Friday, January 21, 2011

Fartlek Friday

Feeling Glorious
In the Zone!
Back From An Injury!
Darn right Happy!

After this:

5.52 Miles in 41:16.  7:28 average mile pace.  Six 75 second intervals spiced in the mix:
1.  6:15 pace
2. 6:11 pace
3.  6:11 pace
4.  6:11
5.  6:15 pace
6.  5:56 pace

I felt strong.  My form felt great.  I felt like I could have kept this up for at least another 5 miles if not much more.  Hopefully for 26.2!

Here is my "I'm Tired (but not too tired) and Sweaty" picture in the locker room afterwards.  I really don't like to take pictures of myself with others around so I was kind of embarrassed to snap the shot.

A little word (or just for you Kovas and Chris K, I'll make it many words) about music while running.  I have never really been a girl to listen to music while I run.  I've recently tried it and it is nice sometimes, especially on long runs.  But on speed days or tempo runs, It's Go time for me and music seems to be more of distraction than a help.  I much prefer to go within my mind, get in the zone, feel my pace and focus on my goals.  With music, I find myself slowing down or speeding up based on the rhythm of the music.  Here is a little of what goes on in my head during a run like tonight:

*  I focus on my form.  Tonight I focused on several of my cues from my Brain Training book...leaning forward, walking on water, my cadence, etc.

*  I tell myself that I am strong and capable.

*  I remind myself that I have so much more within me than I've ever unlocked and I try to push away any negative thinking

*  I think of my goals...You can break 20 minutes in the 5k, you can run a sub 7 min mile pace for a long time, You are strong, beautiful and gifted.  

*  I think of my life and my many blessings

* I visualized myself running my races and looking beautiful in form, body, and reaching my time goals.

Basically, these runs are my time to just be in the zone and visualize!  Music distracts me from this sometimes.  Tonight was just one of many runs lately that have made me feel so thankful to know that I'm not only recovering from my injury with strength, but I am at a point where I believe that I will be able to finally push myself to the levels of running that I've always been capable of but never been ready for emotionally or mentally because of difficult life circumstances that I needed to work through.  I feel like I have arrived.   It's my time to be the runner that I've always known is within me!  The runner my Dad and Grandpa would be proud of.  So thankful.  So excited.  

We only have one life to push ourselves to new levels and see what we are capable of.  We only have this one life to be the best US that we can be.  I think Running is so much more than exercise or a way to stay allows each of us who call ourselves a runner to challenge ourselves, believe in ourselves, and overcome new heights in our life.  Training for a race, no matter your level of fitness, no matter how fast you are or what place you come in is empowering and it carries over to all the other areas of our life!  

So Thankful for Running!  Here's to a Happy Weekend!



  1. Wow, nice run!! Love your description in the beginning, makes me want to get on the treadmill tomorrow and see what I can do! My goal is to break 20 minutes too :D I can't wait till we both reach it this year!!!!

  2. HAHA... I've kind of gotten used to taking pictures of anything. My husband thinks I am crazy mostly. but that was an awesome work out. I find that my best work outs are when I can concentrate on form, my blessing and my strengths.

  3. um. wow. those are some fast intervals. i'm pretty sure that my treadmill would start smoking and catch on fire if i tried to run that fast. you are AMAZING!!!

    i love all the visualization! i totally agree with you...running fast takes so much more focus, even when i'm listening to music i kinda feel like i don't really hear it during the temp runs and intervals.

  4. I'm with you sister. I listen to tunes or podcasts on long runs, but not during tempo runs or speed work. For really long runs I'll listen to podcasts or audio books.

    You ROCKED that run at the gym. Nice job Portland.

  5. Woohoo! Awesome job on your speedy run! :)

  6. great post! you had such an awesome run.

  7. Great run! I love music when I run, and it motivates me to keep the pace up. When I go slow, I listen to podcasts. I would love to train myself to run without music, and will have to work on that bc at triathlons ipods are not allowed.

  8. Nice to hear that someone had an awesome run. Mine was crappy today. First run back after doing nothing but holidaying for two weeks - 16k around a mountain is probably not the wisest choice.

  9. You really took that run to task! WTG!

    I love how running connects you to your family... especially your dad and grandpa :)

    I do the same thing regarding music. I just wish I could be as quick as you ;-) I love that you shared what goes through your head... I may try borrowing some of that!

  10. Great job there on your running, Speedy! Your excitement gets me excited! I can't wait to see how fast you run your race... you'll break 20 without a problem.

  11. I don't win Chris' pen yet you don't make his calendar list? I think you need to make your posts 10x longer next time to wear Chris' eyes out after that little faux pas.

    I can't run a mile without music, unless I'm running up the side of a mountain, then I'm in a whole different planet and my mind just goes into survival mode and music is non-existant. But on a treadmill > .01 miles, I must have music...or I think I WOULD fall off the thing like that gym lady thought - ha!

    Ok, another freaking thing in common - do you go to 24-hour fitness? I can tell by the 1) treadmill and 2) tiles in the locker room. :)

  12. Crap...I wasn't done yet...NICE JOB, LADY!!!! Woot! You are going through that book like it's crack and not kicking that habit anytime soon - yehawwwwww!

  13. Hey, you said fartlec.
    Hello Miss INCREDIBLE pace fancy pants! You go girl. YOu SHOULD feel fabulous. I am uber impressed! Woot Woot!

  14. Geez!!!!! You are killing your your miles-SO FAST!! I have got to read your Brain Training book, if I can run splits like that! jk! I know it deosn't work like that.

    You are going to be so prepared for Newport!

  15. Ha, thanks guys. Jill, Yeah, I know what is up with not making the list?! Well, I don't think anyone would put me on the calendar with the boobs I have. They are pathetic. No six pack in the world makes up for these tiny little excuses for boobs. :) ha ha.

  16. I adore your attitude.

    Awesome job crankin' out those miles, you little speed demon you!

  17. AHHH This post made me want to lace up my shoes and go for a run!! YOU ARE AMAZING!! Seriously awesome times woman! WHO ARE YOU?!?! LOVE the picture and where did you get your top?!?! Thanks for sharing what goes on in your head....everything is so inspirational. Seriously, it is the best when you feel strong and your form is good and you think about positive things like your blessings rather than the negatives like when is this over. Woman, you are going to rock your marathon...I CAN'T WAIT!

  18. Great job!

    I was trying to take locker room pictures tonight, and was mortified when someone walked in on me. hahaha.

  19. Wow what a great run! I am so glad you posted this about the treadmill, I don't use it very often and struggle when I do. I think I might borrow some ideas to try and get into the zone:)

  20. Great run, Amanda!! Love the after pic! You are braver than me! Very motivational post!

  21. Great workout!! Great Pace! Great Focus!

    I always train with music except for long runs! I generally listen to podcasts. I can't even imagine trying to run on the treadmill without it! During a race on the otherhand my mind is SO preoccupied that music is just a "noise". I go without:)

    You just seem like your really in a great "place" right now both physically and mentally! You have such a great outlook! Things are really coming together for you-Way on track for all your goals!

    Your "tired but not too tired sweaty" pic! I have tried this in the locker room and at least twice had someone walk in and give me the "WTH are you doing look?" Hard to explain to non-runners that I write a running blog and want to post sweaty pictures of myself on it.....ha! You look great:) Hope you have a great weekend!

  22. That was a run for the ages. Thank you for sharing it as I needed to be reminded of how wonderful it feels when it all comes together. We are capable of so much more than we realize.

  23. End says it all Amanda. We do not race against others we really race to see what the human heart can do. It's all part of life.

  24. Wow, Amanda! Great job! I need to read that book (not that a book is substitute for the natural talent I'm lacking, but every time you talk about it I learn something). And while I always run with music, this post definitely made me rethink it for some times.

  25. Awesome run! I would LOVE to run one mile at the pace you run 5.5. Glad you are feeling so good about your runs!

  26. Wow! Great job on your intervals!! And love hearing about how you handle keeping the negative thoughts out! It really is all about keeping your thoughts positive because once you let the negative ones start flowing in, it is all goes downhill!

    Anyway, this is great to see that you are getting back your stride post-kids/injury. I still want to have more kids and want to enjoy this short time as a mom. But I am also looking forward to the time when I've had all my kiddos and I can focus on running and see what I can really accomplish! But, it is really inspiring to see other moms who are passionate about raising their children, but also take time to nurture and accomplish their own goals as well. Alright, sorry for the long comment but your blog really motivates me!

  27. i do enjoy music when i run. it actually helps me focus when i need to, and makes time seem to pass by faster when necessary. i also find that i can let my mind focus on those same types of things that you listed when i have the right kind of music. as of now, i have not had any issues with it changing my pace/cadence, but rather, helping me relax into my happy place of running! :) when i get to run outside, i find that it is my time to reflect, pray, and think about solutions to things going on in my life. i can't wait until i can get back outside on a regular basis! winter is not my favorite time of year. LOL

    nice performance!!

  28. Your speed always amazes me! I can't go that fast EVER! Even for a minute I wouldn't be able to maintain your pace. You're too cool!!

    I can't help it ... I saw FARTlek and had to giggle. The word gets me every time. I swear I am such a junior high boy sometimes. I mean right now I am in a phase where if I hear or say "balls" I snicker and have to repeat it. 32 years old and balls still make me laugh!

  29. what a great post! I only listen to music on the treadmill...My mind kinda goes blank when I run outside and I tend to know who sings what and have many songs on my ipod. It is very inspiring to hear how great things are going for you right now. It is so nice to get to that place where things seem to be going as planned. Your speed is crazy and I hope it will rub off on me soon! Hope your weekend is going great!

  30. I completely relate to your gratitude. I love that someone else is as thankful as I am for something as simple as running.

    I always attempt to listen to music when doing a speed workout but by the 3rd or 4th interval I always end up pulling the buds out of my ears because the music is so distracting.