Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why Do We Do It? And Athleta Inspiration!

Why do we train?  Why do we workout and push ourselves physically?  Why run?  Spin?  Lift weights?  Eat healthy? Seek balance in our life?  Why do you do it?  Of the top of my head I can think of several good reasons for why I do it:

*  Makes me feel good.
*  Gives me a goal
*  Allows me to feel strong and be ACTIVE in other areas of my life
*  Helps me be more balanced, flexible, and peaceful
*  Give me self confidence
*  Good example to my kids
*  Helps me be self disciplined
*  Accomplish new running goals--be a faster runner!
*  Live a better life.
*  Eating right, exercise, spiritual focus and living a balanced life helps to make our life incredible!

But let's face it folks.  If most of us are being honest, we also do these things because:
*  It helps us look GREAT!
*  Our butts look good in our favorite jeans.
*  We feel sexy when we look in the mirror.
*  It makes our love life more exciting
*  We just feel GOOD about what we look like...feels good to look good.

Go no further for inspiration or motivation to get in shape, be the best you and be healthy!  I picked up an Athleta catalog today while my daughters were in gymnastics and it was all I needed to get pumped up to workout and train hard.  Yes, I want to do these things because it will make me a faster runner and hopefully live a better life but I also would love to keep on looking good!  And where do they get their models for this catalog?!  Seriously, talk about beautiful physique and pictures that encompass strength, mental focus, determination, adventure, balance and peace!  If I had an extra paycheck, I just might buy everything I saw in their catalog.  Instead, I just cut all these inspirational and motivation pictures out and did a little collage art in my running journal.  It didn't take long for this creative exercise and now I feel super charged, motivated, and ready to make the most out of my life, seize the day, and accomplish some big goals for my life!

These pictures inspired  me to be strong, determined, focused..mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

These pictures remind me of my desires to live a more balanced life.  To make time for meditation, prayer, and seeking out love, peace, grace and beauty in everything around me.

These remind me that exercise, healthy living, setting goals, and staying focused will allow me to live the active life I want to live.  I hope to continue to have a life full of adventure, travel, and all kinds of activity.  I want to use my gifts and live life fully with Intention, Passion, Joy, Love and Strength. 

Now time to clean up our mess.  My kids are so done with collage art!

Why do you train, eat healthy, set goals, or workout?  

Do you think that training for something specifically and having a certain goal to work towards helps you stay more focused on your fitness, health, and well being?  

If you have never trained for something or had an athletic or fitness goal, do you have one in mind for the future?  



  1. I got that Athleta catalogue in the mail too and wanted to order it all! Sigh...someday I'll be able to afford that stuff!
    I loved your collages...awesome!
    For myself, I NEED to have some sort of goal/event to help keep me motivated. If I don't, I tend to workout a lot less. I love having a focused schedule b/c it keeps me on track.

  2. I like Athleta, but I LOVE Lululemon!

    Honestly, I would work out just the same even if my body shape would not be affected by my workouts. For me right now running and tri-ing are now much more about self discovery, pushing outside confort zone, finding my limits, than anything physical. I am also relying on endorphins to keep me healthy (I rarely get sick) and happy (those endorphins really do feel good).

  3. The previous commenter beat me to it, but I was just going to say.... Athleta is great but I LOVE Lululemon.

    You're right about why we train... of course it makes me feel good but it is also so that I can feel sexy and beautiful in my clothes... so that I can feel comfortable in my own skin. I love it and I'm glad for that.

  4. Love this idea Your journals inspire me to work on mine. I will have to do this with my magazines.
    I also love luluLemon, but as far as my running skirts i love
    I run/train to be a good inspiration to my kids and friends. It also helps me to find myself, workout things in my head. sometimes i need that hour or 2 to put everything in place. Now if I could only heal from this injury.

  5. No need to say how much of an Athleta fan I am!! Those models are ridiculous in terms of beauty and athleticism. And I love Athleta's philosphy about authenticity.

  6. hmm why do I train? Well to inspire others but also simply for my own inner desire to be good at something. I eat well because I want to live a long life and well frankly I'm afraid of getting fat. I'm still working on a marathon I can be proud of.

  7. i love your journals, very cool idea and great way to stay motivated!

    i train/workout to feel healthy, energized and get those happy endorphins going! It helps keep me sane and clear my head.

    I think having goals helps keep you focused. It allows you stay motivated and keep a positive attitude, when you might otherwise lack one.

  8. I loved this post! My children and I love making collages! I love that they help keep me motivated and inspired!

  9. I eat healthly really 1st because I have no choice, I cannot eat nothing "junk" since my surgeries...I train because it makes me feel a lot better, also it gives me something just for me and I hope will keep me around for a longer time!!! I changed my lifestyle completly about a year ago and I am happy I did it.

  10. I train for confidence, for a stronger mind, soul, body! And to have my wine, haha.

  11. I want that catalog!!! Cool collage! I love all the projects you do.

    I train for strength, both physically and emotionally. I feel so much better all around when I work out.

    I like having a specific goal because it usually helps keep me on track but my overall goal is to just be strong and healthy.

  12. I completely was obsessed with the models after you pointed it out! They are gorgeous and emobody athleticism.

    Seeing your journal creation is so inspiring--this weekend I WILL CREATE MINE!!

    How is your body feeling?? Are you making another chiro appt??

  13. Athleta? Did you see SUAR in there? I train for all the reasons you listed. Seriously, it was a great list. I'm gonna throttle it back and let my leg heal a bit. My new goal is 3:20 Marathon. 3:20 or Die! Kidding.

  14. You are so freaking ambitious! I LOVE IT!!

  15. I set goals to to feel accomplished. Skinny, sexy, confident and all that jazz is a perfect by producted, but I thrive on success. If I even run a mile I feel accomplished.

  16. I'm in training for old age. I don't want to be one of those fat old ladies who needs a hip/knee replacement and can't get around without a wheely walker or wheelchair. I don't want to be hooked up to an oxygen cylinder or house-bound because I am too infirm because I made bad lifestyle choices. I know some of those things could happen regardless but they will not happen because I just gave up and took the easy route. Besides, exercise just makes me feel too damned good!

  17. Currently, I train to PR because the clock is ticking for me. Don't get me wrong, when I do not PR I still LOVE the race, the journey, the day, but currently, I just want to see what I can do before I get, well let's just say "too experienced" or "seasoned"

  18. Graet idea! Love your journal...

  19. Love the art. I always have a goal otherwise time just slips away and I don't make progress.

  20. I love a collage!!
    I started spinning just to look good, but that wasn't enough motivation.
    Now with triathlons working out is more enjoyable. Now it also part of what makes me, me.

  21. I HAVE to have a certain goal to motivate a RACE but I would work out without a race too....I AM ADDICTED TO ENDORPHINS!!! I love feeling accomplished but I definitely agree with you, I want to have a sexy bod for Billy (and for me to like when I look in the mirror) ha!! Love the inspiration pictures. Can I have that picture of your abs that you posted a while back for me to put in my inspiration journal?!

  22. Love reading your blog! That is a cute idea to do the scrapbook! I am doing a lecture on motivation next week so I had fun reading this!!! I love to challenge myself and see if I can pull it off.... that motivates me a lot! Of course, all the things you mentioned do too!

  23. Yes, having a race to train for is key for me because I'm so lazy. I'm the queen at calling it good at 3 miles unless I have a serious run to accomplish. Although, it doesn't always work. I'm getting very very lame about training...I blame winter. It will get better come dirt season I suppose/hope.

  24. Those are the kind of bodies I am talking about! Strong, fit, flexible and HEALTHY! I see muscle and I love it!

    Okay, you inspired me. I need to start adding some of this stuff to my journal. It looks like too much NOT to.

  25. I love how strong and healthy these women look! These are real fitness role models, not skinny models that clearly starve themselves thin. What a great idea to include as part of an inspirational collage

  26. Love that you have an inspiration journal! What a great idea! I love Athleta too.
    I train to have some time just for me, to be healthy, and to not be fat. But it's mostly the time just for me. I need that every day.

  27. I love it! You may be inspiring me to create a running journal, just so I can relive my high school days of fun magazine collages :)

  28. You are SUCH a teacher at heart! I just love it. I think you should be the next Athleta Athlete and or you should explore'd be great!
    All of the STRONG masters runners got me fired up this weekend. We also have some very fit and fast 44-50 year old women at our track workouts who just make me push on and strive for better fitness and faster times at each and every workout. I don't want to put any limits on myself, especially this year. I have plans for and after Boston and these goals will only make me happier and more focused. You TOTALLY motivate me too, thanks :) !

  29. Ah man! Love this post! there are a ton of reasons to push myself! And I often have to remind myself!

    I totally want to get back to my sketch book. You've inspired me!!! =)

    I've "seen" you around the blogosphere and came over to say hi!!! So HI!

  30. How come there are no photos of you there? At least do the ice bath bikini shots.

  31. You always pose great questions for us! And your journal is such an amazing work of creativity!

    I work out now because it makes me feel good, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

    I no longer 'need' a objective other than being healthy to keep at it, but having something specific to work toward does keep me more honest and consistent ;-)

  32. I LOVE that you love modern family!! It makes me laugh SO. DANG. HARD.
    Your running journal is BOMB girl. I seriously love the idea. What a great way to stay motivated.
    I workout because it makes me feel good. It makes me feel strong and capable, and it is an awesome stress relief for me. I love the way it makes me look and feel about myself. I think self confidence is a huge part of health, and working hard at feeling good about yourself is part of it. Way to inspire us!!

  33. You are so creative! I love what you did.

    Why is it that I look at those girls and just want to challenge them to lace up and then kick some model a$$ in a race? lol

    Guess it's just me...

  34. Great Post! I love those Athleta models. Lean but STRONG! I don't have any Athleta stuff yet. I'm a Lululemon junkie though!!!

    Great list of reasons! I train because I'm competitive and I've found a great channel for that in simply racing my own watch. I eat healthy because I appreciate my body, and I feel so good about fueling it with quality nutrition! I definitely want to set a good example for my kids and having my own "athletic" passion keeps me from living vicariously through them. Of course, I want to look good-I'm human-I'm female!!!! Exercise and diet has never really been as much about weight as health and strength for me though. I weigh more now than I did before I started working out a lot but I carry a lot more muscle and I feel better than ever!

    I love Small Town Runner's comment!

    Yes, a goal helps. Definitely helped me train efficiently and purposefully through the winter last year knowing I had Boston looming. On the otherhand, I would have worked out regardless and as long as I'm exercising with or without an actual goal, I'm focused on my health and well-being.

    Another good one Amanda! Keep 'em coming!!

  35. Love your shoes :)

  36. I do the same thing with MY Athleta catalog. Athleta fan all.the.way. Lulelemon is too darn expensive (not that Atleta is cheap either).

    Now that I am awaitig baby #2 I am saving my athleta catalogs for some post baby inspiration.

  37. Ha! I am so glad that I am not the only one who cuts up Athleta magazines for inspiration!:)

  38. Being totally honest??? I like how people are amazed at the fact that I run marathons. I don't have a lot of other amazing things about me, so this is one that I can hang my cap on.

  39. I run now because it's a mental release that I get no where else. It's also the only thing I do for myself--no one else can do it for me, and as a working mom, most of what I do is for others. When I was crossing the finish at my first half marathon, that was the overwhelming thought in my one else can cross this finish line for me and I'm crossing it for no one except for myself.

  40. can we have a play date and you can help me create!! I love it!! So happy that you got in on Hood to Coast! AWESOME!!! Please please go sign up for the Girlfriends run NOW!!

    P.S. Ummm still haven't sent your treat off. I will try on Monday!

  41. That's so cool! I think that's an awesome way to get motivated. I stay motivated by registering for races or keeping some goal that I can work towards!

  42. I started running initially just to prove to myself and my doubters that I could do it. It's funny how the people that thought there was no way I would be a runner are now the people most in awe and jealous when I talk about how great my latest 11 mile run felt.

    But after proving to myself I can do it I realized that by doing it I almost feel like I have no fear. If I can do a half marathon, I can do anything! :-) Okay, maybe I can't, but if I feel that way then that's enough for me!

  43. I just saw this on our blog roll and had to comment! For a few reasons!
    A. because I make colllages all the time in the dif areas of my life, and I almost always have athleta pics in there for sure!
    And, I think you know, but i get the pleasure of working there ~1 day a week as their 'try on' model. - trying on their past and current ideas. Yes, it's very cool. And yes, all the designers and ps who work at athleta really are too cool for school;-)