Saturday, February 19, 2011

Udo's Oil...Recovery, Strength, Stamina

Just got home from New Seasons Market where we stocked up on all kinds of goodness!  One of the things we restocked on was this:

This is just one of the products I've come to start using since training for marathons again. Udo's Oil has shown to help endurance athletes experience greater strength, stamina, and faster recovery.  It has also been proven to have many other health benefits such as fat loss, and improvements in skin condition, sleep and concentration.  Check out the research, athlete testimonials, and frequently asked questions at the Udo's Oil "Oil The Machine" site for more information.  This stuff is pricey but I'm convinced it is good stuff to add to my diet.  I plan on being more active about taking notes about changes I notice from taking this again after not taking it for awhile.  I'll share my observations with you in a few weeks.

Chicken Soup For the Runner's Soul
I started my morning with a little bit of coffee and some running inspiration.  I've never been one to read Chicken Soup for the Soul books but I won this one in a giveaway from Lisa at Because I Can.   Please go visit Lisa's Blog and say hello.  Thanks for the book Lisa!  I love it.  Especially the forward by Dean Karnazes and the first story by Michael Fitzgerald.  

Running Update
Since my chiropractic appointment and taking it easy this week, I'm feeling much better. I still have some pain but I'm noticing improvement since being out of the Kinvaras. Last night before Family Movie Night, I made a quick trip to the gym and decided to try out my running legs.  I ran a mile warm up and then ran two miles at the 8.8 and 8.9 speed (6:44/6:49 pace) and then a half mile cool down.  I was very happy to hold on to the sub 7 pace for 2 miles.  

Today I ran 8 miles @ base pace.  I could definitely feel my leg by the time I was finished and so I iced, stretched and rolled.  I can't tell what pain I'm feeling from the run and what pain is still from the Graston Therapy.  I know I definitely have some bruising from the therapy. I wrote my splits in my running journal and included a picture below. 

 I also taped in a very sweet e-mail from a blog reader that I didn't know about.  It made MY YEAR!  So very sweet and thoughtful of her to send me such kind words.  I am always thankful when people write me to tell me that something I wrote helped, inspired or motivated them in some way.  It gives me even more reasons to keep on blogging when I start doubting why I blog. 

And just for kicks, here is a picture of my sweet man doing his core work before heading out on his 6 mile run.  Um, that is MY Garmin that he bought ME for Christmas.  We totally share but I'm not complaining because he is going to pace me in my 5k and our 1/2 marathon in April. Oh, and Check out that OREGON SUNSHINE today!  Glorious!!  

Hope you're having a great weekend!  


  1. It sounds like the leg is on the mend - slowly but surely. Keep looking after yourself.

  2. I am all about oils…fish, flax, olive, etc…I will definitely check out this Udo's. Looks very interesting. And I still want to know what a speedy chick like you calls 'base' pace? Please tell me!

    Take care of that leg. Easy does it :) 'No pain, no gain' is totally outdated.

    Enjoy those rays while you can!

  3. I'm sorry your leg is still hurting you :( I think injuries can be SO frustrating! I hope it gets better soon! I've never heard of Udo's oil, but i'm excited to see what you think!
    I can't believe you used to work at Jason's Deli. I LOVE that place!! I think If I worked there I would overdose on their DELICIOUS low-fat ice cream. Man that stuff is dangerous. I'm glad you got to curl up and relax tonight, and I hope you're having a good weekend!

  4. You are doing great, all around! Glad the leg is staying under control. And how cute is your man?

  5. My brother has sworn by that oil for years now. Maybe I should try it?

    Glad your leg is feeling good!

  6. The Chicken Soup for Runners book is awesome. I read it last year. Lots of great stories to keep you motivated.

    I am going to check out that oil! Thanks for the info.

  7. That oil looks sweet I will have to check it out! I hope your leg gets better soon. Graston is pretty sweet but I know that bruised feeling you're talking about!

  8. I'm excited to hear your observations on the Udo's oil. I saw an advertisement for it a little while back in either Runner's World or Running Times and thought it sounded interesting.

    Glad your leg seems to be behaving itself.

    P.S. Your man is smokin' hot.

  9. What a GREAT note from your blog reader!!
    Wasn't the sun GLORIOUS yesterday!!!!???!!!!
    I hit a couple patches of ice on my group run, but once we got out in the sun, it was LOVELY!

  10. How did I miss this post eariler?!! I'm curious how you take/use the Udo oil? If it helps my SKIN and running, I'm all the way in!

    That OR weather looks dreamy compared to Pullman! Go hubs! Russian twists!!

  11. How do you take your Udo? I hope not straight... I'd give it a shot but I know I can't take spoonfuls of it plain. Will have to check it out at the store and hope you suggest foods to mix it in :)

  12. How cute! It's so funny you mentioned that book because I saw it at B&N this weekend and I'd never seen it before. You'll have to let me know what you think about it. I love your journal! Kind words can make you feel amazing! Keep up the great work!!!