Thursday, April 7, 2011

Funny Memories and Lessons We Learn From Children

A story I found in one of my writer's notebooks that makes me smile.  I'm so glad I wrote this stuff down sometimes because I never would remember it and it makes me laugh to remember the things my oldest (now 5) used to say to me.  It was like having a little adult in the house watching me.  She surely kept me on my toes and helped make me a better person.  Still does.  This is when she was three:  

"Mommy, do you love me even when I make bad choices?", squeaked three year old E.  Of course she knew the answer would always be yes.  "Mommy, do you love my bad choices?"  

After i responded that I didn't love her bad choices but I loved her, I was attacked by the WHYS that dominate most conversation these days.  I explained why I didn't like when she hit her sister--it hurt her.  Why I didn't like when she screamed and threw a fit--it disturbed others and makes me sad.  I went carefully through each of her most frequent bad choices until she seemed satisfied. 

Several seconds passed and she announced, "Well, I don't like your bad choices either!"  She continued in detail to explain that she couldn't sleep when I talk to Daddy in a loud and unkind way.  She acted out what she meant in a whiney, irritated and naggy voice and she mimicked my bad side perfectly for a three year old impression.  "You don't want to watch the Office with me!!", she whined. ( I'm sure I said some thing to this tune...probably trying to convince him to not play his video game and join me on the couch).    

I thoughtfully apologized and asked her to forgive me.  She accepted my apology and asked me try harder.  She told me to just to to my room and close the door if I was going to talk like that.  Good point E.  Good point.  

1.  What are some lessons you've learned from your kids? 
2.  What is a funny story you remember about your kids, nieces, nephews, students, etc.?  A funny conversation, a humbling experience, a tantrum, an accident....?  I'd love to hear your stories and memories!  
3.  Thank you for all your great comments yesterday on my Habits of Happiness post...I hope to get some time to get back to each of you!  



  1. Wow. Just wow. Very intuitive person she is already. May this experience bless both of you. Kids can always teach in their own ways. I wish mine were around to teach me.

  2. That's pretty advanced for three! But I think all kids are observing like adults - just not all have the verbal skills to articulate their concerns (I bet these are the kids who act out instead!). Almost all of us kids were early talkers and my mom kept a journal with hilarious anecdotes and quotes - I need to get my hands on one.

  3. Gracie, this is awesome!! you are so lucky that she did this...I love reading old stories and I never would remember there on my own. She was always kind of creepy with how she acted way older than her age. Kind of scared me there was a little adult in there watching my every move.

  4. OMG I love it. I think it's great that you kept track of stuff like that. What wonderful memories to look back on. I can't think of a particular lesson that I learned from one of my students but I do have two memories that I can share. One is funny and the other is heart melting. The first one is of my sister, aunt, mom and me when my sister was about 2 1/2 so I was 9. We were all at Target in the check out line and my mom was paying. My sister was behind mom and I with my aunt. My sister use to throw HORRIBLE tantrums. All of a sudden she wanted some candy and my aunt said no. She proceeded to lay down on the floor, kicking and screaming. My mom looked at my sister, then back at the cashier and said, "gosh, some people just can't control their kids," and we walked away. My mom still cracks up when she tells that story. My poor aunt. The other story is about my little sister, who will be 8 this month, but it happened when she was 4. I don't get to see her very often because she lives in St. Louis but the girl adores me and I adore her. She is more like me than any of my other sisters (I have 4 total). Anyway, we were all together for Thanksgiving and I was playing hide and go seek with her, my 6 year old sister (2 at the time), 21 year old sister (17 at the time, and 14 year old cousin (10 at the time). Scarlett and I were hiding under a blanket in the spare room and in all seriousness and full of drama, "Mallory, I just love you so much." Oh it still melts my heart!!!

  5. My son isn't old enough to talk yet but he is getting to the random squeeling stage that is fun.

    One of the things I really love about him is that he really makes me stop and be quiet once a day. It is usually after his nap when he just wants to be held and cuddled for a few minutes before he wants down to crawl everywhere.

    I learned a particular lesson last night. He wasn't sleeping well. I could tell because the 12:50 and 2:40 wake up calls I felt this morning when he chose to wake up at 5. I let him lay in there and babble away because I was tired. Then I rolled out of bed I flipped on the coffee maker and sighed because I knew he wouldn't want to go back to bed. I went in, picked him up and realized he was wet from head to toe with a mix of urine from an over full diaper and water from a bottle I had given him at 2:40. He was babbling trying to tell me he had made a mess and couldn't go back to sleep and if I had just gotten up and listened to him then he would have slept better. Lesson learned!

  6. Great Post!
    Quick Story…
    We were getting ready to get in the car for a semi-long drive to a friend’s house. From upstairs I could hear the following conversation between my little girl Elyse (about 5 at the time) and my wife:
    My wife Brandy: Elyse, go pee before we get in the car.
    Elyse: I don’t have to go.
    Brandy: Elyse, it’s a long ride to Jeremy’s house. Go pee…or at least try.
    Elyse: No

  7. It seems like I learn something new from my boys every single day!

  8. ok a funny story. my boys are both HUGE Keith Urban's fans..HUGE like they said Keith before mommy. no joke. So just before Will's 4th bday I asked him what he would like for his bday. "I want a tattoo on my arm" I say why would you want that? "because Keith has some" so I say no you cannot have that. how about something else. 1 hour later he comes back "Ok I want some earrings" I said: "Earring are for girls" (I know I know) not a second pass and he says: "Keith is a boy and he has some!"

  9. Too funny. :) I recognize many of my worst qualities as they're acted out by my children. Not pretty so see that mirror sometimes.

    Here's a story from today: after dealing with repeated behavior issues from a very challenging little girl and another very challenging little boy, I was finally getting the chance to teach a little. As I stood at the SmartBoard and started in on the lesson, one of the boys in the class raised his hand. I called on him.

    "You look like you're going to have a baby."

    The only thing that kept me from running out the door in tears was the fact that, as I looked at myself in the mirror this morning, I'd thought This dress would be a really cute maternity dress if you weren't very pregnant. So instead of running away or crying, I just explained to him that

    a) I'm not


    b) "When you say that to a lady and she's not going to have a baby, what she hears is 'You're fat.' You just called me fat. It makes me feel bad. Don't say that to ladies."

    And then I really really quickly went on into the lesson before all of the rottenness of the morning managed to catch me and make me cry. Thankfully, the afternoon was better.

    I know that's not the kind of story you were looking for, but that's what I've got today. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some emotional eating to do. :)

  10. I have a lot of road rage for a person who is a horrible driver. One day my twelve year old, who was about six at the time, observed me making a left turn faux pas and said, "I guess you are the freakin' idiot today Mom."

    Point taken.

  11. Nice of your 3 yo to give you a reality check. She was one advanced little girl.

  12. That is so cute. My boys remind me daily not to stress over the little things.

  13. Ah, you got a smart one there!! She's gonna keep you on your toes and keep you honest. Wait til she tells you you've said a "very bad word" - I used to get that a lot! :)

    As my 20-year old goes through a very difficult time in her life path right now, I reminded her the other day that when she was little once, I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she told me she dreamed of being a goldfish. I said, "Abbey, you can always be a goldfish" :)

  14. oh my goodness you have an observant and thoughtful one!!! wow! ha!

    Did you put yourself in a time out then?! :) Thank you so much for the nomination on jason's blog!! Oh, and did you pick out a Tri- It Wear shirt yet??

  15. Ha! TOO FUNNY! You thoughtfully apologized. I would have had the hardest time keeping a straight face! What a little character you have there:)

    Stories! I'm laughing at Kate above!

    I remember Ryan playing in her playroom with her stroller when she was about 3. She was pushing it back and forth with her doll in it saying something along the lines of "Shhh..don't's OK" Very sweet little voice trying to comfort her doll. All of a sudden she stops pushing puts her hands on her ears and yells "STOP crying, you're making me CRAZY!" Of course, I have absolutely no idea where she heard this and I tried to explain that to Joe.....

    One other good story, I'll spare the details, about being caught in the shower (not solo) and having my explanation repeated by my 4 year old to a mom I hardly knew at mom's group at MY CHURCH! That was a really hard one to talk my way out of.

    Have a good night girl:)

  16. I learn so much from each of my children on a daily basis. So many gut laughs from the things they say! Here are the ones that I can think of off the top of my head today:

    Natalie (a few weeks ago before her birthday): "Mom promise me there will be NOTHING Ninja-y on my birthday party." Me-"Why would there be ninjas at your party?" Nat--"Because ninjas are sneaky like that."

    Today I picked up James from daycare and his little lady friend gave him his rock he forgot on his desk. Teacher told me that his lady had looked outside in the rocks on the playground for three days until she found a rock that looked like a heart. Later in the car James says--"Mom, it's hard carrying around her heart everywhere I go...but someone's got to do it!"

    And oldest today after hearing the news that I am unemployed cried out "Oh this is amazing. You're going to be a devoted mom again." Um....what???? When did I stop being "devoted"!

  17. Kids are so honest! The thing I love the most about little children and the thing I could learn the most from is their ability to so easily forgive. It quick and it's lasting and sincere. I will always love little children.

  18. This is so funny and also so scary! Kids are constantly surprising me with how smart they are...and at a very young age!

  19. haha! that is too cute. and pretty good advice. as you know i don't have kids, am not an aunt yet either, and don't babysit (though i would, if someone asked) so i have no funny stories to share :(