Friday, May 27, 2011

This Time is Ours! What Will You Make of It Before Life Grows Up Around Us?

Since this is still partly a Motherhood Blog, I thought today would be a good time to share some of my recent motherhood reflections.  It is so easy for me to get wrapped up with daily life and lose myself in things that are not really that important.  I get buried in my to-do list, 
errands to run
 lunches to make
fights to break up
workouts I want to fit in
self-care (yes, moms, we are allowed some self-care time!)
responding to e-mail

This list goes on. And on.  And on.  And really, it will never end. NEVER!  The house will never be perfect, the dishes won't all be done, I'll never have responded to all your e-mails and comments, my stack of books won't disappear and read themselves.

  But what will happen is:

My KIDS Will Grow up!  
They won't be children forever,
    Their child-like wonder and mischievous grins will fade.  
They won't always have dirty little fingers and toes that leave a trail throughout the house.
My almost two year old won't always find such simple joy in just standing on the toilet to reach the sink. Experiencing such fascination with just turning the water on and dumping it from one cup to the next.  And on the floor.
I won't always have this mess to clean up.  Wet towels in clumps on the floor, sopping up the dripping mess of fun for one curious boy....who is learning. 

The tug at my leg with the request to read 
     "one more story mommy!" 
will eventually fade away.  

The magic of the jewel fairy won't always be alive and they will have figured out that the jewels that once held so much power and opened a door into their deepest imagination...
    were really just a dollar bag of decorative rocks from the local craft store.  

They won't always believe that fairies really live in the home they built just for them.

Watching movies in a cardboard fairy house in the living room will someday 
"Not Cool" 
and they will be asking for money and a ride to the movie theater with their BFFs.  

The little green shoes.
Ah, the little green shoes,
will be put away in a box and a story of "remember when..."

I won't always have muddy hands to wipe down after a good dig in the back yard, pet "roly poly" bugs living in my kitchen with a slice of potato to eat. 

There won't always be glitter around the house and little feet to walk through it.

The house won't always be buzzing with playful screams and kids flying down the hallway trying to capture each other.  
Even the tantrums, the fights, the "that's not fairs" and "whys"
    that are learning opportunities 
For all of us...
They will be no more.   

I may not have my life in complete order.  I may feel crazy most days and think I'm losing my mind.  It might be days on end before I shave my legs or put make up or go out of the house without a hat.  My bathroom counter might always be covered in little girl hair accessories, make up, lotion, cleaning supplies and toothpaste and I may never have the trail of hair ties fully picked up from the floors. I may never master the art of having dinner planned, prepared and ready for my family so I don't call my husband and have him order Thai for the 3rd time in one month. I will always have something else that I could do. 

But what I do have...
   only if I'm lucky 
And remember to notice it while it is still here,
    Is an opportunity to truly embrace this time with my children.  
These fleeting moments.
Only once and no "re-dos"!  
This time is mine to make it as magical and memorable as I possibly can!  
This time
   and what I choose to do with it,
Is what is Important!  Not all the other stuff that will still be there when THEY aren't.  

What is something in your life that you want to embrace a little more fully today and the days to come?  Something that won't always be there.  



  1. Okay - since you just posted, obviously I haven't had time to read it yet. But I had to say that my first thought when seeing the blog title was Goonies ..... "this is our time, it's OUR time down here. And that's all over the second we ride up Troy's bucket."

    Ah... best Oregonian movie EVER!

  2. Great reflections and a great reminder to enjoy the moment cause they really do grow up too fast!

  3. Fantastic post and very much the same things I've been thinking of lately. Also one of my biggest reasons to get up at 5 am and run, workout, and get settled. I want to enjoy life with my babies as much as I can for as long as possible!

  4. Can I move in with you? I will live in the fairy house and I some how am always covered in glitter. (I know, if I was at least twenty years younger, it would be cute, now it's just disturbing.)

  5. This post made me a little sad. All those times have passed for me. The boys are all grown up. They don't spend hours in the yard with their trucks creating civil engineering marvels. They don't need me to read "Sam Who Never Forgets" for the 150th time. They don't hover when I'm cooking so they can lick the beaters (But Nelson our dog does)

    I will get to do this again when I have grandkids - but not in such a full-on way as when you're the parent.

    Your kids are so lucky to have a Mum who's aware and creativve and determined to give them a childhood full of surprises and possibilties.

  6. I need that fairy home in my life. :)

  7. I could not have said this ANY better! I have spent the last year trying to train employees and get my business to the place where I don't have to do so many weddings b/c I have realized more than anything the last 18mos that little girls are only little ONCE and I don't want to miss any of it! I get teary just talking about it b/c it has been so close to my heart lately. My oldest starts grade 1 in September and I feel like I'm going to die with her gone all day. it means leaving the house messy and MANY emails unanswered to spend what time I have to be with her. thanks for the post!

  8. Uh wow after seeing that fairy house I feel like my kids younger years were crappola! LOL!!!!!! I so need to be a better mom, I spend way too much time on cleaning and telling them to clean and make beds and stop fighting.. on and on... where's the fun?

  9. What a sweet, sweet post! You are such a special lady, Amanda :) The pictures and the words... what a lovely life you have created. You cherish it, you honor it, you LIVE it. Just beautiful :)

  10. Thanks, Amanda. This is exactly what I needed this week. I'm determined to make this summer a special one--- a 'magical' one (in your words) and to truly enjoy the moments. I may not blog as much, or comment as much---my house will probably continue to be a disaster but I really want to soak in this time ( with out losing my
    Mind hopefully). I need to be intentional. On another note-- I'm so excited for you and your marathon!!! You will kill it!!!

  11. I feel the same things you do. THere was a time a couple months ago when I was worried about keeping my house clean. I didn’t hang out with my kids as much, but my kitchen was clean. That didn’t last long, thankfully! Now I spend hours every day playing on the floor with my kids and taking them to the park and playing with them at the park. Running around, going down slides, pushing the swing...... this is the best life.

  12. I so appreciate your posts like this. Tonight I found myself ignoring the tug on my leg to wear the batman pajamas. I heard my son, but was a little zoned out. I snapped out of it, but you are so right. There are no do overs and I do love the tugs, coming home and hearing the holler mama as I walk in the door and then the clinging of one child on each leg as I try to walk through the entry way. I love how you remind me not to miss the moments by sharing yours.

    I voted, Again. I didn't realize I could vote every day.

    One thing I need to not miss in life is nurturing friendships.

  13. This is a great post - and while I dont have kids yet, I know I will feel this way one day soon. Thanks for sharing!

    New follower - looking forward to reading about your running/family adventures!

  14. Mmmmm! I love this post. I will always LOVE That pic of Naomi's feet! Love it. Thanks so much Amanda for another round of inspiration and your sweet comments! Love you! Happy weekend and good luck in the week to come. You're on my mind!

  15. This is just awesome! SO touching! Yes, it WILL NEVER end and they won't be children full of wonder forever, and then they won't be eager beaver teenagers forever, and then they won't be aspiring young adults forever. Every moment in our childrens lives, PRECIOUS and not worth missing!!!! Great reminder girl! I THANK you! You are doing an amazing job Amanda, fairy houses, jewels, pixie dust, DREAMS alive in your babies! I love the pictures!!

    I also love that you take the time to make yourself a priority!! There is absolutely a place for self-care! Kids need to know it's not ALL about them ALL the time! You know what you need to do to "feed" you which in turn feeds them!

    Thankyou SO much for the shoutout girl! And thankyou for putting it out there in that way that you do! That special way that just makes me feel at ease!

    Circle of Mom's. This blog is EVERYTHING that contest is about!!! Mommyhood in the raw, fitness tips from a HSB! Just REAL REAL! Fun little contest perhaps but SO deserving you ARE!!!! I would vote 100 times a day if I could.

    I kinda got choked up READING #3. Being the best AMANDA she can be!!! BRING it!! Beyond excited for you!

    Have a great day! As ALWAYS, I thankyou for YOU:)

  16. Aww! You are officially the most creative mama! I love the imagination of fairy jewels and a special fairy house...glitter is so worth it with memories like that.

    You know you have my vote!

  17. I love the fairy house and the glitter feet sweet!

  18. you don't understand...I woke up with glitter on my face TODAY from a craft that the girls did like 3 weeks ago. That stuff is with you FO' LIFE!

  19. this is a wonderful post! I love the photo with the close up of the glitter feet!
    You have my vote!