase special tape to tape your ladies down in a very minimalistic fashion so that they will still feel a sense of freedom but they will have just enough support to avoid serious Breast, Eye, or Arm bruising or other injuries that are common with big breasted women moving into the Bra-less running trend too quickly. 
  • Women who suffer from "only nipples left after breast feeding" syndrome might wish to wear a slightly thicker shirt at first.  It can take time to feel completely "safe and uninhibited" with a lack of rack. 

The Bra-less Running Society offers classes to all women (and men) who wish to begin the first steps of freedom towards the nirvana of minimalistic running.  We are always open to new topics that you are interested in learning about. Such topics might include:

  • Being okay with my big knockers, setting them free, and discovering the way my body was meant to move.  
  • It's okay to look like I'm a  young boy with a pony tail and ear plugs or corks in my tank top.  
  • Buying the right products to prevent breast chaffing while running.
  • Boobie Tape and other minimalistic gear to help transition you to a Bra-less Runner.  
A good type of top for early transitioning in to true Bra-less Running.

What many women have to say about Braless Running:
  • "Running Bra-less opened me up to an entirely new world of running and moving my body.  I learned to embrace myself fully and wonderfully.  For the first time in my life, I moved the way my body wanted to move." --Jackie Hess, Eugene, Oregon.
  • "Running Bra-less helped me tap into the deepest parts of my creative spirit.  I would come home from my "bra-less" run and just want to paint.  Sometimes I even painted myself." --Sage Wildflower, Berkeley, California.
So, what are you waiting for?  Do you want to run the way nature intended for us to run?  The way we were Born To Run?  Join the newest trend to minimalistic running and join the Bra-less Running Society.  You just might experience a freedom you've never felt before!  For more information, call 1-800-BRA-LESS

*  Note:  Some women are advised to stick to wearing a bra.  We advise you to consult your doctor or friends before running Bra-Less.  Such things as excessive size or length can make Bra-Less running dangerous and ill advised.  

The Bra-Less Running Society


  1. Just ouch. Not even to feed an expired meter.

  2. :) Yeah, I totally agree. But for vanity purposes, not pain. Feeding a meter usually involved being in a busier part of the city...people see you. I'd just keep my arms crossed. :)

  3. Im sure the male fan club would fully "support" this method of running. These pictures of her running braless reminds me of the scene in Sex and the City 2, the braless nanny.

  4. I realize I'm completely gullible, but really? Or are you just insanely creative and extremely hilarious??? I'm really hoping for option 2. :) I did see a women going braless the other day while I was running errands. Thankfully, she was not running... her girls were down to her waistline and she looked like she had 2 watermelons in her shirt. It was not pretty and yet I couldn't help but stare. I kept wondering if she was trying to be funny and why in the world she had not invested in a bra??

  5. Hell no.

    You are hilarious. The braless running society. Buncha boob terrorists, if you ask me. :)

  6. Do I want to run the way nature intended me to run?


    Hell, I don't even want to "look" the way nature intended me to look! Haha!

    Totally happy with my implants and my cage for them.

  7. "Women who suffer from "only nipples left after breast feeding" syndrome" - that is me, and I am typically not vain, but have realized that I can no longer ever go braless. (I even wear padded sports bras)

  8. i tried running braless on a weekend trip one time when i forgot my sports bra and didn't want to sweat up my real bra... NEVER AGAIN i say, never again. :)

  9. Ha ha! Btw, this was totally a joke. It is called : "Amanda has too much time on her hands on a Saturday afternoon." :)

  10. Well this DD girl is definitely not running bra-less...I'd get black eyes for sure and perhaps knock myself out in the process...I'll stick to bras that smash the twins down so I can run with confidence and free of self injury ;)

  11. Pretty sure there is a gal who runs in the park who does just that, and I feel like a 15 year old boy the way I stare! I cannot tear my eyes of the ... BOUNCINESS! lol!

  12. I have tears!! I just re-read this entire post to my husband who looked quite amused at your humor and writing abilities. This is totally what I needed and needs to be published!! I could hardly get through some parts b I was laughing so hard!! And Meredith ur comment cracked me up good too!! Amanda, THiS is brilliant writing!!!

  13. Bahaha! I was cracking up the whole time I read this, and my husband kept glancing over at me like I'd lost my mind. LOL

  14. bahahahha too funny and only if I want to look 12! I run in a bra for the added padding :)

    funny post and tacky Katie, tacky!

  15. HAHA

    this made my day. i'm not sure whether to commend women who let their ladies loose or just flat out laugh at their pain.

    i wouldn't even let my A-sized lumps run free. no way, jose!

    thanks for the smile!


  16. LMAO! No Way!!!!! Not even to the mailbox ;-D

  17. I'm a big ball of naive and gullible all rolled into one, so you had me going for a while. You may have accidentally started a trend you know; someone could totally hitch this wagon to the minimal shoes revolution!

  18. Hilarious! And ouch.

    I'd like to keep my 'girls' firm and sag-less. Running with the tightest sports bra I can find is MY plan to obtain that!

  19. Funny thing--I have forgotten my sports bra on a couple of occasions when I swam first. Not one to skip my run, I went braless. You know the sad thing--I didn't notice any difference! So I think I'd like to be prez of your little society!

  20. OMG...this was hilarious! BUT, even though I have pretty small ones, there is no way in HELL that I would run without a bra...NEVER!

  21. Glad to hear in the comments that this is a joke. I mean, we have indecent exposure laws here! Not to mention, those who are well endowed would find that tape incredibly painful to remove after a run - much more so than chafing.

  22. This post just make me smile. Not sure why. I could easily go bra-less, but boy howdy, there are many I would not want to see dong so. Yikes!

  23. Too funny! I don't have huge DDs but I think my girls would be a little sore :)

  24. I'm all about less is more except in this department... Whenever we leave the house on a trip to do a run, WB always asks me if I forgot anything and I always say "probably, but I remembered the jog-bra so I'm good to go"..

  25. oh. I am SO glad I came back to read this.
    You seriously had fun with this! hahaha!!

    :)) I love how XLMIC was first to respond! ha

  26. All I have to say is your a genius! That's the funniest best post ever!!! Haha!!! On a serious note I did read they think the underwire is a contributor to breast cancer ~Nora

  27. Amanda, this post is hilarious!! I came across it when doing research for my blog, I make mention of your blog in my post - holding the girls up.

  28. I hate bras! And when you have itty bitties like me, you don't really need one. Let loose, run free. I love this, Amanda. You're starting revolution! ;)

  29. I know its been a few years since this was wrote, but I just came across this post.
    There's actually evidence that bras are linked to an increased risk of cancer. The tighter the bra, the higher the risk. So I'm just wondering how all these "hold em' down so they don't jiggle even a little" sports bras affect our girls.