Monday, February 28, 2011

You Might Be a Runner If....

1.  You have enough running shoes to build a small wall or mountain in your home.  Seriously, my friends on facebook just did not seem to "Get" this picture like I do and I think you might.  

2.  You're willing to save up to spend your "fun" money to run races.  

3.  You find yourself thinking of travel experiences in terms of what kind of cool races might be going on at that time. My high school coach and his wife mentioned that I should come see them in Sonoma this summer and I immediately started thinking about what races might be happening at the same time.  

4.  You're willing to sit in a tub full of ice water after running 13-26ish miles just so you can recovery faster in order to do it again!  

5.  You're willing to eat this gooey stuff called GU that tastes like Poo just so you can keep running longer. 

6.  Your idea of a hot sexy date is dropping off the kids at Grammy and Papa's and going on a 13 mile run through the country with your husband.  A time to reflect, reconnect, and have an uninterrupted conversation!

Can someone please tell me WHY my feet bow out when I run??  It was bad this weekend. Hey and how is this outfit for Hot and Sexy?!  Woo hoo!  Ha!  At least I keep it real on here.   

 Trying to get a good running shot for my blog header.  No luck.  But we had some laughs in the process.  

7.  You enjoy seeing your run split up into mile times.  

8.  You're willing to wear sock-like sleeves on your arms in order to have the ideal body temperature when you run.  And you get excited about spending money on the perfect blue running top to go with the arm sleeves.  Oh, and you might have a running blog if you're known to take a picture of yourself wearing your new running gear.  Even though really, you look like an idiot and really, most people who don't have a blog would tell you to Get. A. Life.  

Excuse the tired, end of the day, no make up look.  I'd like to say that I usually look better but this is the real deal with me most days.  Ha!  Tis the life of a SAHM.  I get excited when I have a reason to do my hair and make up and wear something other than workout clothes. It's like playing dress up.  

9.  You look forward to seeing your weekly training plan all written down and you're excited to see improvement.  

Of course, if you're Chris K, this would make your head spin.  Sorry Chris, don't look. It works for me.  :) 

10.  You really do run because you LOVE it!  You don't need the races and the training plans.  You don't need the fancy Garmins, sexy tops, and fancy protective sun hats.  You run because it fills you so completely, balances your mood, brings you back to yourself, and makes you a better you!  You run because you love to run.  

1.  Thank you so much for your sweet and sincere comments on my last post about my dad and my personal and emotional feelings about running:  The Deepest Part of My Running Heart--Running for Him  

2.  Anyone have anything to say about the Nike Women's Marathon or Half Marathon?  And Anyone planning on trying to run it this year?  I know that I've heard good things and that you get a Tiffany's necklace for finishing...a nice running one!  Score!  And my girlfriend and I are planning on trying to get a group together to try to get a spot this year!  Road Trip!  Any takers?  

3.  Finish this phrase and add one of your own:  You might be a runner if....

Peace Out, 


  1. Your date looks like a blast! You two are so cute together. Your list had me laughing and nodding my head.

    #2...I tried to convince my SIL that we wanted to do this together. She was unconvinced. Some day. inspiration, but I loved yours.

  2. wake up earlier on the weekend then you do during the get your long run in. i've been reading your blog for awhile now {your post about your dad and running was beautiful}, but i have to comment tonight because i've ran nike every year. i've done the full three times and the half twice. it's an incredible event! get a group together! travel to s.f.! run it! it's such an empowering event...not like any marathon you'll run. definitely a girls weekend away. joan benoit samuelson speaks every year! when she passed me on the course last year i started crying...i'm so in awe of her. i'm planning on the half this year.

  3. Thanks Tamara! Great to hear from you! I hope we get in!!!

  4. This is great! #10 really hits home with me :) You and your hubby are so sweet together…lots of love and fun evident in those pictures! You look so hot and stylin' in your new gear! Wowza! Nevermind the whole no-makeup-yada-yada disclaimer. Fast. Pretty. Smart. Thoughtful. Sensitive. What'd I miss? You just rock, Amanda :)

    You might be a runner if… 9 pm in the dark outside by yourself sounds like an awesome plan cuz that's when the kids are finally out of your hair so you can go get the job done!

  5. Fun post! I totally get the shoe picture as I have a pile like that at my place...

  6. I LOVE this post!!! You are so freaking darling. Seriously! So well put, and so funny!

    Also..I have been so busy these past couple days that I just now read your post about your dad. How incredible Amanda! I am sure he looks down on you and is so proud of all you are accomplishing! How amazing that you have that connection with him even though he isn't here by your side to cheer you on! That picture of you after Boston is beautiful! Who looks like that after finishing a race? You freaking rock!! xoxoxo megs

  7. I have that same Nike top, I love it so much! oh and I love.... LOVE running too!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful date.

  8. I have to come back and read this again tomorrow...just wanted to say that we should put our mound of shoes together and make something crazy!

    Also teh attempted blog header shot. made me smile :)) Do you know how many i have deleted from the camera???

  9. I think you have a serious problem - a serious shoe problem. Throw away the old dead ones. And if none of them are in that category get some help.

  10. haha, yup yup yup yup yup. Definitely a runner.

    I did the Nike Women's full as my first marathon. I LOVED it! But 1) it is hilly, I mean its in SF, 2) there is not a lot of crowd support at all and 3) the best part of the course by far is the first 13 miles. If you are just going for the experience, I'd probably do the half. I had an amazing experience with the full, but the last 10 miles are kind of middle of nowhere-ish and no crowds.

  11. I love this post! I'd add: have the choice between buying real clothes and running gear and you pick running gear every time.

    all the pics are so cute, love the ones of you and hubs!

  12. I am guilty on all counts as well! Fun!

  13. I love the shoe looks like my basement, my husband just shakes his head.
    I love that you and your husband run together....I just can't get mine out there with me.
    I love your outfit, I do the same thing when I get a new running skirt and model for my family. They think that I am CRAZY. travel to the Princess Half without your family to run a half marathon on injured feet.

  14. I want to run the Nike Half Marathon. Tiffany's is always quite enticing! :)

  15. You might be a runner if you often walk around like Frankenstein.

    I don't align with some items on the list. Therefore, I must be a Manly Runner.

    You are very photogenic Amanda. Am I joking? Not saying :-)

  16. I would so run that Nike Half Marathon - esp. since it's only two hours away but 1)im still such a newborn runner and 2) well, i cant say that (yet!) =-X ;-) O:-)

    LOVE that this was such a "fun date" Sure constitutes for one.

  17. Amanda, I think your running dates with your hubby are great! Exercise, time together, and the great outdoors! What can get better than that?

    You know you're a runner when you keep running even when you have to keep stopping to use the bathroom and your guts are cramping.

  18. I love to run, because I love it!! I agree about saving fun money for races, I registered for a race in January, only because I knew I was going to use my birthday money for it!

    that was a beautiful poem about your Dad. : )

  19. Great list, Amanda! I REALLY want to do the Nike Women's Marathon! I have heard that it's really crowded but most huge marathons are so I think it's to be expected.

  20. Hmm yeah your foot does go way out and it looks like it makes your knee lean inward. I'm not sure what that is I'll do some digging for you!

    I've always wanted to do the Nike Marathon, it closes so fast though!

  21. I love the shoe pile. That looks like the pile that is by our back door..yet there are 20 more pairs up in our closet.

    You might be a runner if you tell your husband to keep his spending under control at the Puma/Adidas/Nike/Reebok outlet. And by under control you mean less than $400.

  22. I love the pictures from your trail date :)

    Next up, a post on "you might be a running blogger if..."?

  23. Amanda here is an article, I can't find the source maybe you've got tightness up in the hips and IT band area, side of thigh.

    BTW where are you on FB?

  24. i think you look HOT in your new tank and arm sleeves! loved your whole list!

    you might be a runner can't wait to read an article about preventing "runner's trots". seriously, looking forward to this article.

  25. What a great post! I love your writing style! And you are so beautiful, make up or not!
    You might be a runner if you see people stopping off the side of the road to pee in the bushes and you consider it normal.

  26. Cool bridge. Where the heck is that trail? Or is it off the beaten path?

  27. LOVE THIS POST!!! I am going to copy you--highest form of flattery right?

    1. You totally have some blog header shots! I want your arms and legs--and your tiny waist--you are so fit!!!
    2. Those are some serious splits and hubs could keep up?! Nice!! I COMPLETELY agree that is the ideal date-you two are adorable!
    3. I so think of "destination" races as vacys now!

  28. Love your blog and THIS POST... #2 and #3 hilarious! and sooo true

    totally agree your next one should be you might be a runner blogger if...

    cuz i should be working when i have been reading blogs for the last 2 hours

  29. Love this post! And I love the pics of you and hubs even more! So cute!!! :)

  30. You might be a runner don't mind wearing a boot for eternity and may need surgery, for which you have to pay out of pocket for, just so you can get healed faster and get back on the road :).

    Aren't all vacations have a race involved? I even looked for one in Cancun a few years ago :).

    Isn't Nike Woman's Marathon in SF a lottery? One I'd LOVE to do one day. I want the necklace baby!!! I heard the hills aren't as bad as the SF Marathon, which I did last year and LOVED also.

  31. Fabulous Post.. I can so relate to all of it.

    So Jealous of your date, looks fun.. Hubby does not run, maybe someday..

    When I plan vacations I am always looking for runs to do. Drives the family nuts. haha

    You are a runner if..... You tell your family and friends you ran 11 miles and they say "Oh is that all." And You are ALWAYS HUNGRY!

  32. Why does the Nike women's marathon have to be in October? That is the same time as Chicago! I am heartbroken. I want to be in San Francisco and I want to meet you! Bummer.

    All of the above is true. I can agree with every word. Ang and I always joke about how our wardrobe would be much better if we weren't runners and didn't spend all of our money on races, hotel stays for races, travel for races, etc. :) But that's what makes us happy so who cares? Right? I really do need to go shopping though!

  33. I LOVED THIS POST!!! Girl, I want your arms so bad!!! Let's do the Nike 1/2 together...PLEASE!!! I love that you and your hubby run together. We plan vacations around races ha!! I love your arm sleeves and you inspire me to write in my running journal and it is so fun now....I LOVE writing every little detail and seeing improvements:) I love the pictures on your mirror. Can I have an autographed running picture that you took for your header? I LOVE the mountain of shoes....I know exactly what you are talking about:)

    About the track vs. treadmill for speed.......TRACK RULES!!! Holy crap that almost killed me off. 2:45 800' are AMAZING!! We did 10 yesterday and my legs are still shaking.

  34. such a cute blog... and girl. your arms are CUT! can't wait to read more!

  35. totally get the shoe picture!
    dont know how i missed the post about your dad,but just read it...amazing!
    finishing the phrase...
    you might be a runner if..
    you buy nail polish only to cover up the black/blue/purple bruises under the toenails that are about to fall off

  36. i love that you say that running "brings you back to yourself" my favorite!

  37. I get so much crap for the wall of running shoes. Billy talks about them like they're "normal" shoes though, like I'm some kind of girly shoe horse...Dude, they're running shoes so they don't count.

  38. Hey sweetie - thank you for the comment on my blog. I'm sure your kids will catch your enthousiasm - I never thought mine would but they have.

    Get rid of the shoes - take a photo adn then recyle them!

  39. You might be a runner if....

    You're proud of your sweat stains.

  40. I've just donated 13 pairs of running shoes! I used to have a shoe wall, a closet filled with running shoes...feel much better now, hew!

    So you don't like GU? I love chocolate mint and chocolate #9. Yummmm!

    Love the pics, so beautiful! YOu are your hubby look happy and healthy!

  41. I love arm sleeves... wish my arms looked as great in mine as yours do in yours. I also wish my husband was a runner, that sounds like an amazing date! If you are serious about the Nike Women's Half/Marathon I might be serious about looking into it. I'd love to do it and love even more to do it as part of an awesome girls road trip!

  42. great post, I seriously agree with everything on your list except for #6 which doesn't apply to me yet, haha
    I actually need to buy some arm warmers sometime, I'm going to be doing CIM marathon in December, seems like most people wear arm warmers during it...

    You might be a runner if you try to explain to your friends that you need to try to get into good shape in order to START your marathon training program. My friends reply is like - well isn't that what a training program is for? To get into shape? I'm like, haha

    Other you might be a runner if thoughts:
    planning your entire day around 1 long run, going to bed early before it, eating a ton after, etc
    constantly visualizing yourself finishing your race at goal time, even though its like 4 months away, haha

  43. And if you do wind up running in SF for the Nike run, you know I'll cheer you on! :)

  44. Your date looks uber fun. :)

    When you wrote Peace Out it reminded me of my sister. She always leaves and says "Peace out....A-town." Not sure where she got it!

  45. Loved this post!! So very true... all of it.

    You might be a runner/endurance athlete if... all your food is now 'fuel' and you eat based on what you will need to recover or to get ready for the next workout.

    ...if your laundry pile is 80% workout clothes

    ...if your kids ask what kind of run you are doing before you leave "hey Mom, are you doing a long run or a fast run today"?

    ... if your idea of relaxation is to go for an easy run during a snowfall, and people look at you like you're crazy when you try to explain how peaceful it is.

  46. You might be a runner take a couple hours of vacation time to run 20 miles before work

  47. It has taken me forever to get here and comment!!

    Very cute post! I like the comment right above me as I've actually done that!! Also, love #8-ha ha! You look great in both the tank and the arm sleeves!! No makeup-still gorgeous!

    Love the pics of you and your hubby! You really do look SO happy!! Yes, you do overpronate and actually I'm not sure what's going on there but it doesn't seem to affect your speed:) Maybe it's just an odd angle and running in snow. I've tried taking so many running pictures but they always turn out blurry or just awful. Yours are WAY better!!!

    I would love to run the Nike Marathon someday! Sounds like a blast!

    You might be a runner if you can pee in a cornfield without getting it on your shoe and only lose 8 seconds.

  48. You might be a runner if... You cut coupons for the supermarket, shop sales and Goodwill for work clothes, and think nothing of dropping hundreds on new shoes, running gear, and Gu in a single trip to your local running store.

    Great post!

  49. I love your list! They are all so true!
    You might be a runner if you own more running shirts/shorts than regular clothes!

  50. Awesome, happy, spicy the one of you with your leg on his hip...must have been SOME run! You two are so fit and fast, love it!
    GU Poo, blech. I've got to find something new! You made me laugh.
    Hope your week is going well!

  51. well.....I guess I'm a runner b/c I can relate to ALL of those!! and p.s you and your husband look amazing together! you can SEE the love!!

  52. OH SHOOT! I was totally thinking YES! this could be the marathon that would work for me this year and how fun to get a group together and go down...then I realized it was on Girlfriends half day. Hmmmm. I guess it wasn't meant to be. LOVE that you had such a great run/date! I love your Nike tank!

  53. You might be a runner if you are still awake reading running blogs.

  54. Amen and amen! Except I like how Gu tastes. Most Gu, anyway. I loved these and I really need to start a journal. I'd rather spend money on running gear/races than real clothes! (and it is obvious based on my lack of style haha)

  55. Jealous of your running date :) Cute pics! Do you wear stability shoes? Maybe that's why you aren't loving the Kinvara's?

  56. I love that you and your hubby go running together! If only I could get mine going...hmmmm.

  57. You might be a runner if... you're willing to go to bed by 9 in order to get up by 6 to go run even though you only got home from work at 7.

  58. Haha I love everything about this.

  59. This is great! I do sometimes wish my spouse was a runner, so that it could be a date activity. :)

  60. I have found I can't think of visiting friends anywhere without telling them I want to visit when a big race is happening in their area!

    For me, you might be a runner if you don't feel strange wearing compression leg sleeves to work after a good run!