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Running Stats/PRs
5k: 20:01
10k: 42:09
15k 1:04:15
Half Marathon:  1:33:41 (2010)
Marathon:  3:22 (2003: Napa Valley); 3:32 (2004 Boston); 3:30:17 (June 2011 Newport, OR); 3:24 (July 2011 Suavie Island); 3:58 (Boston 2012...90 degrees); 3:28 (July 2012); 3:40 (Napa); 3:35 (Boston 13); 3:28 (Boston 2014)
My Running Story

Boston 2014
First Trail Race--Cradele to the Grave 30k
Boston 2013
First Marathon, Coming Full Circle and Next Marathon 2013
Foot Traffic Flat Marathon 2012
Boston 2012
Resolution Run 10k; January 1, 2012:  42:09
Jingle Bell 5k December 2011:  20:01
Girlfriend's Half Marathon October  2011
Best Dam Run 10k September 2011
Training Plan for 2011: It's Go Time!
Newport Marathon Recap
Sauvie Island Marathon

Starting a Running Journal 

Trail Run Dates

11 Ways to Bring More Joy to Your Runnig

The Deepest Part of My Running Heart--Running For Him

Taping the Garmin and Running by Feel

Fartlek Friday--What Do You Focus On?

Music and Running.  Playlist Suggestions

Calf Compression Sleeves, Saucony Kinvaras, and Mizunos

PR Shelf Life


How Do You Like Your Running?

Healing Process.  Graston Technique.  

Passion, Determination and The Will To Run --this is a story that touches the very core of my heart. 

Garmin Advice and Runner Gift Ideas

Body Fuel

Running Again After Injury

One of the biggest joys about having this blog is that it serves as such a great resource and I learn so much from my readers!  From time to time I might have a question about injury, training, gear or races and I post a post asking for advice or information.  I'm always amazed by how much I learn from all the comments and people coming together to discuss the topic at hand.  I hope that these posts can be helpful to you as well!  

Podcasts For Long Runs