Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cross Training

This was my weekend cross training.  

Changing all the molding, adding new paint to the walls, starting to plan a kitchen and bathroom remodel, sanding and painting. Sanding and painting.  Sanding and painting some more.  So much work!  Four times the work with pitter patters pitter pattering through the house all day!  Makes for late nights, early mornings, multi-tasking and no time to read  your beautiful blogs.  
As many of you suggested, I have been taking it easy.  No running yesterday and only a light 4 miler today.  I have an appointment with my miracle worker of a chiropractor tomorrow morning.  My legs still feel like they are uneven.  

Off to sand some more doors!  

What was the best part about your weekend?
Seeing our hard work turn our house into something new looking.  
What is one of your goals for this week?
One of them is to get back on track with my training and feel good again.  To be ON as a mom. 
Do you like to race 5k's?  
Nope.  They hurt!  But I'm kind of excited to try one again.  Especially after reading about Jenn's (from Running Sane) 5k this weekend and her new PR.  


Friday, January 28, 2011

9 Miles With A Jogger Stroller In The Forest Is Stupid!

I woke up this morning feeling much better after my Ice Bath.  It sure was torture while I was doing it but I'm glad I did.  Thanks for all of your tips on making it more bearable.  I guess the swimsuit and sunglasses didn't help make it easier.  Next time I'll have a sweater and a hot drink.  But seriously, for those of you who keep your undies on or put swimsuit bottoms on with your sweater...why?  Do they keep your hoo hoo from freezing or is it for modesty?  I mean, the only reason I had my suit on was to be presentable for my blog video of course.

*  I am hurting!  Something is just not right with my body.  I have a chiropractor appoinment on Monday.  Hopefully an adjustment will help.  Tonight during my Fartlek Friday workout, I felt so funny.  My right and left leg seem so unbalanced.  My right leg seems to be doing all the work while my left leg feels like it is barely touching the ground  What?!  This is probably a big reason for why I'm hurting in odd places.  I need adjusted!
*  It was probably so stupid to run 9 miles with my 5 year old in a jogger stroller.  In the forest with big hills no less.  What was I thinking?  This could be why my body feels all screwed up.  Lesson learned.  
*  My husband is redoing our molding in our house tonight and painting  I should really get up and help but it is close to midnight and I just would rather sit here and blog while watching him.  He's pretty sexy working so hard.  I should take a picture.  But that wouldn't help my cause to sit on my duff.  
*  Yoga last night was great.  The instructor was wonderful.  However, she had a bad case of camel toe. 
*  The lady in front of me in Yoga had see through pants so I could see her buns every time she bent down.  And the other girl in front of me had really short shorts and she was showing everything.  She was hot though.  If I was a guy I would have had the best seat in the house.  
*  I pretty much fell asleep at the end of yoga...a sure sign that this mama is tired.  That's why I've decided to blog at 11:30 p.m instead of go to bed.  
*  Rolling hurts like a mofo (is that a word?)  I think I have bruises from rolling out my IT least it feels that way.  
*  My spin class was AWESOME.  My instructor was a 60ish year old man who thought he was Lance Armstrong.  He kicked my ass.  But he made me think I was cycling in the Tour de France in the warm sunshine.  Seriously, he was that good.  
*  I slipped some flax seeds in my oatmeal the other day.  At first my oldest daughter tried to pitch a fit.  
"What is this?  Is this Quiche?? (she calls Quinoa Quiche on know, they both start with Q and she hates both of them)"  I told her that they were special vitamins from God called Flax seeds that make your hair really shiny like a princess.  All my kids ate it up!  

*  This is what I use my college degree for these days.  We turn ordinary boxes like this:

 Into small towns. This is just one of our buildings or whatever it might be.  At this moment it is just junk on my living room floor but it was fun while it lasted.  

*  This is me right now:

When really, I should be helping my sweet hubby prep our windows for paining:

Happy Weekend,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Ice Bath

I decided that tonight was the night for my first ever ICE BATH.  I've heard about it.  I've read about it.  I've been told that I should do it but I have never (until now) done it.  Woooo Wee!  I didn't know what I was missing out on.  
I figured that with the pain I've been feeling in my IT band, the soreness from rolling and new stretching, the intense (and awesome) spin class tonight, and an hour of yoga, now would be a good night to test the waters of the ice bath.  
I thought that I'd try to visualize warm thoughts so that this whole ice bath thing might be a bit easier.  So I dressed in my swimsuit, put some shades on, grabbed my beach towel, and told myself I was someplace warm with the sun, sand, and warm water. Okay, really the suit just made it more fun for my girls who were watching and it allowed me to take pictures and a video to capture the moment. The glasses and towel just added a nice touch to the suit.  
Here's my "right before entering the water" picture.  My face says it all...this is scary stuff!  I mean I don't like cold water.  It takes me 15 minutes just to get in the darn pool at the gym.  

My 5 year old cinematographer captured the first attempts of an ICE Bath for this athlete.  What a milestone in my running life.  

I did finally adjust to the torture of sitting in ice.  I could barely walk when I got out because my feet were numb.  Now I'm sitting in my fleece pants with my robe and slippers while writing this blog, watching some mindless t.v and sipping this:

Have you ever had an ice bath?  

How often do you take ice baths?  

What do you do to pass the time when you take an ice bath know, how do you make it more bearable?  


Listening To Our Bodies

I think we've all been there before.  We've been so determined. So focused on a goal.  So absorbed by our training, our plan, our goals to get to where we hope to be.  To accomplish the feat that will make us feel victorious.  Glorious.  Successful and satisfied.  Sometimes we get so focused on staying on track and following a "plan" that we forget to listen to our bodies.  We forget to realize that it is always okay to go off our path for a quick change of pace or direction if it means keeping our bodies healthy and injury free.  Just like with a good road trip...sometimes we need to take unexpected potty stops or we get tired and have to pull over for a pick me upper!  Without these stops or breaks we might not get to our destination at all. Isn't changing our plan or slowing down more important than never getting there at all? 

This is where I'm at this week.  I'm pulling into a rest stop with my training plan and I'm listening to my body.  This isn't always something I would have done but after reading so much about injuries and broken hearts of athletes who pushed themselves too hard or had the misfortune of hurting themselves and now can't run at all, I'm trying to learn from their stories as much as possible. My own recent injury is fresh in my mind as well. We all know that as runners, we can be a bit neurotic or obsessive sometimes (not all of us) and missing a day or two sometimes seems like the end of the world.  It is easy to feel Out of Control when we don't stick or our plan as we had expected.  Not to mention how our mood changes when we don't get our running "fix" that we are used to getting. But, I'm trying to play this thing smart.  I only have one body. One pair of strong legs, arms and feet.  One.  And I have to take care of it.  

As most of you who read my blog know, I've been experiencing some pain in the side of my leg and was thinking it was IT Band pain.  After so much great advice, googling it , and talking to friends, I'm thinking I'm right about it being my IT band. RockStarTri mentioned that sometimes woman feel the pain more in the outside of the hip rather than the knee.  This seems to be the case for me. 

I plan on posting a blog soon with all of the wise advice I received from everyone.  I also found a good video that shows me some good stretches and ways to roll it out.  Thank you everyone!

As of now I'm:
*  Taking it easy
*  Slowing down with my plan this week.  Yesterday I didn't run...only rolling and stretching
*  Tonight still not much running...spin class and then Yoga
*  YOGA...I am going to make this part of my weekly workout routine.  I think it is so important.  Meg from Meg Runs mentioned a few yoga stretches that help her with her IT band.  
*  Jill advised me to roll it and stretch it every day whether it hurts or not. She has also e-mailed to check in...thanks Jill.   
*  Miss Zippy (Amanda) has really been good about reminding me to NOT PUSH IT. Thinking of her and her recovery and hoping she can be running strong again soon!
*  LISTENING to my BODY.  

Today it is a pretty dull pain so I think it is getting less angry.  I feel pretty sore for some reason in my lower back and hips...probably from all the painful rolling and stretching.  

Thanks again to all of you for your advice and wonderful and wise reminders!  Once again, this blog is a HUGE blessing to me.  I've learned so much and I am so grateful for the resource that it proves to be for me in so many areas of my life.  

Are you remembering to listen to your body? 
I am now but I have not always done this.  When I was younger it used to be all about being tough and pushing through pain that I should have listened to.  

Would you describe yourself as obsessive, needing to be in control, or a bit neurotic about running or other things in your life?  
Once again, I am much less so now that I'm older.  I still get obsessive about things...if I have something to plan that is important...a presentations, training for a race, etc.  Training for a race and being on track with my plan helps me feel in control with other areas of my life.  

Do you feel okay about going off track of your plans when you need to or when things come up?  
After experiencing what it is like to be seriously injured (my complete hamstring tear in August) I realized just how precious my body is and how I have to take care of it in order to keep my lifestyle the way I want it to be.  I'm pretty good at reevaluating things in life and changing direction if I need to.  

Happy Thursday,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Small Celebrations and IT Band Video Take Two

Hey Blog Peeps.  Thank you so much for your IT Band Wisdom.  I'm hoping it isn't an IT Band Issue.  I will be listening to my body, being smart, icing, stretching, rolling (with the painful one Chris), using my rolling pin more often in creative ways, and hoping it all goes away.  

Small Celebrations today:

*  My husband is home after being in Toronto for a work presentation/conference.  Yay for my best friend and love being home.  

*  I was able to have my babysitter watch my kids so that I could fit in my run AND volunteer in my daughters Kinder class.  

*  I got to help in the Writer's Workshop in Kindergarten...What a JOY!  I'm convinced that being a kinder teacher is quite possibly the most rewarding and important jobs there is.  I think it keeps you young being surrounded by such raw joy and unguarded life every day.  It was such a treat for me to be doing something I love so very very VERY much...teaching kids to read and write.  

*  My daughter was so joyful that I was in her classroom.  Proud too.  This made me feel like a million bucks!  I also made it in time to see her master the monkey bars at recess.  Priceless and irreplaceable moment.  

*  I decided to present at the Oregon Writing Festival again this year.  

*  My son had his shots today and barely cried.  We had donuts afterwards as a treat!

*  Despite the pain in the side of my leg, I felt awesome on my run today.  6 miles @ base pace.  MIle 3 was 7:45 and Mile 4 was 7:37.  Often I would look down and realize that I was at low 7's and felt strong.  I slowed down a bit to keep my pace at a higher 7 or low 8 pace  since this wasn't a race.  ;)  I had a big smile on my face.  I can see the pieces coming together and my work paying off.  I have a long way to go though.  

My husband watched my earlier video and then the one I did an hour or so before and he thought it was much more authentic with my son at my feet.  I thought I'd give you more of the HOOD to Runninghood in this second video.  I guess after watching it, it kind of makes me laugh seeing how much my little guy is moving around and I'm just ignoring him.   So here is more of the REAL DEAL.  The one you saw in my last post was when he was napping.  

Thanks again for your advice and support!  

What is a small celebration (or BIG) in your life today?  


IT Band? Advice Please.

I do plan on doing some google searches to get some information about this topic once I get some solid time today but half the fun of this blog is having my wonderful readers who have so much knowledge and wisdom to share so I thought I'd ask you first.  I'll let the video do the talking since it takes less time than typing.  I don't even know if it is an IT band pain that I am feeling or not.  I've been fortunate enough to not have many injuries or issues as a runner up until now that I'm in my 30's.  Boo.  Are we all going to eventually just fall apart?  Gosh, I hope not.  But if so, I think running is worth it!  

Happy Tuesday!

Hope whatever information I get about this topic will also be helpful to others with similar pains.  

By the way, the rolling pin....totally joking about the house wife comment...I barely cook...let alone use that thing on food or in the kitchen.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Refocus With Some Goals for Life

I'm kind of at a place with my life where I'm needing to stop, take a deep breath and just take a long look at how I'm living my daily life.  If I don't do this from time to time (regularly really), I find myself going on autopilot and forgetting to live with the intention and passion that help to make life extraordinary.  Instead, it all tends to blend together in a monotonous blur of a blob and I lose a mother, wife, friend, and individual.  

Spent some time with my journal this morning.  A much needed journal journal always brings me back to myself.  My coffee and compliant children make it an even more fulfilling moment.  

Some of my big goals for this week, next week, and probably the weeks after that:

*  Be Fully present and in the moment...especially with my kids
*  Get down to their level (my kids') and Play!  Get lost in PLAY--even if only for 10-15 minutes.  Remember what it is like to just play.
*  Eat Well...lots of plant based foods.
*  Running--Stay mentally focused on goals.  But don't make running take priority over my family and role as a mother and wife. Remember what is MOST important
*  Work on my writing--develop my character for my Children's book.  believe and achieve!  Set a date to send to publishers.

*  Write--Rewrite--Write--Rewrite--Tweek...Writing Children's stuff is hard...and hard to find the time to hard to find quiet time for me these days where i have a large chunk of time to just sit down and focus.  Nights don't count because I'm exhausted by then.  
*  Pray. Meditate.  Be with God and open my heart.
*  Focus on one thing longer than 5 minutes!!!  Get a grip on my mommy ADD.
*  Finish my book club book.  Gee, it must have really sucked to be a nun in the 1500's.  uggg. 

*  Being my house all day with Energetic kids who want to run, jump, tear around, scream, dance....can drive me batty.  Trying to let go of control and find ways to relax and forget about the constant unraveling of my house.
*  Model Appropriate ways to react to stress.  Breathe deep and try not to yell.  
*  Remember that my oldest is only 5 years old.  Stop expecting her to act like an adult..she is still a kid.  Realize that after watching Air Bender (cartoon version) with her daddy, she really was trying to bend water in the bath tub and not intending on flooding the floors.  She got lost in the 5 year old moment of water bending practice.  Bless her little heart.
*  Read all of the books, magazines and articles that I have on my table...get off the blog reading for a bit more.  
*  Keep the computer closed for large chunks of the day and focus on being in the moment with my kids...This life...not getting sucked into the computer.  A time and a place....set a time to give to e-mail, blog reading, facebook or whatever it happens to be and give that time and then get off.  Otherwise, all the little checks throughout the day add up to more than I realize!  This is important to me and being in the moment. 

Hope this week is Blessed!  What are some of your goals with life, parenthood, running or whatever?  I'd love to hear!  


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snapshots of a Family Forest Run Portland Style

Forest Park
Blue Skies
9 miles for me and 10 for my husband (he's training for the Vernonia Half Marathon with me in April).
With Jogger Strollers
It felt more like Cross Training of some kind.
After last night's run, getting up those hills with an extra 50 plus lbs felt tough but the sun and beautiful scenery made it all worth it!  The kids started complaining on the last several miles so that kind of put a damper on our nature bliss but it was worth being able to be together as a family on the weekend.  

These Portland Mt. Bikers know how to end a muddy bike ride with a good microbrew!

You know you're in Portland...

You can see so much of the city from up here!

Happy Boy to be out of the stroller!

This is what the stroller looked like after over an hour of snacks, mud flying and messy kids

So much for bright new and clean Mizunos.  They have been introduced to Forest Park.  Sorry Mizunos.

 The Bag says it all.  Now for a nice cold beer to go with it.  

What did you do on your Saturday?  Any fun weekend plans?  


Friday, January 21, 2011

Fartlek Friday

Feeling Glorious
In the Zone!
Back From An Injury!
Darn right Happy!

After this:

5.52 Miles in 41:16.  7:28 average mile pace.  Six 75 second intervals spiced in the mix:
1.  6:15 pace
2. 6:11 pace
3.  6:11 pace
4.  6:11
5.  6:15 pace
6.  5:56 pace

I felt strong.  My form felt great.  I felt like I could have kept this up for at least another 5 miles if not much more.  Hopefully for 26.2!

Here is my "I'm Tired (but not too tired) and Sweaty" picture in the locker room afterwards.  I really don't like to take pictures of myself with others around so I was kind of embarrassed to snap the shot.

A little word (or just for you Kovas and Chris K, I'll make it many words) about music while running.  I have never really been a girl to listen to music while I run.  I've recently tried it and it is nice sometimes, especially on long runs.  But on speed days or tempo runs, It's Go time for me and music seems to be more of distraction than a help.  I much prefer to go within my mind, get in the zone, feel my pace and focus on my goals.  With music, I find myself slowing down or speeding up based on the rhythm of the music.  Here is a little of what goes on in my head during a run like tonight:

*  I focus on my form.  Tonight I focused on several of my cues from my Brain Training book...leaning forward, walking on water, my cadence, etc.

*  I tell myself that I am strong and capable.

*  I remind myself that I have so much more within me than I've ever unlocked and I try to push away any negative thinking

*  I think of my goals...You can break 20 minutes in the 5k, you can run a sub 7 min mile pace for a long time, You are strong, beautiful and gifted.  

*  I think of my life and my many blessings

* I visualized myself running my races and looking beautiful in form, body, and reaching my time goals.

Basically, these runs are my time to just be in the zone and visualize!  Music distracts me from this sometimes.  Tonight was just one of many runs lately that have made me feel so thankful to know that I'm not only recovering from my injury with strength, but I am at a point where I believe that I will be able to finally push myself to the levels of running that I've always been capable of but never been ready for emotionally or mentally because of difficult life circumstances that I needed to work through.  I feel like I have arrived.   It's my time to be the runner that I've always known is within me!  The runner my Dad and Grandpa would be proud of.  So thankful.  So excited.  

We only have one life to push ourselves to new levels and see what we are capable of.  We only have this one life to be the best US that we can be.  I think Running is so much more than exercise or a way to stay allows each of us who call ourselves a runner to challenge ourselves, believe in ourselves, and overcome new heights in our life.  Training for a race, no matter your level of fitness, no matter how fast you are or what place you come in is empowering and it carries over to all the other areas of our life!  

So Thankful for Running!  Here's to a Happy Weekend!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dude Blog Giveaway Winner!

Yay!  I won my first blog giveaway.  Not just any giveaway either.  I won Chris K's Manly Giveaway and I was one of the Dude Giveaway Winners!  What did I win?  Well, I was hoping for the complete package but I'm not complaining.  Although I didn't get the whoopee cushion that I've always dreamed of, I did win an awesome...

 Naked Girl Pen!  
Who doesn't want one of these?!  I plan on sending it to work with my husband for a bit so he can show it off to his Engineer know, a bunch of electrical engineers have nothing better to do than go get coffee and look at a Naked Lady Pen right?  Okay, since my husband has a his own real life Hot Sexy Bitch then maybe I'll just keep the pen to write in my journal with and remind myself how fun it is to win something! He'll just have to enjoy the occasional fun picture sent to him at work from my phone (TMI? Nah.)   


I did get made fun of for my long blogs and blog comments but my pride isn't hurt too badly since I know many of you out there that can match me in your comment and blog word count. You know who you are...(ahem, Jill, you're one of them and I love that about you! :)  However,  I know there is something to be said about keeping it short and making your blog easier to get through.  That's why I am really enjoying my reading of these Dude blogs that keep it short and to the point without a whole heck of a lot of fluff (unlike me).  

Seriously, though, of you have not already, go check out Chris K at BQ or Die.  Love his blog.  His posts and the comments on his posts are always entertaining, interesting, and enjoyable!  

Just a few random things:

*  Still in base building stage with my training.  Last night I had some dynamic stretching followed by a 1.5 mile warm up and then six 75 second repeats at 2.5/3 incline at 6:15 pace.  Ended with a 1.5 mile cool down.  My hamstring kind of hurts today.  I've been icing.  Hope it isn't anything too big.  

*  Thai food tonight!  My kids love Tom Kha soup mixed with rice.  In fact, we had left over Tom Kha the other day and I poured some over Red Quinoa and my 3 year old ate it up!  Loved it.  New Favorite way to get Quinoa in their tummies.  Yay!  

*  Spin Tonight!  Love Cross Training Day!  

*  Thankful for a morning being fully present with my kids.  When I found myself letting my mind wander to other things while I was with them, I just brought myself back to the NOW and remembered to soak it all up and enjoy what was happening at that exact moment.  This being in the NOW thing is Harder than it sounds with my wandering mind.  Even reading stories mind finds a way of sneaking out of the story to think of all the many things to do, etc.  I actually shed a tear today when reading Stellaluna with my daughter.  My kids noticed that I was really there with them too!  

Happy Thursday,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wee Words Wednesday...Savoring The Moment

Savoring Days Like This,
Where I just remember
To Stop,
Let my work stay where it is
And just 
Be in the moment 
With my 
LIttle One.  


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eating...We're All In This Together

Eating better,
Finding new ways to
fill our bellies,
   nourish our bodies,
fuel our brains, bones, and beings!

A plethora of information
webbed and weaved together,
  wisdom shared
pictures that spark passion,
inspiration to live, grow, and cultivate,
   a healthier

My lunch today.  No, I do not eat like this every day.  I want to.  I'm trying.  I'm learning.  And I'm so glad I have you to help me learn!  

No matter how you say it or think of it, we really are what we eat.  I don't know about you but I find myself always saying "Ah, I need to eat better.  I need some ideas of what to cook.  I really should start cooking like that again."  Somewhere along my many attempts and roads to eating better and changing my bad habits, I've gotten off track again and find myself back to the point of wanting to change things up again and start fueling my body more efficiently.  I don't have the worst diet but I don't have the best diet either.  As with everything else in life, I'm learning. I'm tweeking things here and there and I'm gradually growing into a more healthier me.  I've been so inspired by so many blogs, magazines, documentaries, and friends to live a healthier life.  I've been inspired to eat better, try new exercises, taste new foods that I might never have heard of, and experiment with new ways of training so I can be a better runner.  

This blog has been such a blessing to me in that it has helped me grow through my writing by reflecting, having an outlet to express my feelings, findings, dreams, accomplishments and so much more.  But the biggest blessing has been my readers and the blogs I've found to be a reader of.  I've learned so much and I feel like I can ask questions and instantly have more feedback and wisdom shared than I would have ever imagined....about eating, exercise, motherhood, ideas for this and that. And not to mention, I get some really good laughs from all the good senses of humor out there!  Love that my favorite bloggers don't take themselves or life too seriously.  Huge smiles from you. 

Recently, I had one of blog readers and friends, Leah ask me a question about protein sources other than meat. Since I am definitely not the most knowledgeable about this, I asked my mom and a friend Martha to help me out.  I also know that many of the blogs I read, are great sources of information on this topic.  Since I learn so much from you, I plan on using the rest of this blog to share some of what I've learned, as well as mention some blogs that I find inspiration from.   Here is her question:

" Hoping all the changes my family has taken on with food will continue to not be fought... will eventually start weaning from as much meat as they like.. I do have one question. How do you deal with the soy issues in young children? What protein do you use instead if you are vegetarian or vegan? I know eggs, but those get old fast if that's all your eating for protein... Thanks!"

I (me, runninghood) also asked a question about soy.  Seems like so much controversy these days. As with anything, I'm a big believer in moderation.  We do drink some soy milk in our coffee and we eat tofu pretty regularly.  I do plan on doing more research on this but I think it is a little ridiculous just how much people are freaking out over this.  Every time I tell one of my friends that I drink soy milk she about has is so shocked and can't believe I'm drinking something she thinks is so harmful.  What?  Please share any useful sites or sources that have information on this topic.  Kate, from Run With Kate  Tales of a SoCal Veg Runner mentioned a podcast about soy that I'll get more information about and include in this comments on here.  Many of you also had useful information in your comments about this in my blog Date With Matt Fitzgerald. In the meantime, I will continue to eat small amounts of soy:
*  soy milk in my coffee
*  Tofu once a week

Here is an e-mail from my mom about Leah's question and a bit about the soy issue too.  I really wish she would write a blog...she's got so much knowledge on SO Much.  You are welcome to e-mail her with any questions fitness, health, or nutrition related:

First of all a word about soy.  We all know it contains plant-based estrogens (phytoestrogens.)  Consumed in small amounts the phytoestrogens have a positive effect.  They are helpful for postmenopausal women, and are protective against breast cancer.  The key is moderation.  As with anything else, humans tend to think that if a little bit is good for us then copious amounts must surely be even better.  As we all know, it doesn't ever work that way.  In Asian countries, where soybeans or tofu has been used for decades with no ill effects, their breast cancer rates and problems with menopause are a lot lower than ours.  Soybeans lower cholesterol, help prevent osteoporosis and can alleviate problems associated with diabetes.  Again, the rule of thumb is moderation.  There is nothing wrong with consuming tofu and other related soy products  a couple times a week or so.

I know a lot of people are concerned about the issue of getting enough protein if they switch to a vegetarian diet.  To make a complete protein you can combine beans with brown rice, corn, nuts, seeds, wheat.  You can also combine brown rice with beans, nuts, seeds and wheat.  You can eat nut butters on your bread, add nuts and seeds to salads and veggie casseroles.  You don't even need to worry about combining as long as you eat a variety of what I just mentioned every couple of days.  Your body knows what to do, and will use what you've eaten to make a complete protein when it needs it.  I think we make it far more difficult as it really needs to be.:)

My friend Martha is another great resource.  Please check out her new blog:  On Going Vegan...But Not Just Vegan  Here is what Martha wrote to Leah:  

@ Leah: RE Protein. There is a protein shake, Designer Whey, which is a milk product.
Amanda already mentioned tofu, which is of course a soy product if you are concerned about soy. Beware, especially with children, of anything that's sugared up, like most yogurts, when you are looking for alternatives for protein. There are an amazing number of types of beans with zillions of possibilities there, as well as whole grains. And do remember, there is protein in practically EVERYTHING you eat! Broccoli is GREAT! Anything dark green is GREAT! All of us who are vegan are confident that we get all the protein we need. Email me if you have more questions. I'm happy to reply.

@Leah: Try this recipe. Your family will love it!

Some protein and non-protein foods I purchased today on my trip to New Seasons:
*  Flax seeds 
* Almonds
* Avocado
* Blueberries
* Basamati Rice
* Tomatoes
* Tangerines
* Bananas
* Sunflower Seeds
* Eggs
* Red Bell Pepper (A STAPLE for us!)
* Cucumber

Dinner tonight:
*  Salmon with Basamati Rice
*  Spinach with veggies of all kinds of colors

Here are some of the many blogs that I have found to be good sources for food and health related inspiration:  
On Going Vegan...But Not Just Vegan (new blog...please go check her out, follower her and support her as she starts this blog about something she is so very passionate about)
Hungry Runner Girl (she's super fun about most things but has some yummy food pictures  that make me just want to eat, have fun with food and be fit!)  
Thorns Have Roses
Muncher Cruncher
Great Blog Food, Made BETTER

 As always feel free to answer one or none of these questions but I'd love to hear from you!

1.  Since I want this blog to be about sharing information and learning more from each other, growing together, and finding inspiration and encouragement, please share a blog that you find helpful or full of knowledge about healthy eating and living.  

2.  Please share a vegetarian or vegan dinner recipe with me that is easy and kid friendly!

3.  What are your favorite sources of protein?

Thank you for helping me learn, live healthier, and be a better ME!  

Monday, January 17, 2011

Oregon Beach Run Video

Two glorious nights on the beach.  
Tucked inside,
Feeling safe, loved, significant.
The Oregon Rain,
   our background music,
  being carried by the wind,
Covering the earth like a 
cold, wet blanket.
Accompanied by the roaring ocean waves.

A masterpiece.

  fire blazing,
  friends laughing,
  kids smiling and chasing each other 
the stairs,
   Hiding in closets with flash lights,
Dancing to slow songs,
Cuddled up with blankets and their favorite movies 
That they will watch again and again.

Cut off from the computers and phones 
That all too often take so much of our attention.
A relief, 
  Set free.
Just being.  
Loving Every Minute
Of a Quiet weekend away 
Tucked safely inside our favorite beach house
With Friends, Family.  

My Boys on the Beach