Friday, May 6, 2011

Silver Lining of Setbacks and It's Not What It Seems Folks!

I'm so glad that my 4 year old thinks I'm crazy.  At least I make her tofu, right?  

I've decided that there could be many reasons for this new groin strain of mine.  It could be from:
-- slipping on spilled dog water as I made a dash for the living room to break up my fighting kids
--stepping on a toy truck and rolling across my hardwood floors
--running too many miles when my body was obviously shouting at me to take a break
--trying to increase my weekly mileage by 40% in one week (I now know that you're only supposed to go up by 10% each week.  Such a smart move, eh?)
--running my 20 miles too fast after being so tired all week
--not getting enough sleep
--running in worn out shoes
--not consuming enough protein and calories

There could be many reasons for this current issue.  But it is what it is and I'm choosing to see the silver lining that these things sometime bring with it. I love how setbacks in life can really be God's way of doing for you what you were too stubborn or scared to do for yourself.  I'm finding peace in this break from running even though changes to my "plans" can be difficult.  I think I really needed a step back.  I almost find myself feeling relieved to have an excuse to just sit on my rear, eat pizza and watch a movie with my family tonight without feeling like I need to leave as soon as my husband walks in the door so I can fit in my 7 mile tempo run.  

So, here's my plan:
*  First and foremost, I really need to get a better story for how I pulled my groin.  I've decided to just tell everyone that it happened from too much HOT SEX!  This sounds so much better than tripping over a toy or running 20 miles on tired legs.  I think my husband will prefer this story too.  
*  Take a few days off to just be really loving to my body.  Easy Peezy.  Lots of laying around, letting my house fall apart, icing my crotch with frozen vegetables, and thinking many many positive thoughts and sending them to my groin.  
*  Visualizing myself still running my marathon strong and steady.  If these visions need to change as I get closer to the date, then I guess that is what was supposed to be and I will just have to roll with it and move on.  
*  Be thankful for all that I've gained from my training up until now.  Even if I'm not racing this weekend and I'm going to have to take some time to slow down, I've learned a TON about myself, tricks to use with my training, nutrition, mental focus, and what not to do.  I take SO much away from the past 6 months!  
*  Swim--yes, I am going to get back in that awful pool that I spent so much time in with my hammy tear.  Uggh!  
*  Bike
*  JOG--I don't use this word very much.  

Motherhood Moment

*  My Kinder had her jogathon today!  Yep, pretty big deal.  For those of you that don't know, the kids get to run around the track as many times as they can and they earn money for their school.  Being the competitive mother that I am, I lovingly suggested to my daughter that she should start out slow and then speed up.  She took my advice but the rest of the parents and teachers had no idea that this was the plan.  So, just as my almost 2 year old son takes off around the track in his green froggy boots, I took off after him the best I could.  Of course my 4 year old daughter followed us, tripped, fell on her face and started screaming.  All eyes on this mom just as my E made another lap around the track.  Remembering our plan, I told her "You can go faster now and stop going so slow."  Oh, the LOOKS I got!  Of course all they heard was this crazy mom telling her kindergartner that she needed to be faster and that she was too slow but really I was just letting her know that she didn't need to be so slow anymore (as she was doing on purpose) but she could let her little running legs loose as we had planned.  Good Grief!  How embarrassing.  In a funny kind of way that will make a great story later in life.  



  1. Yes! You have solid training base…that base will still be there when your groin is healed :) Hot sex…lol. Could that really cause a groin pull? More stretching is a must then ;-)

    Priceless mommy moment! "Those who care don't matter and those who matter don't care." I would have seen the whole scene and passed no judgement :)

    Love the Mommy's Day artwork! Wishing you a wonderful Mothers Day!

  2. It is a funny thing about injuries...I think my IT band injury showed up b/c my body was completely overtired and I wasn't listening to it! Then bam..IT band body finally gets the rest it needed! It just sucks that sometimes it takes getting injured for us to really listen to our bodies! I think you have a great plan to kick this groin thing to the curb!

    And, your kiddo's picture/note is super cute!!

  3. Crotch is SUCH a great word!

    LOVED the jog-a-thon story!!

  4. When you said take a few days off, I hope you did not mean take a few days off from sex! That would really be BAD! Lol. I think all the moms in my neighbourhood think I am crazy. I get dirty looks bc I show up at my son's school in short skirts and fitted shirts. The women on my street always see me taking off on a ride or run. I bet I have quite the reputation. The thing is, I really don't care! A few know the real me, and that's what matters. So did you daughter win?

    Feel better A!

  5. Great story for the groin strain! Go with it.

    How great that you are embracing the downtime. It will pay off mentally and physically for you.

    Love your jogathon story--right out of a sitcom!

  6. "Thinking positive thoughts and sending them to my groin" Baah-sorry-that made me laugh out loud!!

    I'm so glad you're able to relax and enjoy the forced break here. Pizza, movies with the family-sounds awesome!

    Yep-definitely think you should go with that hot sex excuse. Hot sex vs. spilled dog water...hmmm! 40% is a pretty big jump. I tore my hamstring after a similar superhero attempt.

    I'm loving the motherhood moment!!! Another laugh!!! Somehow in the midst of your setback here you still manage to make others smile:)

  7. Realize that although your four year old may think you are crazy, when they become 14 they will know you are crazy. WRT to the plan: Sounds sound.

  8. that picture is adorable

    and you make me giggle

  9. It's probably good your taking a few days off, just to see if it will help with the groin issue. Love the jogatron story. Take this time to enjoy your family and friends.

  10. You should make your husband wear a back brace to further support your "too much hot sex" story.

    That story about your daughter is sooooooo funny! I can only imagine the glares.

  11. I too am a terrible Mum who used to tell school officials that they were judging the throws events wrong and that they were letting fouls be measured. I heard one woman mutter under her breath about people who take things seriously and had a strong urge to smack her. What's the point in having a competition if everyone is a winner?!!

  12. LOL. raising them with strict workouts ;) just kidding. i am sure you were the talk of other couples' "pillow talk" later that night! haha.

    happy mothers day!

  13. feel better! That pic at the top is too cute and I love the jog-a-thon story!

  14. Ok the only phrase I have stuck in my head now is.. hot sex

  15. I'm sure the manufacturers of that frozen veggie bag never thought their precious veggies would be sitting on someone's crotch instead of on a plate next to a chicken leg.

    Stick with getting better!

  16. oh that jog a thon story is AWESOME!! Next time you should just wear a shirt that says, "COACH" on the back and keep giving her pep talks, stretch her out on the side of the track...that should really get some looks!!

  17. Man, I wonder how many more freako's are gonna come to your blog from that little comment. Just don't say that and Camel Toe in the same post.

    Keep your chin up kid.

  18. (this is such a mom comment) this reminded me of the movie THE INCEDRIBLES where at the end the son is running in a race and they keep telling him to slow down and then speed up. You are MAMA INCREDIBLE!!

  19. ba ha ha ha! too funny, yes, I can totally see a sitcom with that scene in it.

    40%....eeek, let's go with the sex story

    answer from my blog about me, NOT wanting children:

    in our family the oldest, swears the younger of us "got away with murder" while he, the oldest, was held to military standards. So, I'm thinking that is not the reasoning behind the no children thing, in my case. Just no desire!

    Seriously, why would I want a child that leaves toys in my path, and causes me to have a groin injury. Seriously, I have running to do..... ha ha ha

  20. and children that draw pictures about me being crazy.....

    clearly, I'm missing out! Hee Hee!

  21. oh, I forgot....

    Happy Mother's Day Amanda!

  22. WOnderful picture of you there, Amanda!..."and she's crazy!"...wear that like a BADGE OF HONOR. =D

    I hope you are icing that area like crazy. You WILL get better and run a FAST race.

    So honored to call you my friend. I can't wait to meet you in real life someday SOON.

    Have a great Mother's Day. Go get another mocha at Powell's for me. I miss that place!

  23. haha... "icing my crotch with frozen vegetables"

  24. Icing the crotch must make you one wild, sexy woman; your husband probaby wants you injured more often!! ;)

    I love the note from your daughter. So precious!! One of mine wrote: My mom makes great green beans from a can. Another wrote: My mom has to color her hair because it's so gray. Obviously, I deserve mom of the year!!

    Happy Momma's Day to you, girl!! Hope it's filled to the brim with happiness!

  25. The jogathon sounds like a great idea. Hope the groin gets better soon!

  26. You're hilarious. I LOVE when I have an injury that comes from something cool (or hot :D) rather than my typical tripping over my own feet. A sex injury has the added benefit of making you AND your husband proud. Way to go, wife of the year! :)

    Your comment to your daughter is hilarious. I love the image of hyper-competitive Amanda brow-beating her sweet little girl into speeding up. lol.

  27. First HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to one of my favorite running mamas!

    2. Eeeek on the groin-you have a proactive plan and I know you will be back in action...I'm guessing this means no half today??? :(

    3. I am loving your "running" mom encouragement to E!! HA! You are a Coach in the making for sure!! I love that she already is working on negative splits!! :)

  28. That jog-a-thon brings back memories of my elementary school days. So cute.

    Ick. Sorry to hear about your injury. Happy healing thoughts coming your way!!

  29. Happy Mother's Day! Love your daughter's sentence!

  30. Kid run was a good chuckle. Can you share your nutrition tips you've learned for during training or send me a link if you have posted...I'm feeing I need to amp it up a notch when training.

  31. The sex reasoning would be the best choice, IMO.
    And I love the picture from your daughter.