Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mission Getting My Guns Back; Pumping Kid Iron Video

Painted mirror for Nana (my mom)

I do plan on writing non-bulleted blogs again sometime soon but for now, I think I'll just do bullets again.  It's easy.  It's Mother's Day.  I have other things to do tonight.  Like my husband. 

  • Wonderful Mother's Day!  
  • Instead of racing in the Hippie Chick Half Marathon, I went to cheer and spectate.  Loved it.  At first I was a little emotional but then I could see that my cheers and support of my friends and the women running was well appreciated.  I felt a peace wash over me today that made me realize that there is a great plan for me and it might not be exactly what I plan and set my heart on but I do have faith that it will be extraordinary. 
  • The winner of Hippie Chick ran a 1:25.  Ha!  I definitely would NOT have won it.  I would have been humbled big time.  I might have been able to place 3rd at the best.  
  • I've been in a weird place the past few days but after some time to reflect, listen for God's voice in my heart, and be still, I have my Amanda Happy Mojo Back!  I feel fully refreshed (mentally) and ready to be ON as Amanda the mother, wife, and friend to myself and others.
  • I am going to hang out with Kara Goucher tomorrow night (Thanks for the tip Tiff).  Yep.  Just the two of us. Maybe having some beers or chatting about running.  Okay, no.  But I will be going with my husband to buy her book, have her sign it and take a picture with her.  She will be doing the book signing at Powell's (famous bookstore) in downtown Portland tomorrow at 7:00 p.m.  So, tomorrow will be happy hour for my husband and I and then off to meet Kara with my beer breath.  I'll chew some gum or something.  See, having a break from running can be a good thing and open up lots of extra time!
  • I might just get an extra signed book for one of you lovely peeps for a giveaway.  Stay tuned.  
  • I was really kind of worried about my groin this weekend. My pelvic area hurt really bad and I was starting to think that maybe this "strain" was a stress fracture.  On top of that, I had NO energy to do anything.  After today, I'm thinking that I'm going to be OKAY and I will be running my marathon strong despite this set back!  My hopes are high that it was just fatigue from working too hard, my body healing, and just needing to take a rest and get some nutrition and self-pampering!
  • Funny, I had a friend ask me if I really strained my groin from too much sex.  No, probably the 20 mile run on tired legs.  But hot sex....way better story.  I guess I might have to clarify with some people. 
  • I'm so thankful for my groin strain.  It has allowed me to stop, take a breath and really be able to see what I was forgetting to take time for.  
  • I'm super excited to spend this next week healing, resting, doing strength training and eating so healthy.
  • I'm off to a great start with my weight lifting.  I've found a way to multi-task...spending time with my kids AND pumping some iron.  Enjoy the video:

Hope everyone had an awesome day!!  


  1. I'm so glad you had a great day!

    Sorry I didn't get my act together at the finish to find you. I'm really bummed. My priorities were messed up, because I did get my mimosa!

  2. So glad you are feeling better and that you have been having a great day. Loved the video of you and your daughter. Can't hear it, though. Might need to check my computer...Great workout =D

    The powell's book signing sounds FUN. Get extras!

    1:25....that's pretty speedy!

    Keep getting healthy!
    You have a wicked-fast marathon to run in a month!!!

  3. Your opening cracked me up. Have a great night! *wink wink*

  4. Ah! I love you girl and like usual, I'm laughing! I'm supposed to be putting the clothes in the dryer and then heading to bed but took a slight detour to the computer! I'm thinkin' Waylon has quite a smile on his face this weekend:)

    I saw that Kara signing last week and wondered if you were going. I wonder if anyone in my hick town even knows who Kara Goucher is.....

    Love the video!! You have an accent-sound like my friend from Utah a lot!! My kids now weigh 110, 65, and 60 pounds. Not sure how many times I can pump them up anymore!! Even with the marathon training, you still have nice arms!!

    OK-I could yap 14 more paragraphs but my laundry story is becoming not so believable. Joe leaves in the morning:)

    Oh-and I'm so glad you have your Amanda happy mojo back!

  5. that is so awesome she is coming to Portland! Ah, I love Oregon and miss it there! :) I love to live it vicariously through you a little. :) Go beavs!

  6. You are such a dork! I love it!!! I can't believe I just watched you kiss your "guns!" LMBO!!!! thanks for the giggle!! and you are STRONG! I thought I had some decently toned arms but I could NOT do a one legged push up with a 4yr old on my back!! holy crapoly! :)
    OH..but guess what?! our apartment gym just got a major make over and we now have a HUGE set of free weights from 5lbs to 50lbs and i'm So excited!!!!!! aaaahh...I told my husband today I would be in there every day lifting weights!! yipee!!!!

  7. Hey! I am hanging with Kara tomorrow, too! Can't wait!

  8. Happy mothers day!
    Wish Kara was coming my way
    Tell her I said hello!
    So glad you ended up having a good day!

  9. You better watch that MDHS with that groin strain... don't want to reinjure ;-)

    What the heck to you mean "you've lost your muscle"? Your arms look pretty frackin' heee-yooooj to me. Guns *R* Us kinda stuff. And N does such an awesome job imitating a barbell for your benchpress... she holds her form pretty well for the whole set!

    Hope your day was awesome!
    You do more than one take for your videos? Wow... that's dedication! I am totally a one-take gal :)

  10. Love that video! Wish I could come and see Kara, man I wish I could go out for beers and go to Powells, never mind Kara!

    Glad you've got your groove back!

  11. Thanks for the book recs! I devoured Dean's Ultra Marathon Man, which is a step in the right direction, and I am hungry for more runner's wisdom. I appreciate the kind words :)

  12. Sounds like some great revelations for you this week...say hi to Kara for me. And your daughter is killing me in that video. Seriously so damn cute.

  13. "It's Mother's Day. I have other things to do tonight. Like my husband."

    That so is how you got the groin strain - fess up!

  14. You have the cutest weights I've seen for a while! I will show this video to my 3-year-old daughter and get her to help me workout later. By the way, your arms look pretty well-toned to me.

  15. I love your bullet style posts! That multitasking with the weights is priceless, you are a woman after my own heart!!!

  16. So great that you went and cheered. Now that I run, I really enjoy cheering for other people running. I guess bc I know what a difference it makes.

    Glad you had a great Mother's Day! Enjoy the time with your husband and Kara.

    I hope Amazon is faster for me than for you. I want my books! And in defense of my breakfast, it was at 11:30 bc I didn't have time to eat before church. So it's not like I was drinking at 8 or something. :)

  17. That video is the cutest thing on earth!

  18. You are back! Happy and energetic! Love that! My son would love those exercises. Must try:)

  19. I was thinking it might be the SF word.. only because it shows up in that spot. Just take some time off. :) I'm totally getting my guns back! And my butt, and my legs! I strength train 6 days a week now! Woot!

  20. Haha looks like intense weight lifting!!! I am wanting to get my guns back too! I did weights twice this week!

    Have fun meeting Kara! That's awesome!!

  21. I can't see the video here at work, but will look at it tonight...sounds funny from all the comments.

    Glad you have your happy Amanda head back and love to the world has returned! I think sometimes we need a little of the downers...I mean, we can't be cheerful all the time or everyone will hate us ;).

    Glad you had a great time cheering for your friend...I know it's tough (been there!!) but sometimes it's nice to sit on the sides and watch the others do their can learn a lot from this actually I think.

    The mirror is just so precious, what a clever idea! Hope your mom enjoyed it (of course she did...grandmas love all hand-made gifts!) and had a fantastic hot sex filled Mother's Day!!!

  22. I'm glad you are feeling like yourself again! Love the video, your 4 year old is a doll! And I don't know what you're talking about girl, you've already got some dang good guns! But I know what you mean about gaining strength to support your bones for all the running! That's the big end goal right?
    Have a great time hanging with Kara! Lucky!

  23. So jealous you will be one on one with Kara - for like two seconds! Can't wait to see pictures!
    And you should totally stick with the sex story - that's way cooler than running! LOL

  24. Ha! I love the video! And your perspective. And your relationship with your family. And your sense of humor. I pretty much just love you. lol

  25. Happy Mother's Day Amanda :)

  26. What a great video!! Girl, you HAVE guns!!! you look awesome. So fun!! so glad you were able to go to Hippie chick and spectate. Loving your outlook and how you have processed through this season. You are awesome, Amanda.

  27. PS...OH MY GOSH!!! So wish I had known about Kara. I would have totally gone but we have baseball tonight. Have a great time!!

  28. i don't know if i can read this blog anymore... it needs an R rated warning ;)

    hope you had a happy mother's day... and night.

  29. I'm glad you have your Happy Mojo back! Must feel nice. It's funny how some people come up with all these reasons why we runners might be injured or sore. Just last week I had some Arctic Ease wrapped around my knee so that it could heal up for the Hippie Chick. A co-worker was so confused. I had to just look blankly at her and say, "I just ran 13 miles."

    I hope your groin pain goes bye bye soon!