Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cross Training

This was my weekend cross training.  

Changing all the molding, adding new paint to the walls, starting to plan a kitchen and bathroom remodel, sanding and painting. Sanding and painting.  Sanding and painting some more.  So much work!  Four times the work with pitter patters pitter pattering through the house all day!  Makes for late nights, early mornings, multi-tasking and no time to read  your beautiful blogs.  
As many of you suggested, I have been taking it easy.  No running yesterday and only a light 4 miler today.  I have an appointment with my miracle worker of a chiropractor tomorrow morning.  My legs still feel like they are uneven.  

Off to sand some more doors!  

What was the best part about your weekend?
Seeing our hard work turn our house into something new looking.  
What is one of your goals for this week?
One of them is to get back on track with my training and feel good again.  To be ON as a mom. 
Do you like to race 5k's?  
Nope.  They hurt!  But I'm kind of excited to try one again.  Especially after reading about Jenn's (from Running Sane) 5k this weekend and her new PR.  



  1. Look at you being such a good girl and wearing the safety goggles! Awesome!

    How did that 4 miler feel? If it hurt, you ought to lay off (but I think you already knew that). Take care of yourself!

    The best part of my weekend... I made homemade pudding and it turned out great! And I had a really nice run this afternoon and dragged the whole family along.

    Goal for this week... get my 5-year old his passport. That is the most pressing one.

    I love 5K's. I can't wait to be in good enough shape to really go after them. Maybe then I won't love them so much, though ;-)

    You are such an adorable little construction worker!

  2. best part of the weekend: finding shoes! and going to the movies with Bill!

    Goal for the week: back to running "full time" and get good results at the Dr. Celebrate Jonathan turning 5 with style!

    5k: I do like them, but I prefer 10k now that I have tried it.

  3. wish you could send some of that remodeling juice this way. we are so not good at that stuff, but are going to have to get with the program soon.
    I do not like 5K's. I like 10K's much better. It takes me 3 miles to even get warmed up:) This weekend i hung out with the kiddos. my husband has been traveling so they have needed some extra attention:) good luck on your run, don't push it.

  4. Best part of my weekend: watching my son play great at his volleyball tournament...although finding a cool place for my long run while we were out of town was pretty nice, too.

    My main goal for the week is to get through it, since we have a nasty storm forecast with about 1/2" of ice expected. Last time we had a similar storm, we lost power for 5 days and I learned that I am not a trooper. 5 days of no power during freezing temperatures = no fun.

    I like 5K's because they're short and the suffering is over that much sooner.

  5. Good luck at the chiro!! I'm just remembering being at PT after I hurt my hamstring a couple of years ago. He kept pulling and pushing one leg and rotating my hip somehow because my legs were uneven. Interesting...Hope he fixes you up!

    Glad you could get out there for an easy 4:)

    I'm jealous of your house overhaul. I have about 5 projects started but STILL not finished around here. I seem to lose steam about halfway through!

    My goals for the week. Not to freak out because I'm cutting my mileage!

    Thanks for the shoutout:) Maybe I mentioned...5K's suck!! I'm a glutton for punishment though and looking for another one already. Have a great day!

  6. Yay for house!!! My goals.. to just keep going! I will be adding some biking and swimming though so when it's time for you half IM I'm not dead. LOL

    I HATE HATE running 5ks! I'd much rather spread my pain over 26.2 miles

  7. That version of cross-training seems much more practical, and with more than first tricepts to show for it afterward. Good luck finishing the home renovation project.

  8. I love projects like that!! I bet it looks great! Glad you're taking it easy. That should definitely help you out.

    The best part of my weekend was playing with my nephew for a little while Sunday morning. It always makes me smile!

    A goal for the week is to get focused on my running/exercising. I have been suck a slacker lately!!

    5ks are okay but I actually think I prefer half marathons!

  9. That is certainly excellent cross training!

    Best part of my weekend...Relaxing the rest of the day after Sunday's tough long run.
    One goal for the week...Take it easy during all my runs this week.
    5k races...I've never run a 5km race.

  10. Wow. I'm impressed. I'd have no idea how to do whatever you're doing in that picture. I am like Tim the Toolman Taylor. Everything I touch, breaks.

    After these 2 marathons, I think I am going to start focusing on shorter races for a little while. I like 5ks because they allow me to be competitive and have the chance to place. I am a better runner in 5ks and 10ks but I enjoy longer distances more. 5ks are all guts and pain!

  11. I think the reason I prefer 5ks and training for them is because it leaves me with more time on the weekends to enjoy the fam. BUT...I LOVE long distances much more because I enjoy not running

    PS...Whenever we have a boat ton of housework we call that a crosstraining day too!

    The BEST part of my weekend is dragging Ryan all over town to shop at the stores I like and HIM being the type of guy to do it with a smile and while holding my hand. :) It's all about appreciating the blessings! Have a great Monday!

  12. You are a so cute, construction girl!!

    I hope you get fixed by your chiropractor!

  13. Power tools! Do you feel totally empowered?! love the pic!

    Good luck with your appointment today! Crossing fingers!!!

  14. House work is my least favorite cross training day, although it has to be done.
    5k's arent my favorite because I'm not super fast. I feel more successful in longer runs.
    The best part of my weekend was my 4 best friends all spending the weekend here with me!!

  15. Good for you working on the house like that! I have no skills in that area, let me tell you.

    Yep, hate 5ks also, but they are great training!

  16. awww - I'm feeling really bad for you with the remodel. We TOTALLY remodeled our house 3 years ago. We moved out and everything. It was hard. I'm sure living in it and the little ones make it awful. It is worth it in the end.

    5ks - super workout! super compliment to long distance training.

  17. Nice work!!!! We did a ton of cleaning this weekend - it must be in the air!!

  18. good work!!! that looks like its going to give you some ripped arms!!!

    we had sun yesterday for the first time in weeks. so i literally laid in the patch that was streaming through the window and took a nap. soaking up the rays, michigan style.

    i hate 5k's. ok, so i've only done like 3 of them...and the last one was over 5 years ago....but i still claim to hate them.

  19. Your cross training sounds awesome! I have some painting I'd like to do - maybe I can use that as my cross-training!

    Best part of my weekend was getting in my first ever 9 mile run. It is crazy that it takes going 6 miles before I notice chaffing, then run even harder on the last 3, making it worse. I can't even let my legs touch today. Yikes! My last mile actually felt my best.

    My goal for this week is to have a fabulous 10 mile run on Sunday MINUS chaffing! That skirt will be put aside for a while and only used in 5K runs ....

    And I LOVE 5K races. I started getting good at them after doing about 1 per month last year. I am not competition for anyone, but I certainly love to compete against myself and see how hard I can push it!

  20. Sexy hat and glasses! My favorite part of the weekend was cycling outside, I don't get to do that much during the winter in Colorado.

    I don't like 5k's they hurt because you have to go all out the entire time and they are over too fast.

  21. Nice work with the sander, Mama!!!!
    That's some good upper body work-out there :)

    So- we went to the river this weekend. It's so nice to have it so close to home.

    Can't wait for your 5K!

  22. Darn Johann, I could have been the only guy on this Comment board. Wait, I am the only American Guy. Does that make me a girly-man? I better say something more manly than Johann. Oh Great, he had a "tough long run". He wins. I'm off to take a buble bath.

  23. We are not a family of home improvement efforts, I love pictures of other people doing fun things like sanding, I even watch home improvement shows on occasion. Good luck getting it all in with all the pitter pattering.

  24. hope all went well at the chiro!! Keep us posted.

  25. Great job with the home improvements! My hubby loves that kind of stuff so we end up doing a lot ourselves too! Anyway, so just curious, does a chiro/adjustment really help with your running? My brother in law is one so I may have to look into this as he will be in town this weekend and it might be helpful to try a pre-race adjustment! And yes, 5ks are hard!!! They feel so fast after you have been running/racing the longer distances!!

  26. You are one busy lady!! I have missed you ha! Good for you guys to do all of the painting on your own...that is AWESOME and it totally counts as cross training. I HATE 5k's they hurt so bad but Jenn totally rocked it! Best part of my weekend was sleep which is also my goal for this week...I need MORE!
    About the mall picture...that is where the marathon ended and where they did awards!! I LOVE my compression socks especially on down hill courses! Your poor little hamstring!! I love that you are so good at living life to the fullest, you are my inspiration!!!

  27. Will you come to my house when you're done ... I'll just light a match to the entire thing and you can start from scratch! Everything needs to be redone. I mean, everything! One day maybe *sigh*.

    You got some pretty nice biceps, girl...yep, keep up the sanding, it's obviously working! :)

  28. Girl I know the feeling!! My house has been one long renovation for over 4 yrs... We just had a big work weekend ourselves. All I have left to spend my hard-earned money on is the master bath!