Sunday, February 20, 2011

Podcasts Please!!??

Ok blog peeps. I'm taking a chance here that someone will come up with something good in the next 15 minutes.  I'm about to head out for a slow 12 miler and would love to listen to something good other than music.  So.....

Anyone have any suggestions for a good podcast to listen to?  Running, Spiritual, Inspirational, Enlightening?  Something I can learn from or just even enjoy???

Thanks.  Here's hoping I get some good suggestions.  


I'm going to go ahead and keep this post up even though I've already got my podcast chosen from the suggestions of friends on facebook, e-mails and this post.  I think this will be a great reference for other runners out there looking for something enriching to listen to on their long runs!  So, I would love your suggestions even if I am already on my run listening to another podcast!  I will pull from this when I need a new one.  Thanks!

For some extra strength, recovery and stamina, I just "oiled my machine" with some Udo's Oil (check it out).

 I am now ready to head out on my slow run with some good listening material.  


  1. Spiritual: Andy Stanley with Northpoint Community Church. I always learn something.

    Interesting: NPR's This American Life podcast.

  2. I agree with Kate, NPR's This American Life is always entertaining. Different topics every week. I usually listen to it on my long run, when I can actually run!

  3. NPR: Wait, Wait Don't Tell
    This American Life w/ Ira Glass
    Run With The Coaches (my Coaches)

  4. Ooops, I meant Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me (my fav)

  5. I love Vegetarian Food for Thought w/ Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. Very enlightening :) I also listen to NPR's Fresh Air.

    I hope you had a lovely run!

  6. Haha, I am seeing a theme, I also like Science Friday on NPR.

  7. I want to know more about this oil thing..... You are not a HEATHEN...that is such a good idea to listen to a sermon and praying at the same time while running=going straight to heaven. I love when running turns into something that is spiritual too! Hope you have an amazing run!!

  8. Yes to This American Life, that is my favorite! It is always a good story. I take Udo's daily. I love it!

  9. YES!!!
    Download a sermon from "Church of the Open Door".
    A really great recent one is "masterpiece"- because that's what you are!

  10. I am so hoping your 12 slow miles (which is likely faster than my 12 fast miles) is pain free and enlightening. Do share your podcast selections.

    Some of my book club members offered their ipods to me if I want to listen to a book! Have you ever tried that?

  11. LOL... just went for a slow 8-miler. Thought of you because I was listening to my husband's music. His is not heavy, loud or raucous. HIS is all MAKE-OUT music!!!! And psychedelic stuff. Very trippy to try to run to THAT! lol I think he is trying to tell me something ;-)

    Sorry that I don't have a good podcast recommendation for you. Wish I did. I plan to glean some good ideas from these comments :)

  12. Oh podcasts...i just don't know. i read your comments to get some good ideas for myself. hope the run was good, slow and painfree!

  13. I love podcast and use them in all my easy runs.
    My favs are all NPR podcasts: "On Point", "This American Life", "Science Friday", "Your health" and "All songs considered" are my favorite and will listen to all episodes weekly. I used to like Run Run Live, and Runners Round Table, but got bored with them; you might like them as I did for about one year.

  14. I haven't listened to a Podcast in awhile. I used to run long runs and easy runs exclusively to them. This American life, Running with the Pack, Iron Brandon?, I would look for ones specific to topics I was interested in. I haven't listened to one in forever!

    Hope that 12 miler went well and your leg felt good!

    I will keep checking back here for more podcast advice! I need some!

  15. A little late to the game, but I used to listen to:
    The Extra Mile
    Runners Roundtable
    Run Run Live

  16. Phedipidations- Running Podcast
    Ben Greenfield Fitness- tons of really great nutrition/fitness info for the endurance athlete
    Download 'Born to Run', (you get one free ebook from
    I love podcasts, I have learned more out on my long runs about sports nutrition from Ben Greenfields than I ever would from a book, if you get dialed into a podcast that interests you the miles fly by!

  17. I listen to Phedipidations sometimes, but now I am almost always listening to the Adam Carolla Show podcast. Not running. Not spiritual. But really funny!