Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Small Celebrations and IT Band Video Take Two

Hey Blog Peeps.  Thank you so much for your IT Band Wisdom.  I'm hoping it isn't an IT Band Issue.  I will be listening to my body, being smart, icing, stretching, rolling (with the painful one Chris), using my rolling pin more often in creative ways, and hoping it all goes away.  

Small Celebrations today:

*  My husband is home after being in Toronto for a work presentation/conference.  Yay for my best friend and love being home.  

*  I was able to have my babysitter watch my kids so that I could fit in my run AND volunteer in my daughters Kinder class.  

*  I got to help in the Writer's Workshop in Kindergarten...What a JOY!  I'm convinced that being a kinder teacher is quite possibly the most rewarding and important jobs there is.  I think it keeps you young being surrounded by such raw joy and unguarded life every day.  It was such a treat for me to be doing something I love so very very VERY much...teaching kids to read and write.  

*  My daughter was so joyful that I was in her classroom.  Proud too.  This made me feel like a million bucks!  I also made it in time to see her master the monkey bars at recess.  Priceless and irreplaceable moment.  

*  I decided to present at the Oregon Writing Festival again this year.  

*  My son had his shots today and barely cried.  We had donuts afterwards as a treat!

*  Despite the pain in the side of my leg, I felt awesome on my run today.  6 miles @ base pace.  MIle 3 was 7:45 and Mile 4 was 7:37.  Often I would look down and realize that I was at low 7's and felt strong.  I slowed down a bit to keep my pace at a higher 7 or low 8 pace  since this wasn't a race.  ;)  I had a big smile on my face.  I can see the pieces coming together and my work paying off.  I have a long way to go though.  

My husband watched my earlier video and then the one I did an hour or so before and he thought it was much more authentic with my son at my feet.  I thought I'd give you more of the HOOD to Runninghood in this second video.  I guess after watching it, it kind of makes me laugh seeing how much my little guy is moving around and I'm just ignoring him.   So here is more of the REAL DEAL.  The one you saw in my last post was when he was napping.  

Thanks again for your advice and support!  

What is a small celebration (or BIG) in your life today?  



  1. Haha! That is my life!

    Does he use the foam roller yet? He's so cute :)...oh still watching. I see he does!


  2. Great video, love the little one in the picture. Rolling pin is great, but move it more toward the outside of your leg and hold the pressure on tight spots for a little while to loosen the band. Sometimes you'll feel it release after a 30-60 seconds (ish) sometimes it takes a few more passes.

    As for the foam roller you don't want to go over your hip bone, my physical therapist said it shifts your band out of it's natural placement. If it is your ITB, then it is going to be work work work for a while. I was out of running a full 3 weekends before my fall marathon. PT 2x a week plus my own personal stretching and rolling and exercises.

    Good Luck!

  3. It is supposed to hurt. That is why you need to do it :) Could be IT (probably) and could have something to do with quads. The rolling will definitely help. My PT says the rolling is really the best thing to do. Hope it starts feeling better!

    And you are SO cute and perky! And your little guy is just ADORABLE!

    Did you see the video where my littlest and I go head to head with the foam rollers? lol

  4. In haste - others more expert have given great advice - but yes that's your ITB and yes the roller hurts. I go into a quiet room away from my kids and swear while I do it.

  5. Thanks girls. I'm getting a different take with this video..maybe I am showing a different spot in this vid because most of the people who commented on the last vid said they thought it wasn't ITBand problems. I'm thinking it might be. Definitely on the side of my quad but not by the knee...more up closer to the hip. I'm going to do the rolling pin and the foam roller.

    this video seems to be much more of a hit....way more the REAL me. :)

    Thanks again.

  6. I like this video with the jolly wanderer...

  7. i LOVE when he sits on the foam roller. so adorable!!!!

  8. Awesome, looks like my house :) my kids are usually using my treadmill as a "check out" for their store. Their new love is my yoga mat, they find all uses for it.

  9. Great video!! I love that your son was just roaming around talking. Too cute!! Looks like you had a great day yesterday. A BIG celebration happened in my life yesterday... I am now a big sister x5. My stepmom had my first brother yesterday! My dad actually had to deliver him at home because labor went so quickly. Everyone is healthy and safe now. I have four younger sisters already so this is a big treat!

  10. Yes, it hurts on the foam roller, and I think it's supposed to. One thing...keep it up from your knee area by a few inches. You are smart to get on top of it now. Do NOT push it, trust me!

  11. I've never thought to use a rolling pin! I've been having ITB pain too, but closer to my knee. Would love to see a post with what you've learned from your blog! ;)

  12. Love the video! I always have a few dogs and cats all over me when I try anything on the floor. Take it easy and be patient. I had ITB issues in 1995 and since I got over them nothing again ever! Seriously no injury since 1995. So hang in there!

  13. I love my foam roller, it hurts, but it works. I'm a bit obsessed with it. My son likes it too, he puts it on his arm as armour when he dresses up in his Star Wars gear : )

  14. OH I LOVE THIS POST!!! Donuts after a shot....you better come to Utah for my next shots and we can go get donuts. AWESOME run!! I am worried sick about your IT BAND!!! BE CAREFUL!!! So happy the hubby is home wahoo and you got a babysitter to run a CRAZY FAST AWESOME RUN!!! You rock!! LOVED the video, I feel like I know you in real life now:) My foam roller hurts too. Um, you are gorgeous and I want your son.
    Your quiche recipe sounds amazing, I will be making it. I always sleep on my stomach....I am screwed when I get prego and matching socks are overrated! Have a great day gorgeous girl!

  15. I love love love the similarities we share! Jimmy just got his shots too! Volunteering in my girls' classrooms is one of my favorite things to do. I don't get to do it very often because Of work but it always lights up my life seeing all the kids. They bring me so much joy! Seeing my children beam because they get to share me with their friends is so awesome!

    Have fun spending time with your love!!!

  16. You are so cute! I love the video. I missed the previous one, but I think this one with your little guy is great! Sounds like you're getting good advice about your leg... hope all the rolling helps.

  17. I love helping out in my kids' classrooms! (Well, the teenagers wouldn't exactly welcome me anymore lol). I've always found it interesting to watch how other teachers do/handle/present things, and I LOVE the big smile on the boys' faces when I'm there. :) How cool that you were there for something that's right up your alley.

    My small success was that everyone but one kid in my class did GREAT on their math test. :) We've worked and worked on this, so I was beyond thrilled to see them have success. Now we're moving on to addition and subtraction strategies, and I'm excited to see if the groundwork I've been building with a new way of presenting carries through.

  18. Hey, showed a pt the first vid, she shot me this email back:

    Hard to tell exactly where she is pointing, but it looks like IT band. Using the rollers is good and stretching it out should help too. ITB is super thick connective tissue so stretching will target the muscles that insert into it more than the ITB itself so the roller should help the mobility of the ITB more. She should probably cut back on the miles while it calms down and heals - do more recovery runs. She could also try cross friction massage - rubbing the opposite way of the fibers to loosen them up but thats harder to do to your own leg.
    hope it helps

  19. I've got no celebrations...NONE! I need to go get one....

  20. Great video! I might have already told you this(??)but I heard on Marathon Talk last Saturday that the key to helping IT band issues is to do lots of hamstring stretches. Throughout the whole day! I've been doing a lot of yoga stretches and hamstring work, so far, so good. Although now that I'm sick, my IT band feels awesome...of course.
    I agree with you 100%. The emotions and hearts of the kinder kids are just OPEN and free. Today, a little guy returned after being sick for 4 days and the kids hugged him and one little guy said, "Gosh, I missed you so much!" When do you hear about two boys being so honest with their emotions and affection? Only in a K class...
    Finally, ok this is a novel, have fun with hubby and I want to hear more about your work/fun at the Oregon Writing Festival.

  21. Missed this one:)

    Yay for small celebrations although it seems like many of them were big ones! Looks like a great day! My kids LOVE when I help at school. The feeling of them being PROUD that I'm their mother is just beyond rewarding. That's awesome about the writing festival!

    Nice work on the run!! I can almost see the smile on your face:) Definitely on the right track!

    Sure hope the leg improves for you and quickly!

  22. I watched the first video but the second was much more entertaining. Funny when your son almost tripped over the rolling pin then sat on the roller. It gets better (or worse depending on your point of view). My son wouldn't be in my way because he would be on the couch playing X-Box.

  23. great video. yes! It hurts like HELL!!! :) The people at my gym think I'm crazy, I'm sure, for all my painful noises. Keep up that foam rolling...I'm sure its probably r/t to your IT band. Hang in there!

  24. Ok..that just made my day! You are so darling. What a great mom, and a cute little guy!! I love getting to see you in person! I feel like I know you even a little more now :)
    IT band issues can be SUCH a pain. I've been there. The foam roller IS supposed to hurt because it's releasing the tissues. Usually the more it hurts, the more you need to roll it out.
    A lot of the time IT band issues will flare up when the glutes and or the quads are tight, so it may help you to stretch and roll those out as well.
    Good luck! That is such a bummer!! I hope you get better REAL FAST!! xoxoxo

  25. Looks like ou have A LO o celebrae! Wha an adorable cuie pie ou have!

  26. I just found your blog! Are you in Portland? I went to school at Oregon State and it was running in Oregon that made me fall in love with running. My first half was the Helvetia Half. Now, I'm a mom, wife and runner too so I'm excited to follow you!

  27. I can't ever watch your videos here at work, when I do the vast majority of my blog reading....grrr.

    I was just sitting her talking to the track coach for about a half hour. Topic of today's conversation: ITB rolling. With much discussion, it was concluded ITB roll 3x daily no matter if you have problems or not - it's a sure way to make sure you DON'T have problems! Also, dynamic stretches 3x/day! Just a little tip! :)

    I remember volunteering in my kiddos school - man I miss those days!