Monday, May 23, 2011

Calf Dance Please and Giveaway WINNERS!

Thanks for your feedback about the sports massage.  I'm going in for one this Friday (a week before my marathon) with the same guy that gave me my massage this last Friday.   The good news is that my marathon pace run on Saturday was the day after this last massage and it didn't seem to affect my ability to run hard.  In fact, I felt awesome and surprised myself! Until I stopped and then my right calf starting having some trouble.  This is another reason why I think it will be really good for me to get a "tune up" massage as I like to think of it. I'm glad many of you suggested getting it a little further away from race day just to be safe.  

Please Do a Happy Calf Dance!
Speaking of my calves, my right calf is SO tight!  Not sure what I can do besides rolling, stretching and icing but on mile 5 of my 8 tonight, I had to stop and walk.  My calf pretty much said NO MORE.  It just wasn't having any of it.  This makes me a little concerned for my speed workout tomorrow because of how it feels right now.  This was the same calf that I was having problems with during my marathon training in August before I tore my hammy and when it got to this point I just couldn't run.  I had to wait a few days until it settled down. I hope hope hope it just sticks with me until after the marathon!  So, PLEASE do the happy calf dance, send some good energy my way, pray, skip, dance, sing, vote for me...whatever you do to "well wish" someone.  Only 12 more days calf!  
For now...
Drinking my Glutamine Fortified Recovery Drinks after working out!
Adjustment and "Tune Up" for this body of mine.  
                                Thinking positive!
Deep breathing when I find myself feeling overwhelmed as a mother (more than often these days)!  

The Winners!
I randomly chose the winners for the Rocco DiSpirito Diet Cookbook and I'm excited to announce that they are:

Mallory from Sit for your job.  Run for your life. 


Lisa J from Because I can

Congrats girls! Please send me your addresses ASAP!  You can find my e-mail on my side bar in the "about me" section. I hope you get around to going by to say hello Mallory and Lisa because they are both awesome and I've enjoyed getting to know them.  

Thinking and praying for the people in Joplin tonight who were killed in the tornado.  Makes me so sad.  And so thankful for my own safety.  Life can be taken from us at any time.  Holding my kids a little tighter tonight when I kiss them good night.  



  1. I tried commenting earlier from my phone... we know how that goes sometimes :( Your massage timing sounds good... I think that even Wednesday would have worked. And some others mentioned getting one AFTER... DO IT!!!! It will help your recovery time so much. And with 3 kids to chase around the next day, you will want all the recovery assistance you can get :) Sending you loose calf wishes and voting vibes, too :)

  2. I've had calf injuries too... Eccentric calf dips CURED me! Stand on a step... Lift up with both legs then lower down with just one... It's a super stretch and strengthener at the same time. Good luck! Calf muscles are so pesky!!

  3. Yay for a massage and boo for the tight calf. Wrap yourself in some cotton wool - or bubble wrap - and do the stretching and rolling. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  4. If i were you I would skip the speed work. You are soo close to the start and missing that one run won't change anything. If your calf is that tight it's best to just let it be :)

  5. You got me all thinking about Rocco now - gonna have to buy that book!

  6. Tell that ornery calf to behave! Congrats to the winners!
    My heart goes out to those in scary.

  7. these storms have been devastating, it's so sad.

  8. Sending your calf happy vibes!

  9. This weather has been ridiculous lately- between the tornadoes in Alabama, flooding in Memphis, and now this is Joplin... mother nature scares me!

    and yay for winning, so excited to play betty crocker!

  10. Good luck with that calf, I battled with mine last year. A lot of foam rolling, trigger point therapy, and ART (active release therapy) helped me.

    UGH I know - I feel terrible for Joplin, my heart is with that town and all others affected by this crazy weather.

  11. I know it's probably too late in your training to try new stuff, but you should look into yoga, not as a practice, but as individual stretches. Downward dog loosens up the entire back of my legs. I could stay there all day if it wasn't for the head rush!

  12. Sending good vibes your way. Fingers crossed for your half.
    so, so sad about that town in MO....makes me realize how good I have it here in weather complaining this week!

  13. p.s... I meant your calf:)

  14. You should ask your chiro about dry needling your achy calf, it really releases the tension built up in mine!

    Congrat to your winners!!

  15. Sending you lots of happy calf vibes! Hope it behaves!

  16. Joplin and all the natural disasters of late are terribly sad.

    Doing the happy CALF dance for you--counting down and excited for you A!!


  17. I hope your calf is feeling better!!! I can't believe I won!!!! YAY!!! Thanks Amanda :)