Sunday, February 13, 2011

Manly Music

There is something sexy about my husband walking in the door from a 12.5 mile run in the forest!  Even when he smells like mud and sweat, it is still a turn on to know that he is taking care of himself and training for a race with me!  I love that he is sharing in something that I love so much.

One thing we do not share when it comes to running is the music we listen to.  In fact, I rarely can listen to my husband's playlist for longer than 2 minutes before I want to smash a window or tear my hear out.  His playlist consists of such bands as:

Rage Against The Machine
Breaking Benjamin
Puddle of Mud
Seven Dust

It is music that gets him revved up and ready to rock his workouts.  It usually does the opposite for me.  But yesterday when he got home, I grabbed the iPod that we share and I hit the road for my 6 mile run.  I knew I didn't have long since we had to make it to a party later so I was too lazy to change the playlist.  I'm not always one that listens to music anyway so I thought I'd just give his music a try.  Instead of draining me like it usually does, I actually felt tough and focused!

I ended up with what I felt was a great run!  Granted this was a recovery week so I had some extra energy and wasn't as fatigued as I might have been with a harder week of training.

6.21 miles in 47:15
7:37 average pace
mile 4 @ sub 7 pace

I might listen to "Manly" Raging Music more often.  Or Not.

This week I start Build 1 Phase of my training plan so things get harder.  The focus for this phase is:
To continue to increase aerobic capacity and endurance; increase fatigue resistance @ 3,000 pace and 10k pace.
Mon:  Off
Tues:  7 miles @ base pace
Wed:  Dynamic stretching, 1.5 mile warm up, 8 x 400m @ 3,000 pace (shooting for 6:05 pace), 3 min active recovery and then 1.5 mile cool down
Thurs:  spin class and 20-50 min recovery pace run.  Resistance workout, weights
Fri:  Dynamic stretching, 1.5 mile warm up@ recovery, 2 x1 mile repeats @ 10k pace (shooting for 6:39) 1.5 mile cool down
Sat:  2-6 miles active recovery and resistance workout
Sun:  12 miles @ base pace

My mantra will be the same as it was on Friday:

"It's Gotta Get Harder Before It Can Get Easier!"  

I'll leave you with a picture or two from last night.  Let's just say that today I'm dragging.  I'm really needing some sort of a boost to make my 9 mile run happen today.

I love this man!

Happy Valentine's Weekend!


  1. You two are cute and IN LOVE! Sweet!

    I could not would not run with that manly playlist…I'd shut it off. Lol. Good for you for giving it a chance! That's almost as impressive as how flippin' fast you are :)

    Hmmmm…how to make that 9er happen… maybe go listen to Marky Mark do Good Vibrations or Madonna sing Holiday or that last music track I shared? Or think about how totally awesome it will feel after? It's going to be harder before it gets easier :P. Just do it! Lol.

    Go, Amanda! Go!

  2. Confession: I listened to those bands HEAVILY in college before game days and while running or rollerblading...still love 'em! :) But, now I opt for more hip-hop and techno remixes when running.

    How truly fulfilling that your hubs is sharing this running journey with you. I loved when Spencer and I trained together.

    May I borrow HALF of your speed?!! Dang! I guess that's why you are an elite runner!

  3. Sweet pictures. The playlist...yuck. :) Way to rock that 6.21 mile run. And your mantra...sounds like a very manly thing to say! Lol

  4. thats a hardcore playlist for a hardcore man! I love the manly smell too, hehe. SEXY!

    Nice run by the way! I think all you running fools need to give some speed to me. I am lacking these days!

  5. Aww cute pics!

    I can't listen to my love's music. And well he doesn't really like mine either haha.

    That's training plan sounds intense yet awesome!

  6. You just described my playlist exactly! Your husband has excellent taste in music! :)

  7. Your husband has good taste in music in my book. I listen to all those groups.

  8. You two are so stinking cute!! I totally would call that manly music. I like to stick to my hip hop/pop/kesha-ish music!! I love that he is training with you! You guys are like the perfect hardcore race running couple!! I hope you have a great valentines day!! xoxoxo

  9. Thanks guys. Ha, Jess, I hardly consider myself Elite...I'll have to go look that definition're so sweet to me and good for my self esteem as a runner! :)

    Kate, you made me laugh...I'm not sure what you meant by your comment but it kind of sounds like one of those "that's what he said" comments.

  10. Your husband has GREAT taste in music. I took my 16 year old daughter to see Metallica in concert last year. Yesterday we went CD shopping since we listen to the same music. We bought Them Crooked Vultures CD and Best of Foo Fighters. You are such a Girl Amanda.

  11. Nice run, and great plan for the week!
    My husband and I listen to the same kind of music, though I can't run with it; for running, I use what I call "trash music", anything rap, disco, fast paced...and it really makes me go faster! I feel I am a bit too dependent on music, though, and pretty soon I am going to start making myself do runs without music!
    Love the pics, glad you guys had a great time!

  12. I'll admit, I do like some "harder" music, but what your hubs likes is pretty hard core! I say, whatever works for you! I need to update my playlist big time. So, out of curiousity--what kind of stuff is on your playlist?

    Your training plan this week looks AWESOME. I loved looking at this--it gave me a mental boost for the week. It's going to be a busy one for me, but the weather is going to be wonderful so I want to take advantage of it as much as possible. I'll be thinking of your sub 7's as I try to push myself...

  13. I agree that me and the hubs cannot share music....bleh. Your training plan sounds really awesome. Loving the picture of you two ! So cute.

  14. Cute pictures! I think that music would make me punch the air while I was running, but I can totally see how it could pump him up, lol! Your such a great runner!

  15. I don't think I could do that playlist!!! too manly for me!!! love the pictures! you look happy!

  16. Your hubby and my hubby must have been separated at birth! They even have the same haircut, lol =D

    You are rocking the speedwork! That new phase is gonna be AWESOME.

    Love the photos- Happy Valentines day to you two !!!
    Also- not sure how long you've had me on your sidebar, but i noticed it the other night. THANK YOU !!

  17. You two are the cutest things in the world. I LOVE that he is running and training for a race with you!! So amazing!!! GREAT RUN SPEEDY!! Have a great V-day!! LOVE YA!!

  18. I LOVE THIS POST. Great Pictures!

    There is just one thing wrong, ahem, that maybe I should correct you on. Metallica should always be listed first when referring to manly music. LOL

    I love Metallica, our wedding song is "Nothing Else Matters" the original version not the SF Symphony version. Check out the lyrics sometime. When I took the comprehensive exams for my Master's degree I sat in the car outside my classroom building and listened to Metallica's "Fuel" to get pumped up.

    I am totally digging your mantra too, good one!

  19. My husband and I have COMPLETELY different workout music.... and it looks very similar to what your husband listens to. I can do 'Rage Against the Machine' but that's about it on that list.

  20. Love the pics:) You guys look so happy! Very cute couple!

    Joe's playlist very similar. I have some Breaking Benjamin on mine but then again I also have Selena Gomez. Help!

    Congrats to your hubby on the 12.5! Yes, definitely nice to be married to someone who takes care of himself!! I've been married 13 years-the sweaty sexy factor is disappearing-ha! My hubby seems to THINK he's all hot stuff after a workout because he always finds the need to hug me and kiss me and slime his sweat all over me when he comes in the door....If he would just walk in and walk toward the shower, perhaps this would turn me on-ha!

    Again, great job on the run! Hope that 9 mile went great and didn't have you hurled up over a bush on the side of the road! You have a great week planned. Hope it goes well!

  21. Aw such sweet pictures!!! It's awesome that he's training so hard to run with you. What a great guy! You two look very happy together!

  22. I've got a LOT of Rage Against the Machine on my playlist. :) Makes you feel so bad.ass. :) Not what I would listen to normally..but it gets the job done sometimes. I love your love for your love. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  23. How great that you two are training for a race together! I have a hard time listening to my husband's music too, but maybe I should give it a shot! Great job!

  24. manly man likes that music too...I LOVE to run with it. Makes me go fast-ish!

  25. I agree, husbands running = fun!

    Thanks for your comments tonight. I never ran nor did anything competitive until college and then I took a break, so I guess I'm kind of new at this stuff. I ran five marathons on my own before evening running with a team/group so I'm adjusting and just learning along the way. I know I'm going to make sense of all this stuff going on in my head, I just need a little time!
    I hope your day was fun!!
    Big hugs and thanks again, I appreciate your honesty and experiences!

  26. Great pictures!!

    I love to listen to some good music before my runs. It gets me pumped and helps me clear my mind before I go out there ready to push myself to my limits. Not sure I'd listen to your hubby's music, but that's okay - we're all different. I'll probably stick to Glee and Cher! ;)