Monday, March 28, 2011

The Skunk and His Junk

*  Went to the library with my children today.  We found many great books. 
*  I always make sure to count how many library books we get so that we can keep track of them and then return them all on time.  I counted them up as we were checking them out.  We had 21.  Instead of just remembering that and making a mental note to myself I told my 4 year old "you remember that!  21.  That's the legal age to drink beer so I'm sure it won't be hard to remember.  21."  What?!  Seriously, what?!  What kind of a mom says that?  Out loud?  At the library?  or anywhere?  To their 4 year old?
*  I really do plan on changing the title of this post as soon as everyone who is going to read it reads it.  Because really, I'm kind of not wanting any more weirdos finding me on google from my titles.  Did you know that one of the top google searches for finding my blog is related to camel toes, hot sexy bitches, and naked ladies?!  What kind of people are seeing my blog?  So, I've thought about changing the titles on the following posts:  Camel Toes and Naked Lady Pens and Hot Sexy Bitch.  No wonder they are my most poplular posts. 
*  I have a tune-up race coming up in a couple weeks.  It is supposed to be a 10k according to my training plan but it is a half marathon.  There wasn't a 10k on the same weekend when I originally checked.  Now my question is....Do I only race 10k of the half marathon or do I just go all out and give it my all?   
*  Thinking that instead of my 5.5 mile tempo run on Friday, I might jump in a 10k race on Sunday?  Hmmm, wondering how I can fit this in and still get my miles that were planned for Sunday.  Maybe I could switch my progression run with my tempo run.  Just thinking out loud. 
*  I'm feeling a little sore from my 17 miles yesterday.  The trail we ran on was so muddy and wet.  I'm kind of sick of the rain but I really try hard not to complain since life really is filled with too many glorious things to be bitching about the weather.  But really, I wouldn't mind if we had some sunshine around here soon.  I'm feeling like I need a little vitamin D.  
*  So much for new blue Brooks Launch Shoes.  

*  I'm loving reading all the comments from my giveaway post!  So nice to read some real things about you.  I'm not quite sure how I'll choose the winner.  I'll probably just throw some names in a hat and draw them out but I might have to give some more entries to people that have the most convincing comments for why they should win!  
*  Several of my readers have e-mailed me and asked me about the journals that I write/keep for my children.  I plan on posting about this sometime this week if I feel inspired.  I have to be inspired to write about things like that...if not, the writing just won't flow.  
*  Speaking of writing flow.  I find that when I'm inspired to write, I really need to take my ideas and move with them.  If not, before I know it, my thoughts are deflated and I don't have any fire to write with.  I have some ideas rolling around in my head about books I want to write and I need to 1.Believe in myself. 2. Not get overwhelmed by the entire process but be able to take small steps and trust that things will come together.  3.Write from my heart and be real.  4.Trust that when the time comes, the right connections will be there.  
*  I have to say how proud I am of my mom and how honored I am to be her daughter (this will be a separate post soon too).  Some of you know that she is an artist....I've written about her before.  I'm inspired by her in so many ways and I never cease to be in amazement by what she brings to life with her paintings.  She just wakes up and starts painting from her dreams and by the end of a day she has created something that is truly fabulous.  She has also inspired me in my writing since I've always admired how she writes.  All my life, I've loved seeing her many journals that she fills in creative ways. They are filled with collages, poetry, sketches, stories from our life and hers, letters....treasures indeed!  She's where I get my love of writing and my creativity from.  Check out her link.  I especially love what she write about the meaning of her art!  Beautiful! 
*  Thank you SO very much for your kind, supportive and uplifting comments on my post about goal setting with kids.  One of the comments said something about me being so organized.  My mom found this to be so funny that she started snapping pictures of my messy house and told me that I really should show you the real deal. More messy than disorganized but what do you expect with 3 kids?! Ha! Perhaps I will include these photos in a post soon. 
*  My husband and I went to a cocktail party on Friday.  Before we left, my daughter asked me if I was wearing a shirt or a dress.  It was short but this picture makes it look way shorter since it is riding up from the way I've got my arm around my husband (hence the part of the dress that should be below my "boobs/bra" is almost above them).  This was at the end of the night so not the best picture but shows how it might have been mistaken for a shirt by my daughter.  She even said something like "you wouldn't let me wear that!"  Yes, that's right darling. 

Ha, how's this for random?!  

Happy Monday,


  1. I was wondering what kind of "junk" that skunk book would be dealing with :P A boat! Of course! lol

    You look so pretty in your cocktail party attire! What a handsome couple the two of you make :)

    I have no advice on the running questions... I'd say to just do whatcha like. And have fun! lol But you are a serious runner and I am not... lol.

    And thanks for playing giveaway madness! LOL

  2. Oh no! You've totally ruined those pretty blue shoes (the colour that is)> And don't you look hot in that shirt? Or is it a dress?

  3. Ah, libraries, we went every week growing up and were strictly limited to 3 books per child per week so my mom could do the math more easily. My best memories are in the library stacks and I actually made a point to visit my old library when we returned to my hometown for a short visit!

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  4. The name of that book (and this post) is too funny. Internet searches are a funny animal.

    I'm so impressed by your mom's creativity! I just don't have talent in that area, but I am so thankful that others do.

    It cracks me up that your mom started taking pictures of your house. Messy does not equal disorganized! Haha.

  5. Ummm I can't wait until I start taking Finley to the library. I think I will specifically seek out this book so I can see my husband's face when he finds it at home.

    Speaking of random things you say in public... a month or so ago my husband and I were checking out at the pediatricians office and in front of the receptionist my husband was telling me how he ate a chip earlier in the day and it went vertical in his mouth and stabbed him. (I just started laughing in my office thinking about this....). He said "I think I punctured my vulva"..... I think he meant uvula but the receptionist held it together and pretended she didn't hear. I, however, was laughing so hard I was crying all the way out the door.

  6. We always get a ton of books at the library...and I always keep my printout so I can make sure to return them all!!! WAy to get those new shoes dirty- it's like initiation for them ;)

  7. Kids books have the BEST titles. Sorry about your new shoes- but now they have character! :) And that dress is SUPER CUTE!

  8. I LOVE your dress- I want to borrow that STAT!
    I am amused that people look at your blog for all the hot lady pens, or whatever. That makes me laugh almost as hard as todays title. I love skunks and never knew that they had junk. Very educational!

  9. My mom is an artist too. I would really like to see some of your mom's work.
    Your shoes!!! I hope you had plenty of diaper wipes to fix that!

    Have a great day.
    (The title of the book would be a big hit at our house!)

  10. How beautiful you both look!! I love going to the library with the kids, it takes me back to the old days.

    You are such a great runner and inspiration!

  11. UGH Sorry that was my daughers account whoops!! That previous post is Mamarunsbarefoot!!

  12. I LOVE your posts. Seriously, they always make me laugh or really think about something. Quality posts! I love how you are remembering the number of library books. I think it's classic!

  13. This is hilarious. Love the title of that book.

    Speaking of your "bad mommy mnemonic", not quite on the same lines, but I always used to threaten my kids that I'd lock them in the closet if they didn't shape up (totally joking). There were a few times I got some looks in public, but if the people had seen my closets they'd know it was an idle WAY could you fit a person in with all the junk! :)

    I'd go ahead and race the HM. It's not like it's a new distance for you. Of course, I don't always make the wisest decisions about my training...and I'm always switching days around. Life and things I want to do get in the way. You'll make it work.

    You look GREAT in that picture! And I love the muddy shoes. :)

  14. You are so funny, and I love to read your blog. Doesn't it suck when you have a new pair of shoes and they get trashed on one outdoor run?

  15. Ha ha! Glad you posted that! Dang, my kids are in school today and I was hoping we could head to OUR library and see if the sequel "Peter Python and his Package" was available for checkout. Next week I guess......

    I'm amidst race decisions here too. Local 5K in two weeks so I guess I will do that. I need a 10K-Hate them! Two half marathons in May but one I'm pacing the 1:45 group so not a "race". Good luck with your decisions:)

    I love the relationship you have with your mom! I look forward to reading that post! Checked out the link! Amazing-I see where you get your creativity!!!

    You look smokin' in that dress! Yep, you could maybe throw some leggings on with that and call it a shirt but you totally pull it off!

    Have a great day Amanda! Thanks again for the laughs:)

  16. I can see why you said you got your love of writing and my creativity from your mom, I checked out the link and her artwork is amazing. I really like what she wrote about her artwork and people in general, "our being-ness is too large to be contained" I love that!

    Love that dress you're wearing in the picture. Hot Mama! That's a great photo of the two of you, it's frame worthy.

  17. hi!
    we went to the libraray yesterday too!;-) didn't see ya there...;-)

    I say race the 10k not full half. Just my feeling. racing 6.2 miles is much dif than 13.1...i know you know that

    and so sweet how much you love your mom;-) that's the best

  18. Love your mom's site, and her description in particular. You look a lot like her.......and stunning in the pic with your husband. We go to the library once/week. Unfortunately, my son picks only technical books about how traffic signals work. I swear, I hate reading those books to him, they are so boring to me, but so interesting to him. You know, you can warm up for 3-4 easy miles, run the 10K, and then cool down for 3-4 miles, so you race and run long! Perfect!

  19. That book looks like a good one =D!! We love the library too...Children's storytime is tomorrow. Fun day!

    Will you try to wash those puppies? haha! It has been SOOOOOO wet. I think it's making up for February..

    Not sure about the race. I think I might go with the 6.2 just because I take a long time to recover from a full effort- or just do MP for the half. ??

    And here i was..thinking you were so organized.... =D

  20. It IS a catchy title!

    I'm in a funk right now - a writing funk. I have no fire. :(

    What half are you doing??

    I think your shirt/dress is super cute!

  21. I love the blog and post...AND I didn't find it by googling any of those weird things. I was looking for running blogs :). Look foward to reading more...

  22. This post completely cracked me up. I was laughing before I ever even opened the link, just from the title. And I LOVE that you are educating your 4-year-old about the legal drinking age. LMAO Now THAT'S my kind of parenting!

  23. Nice legs, mama! You crack me up...nice legs AND funny? That guy is one lucky fella

  24. hawtie pa-tawtie!!! Look at you smokin in that dress!!!! love it.

    21 library books! Teacher mommy! :)

    I have been so busy advising (doing my job) that I haven't blog stalked in a while! Checking out YOUR giveaway now!

  25. Loved all the random stuff! I cannot believe that you checked out 21 books from the library! I only let my boys check out 2 each! Ha ha!

  26. such a great post! i sometimes can't believe the stuff i tell my kids too. it's hilarious. i can't wait to read your future post...sounds like lots of interesting stuff. you look fabulous in your dress!

  27. lookin hot, amanda!! love what your daughter said about her daddy!! :)

  28. Love your dress! You guys look so cute together!

    Wow. 21 books? That must be a record or something.

  29. So, the 21 comment made me laugh so much I had to come back and read it a second time the next day. :)

  30. You look seriously fantastic in that dress!

    That 21 comment that you made to your son is hilarious! And good on you guys for checking out so many books!

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  32. Great pic of you and hubby!! :)