Friday, February 4, 2011

Fartlek Follow Up and Few Things F

Feeling a little lame writing a blog on a Friday night but this is actually pretty heavenly to just write, process my day and have some quiet time after a long day with kids.  Apparently my husband reads my blog without me asking him to.  Even on his guys weekend away.  I just got this e-mail from him after he read my last blog post talking about his guys trip:

Subject:  Really?

"I do not talk like that...what did you say I say?  kickin it and trickin it?  how about rippin it up?"

Okay, so I might have made him sound a little different than he really sounds.  Basically he told me that I am making him sound like a bone head.  So, let it be known that he doesn't really talk like some skater dude.  Made me laugh to read his e-mail and made me so happy to know he read my blog on his vacation. 

Fartlek Workout:

Dynamic Stretching.  If you didn't see the video I posted on Dynamic Stretching and you're interested in making this part of your routine before hard runs, then check it out

Proprioceptive Cue (this is part of the brain work for helping me to improve my form) this week:  Driving the thigh.  To read more about this and other sensory cues that I am working on, here is an article by Matt Fitzgerald called Sensory Cues.  Great read.  Hard mental work but helps me stay focused and I definitely notice much improvement with my form.  

6.2 miles (I figured that I might as well make it a full 10k by adding the .2)
Average pace: 7:25
6 fartleks for 2 minutes each.  1. 6:15 pace 2. 6:15 3. 6:15 4. 6:18 5.  6:25ish 6. 6:15
Felt great! Was tired but definitely had more in me.  :)  

This stuff tastes like chalk!  Ugggh.  I bought it and I'll use it because it was expensive but oh my, it does not taste good. "Delicious Vanilla Bean" it says on the label. Not sure who the taste testers for this were but it is certainly not delicious. It has some good stuff in it though and I'm glad I'm getting good nutrients and lots of protein.  It helped to blend it with some plain yogurt and frozen berries.  I can do it like that.  But with just water?  Not for me.  

I am not a baker.  
I don't LOVE to cook.  
But I love to make memories and make the time with my kids fun.  
Since we don't have our main man here tonight, we canceled Family Movie/Game night and we made these:

And then after about 5 minutes of making them, they were done.  
We had a HUGE mess.
My 19 month old was eating chocolate off the floor, crying for more cookies, smearing his dirty hands on our new white molding 
My girls looked at each other the wrong way,
Tried to pull each other's hair out,
Insulted each other some more,
And argued over who had prettier hair.  
The cupcakes were cute though.  
I guess.
In a Martha Stuart/Family Fun kind of way.  
Not so sure I'll ever

Do you drink a protein drink?  How do you make it and what kind do you use?

Do your kids fight with each other?  



  1. Those cupcakes are so cute! lol sorry about the fighting and mess-making! That sounds like me and my siblings. =P

  2. I don't drink a protein drink... I eat a decent amount of protein... I think! I used to drink a rice-based protein mix that was pretty decent... and much more digestible than whey-based... and I steer clear of soy generally due to high-risk BC issues.

    Do my kids fight with each other? Say WHAT? lol Ummmm... hell, yeah! It is awful. Awe. Full. The older three. It makes me crazy. It makes me cry. I hate it. I am an only child and I just do not understand it. I am working to understand it... but it is so hard. My little one had some of my super sweet cake today... "shlokitt" cake. (chocolate in toddlerspeak ;-) )

  3. You are SO FAST!! I need to do some Fartlek runs, I do speed intervals, but never with any distance. Thanks for the tip on Sensory Cues :)

    I only have one child so no fighting. . . except with me.

  4. Those cupcakes are hilarious. No protein shakes for me. My kids fight and bicker and then fight some more. At least they don't physically fight, but it wears on me. This 3-day snow break got old with that at times.

  5. Do bears sh*t in the woods? Do kids fight? Oh yes. It won't stop for some time either.

    Keep running, keep blogging, chuck that protein drink! Ugh. I have a chocolate protein drink which i can bear (even though I am NOT a chocaholic) but it's nothing like nice...

  6. Amanda those are such cute cupcakes! You are for sure martha stewart! :)
    Way to go on an awesome run as well.
    I am VERY picky about my protein shakes. The kind I like best is called Biochem. It's a whey protein powder. I use this as my recipe...
    The cinnamon is the trick. I am totally about it tasting good, and this one does.
    I hope you have a rest of the weekend girlie! xoxoxo

  7. My sisters and I fought when we were young. My kids fought when they were younger. Isn't it just the nature of the beast? I think it helps them learn to get along with people in the long run.

    And BTW - those cupcakes - really cute!

  8. Ha! My husband reads my blog, too, and occasionally comments on how I've described him. I've taken to having him read some of the posts ahead of time to make sure he doesn't feel misrepresented :)

  9. Not that I am happy that your kids fight, but I always like to see other parents talk about it. My kids definitely fight, especially the two boys. There are times when I have to put them in different parts of the house. My 6 year old is a scappy little fighter and for some reason my 9 year old always ends up crying. My 10 year old girl uses mental warfare which is worse sometimes.
    The cupcakes are adorable. Happy Weekend.

  10. Your husband read your blog on vacation! I'm impressed! I don't think Joe ever reads mine.

    NICE workout! Great pace! You're doing very well!!!

    Cute cupcakes! Max brought home this little kids cookbook from school and keeps wanting to make recipes out of it. We've tried a few but yes, it usually results in a BIG mess! I like cooking for adults, not baking or cooking for my family. (I do however like spending time with my kids and it's totally worth the mess)

    My girls fight over everything in the morning. Who's wearing who's headband, who gets in the shower first, who's eating out of what cereal bowl. I have TOTALLY blown my top at times. (I'm actually quite scary when I'm mad-ha) The great thing is that they are both quite protective of each other and would defend each other in a heartbeat if someone else dared to act the way they do.....

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend:)

  11. I've heard good things about Muscle Milk, which some friends buy in bulk at Costco. I get a lot of protein in my diet, so I rarely drink it. If I do, I go with Naked's Super Protein Drink - more for convenience than anything.

    And, I think all brothers and sisters fight with each other. Just like adults who are cooped up too long together. Just keep sharp objects out of the room!

  12. Those look like some crazy Picasso cupcakes.

    I bake a ton. It's a way to relieve stress. I made butterfinger cookies this week. Toffee with peanutbutter. To die for.

  13. I tend to bake (muffins and such) with soy protein powder - we also use it in oatmeal and cream of wheat, but for smoothies I use whey protein powder.

    Mai had a cousin stay over last weekend and it was all lovin' cousins the first and second day but by day three they were fighting like sisters. I'm kinda glad I ended up with a boy and a girl...
    Not to say they don't fight, but I've seen some serious damage between two sisters - yikes!

  14. i have a hemp protein mix that i add to smoothies. it doesn't taste awesome at all, but i put some vanilla rice milk in and enough fruit to mask any unpleasant taste. but then...i also add ground flaxseed and coconut oil, so i'm not sure my taste buds are that "on point."

  15. The cupcakes look super cute! I don't have kids but some times my dogs fight with each other ;)

  16. Cute cupcakes! :) I haven't found a protein I can drink with just water. All are kinda ick. Lately, I've been liking TJ's brand chocolate protein with skim milk!

  17. Thanks for your nice words about my race last week. You, Jen (Running Sane) and Janae (THRG) are my speed queens and I look up to you guys...someday I will be able to keep up...or at least have a glimpse of you guys way way in front of me! :) Cute cupcakes. I have some on the counter ready to ice. My boys LOVE to make colors and I put it in a piping bag and let them decorate. As for protein. The people at WHole Foods suggested Hemp protein b/c it is all natural. They said a lot of the flavored stuff just has so many ingredients that sticking with something like hemp is a good bet. I posted an amazing green smoothie the other day with hemp protein...hope your weekend is great!

  18. Those cupcakes are awesome! I would not have had the patience to make them with three kiddos...I'm so control-freakish that I can hardly stand to let my kids do more than retrieve ingredients from the pantry and give an ocassional stir. Your kids will still have fond memories of those times, bickering and all.

    The only protien drink I use is the Bolthouse Farms Mocha Cappuccino Perfectly Protien. It's basically a Frappuccino with whey protien. I blend 8 oz. with 5-6 ice cubes and it's just as good as Starbucks. I love it! I can't do that powdered stuff either.

    Your run was AWESOME! At first, I got all excited and thought we'd run an almost identical workout...then I realized you'd gone a mile further in the same time! Are you sure you weren't that girl 6 treadmills down from me on Thursday? : )

  19. Oh efff. Wait, isn't this all things "F"? jk!! ha!

    Great speedy run! I love learning from you and try to incorporate those key phrases into my runs. Reminds me of conditioning in college with strength coaches: knee drive, pull with the ball of your foot, vertical stacking...

    You are going to kill Newport!

    Loving the cookies--memories with your adorable kiddos!!

  20. I actually just started drinking a protein supplement and I mixed it with V8 Splash, although I wanted to buy Bolthouse 50/50 Berry juice, but I didn't see it at Target and needed to get juice for this morning. It wasn't AS good as the Bolthouse, but it was still yummy w/ the V8. Your cupcakes are so cute!

  21. MY sister and I faught ALL The time, still do sometimes. But, she's still my best friend. : )

  22. Love those cupcakes!! they look great. My boys fight a lot...the older one hits the middle one and the middle one hits the youngest one and the youngest one hits anybody! They are getting better at playing nicely together as they get older though.

  23. OMG, the story about the cupcake adventure had me laughing OUT LOUD!! The insults, the frosting, the 19 month old high on chocolate...girl, you deserve a girls weekend!! Thanks for sharing the REAL life stuff, gotta love family life!
    I LOVED the puppy cupcakes, super cute :) .

  24. I'm a new follower - love your blog! And I LOVE those cupcakes. I feel like a horrible parent because I don't have any fun crafts...those are adorable and I'm going to have to steal that idea!
    And I only have a 3 year old and 9 month old and they already argue. They steal each other toys and pull hair already! It's starting too soon!!!

  25. My twin 15-year old even argue....mostly about who's right, who gets to sit in the front seat, and who's sport is better than the other ones. I just ignore it (right! Well, for the most part I sort of do!).

    I got hooked on Isopure protein powder ... I love how it is an isolate protein, meaning more protein absorption!!! I usually mix it with a few frozen blackberries, ice, a bit of soy or almond milk, and lately a bit of Acai berry juice, and a few chia seeds and...the topper...SPINACH! It's Delish!!!!! Sometimes if I've induldged in way too many carbs for the day, I eliminate the juice and berries and it's strickly protein but it doesn't taste good. Anyway, you should try the Isopure! I use vanilla mostly but I also have banana. YUM!

    The cupcakes are just the cutest thing!!! Good thing you got a pic since you, understandably, are never making them again! :)

    Have a great Sunday!!!

  26. Those cupcakes look amazing!!! HOW FUN but at the same time didn't sound fun afterwards ha...I was wishing there was a video of all the shenanigans:) GREAT WORKOUT!! I will be using that workout this week K?!?! I HATE PROTEIN SHAKES...I am a wuss and I don't like that chalky taste. I DO love Muscle Milk though:) Have a great Sunday gorgeous girl and way to kick butt with your workout:)

  27. Those are glorious cupcakes!!!! I drink whey protein. Just add water. Do my kids fight?? Hmm I had 5 kids in 7 years.. THEY FIGHT A LOT!!! Sigh..

  28. i have chocolate whey protein that I've made in a few smoothies but that's about it. I love the treats you made! So creative! That's sweet that your hubby read your blog while he was gone :)

  29. OK...I need to go back and see the video.

    Too funny that your hubby read your blog and emailed you. Mine only reads mine over my shoulder. He's really the editor =D

  30. My kids DO fight...only, one of them is 41 and hairy...