2010- 2014 

Amanda is currently living in Bend, OR with her husband and three children. She holds her Masters degree in Education and spent almost ten years teaching until her third child was born. It was then that she decided to take a temporary leave from her profession so she could be home with her children. Amanda is passionate about learning, teaching, traveling and really, living life to the fullest. Ultimately she believes when people are able to shine themselves, the world is filled with more love and hope as a whole.

Amanda was a competitive runner in high school and college and she continues to make running part of her daily life. Training for races is one outlet that provides her with a tremendous amount of motivation and energy to carry over to other areas of life.  She has especially come to love the marathon and trail running.  

Teaching, runner, and mother are three of the roles where Amanda feels she shines the most. So, in 2010 when her friend suggested she write a blog while taking time away from the classroom,  Runninghood (running+motherhood) was born. This blog is where she candidly shares her thoughts and reflections on life, motherhood and running. Through this blog, she is an ambassador for Nuun Hydration and for various races. Prior to this, she was part of the Brooks ID sponsorship program. She also stays actively involved in the education field through reading, attending conferences, and continuing her formal education.  She currently works with a local literacy council with teaching reading. 

You can also connect with Amanda by e-mail:  amanda.runninghood@gmail.com or on her Runninghood FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


  1. Hi Amanda, our friend Raina R. pointed me to your blog. You're posts are nice to read...! Are you on Google plus at all??? That's mostly where I communicate with other runners. Runners World started a Running community on there, so I post all of my runs on there, as do lots of other folks...a great way to stay connected. Happy Running, and Blessings to you and your family!

  2. yep, stopped in for a blog stuff. Great stuff here,

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