Friday, February 18, 2011

Chiropractic Care, Shoes and Bras For Booby-lacking Me!

Good grief, I know my last few posts have been kind of in the whining "Debbie Downer" category.  I've snapped out of it and am ready to return to my positive self.  I'm going to blame it on injury and  an old acquaintance name P.M.S.  On to better things.  

The Handful Bra
Check it!  I found the perfect running bra for me!  I went into Portland Running Company yesterday before my chiropractic appointment and I'm so glad I took a peek at the bras they had.  Usually I just figure that I don't need anything fancy since I don't really have much in the boob department but then I saw it.  The perfect bra for me!  It is padded but it fits like a perfect sports bra.  It fits great, covers up any nipped out nipples, and makes me look and feel good about my rack.  It isn't just a bra for people like me who are lacking in the boob blessings.  It is a great bra even for the ladies with some boobs but maybe want a little extra padding or don't want to flatten their boobs like a pancake or boob tube.  Check it out...The Handful Bra.  I love mine so much that I think I will order one in each color...this is BIG for me because I am not a big shopper and I'm not one that feels that I need all the latest gizmos, trendy running clothes and accessories but this bra is a MUST-HAVE!  I can't believe it took me this long to find it.  
Chiropractic Care
I'm convinced that regular chiropractic care is essential for me to stay healthy and ready to perform my best when it comes to running.  I believe this is true for not only athletes but as far as my running is concerned, I hope to make it priority to at least get an adjustment once or twice a month.  Luckily, I have an amazing sports chiropractor.  If you live in the Portland area, it is well worth the drive for a visit to Dr. Ted Forcum at Back In Motion Sports Injuries Clinic if you have any sports related injury.  I'm hoping that my visits will eventually just end up being a quick adjustment rather than needing the painful Graston Technique therapy he has been doing on my hamstring since August.  It is painful but I believe in what he does!  

Yesterday's visit was well worth my time.  He watched me run in my Saucony Kinvaras and told me that I over pronate and these shoes are no good for me and probably what is causing my issues right now.  So back to just running in the Mizuno Inspires (which I've been thinking were the wave riders).  I'd love to try out some Brooks shoes because I hear so many good things about them but part of me just thinks I should stick with what works.  I want to try the Brooks Launch shoes but like the Kinvaras, they are a neutral shoe and I am not so sure I will have luck with them if I'm having issues with the Kinvaras.  

If you're in the Kansas City Area and want a good Chiropractor for regular care and adjustments, check out Whole Life Chiropractic.  

This week I've been continuing to tell myself my new mantra of "It has to get harder before it gets easier."  An excerpt from my running journal today:
"  Originally this was my mantra during a hard workout where I was adjusting to a faster pace for a longer stretch of time.  But I'm realizing that this is a mantra I can also tell myself today as I'm feeling injured and trying to find the best shoes, supplements, diet, etc.  in order to be the best I can be as an athlete.  These are just bumps in the road but once I figure them out, I will find things getting easier again.  This is part of growth and improvement!"  

After my rest and my therapy with Dr. Forcum, I'm feeling better today and tonight I will get out there for some sort of run depending on what my body tells me when I start.  I'm excited to know it isn't something that should be too bad or keep me from running!  Big smiles!  

This is the page in my journal that I've been going to a lot this week in my reflections and time off from running.  

Thank you so much for the loving and supportive comments you've given me the past few days!  I am so very thankful for this blog and all of YOU!  I've learned SO MUCH!  And I never would have imagined what genuine connections, encouragement and support that I'd get!  

1. Do you have a chiropractor or do you get regular Chiropractic care?

2.  Good luck to all of you who are racing this weekend.  I know there are quite a few.  I'll have to come back and mention you specifically when I have time to read some blogs tonight or this weekend.  

3. Inspiring running material today?  Janae from Hungry Runner Girl ran 26.2 in 3:18 just as a training run this morning!  And Beth from SUAR ran 15 miles this week...this is HUGE and her determination and focus to heal is inspiring!  I know neither one of these Rockin blogger runners need a shout out from've probably already read their blog today way before mine but I felt like mentioning them anyway!  

Happy Friday,


  1. A sports bra for members of the itty bitty club! SCORE!

  2. hahahahaha! that bra would never tame my wild beasts! lol It is cute though. Wish I could wear cute bras...

    I am soooooo glad you got good shoe advice! Let's hope that makes a big difference for you :) Your chiro sounds GREAT!

    And I love your journal. You are so creative. I think it is really impressive that with 3 kids and so much awesome running (and chiro appointments.. lol) you are able to make that time for something so important to you! Yay, Amanda!

    I don't have a chiro but I do see my physical therapist every other week... when I can afford it. And I am now trying to schedule an appt with her office's massage therapist for the in between weeks. It is so important to keep the body working!

    Yeah, those two are pretty awesome :) Beth can now run more than I can... lol!

  3. Your bra is so cute! I'm glad you found one that will work for you. Since I have more than a handful, I will admire this one from afar!

  4. Ha ha ha, these are already cracking me up with the "cute little bra" comments. It is cute isn't it? cute and little. :) I can't wait to read all your blogs tonight.

  5. I love the look of the Handful bra, but it doesn't do well on the larger size runners... I have to stick with my "hold 'em in tight" bras.

    I LOVE Back in Motion!! I see Dr. Hanson and Molly. Molly is an amazing massage therapist. Best. Place. Ever.

  6. I'm stuck with moving comfort bras. I would love to wear something cute rather than orthopedic looking!

    I've never been to a chiropractor, so no input there.

    My first race is FINALLY next weekend. Can't wait. 26.2 in 3:18?? WOW!

  7. You sounds good, yay! I am glad the chiro helps you. I have never been, and hopefully will never go:) About shoes. I overpronate, too, but just a little. I do have the Launch and they work for me for short runs and tempos - I overpronate when my legs get tired, used to be bad, but I have corrected it. I love Nike Frees, bc of their support. I ran marathons in mine, no problem. I also have Mizuno Inspires in the rotation, but never do speed on them, just too heavy. For me rotating shoes has helped a ton, bc each shoe is a little different and so each run stresses the body a bit differently.

  8. lol I need that sports bra :)

    In regards to my Thursday race, I'm not on a track team anymore. An indoor track in NYC (that I used to run HS/college races at) has a few open races for anyone and I thought it would be fun to try and PR in my HS specialty, the 3k. I'm really scared though, it hurts running that fast!

  9. Nope no chiro here, insurance won't cover it and I'm just kind of leary of them.

    I'm so in awe of Janae.. I wish I was in my 20's again. Sigh...

  10. I have a chiro and love him. He's the reason that I can run, no lie...
    And HEY, I have my 1st HALF this weekend so THANK YOU for the good luck. I'm gonna need it... And I'm going to NEED my Chiro after!

  11. Big advocate of chiropractic care, though I sometimes wonder if I should go more for preventative stuff rather than waiting until I'm injured.

    The chiro that I've been seeing forever (my parents both see him as does my sister) was a D1 collegiate swimmer and specializes in sports med, so I know that he takes the racing and training seriously

  12. I get to race next weekend! Finally! I swear this half has been just out of arms reach for so long, I can't wait to finally Just Do It!!

    And I think I have to check out the handful bra! I am not endowed at all, so I am not picky about what I wear. And this looks really cute!

  13. I started going to BIM in '04. I was suffering from severe migraines and used massage. I just started seeing a sport's chiro recently and have had extremely good results.

  14. Haaaaaa. I was JUST thinking that I need to track down a new sports bra. You know. For a 34DD.

    Glad you found one that works!! It's soooo distracting when they don't :D

  15. I NEED that itty bitty bra. In red. :)

  16. i've been learning so much from my chiropractor as well, however after visiting my friends clinic (on the opposite end of town so I literally am not able to get adjusted there) I realized how lacking in technology mine is. If you ever hear of a good place in Nashville from your chiro, definitely let me know!

  17. P.S. I live about a 1.5 miles from there. Or 3 miles by favorite running path...

  18. I need a chiro and I have no clue how to find one that will be good for me, one that has experience with runners or at least active people...not just back pain from accidents and that's it. I dont want to waste my precious $ trying to look for one. I have been putting this off since december...yikes....

  19. I saw the handful bra at the Eugene Expo and liked it! Have you tried running in it?

  20. We should join a small boob sports bra club!! Maybe that sports bra would give us all a discount?!? :) I tend to wear the one piece bra/tank thingie and cuz I have barely boobs, it works well for me but this would be good for days I don't wear one of thsoe built-in shirts so I will look into this, thanks :).

    I am SO glad the chiro is working well for your hammie and making your disposition a bit happier. We all need days to groan and gripe, really! It makes us sane! I've never been to the chiro before but I have done a ton of research for my heel to see if this is a direction I should go with it. Luckily, I'm meeting with someone next week who I think is going to help me make those type of decisions. I did, however, go to a massage therapist for a few years and wow, that was wonderful and I suspect a chiropractor would reap the same benefits to get the legs, and mind :), feeling great!

    Happy weekend, girlie!! :)

  21. So glad the chiro care is making a difference--I don't want you to be hurt!!

    You have inspired so many of us with your journaling--it's so nice to unplug and write on paper. In fact, I signed up to receive the Athleta catalog just to get some pics (and likely order some gear)!! Thought of you--and you DO look like one of the models--you are so fit!

  22. I love that bra. I looked and they carry it at the place I buy my running shoes.
    I have never gone to a chiropractor before....I hear great things about them though and will go if necessary!
    I HOPE to race a 5k tomorrow.... It's so windy here right now and my allergies are sky high ( In Feb. in Michigan..). It's the best excuse I have come up with so far too.... ;-) I kind of need to breath well in order to run.

  23. Thanks for sharing this!!! I detest sports bras (for the reasons you mentioned), and this is now on my wish list.

  24. You need to send your little bra review directly to the company and perhaps they will reward you with an arsenal of brightly covered padded nipple covering rack enhancers!!

    I usually wear cheap sportsbras as I hate to spend money on workout clothes you don't even see. Unfortunately people don't see my nonexistent rack regardless and perhaps if I had this bra it would be worth looking at even through my shirt:) I'm thinkin' the boob job investment would save me some money on both $58 maximum uplift 5's from VS AND padded sportsbras. Heck, they wouldn't even move and I wouldn't need a bra at all-investment perhaps! Hmmmmm-college for child #1 or new boobs. I will need to weigh my options here.

    I haven't been to a chiropractor since prior to my hip. I was way out of whack and maybe should head back. I could also really go for a killer massage....

    Janae is superhuman. I am ECSTATIC for Beth!!

  25. Hi there;-)
    I love seeing the Athleta pics in your journal;). I don't know if I've shared this,, but i get the honor of being a 'try on model' with Athleta weekly. And I'll tell ya...all the people from designers, merchants, marketers and beyond all rock! Athleta is located ~20 min from where I live so that's why I get to be privy to their world.

  26. I have heard such mixed reviews on those Kinvaras. I have decided to just stick with my Newtons - even bought a super rad new pair of trail running shoes tonight! They are lovely. And, on my blog right now!

    I only go to the chiropractor when I really need to which is like once every two years. I guess I'm lucky.

    I skipped the first paragraph.

    p.s. It's 9:30 on a Friday night and I'm Blogging. I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and gosh darnit, people like me.

  27. oh amanda, so glad you found the handful bra. for those of us lacking, it is definitely a GODSEND!! I've worn them for a couple years and I'm convinced they are the only bra for those of us B and below. ahem, minus A in my dept. LOL! Second, I've had to do some blog catching up! Loved your post on hit it right on the nail. Also, your sorry! So frustrating. I'm sure you will be back out there running at your full potential soon!!! Third, I've keep forgetting to look for the right journal at Target for my running journal. I can hardly wait to get it started. This weekend for sure. have a great weekend,


  28. I have a question...

    WHY are we up so frickin' LATE?????

  29. When I read today's title I thought - big boobs + good bra = no more chiropractic care. I was wrong wasn't I?

  30. I like the "help" you had with the running journal! It adds a lot to the page.

  31. That is SUCH a good name for a bra... 'just a handful'... hilarious!

    I don't go to a chiropractor but my husband swears by his. I guess when you're a 6'5" guy you're in need of some spinal work. Maybe I should look into it!

  32. I like the help you got from your little runners.
    I use to go to a physiotherapist after the long runs and the toughest races to prevent troubles on my back and neck; moreover I have a weekly thermal bath (the spa -ancient romans baths - is only 3 miles far from my house).

  33. I've been cursed(or ask my husband and he would tell you blessed) with some extra boobage and hate running because it's awkward..have a hard time finding the right bra..might have to check this out

  34. that's a cute bra! i hope it works out for you. i have been under regular chiropractic care my whole life!

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