Friday, April 22, 2011

Get 'er Done!

I'm sitting here in my hotel room in San Francisco. Resting after a busy morning and feeling TIRED.  Pooped.  Ready for a long nap but the time is getting away from me and I know I have a challenging workout ahead of me.  It is looming over me like a heavy cloud.  I need some major motivation!  I keep telling myself how wonderful it will feel to be done and have that high that comes from running hard.  I'll have earned that pitcher of beer I plan on sharing with my husband tonight and the high calorie and non nutritious meal will taste that much better!  So, why do I feel so 


Ugggg, I just need to.....

GET 'ER DONE!  Really, I never use this phrase.  It just came to me when I was thinking of a title for this blog.  So I googled it to see where the phrase came from.  Really kind of funny what I came up with on Urban dictionary:

Get 'er Done git 'er dun
3.Get 'er Done48 up157 down
What one rednecks say when they have an orgasm, usually from riding in their "hot Chevy" or watching too much Girls Gone Wild....
MMM...Yeah, 60 miles per hour damnit, GET Er' Done!!!
by Uncle Ray Ray Aug 17, 2004 share this
1.Get 'er Done240 up16 down
A redneck term used to prod a fellow to complete a task; i.e. finish a beer.
Get 'er done, boy! Finish that natty!
by Tommy Wommy Womsters Sep 24, 2003 share this
2.Get 'er Done27 up107 down
used as an exclamation for something cool or nifty
if a loud jacked up truck drives by, you can say, "Get errr done!" followed by "dats right."
by Manzy Nov 9, 2003 share this

So, I guess I'll be doing this run redneck style and "completing this task!" (middle definition).  Of course it will be way more enjoyable to use this term to refer to finishing my beer tonight..."Get 'er done girl! Finish that Natty!"  Natty?  Does that stand for Natty Light, meaning nasty cheap beer that we drank in college?  Well, for me it will be "Get 'er done girl!  Drink up that Amber Light!"  

My favorite definition for this phrase is the last one to refer to something cool or nifty!  I think I will try this one next time we see a cool building here in San Francisco and then I'll make my husband follow up my "Get 'er done" with a "Dats right!"  

Before I go "get 'er done", here's a picture of my awesome blog buddy meet up this morning.  This is Marjorie from Taking It On, one of my favorite blog connections.  She's as genuine and warm in person as she is in the virtual world.  Love this girl's sense of humor, wise words, adventurous living, and so much more!  Not only is she a mom of four beautiful kids but she is a world traveler, runner, writer, and she used to be an Olympic rower.  So, go say hello to Marjorie at Taking It On!  Thanks for showing us around your city a bit!  

1.  What is your favorite Urban Dictionary definition from of the phrase "Get 'er done" from the ones listed above?  

2.  What do you do to get yourself motivated to get your run, workout, etc. done when you are just not feelin' it? Something that you know you will be happy about once you finish and disappointed in yourself about if you throw in the towel.  

Okay, Peace out!  I'm off to get this tempo run DONE!

P.s.  I got 'er done!  
Windy as heck!  I have never in my life felt so much wind while running.  Good Grief!!
2 mile warm up
3 mile tempo @ half marathon pace (barely was doing 7-7:15ish pace in that wind)
1 mile @8:50ish
3 mile tempo @ 7-7:15 ish (slower than I had hoped but I'll take it!)
2 miles @ 8-10 pace

11 miles total
Now on to Happy Hour!  Woot woot!  



  1. Well, #3 of course!!! Orgasm? Never heard that one before and we use that term a lot!!! HA!!!! get 'er done, amanda!!...the run that is...YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  2. Oooooooooo…not Olympic, just national team in a non-Olympic year :P. "Elite" athletes are sensitive to that distinction so I must make it ;-) You are maybe overly generous in your awfully sweet description of me, but it makes me like you even more :) It was a pretty incredible blogger meet-up; I really did feel like we had known each other for a long, long time. And everyone who reads this blog… this chick is The Real Deal. Amanda is lovely in every way, down-to-earth, mommy extraordinaire, thoughtful and insightful…everything we see in her blog is HER. There is no pretense or trickery … genuine lady if ever there was one. I am so glad to have met her. SO GLAD. And very grateful to her awesome husband who was really 'on' with the kids, affording us girls the opportunity to really meet :) Thank you, Waylon! I *heart* Amanda :)

  3. Oops… I was so overcome with emotio i forgot to answer the question! #3. For sure.
    hope you got 'er done ;-)

  4. oh you lucky gal!!!!! in San Francisco! love that city and Love Marjorie and her blog!!!

    Get'er done... I even have a hard time saying that!!! with my accent does not sound redneck at all!!! I guess #2..I cannot imagine ever saying that though!!!

    to get motivated...I just tell myself that to start is the hardest part and then it gets better. usually it is true..last long run it was not :(

  5. I think the names of the definers are better then the definitions themselves! Tommy Wommy Womsters? Uncle Ray Ray? These guys sound like cool cats!

  6. First of all, pretty awesome words from Marjorie above! I think most people have found you to be the Real Deal even without meeting you! Awesome opportunity to meet up with her!!! Love the pic and especially the TOTAL staredown the kids are giving each other. Too funny!

    Get'er Done! Well, we're self proclaimed rednecks around here. We have a Chevy and I've occasionally been mistaken for a Girl Gone Wild (I think because of how I look in a wet t-shirt...or maybe that was a 12 year old boy gone wild....whatever) Anyway, I go with #3!! Actually, I use that terminology ALL the time referring to the middle definition!

    Hope you found some Mojo and had a great run. I am often struggling with your second question. Not sure I have a very good answer though. The weird thing is often times the runs I'm LEAST excited about or least motivated for turn out to be the best ones!! Hope that's the case for you! Enjoy your Natty light tonight!

  7. I love San Francisco so much. Might be my favorite city on the planet.

    To get motivated for a run, I turn on some awesome teeny-bopper tunes or some sort of Snoop-esque music and head out the door! Usually works for me (or I just think about HOW PISSED I'll be if I skip my workout... that usually works, too).

  8. oh my gosh, I was cracking up at the definitions. I especially like #1. When I have to motivate myself I: read a few running blogs, put on a song that I know will pump me up, or just keep telling myself how great I'll feel after. By the way, I LOVE your new header picture! Beautiful :)

  9. Did you go visit the house I grew up in Marin to see where greatness grew up?

    My favorite Urban Saying is Woo Wee. Shoot, that's not what you asked.

    Interesting that you chose to visit Nor Cal and visit your Blogging friend XLMIC. Do they have Sea World in S.F.? The world's best zoo? One hour drive to Disneyland? Warm weather and beaches made for running? Boy, XLMIC must be your favorite Blogging buddy.

  10. I am so visit-worthy, Chris. When are you coming up? That high school reunion must be just around the corner...

    I did offer to go photograph your childhood home... and I would do it... cuz that's the kind of rockin' bloggin' bud I am ;-)

  11. Definitions-I like number 3...

    What gets me out there...I try and think about how I will feel after...and as I am thinking I lace them up and slowly start walking...once I'm outside its a bit harder to avoid.

  12. Back to check out your tempo! Helluva lot faster than mine was this week!! Great job especially in the wind! Hope you're enjoying happy hour!

  13. The middle one because my boss is constantly saying it per this definition. I can hear him in my head, "Get'er done!" (He's not talking to me, he's talking to salespeople.) LOL.

    Motivation: Listen to your running music. When Rihanna (or some other trashy pop song from my playlist) comes on, I want to RUN!

  14. I’m suppose to run 8 miles tomorrow and it’s a good thing I’m going with a friend othewise it probably wouldn’t happen. I just got off work at 10pm and I’m grumpy and tired and I DO NOT want to wake up at 8 am tomorrow and go running. I know I’ll feel better when it’s done though--- just keep telling myself that!! :)

    How fun to be running in San Fran!!

  15. I love the pic, your kids looks like they would kill each other if they were not restraint by you two, yet the 2 of you are smiling. A little metaphor for parenting, LOL!

    I am typically on automated pilot with my workouts. Most of the time I don't have time to think if I want to do it, bc I have only a certain amount of time available. There are times when it is raining, or cold, or dark. Sometimes when I am really tired I need to remind myself that I am going to feel more energized after the workout. But I think the most important thing is that I never or rarely skip a workout, so deep down I know that I am going to do it.
    I think it is harder to get your workouts in when traveling and outside your routine.

  16. OK< pepe is Ana-Maria - I forgot to sign out of my son's blog.

  17. I'm with Pepe aka Ana-Maria, the kids are awesome in that picture of you and Marjorie.

    Great job on the tough workout... looks like you'll be the one pulling me over the hills of San Fran (and through the wind too apparently), if we're lucky. :)

  18. I love that you are using Larry the Cable guys famous phrase (He is a Nebraska native--so proud of my home state! ha!)

    What a great picture of you and Majorie--two of my favorite bloggers.

    Go punch that workout in the face, then post about it to further inspire your readers!! You are so amazing Amanda! Enjoy SF!

  19. Urban dictionary never fails to entertain me! What a fun blogger meet-up!
    And nice job with getting 'er done and running 11 miles!

  20. I love your new header!! Such an awesome picture!! Glad you are having a good time!! Enjoy your beer!! (And yes, that does mean Natty Light.)

  21. I am currently prettying about my 12 mile pace work out I have on my plate tomorrow. Distance has been for the most part uncharted territory for me and for the most part each run was just about getting the miles in. Not my coach has been working on building up my aerobic threshold. So now the pace workouts begin. My way of dealing with it is to get up not give myself time to think about it. I just get up and get out the door....