Monday, February 21, 2011

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Since the kids have been in bed, I've been trying really hard to research and shop for shoes while watching The Bachelor at the same time.  Yes, there you go, I admit it.  I do indulge in watching The Bachelor.  It is my little mindless treat for the week.  And now, add online shopping to that!  Good Grief, what has happened to me?!  Seriously, I'm not a big shopper.  And I've certainly never been an online shopper.  Until now.  Reading all these running blogs about great running shoes, gear, and gizmos has got me thinking of all kinds of things I'd love to have to support my running passion.  For now, I'm just shopping for shoes and trying to control myself from buying all the cute lil' tanks and shorts that will probably make me run faster on race day.  They do make you run faster, right?  I'm convinced that I would run a 18:30 5k or a 1:29 half marathon if I had this Nike Long Y Back Black and Mega Blue Tank.  It's on sale too!  I think I need to go back and get it (see, this is not the normal Amanda talking...what have you done to me blog world?!).  

My online shopping tonight was really all about shoes.  I think that after 18 years of running that it is about darn time that I start figuring out what kinds of shoes I like and what works for me.  
Here's where I am at with shoes:

Saucony Kinvaras 
I recently started having some lower/inside hamstring pain and I was thinking it had to do with my over pronation and running in my Saucony Kinvaras.  However, I'm thinking now that my biggest problem with these shoes was that I didn't ease my way into them like I should have.  I probably should have been using them for shorter easy runs here and there until I slowly moved my way up to longer distances.  I will still try this in small steps.

Stability Shoes
I do know now that I have been running in a stability shoe for most of my running years and I didn't know it.  Over the years I've worn Nike Pegasus, Addias Super Nova, Addias Boston, Nike Elite 4, and now the Mizuno Inspire 6 (which I like). 

Transitioning/Neutral Shoes
I would like to try out some different kinds of shoes that might run more in the neutral category without totally giving up my stability shoe.  

Racing Shoes
I'm interested in having a road racing shoe that will be good for 5ks-Marathons.  I'm sure this doesn't make a huge difference for a runner like me but there is something to be said about having a special "fast" shoe that you get to take out just for race day.  Makes racing seem extra special no matter how slow or fast I am.  

Here's What I have coming to me in the mail soon:

Addias Adizero Mana 5 
This is a light stability racing shoe.  It can be used for speedwork and longer and shorter races.  

Mizuno Wave Rider 14
I am currently running in the Mizuno Inspire 6's and wanted to try to alternate with a more neutral shoe so I thought this one would be a good one to try out since I like the Inspires. 
Mizuno Inspire 6
These were on sale so I decided I might as well order another pair since I like the ones I'm in.  I'm just a little confused by the width measurements...I don't know if I'm in an A or B.  I ordered a 7.5 B so I'm hoping it is the right size. 

And last but not least, I'm thinking about ordering these to try out:

Anyone have anything good or bad to say about the Nike LunaRacer +2? 

So there we have it!  My online shopping is officially over and I am going to go back to being the non-shopper that I am.  Well....I did see some Saucony Shorts that I liked too.  I might just have to go back to teaching to support my new obsession with running gear.  Either that or I need to start writing some really awesome blog reviews so companies just start sending me free stuff to try out and then convince YOU to Love it!  

What kinds of shoes do you run in?  

Do you use a racing shoe for race day?  

Do you have an outfit that you consider your "race day outfit"?  
I'm a big believer in feeling good on race day..physically and mentally.  I think what I wear is important to helping me feel good and run faster.  After all, if I look and feel sleek, sexy, and bad ass then perhaps it will help me run faster.  I think so.  That's just me.  But I have not run in something "sleek, sexy and bad ass" since our speed suits in college.  Since then, I'm pretty frumpy  looking so I would love your favorite racing outfit suggestions.  
Come on Chris K, I know you have some favorite little manly bun huggers that you wear with your Newton Shoes and a tight spandex tank that shows off your muscles!


P.S.  My husband just read this and he's across the room laughing and saying "You'd really call your college speed suit sleek and sexy?!  It was like running in a bathing suit!"  Hey, I felt sleek and sexy in it!  


  1. Bachelor: guilty over here! who's your favorite? for me Emily but I don;t think it will be her in the end....

    shoes: Mizunos nexus 4. stability shoes. love them a lot.

    outfit: always same. well close to same depending on how warm it is. nothing sleek. compression shorts and tempo shorts. NIKE racer tank top and my running hat.

  2. Shoes - I would say just be SO careful - go to a running store and do some gait analysis. Nike Lunas REALLY aggravated my knee pain, I am still an overpronator and they did not help. I like the whole minimal running idea, but I'm not sure it would work for me.

    As for outfits - ha! I tend to run in fairly skanky outfits that just get washed until there's holes in them. Race day I have a tank with my name on it - SO important - and I'm thinking I need to get myself some arm warmers so I can wear it even when it's cold. Coach tells me I HAVE to start off feeling cold so Boston might be run in my Tempo shorts...

  3. Dean: ah I want to...the pros it is DEAN K and a good cause. the cons: got a 10k race the next day AND the race with Dean is $50. Still I want to do is just 30 min from me!

  4. I have some Saucony ProGrid Ride 3. That is a mouthful. I have no over-pronation issues... super high arch, neutral shoe wearer... in fact, for a while I was wearing some shoe that helped with supination. I used to work in a running shoe store (a million years ago) and pretty much know what I need and what to look for, which is very helpful even though stuff has changed a lot in some ways since then. And I just wear my regular shoes for races.

    As for what to wear on race day in terms of clothing, since I am not on a team or anything, I just go with what will be comfortable. Maybe you should try racing in your bathing suit ;-) Sexy mamma that you are!

  5. Yeah, Petra, you're right, I'll be careful. That's why i got the Addias adizero...they are supposed to be good for slight overpronators but still give that lighter faster part too.
    I'm convinced...I must get the arm warmers I was looking at...I was on the fence and the you said something. :)

  6. Ha! Marjorie, You're sweet....I think maybe a green bikini!

  7. I didn't realize the mana was a stability shoe...I'll have to check into that one.
    As for now, I will wear whatever gets me to the start line in one piece. :)

  8. Nice top - it's a total PR-creator.
    As far as shoes are concerned, I wear Mizuno Wave Riders and Adidas Adistar and find them both really good. I used to be a Brooks Glycerin girl until their last change which my feet didn't like so much.

  9. Love the top.

    This may be a stupid suggestion bc you've been running forever, but do you think maybe you ought to go to a running store and get fitted for a shoe and get their suggestions? I know it costs more, which stinks. I always think I'll just order the same thing online next time, but that hasn't happened yet. I'm new enough that I don't know what I need.

    My road shoes are Nike Vomero 5's. They're a neutral shoe. My trail shoes are Asics Trail Attack.

    I don't have a specific race day outfit for cold weather. Now that I have the Moving Comfort bras I'm going to have to come up with a new hot weather one, too. :-/ I like to wear sleeveless tops, and my favorites are pretty strappy, so these gigantic straps on the bras (not to mention the non-neutral colors) aren't going to work with what I have. Unfortunately, what I had was leaving me with nasty rub burns and scrapes on my shoulders and chest. Too much juggle might have been ok with male spectators, but it was no fun for me.

  10. I am a big 'under' pronator and I just bought my second pair of the Mizuno Wave Rider...but I bought the 13's because they went on sale when the 14's came out.

    I really love this shoe...although since barefooting I had to move up a half size. There was no break in period with these...they are great straight out of the box.

    Good luck!

  11. I love my Saucony Ride 2's. I've gone through two pairs and three in rotation and have three more on standby. They fit my feel well and they are inexpensive since they are old versions. I also have a pair of Brooks Ghost 2's but I don't like those as much. Outfits - I usually wear other race shirts to races. What can I say, I'm a guy. I just want to be comfortable.

  12. I agree with Kate that before you decide what kind of shoe to buy, you need a professional analysis so you don't buy the wrong shoe and get injured again. There's a big, big difference between stability and neutral shoes.

    I wore the Wave Riders for a few years and then started coming down with injuries. Found out they no longer were the shoe for me after two other friends with Mizunos experienced the same thing. We all switched to a different brand/shoe and have been running happily ever after. Our bodies change over time, our shoes should too.

  13. I just bought the Mizuno Inspire 6. I love them! Now hopefully baby girl's teeth will allow me to get a run in again!!!!!

  14. I always wear black shorts and a colored tank for my races. I do like to buy a special shirt to wear for big races.

    I've been looking at ads for women's running clothes, and I am trying desperately not to go online and drool. So many cute clothes! I may try a running skirt this year. I hear they're comfy.
    I have new balance running shoes; I may change out the inserts for my usual running ones since it seems my shins are a bit sore.

  15. you know I run in the Free Runs, I've been in 7 different types of shoes including stability. I don't know what the heel drop is on your Kirvanas compared to your other shoes. Typically they would cause calf pain because of the reduction of heel, not hamstring. Have you counted your strides per minute? When did they hammy start?

  16. I wear Aisics (sp?) but I also want to try the Mizuno Wave Rider. I don't know why.

    After reading this I think I too need to do more shoe research...unless you want to post a short stability vs. nuetral tutorial. (In your spare time.)

  17. So in regards to your Saucony Kinvaras potentially being the reason for your injury- I completely feel the same way about the Newtons- both Newtons and Kinvaras are designed to gradually build up and if you do too much too soon, BAM injury. Some runners don't have issues. Becca @
    told me she got a pair and ran a half mary that same weekend, so I guess it just depends on your body structure.
    Also I have a lot of friends who love the Luna racer- but obviously just use it for racing and not training because it will break down quicker than your avg shoe.
    My biggest race day gear is some type of running skirt (you get so many compliments from spectators while running, great motivating tool) with compression shorts underneath, and some type of matching tank

  18. okay, running skirts...I'm not there yet. I have nothing agains them...just not so sure they are for me. I think I'm a shorts or tights girl. ;)

    Getting fit...the thing about running stores is that the options are endless. If I'm going to get "fit" again, I will go to a place that does stride is hit or miss with the running stores. Has nothing to do with the cost of the shoe really (i mean obviously a little but that isn't the reason). The big thing is that I got what works...the stability and then a racing shoe that is also for stability as well and then a shoe like the wave rider that is a neutral shoe. Obviously I will work my way in gradually to the wave rider and try it here and there. I'm pretty sure that if you are an overpronator tha this can be corrected and isn't a forever thing...I'm not just going to start wearing a neutral shoe for every run.

    One blogger made a good point that by rotating through shoes, you are giving your body and feet an opportunity to work in different ways. I think it is just important to do your research, be somewhat knowledgable before you buy online, and listen to your body. I wouldn't recommend just choosing shoes based on if they look good or have stylish colors or anything. Ha.. I think at this point I'm just making some informed decisions...not just buying what sounds cool...hence the addias adizero racer...not the lightest but one that has more stability. i think the Nike Frees might be another good transition.

    So, running skirts, no thanks right now. My husband would say Yes Please. And shoe buying neurtral vs. stability...being careful, wise, and slow! :)

  19. Oh make me laugh.

    Did you get my shoe email? :)

    Send me your podcast list when you get a chance. No hurry, don't fret.

    I am really superstitious and tend to like to buy something new for a "big" race. I have shorts deemed unlucky (you should have been around last summer when I had a few posts about my unlucky orange Tempo shorts, ha!) and will not wear them for any further races nor any key runs. Easy runs, fine, but nothing important. I also have clothes I did great in, like what I wore for my first BQ race, which I won't wear again because if something happened, they wouldn't hold the same meaning. So that sort of rules out most of my clothes for future important races - hahah. I also will never run the Big Sur Marathon again because that one race was sooo special to me, but I do have races, like Big Sur, where I sucked and want revenge.

    So my advice is hell ya, go get that top, girl. Those types of tops are the only thing I ever wear, a bra and top all in one and I love that! Also, if that's the Nike top I think it is, there are two small pockets in the back which can hold gels and whatnots needed for race. SCORE!!!!

  20. I'm laughing! I HAVE that tank and I am so reassured to know that I will run a 1:29 half in it!! Well, nice to dream anyways! I would be quite thrilled at 5 minutes over that!!

    I have not tried the Nike Lunarracers. My sister slightly overpronates and wears the Nike Lunarglides for training and then bought the Lunarracers. She hated them but it's really a personal thing so they could be great!

    I need a new race day outfit. I have nothing cute for cold weather right now. Black tights, purple jacket-same old same old. I'm sure I will run slow if I don't get something new.....My hubby always buys me summer running clothes on trips and he's a good shopper so I'm pretty stocked there! Spring and Fall I wear my favorite Underarmour tanks with armwarmers for most races. Took me awhile to be sold on these but I love them now. I just read your comment above. Yeah-not a skirt girl here either:)

    Anyway, back to work! Have a great day:)

  21. Ah-I just read Jill's post! I remember her unlucky Orange tempos!!!

  22. For anything longer than a 10k I always wear my running jacket so I don't have to put on sun screen. Otherwise it inevitably gets in my eyes, and hours of sunscreen in the eyes sounds awesome.

  23. I haven't tried the 14s yet, but I do love my Mizuno Wave Rider 13s. They feel great on my feet, but I plan to try some Brooks next time to see if the Mizunos may possibly be a culprit behind my IT band and knee bursitis problems.

  24. I finally posted pics of my journal today and cited you as my source! :)

    I ran/trained for Portland 26.2 in the Nike Lunar's felt great-durable and comfy. I really hope you find YOUR shoe. You totally need to get that tank--looking good=PR's!!

    Best wishes tomorrow at your PT appt!!!

  25. All those shoes look great!! Let us know what you think of them. I run in Nike Structure Triax 13s. I have 4 pairs of them including the trail model. They work well for me.

    For races I always pick out a special outfit so that I can feel good and obviously it has to work well for that temperature.

  26. You should definitely go to a running store and get properly fit for shoes. The shoes you have worn in the past are all mild stability shoes that have support for mild overpronation. If they've been working for you and the neutral shoes haven't.... then maybe mild support is your category. The Inspire would still be a good shoe, or even the LunarGlide or Saucony Guide or Brooks Ravenna. Regardless of what you want, try them on before you buy!!

  27. Raina, I think the Addias Mana is just the best racer for someone that needs stability or is used to stability from what I is only mild stability.

    Beth, too late....I already bought them as I mentioned. ;) But also, I've already worn the Mizuno INspires and the Addias Mana for racing won't be used for every day use. The Mizuno Wave Riders might be the only ones that might not work...I guess I can always give them away to some lucky winner who loves wave riders and who wears a 7.5! :) Or hopefully this Running WArehouse will let me return them if they don't fit...anyone know how running warehouse works??

  28. Thanks for this post! Very helpful. I am in the market for some new shoes. :) I have been wearing Asics for a couple of years now, and I've liked them quite a bit.

  29. I work part-time at a running store, so I alternate 3-5 pair of shoes at a time. Currently, I'm running in NB 758, Nike Pegasus and LunarGlide (which I love!), and Brooks Ghost (which I also love).

    Definitely ease into it a bit slower with the kinvaras, especially if you overpronate. I used to roll in, but I've corrected it over the course of several years. I guess that's the goal of minimalist shoes, but they can do damage if you go whole hog right away!

    As for racing gear, whatever doesn't chafe!

  30. Love that tank! You should definitely get it! Shoes are a really hard thing to get right. And minimalist shoes take a while to get used to. I hope you find something that works for you!

  31. I'm hoping my fabo man gets me some minimalist shoes for my bday in May. Right now I wear Asics. They are working for me so far. :)

  32. Oh, hi friend! How've ya been?

    I train and race in the same shoes. Brooks of course. :) I wear the Ghosts and Ang wears the Green Silences, she loves them.

    I have heard good things about the Kinvaras, though!

    I wish I was a runner in high school or college. I feel like I totally missed out!

  33. SHOPPING AND THE BACHELOR at the same time...heaven. Shoes are a tough thing....they stress me out. Girl, you are speedy and I KNOW racer's would be awesome for you plus they do make you feel speedier:) I REALLY want to try out the Nike's but I LOVE my Mizuno's!!!

  34. I love running shoe shopping!! That is so fun! It looks like you're getting some great shoes, let me know how the racing flats work for you. I've been wanting to try some!

  35. You must have that top. MUST! Go back online this second and buy it. Ugh, shoes are a challenge, I hate that the cute designs are usually not in the shoe type that I need.

  36. well, we were doing the same thing last night...watching bachelor and online shopping! I got some swim shorts from athleta. I've read reality ... He basically gives the spoilers for the entire season before the season starts. He is right every time...he has some inside source. I couldn't resist and looked at his site at the beginning of the no surprises for me but still mindless fun! I decided I have to wear purple for big races like marathons. Portland was a total bust and I knew I should have worn purple! ;)

  37. Amanda, if you want to see my studly running "outfit" then all you have to do is look on the right hand side of my Blog, about half way down.

    I didn't even wear a singlet. Just a regular pair of running shorts and a plain old shirt. Can I get anymore Manly?!

  38. I'm currently wearing Nike Lunar Glides. I love them and we had a Nike hookup so I managed to stock up. Unfortunately though, I do not like the Lunar Glide 2s. Haven't tried the Lunar Racers. I don't have trail shoes, but really want some.

    I'm always looking for running gear. I'm obsessed and feel like I could never have enough. Luckily I have a little restraint (and 4 mouths to feed) or I could get out of control.

  39. i'm not a shopper either, but i do sometimes see new running gear and start wanting it. usually though i then get 'overwhelmed' by it and never feel like shopping/trying it on. ahh i'm so lazy.

    i run in wave riders, race in saucony a2's (although they have since updated them, like twice)

  40. I just bought new racing flats online for $20, I love end of season sales! I've never had flats before, but I love lighter shoes, and I agree that it's nice to have something special to wear on race day.
    PS - online shopping beats malls with teenagers anyday.

  41. Good luck with picking out some shoes. I watched the Bachelor for the first time Mon. night. Now I need to watch it more to see what happens. Or have my friend update me that I was watching it with. I thought he was kind of stiff. Odd premise for a show but I can see how it would hook you.

  42. You are officially the funniest person I know. BIlly and I laughed at your comment for 15 minutes. HOW ARE YOU!!! Um, I haven't had an update since MONDAY!!! I guess you might be busy or something! LOVE YA GIRL!!! PS I want your abs.

  43. AHHHH THANK YOU!!!! I am already hooked to her blog!

  44. my husband spoiled to me who won the bachelor. Don't worry, i won't tell!
    And I love Kswiss Misouls. The Kswiss Blade lights are pretty awesome too!

  45. I have VERY flat feet but only overpronate slightly in my right foot when I run. I started out in New Balance 769s but they didn't have enough cushioning for me on long (12+ miles) runs. I ended up fitted for Nike Lunar Glides and I love them. I did learn during the fitting process that running shoes with a shank won't work for me; I can feel the shank in the middle of my arch. Definitely worth going to get fitted; I like Fit Right Northwest, they do a really great job of it.

  46. I over pronate also. currently wearing a stability shoe as well..I run in the Asics GT-2150's. They are nice but im still experiencing some knee pain. I am actually going to see a podiatrist to see about getting custom orthotics. if that's the case, i will then switch to a neutral shoe as when you have orthotics that's what you're supposed to do. (who'd have thought?)

    SO GLAD I found your blog today!!!! Ive been on the hunt for some "Mommy fitness/running" bloggers!! if you have any good reads you can recommend, do send them my way, please =)

    PS..that blue Nike tank is ADORABLE!! too bad its so pricey =(

  47. I've bought New Balance WW847 for many years because they are the best! They always fit well, I never have to 'break them in', I can fit my arch supports in them easily, and I love that they support the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I got the grey/pink ones and they're great! They are true to size and width, lightweight, and have good support. Thanks, New Balance, for another great shoe!

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