Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Rest of My Answers!

Oh boy!  I'm finally done answering all of these questions that these people may or may not even see!  I actually enjoyed the reflection involved in answering some of these.  

Have you ever colored your hair a weird color? Pierced anything? When are you coming back to CO so we can drink coffee?
Yes, right before my senior pictures in high school I thought it would be fun to home highlight my hair.  Big mistake.  Hair turned orange.  Yuck.  So then I tried coloring over it.  Gosh.  As far as weird hair colors on purpose...nah.  I went red with blonde highlights not too long ago but only lasted so long.  I'm kind of a natural girl.  

My nose is pierced.  I pierced my bellybutton by myself in high school.  Ice cube and safety pin.  My mom freaked out, made me take it out, and then pierced her own belly button not too long after that (she did it professionally).  Stupid.  Ha!  :)  Never pierced it again.  

I'm going to be in Colorado next week for a short trip.  Where exactly are you?  Oh how I would love to get up to see you!!!  Jill and I might go up to the foot hills for a hike...come join us!  

Here's my question: If you couldn't run, what would you do for exercise?
I'm a naturally hyper person.  So much to do for exercise.  I'd find a way.  But not being able to run might put me out of other things too.  That would stink.  Running is such a quick form of exercise...total body.  So much harder to get the same workout in other ways.  I suppose I'd cycle, have lots of sex, jump on the trampoline, do tons of push ups and sit ups and drive my family crazy (except my husband..he'd be getting a lot of sex so he'd be happy).

Chris K
1) Why does XLMIC have this amazing skill to ask such great questions? 
She's witty!  And she is REAL so she doesn't spend too much time thinking of the right way to answer...she just says it like it is and does it with humor and intelligence.  
2) When you get into the car, who controls the music? Um, ME!  I can't stand his music for very long before I want to rip his hair out!  Oh wait, his hair is already gone.  Seriously, some of that "manly" music makes me want to beat the crap out of something.  But lucky for me, we both love a lot of the same music...Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, etc. And let's be totally honest, we are not in the car by ourselves very often...we have three kids!  So, we might just be listening to kids fighting, laughing or talking and you neither one of us controls that very well when we are in the car.  Ha!

3) Fav TV shows with hubby, and without? When Survivor is on, we love watching that together!  Oh, and Modern Family!  Great show! We also like the show Weeds...it is a series we both think is funny.  Neither one of us watches much t.v.  It isn't on very often in our house.  However, we go through phases.  He used to love 24. And I admit, I do enjoy The Bachelor sometimes.  Good mindless show.  Kind of like reading the occasional gossip magazine.  

4) Where do you see yourself living in 20 year when the kids are all out of the nest?

Hmmm, somewhere near my children.  I want to be there when they have kids.  Not in the burbs.  Either in the city or the country/mountains.
5) What are your 3 top Bucket List items?

This one is hard!  Bucket list questions are difficult for me because I have many many things I want to do before I kick the bucket!  Many! I've never made a bucket list. This will be more than three in no particular order. Travel the world, Change the world, Adopt a child perhaps (never really said this one out loud), get my doctorate, write a book, Climb a mountain, learn a new language, Live in another country for a year (Italy?).  I'll be thinking on this.  

Which one of your children is... how do I say it nicely... the most "spirited?" Does she/he give you a run for your money daily? Hourly?
All of them at different times.  The good thing is that they usually are not all three "spirited" at the same time. Thank GOODNESS!  Today was rough!!

what weird food-related habit do you have?
Not so sure I have one.  

what do you think your kids will grow up to be (job wise)?
My oldest daughter:  The President perhaps. Teacher, Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer...Leadership Position.  

MIddle Daughter:  Hmmm, a nurse, teacher, scientist, Doctor...anything she wants!
Son:  Have no clue...he's only two.  A comedian, Vet, 

what did you want to be when you grew up?
Mom, Teacher, Astronomer

flowers or chocolates?
I LOVE FRESH Flowers!!

have your daughters started the practice of skin stretching?  Nope!  :)  Thank Goodness.  

I want to know if you had to leave this great and wonderful state that we live in and move somewhere else, where would you go?
So many possibilities.  California, Washington, Alaska, Thailand, Colorado, Montana...
What do you consider your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate, Beer, and a People Magazine (rare but enjoyable)

Do you know why you are as hard on yourself as you are?
I think this has a lot to do with my dad dying when I was young and seeing my mom struggle.  I have always been hard on myself...feeling like I need to take care of myself and stay one step ahead of things.  I'm extremely reflective about how I'm living my life.  This is a big question and one I would have to spend a long time on to really answer...I'll be thinking about it.

Are you still in touch with any of your best friends from when you were in elementary school?
Yes.  A couple of them. 

What would your reaction be if your 2-year old head-butted you in the nose so hard you saw stars and felt nauseous?
I'd probably scream and cry and be really dramatic.  Then he'd probably come over and hug me and say "sorry Mama".

When you get sick, it is easy for you to throw up... or do you resist?

I welcome throwing up when I'm sick.  I always feel so much better!

If you had two days, $1000 and your hubby, what would you two do? You HAVE to spend the entire amount.
Well, since $1000 doesn't go very far when buying plane tickets we'd probably stay local.  I'd say that we would drive somewhere not too far away, get a very nice hotel...couples massage, drinks, dinner, dancing, fabulous breakfast, maybe a concert.  Maybe somewhere in the mountains with a view and a great town to walk through.  

Miss Zippy
Do you have a guilty pleasure TV show? (Bravo addict wants to know!)
Well, I'm watching the Bachelor Pad right now while typing.  Does that work?  ha!

What about you?  Guilty Pleasure?  Favorite T.V Show?  A top BUCKET LIST ITEM?  


  1. Guilty pleasure... tabloid mags like People and In Touch and US Weekly. I need to know what important things are going on with important people :P They are forbidden in our home.

    Favorite TV shows... we don't have t.v. but when I watched I loved Letterman and the old SNL and Saturday nights were a fave with Love Boat AND Fantasy Island. As a kid, I loved Gilligan's Island.

    Somewhere near the top of that Bucket List... live abroad for a year with my family. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. (I know they are both totally cliché)

  2. Oh I DVR everything on Bravo just about!!! Bucket List....go to Africa....and many others!

  3. Guilty pleasure: CHOCOLATE!

    Favourite TV shows: I don't watch much TV but I DID watch Bachelor Pad last night and may just be hooked!

    Bucket list: There are too many to mention...but running wise, I want to do DISNEY!

  4. Great questions and answers! I loved learning more about you.

    I would totally pick fresh flowers over chocolates, too.

  5. Girl, I hope you do get your doctorate some day! I loved reading all your answers through these posts.

    I don't watch much tv, but my favorite show that is currently still airing is Mad Men. A bucket list item: visit Machu Picchu.

  6. Great questions!! Hmm my guilty pleasure is listening to Hanson. Love them and I always will!! The top item on my bucket list is swimming with dolphins!!

  7. My bucket list definitely has some foreign travel in it. There are so many, many places that I would love to visit and maybe even live for a while.

    Loved learning more about you. :)

  8. So... You like sex huh? Not sure how I'm reaching that conclusion after these vague hints you drop.

    Your hyperness shines through in your blogging. I wish I had that kind of energy. Sometimes I wonder if I have some sort of disease or deficiency that keeps me from being as energetic as you/many others.

  9. Wow you got some tough questions Amanda. So many of these made me think way to hard. ha ha!

    Guilty pleasure tv shows are anthing reality. At the moment I am glued to Big Brother, like I cancel any plans when it is on glued to it. It is awful!

  10. Yikes, I'm totally going to have to address the sex thing...I'm normal in my sex drive...I just happened to mention it more than once in a week. Ha! Seriously, I love sex no more than the average mother of 3.

  11. I love your guilty pleasure!

  12. I love this because I love learning more about amazing women/runners/moms. You totally rock!! :)

    I hope I get to meet you at HTC!!!

  13. You are so real. That's why I love you!! I can see how you and XLMIC get along so well. Both beautiful AND bright runners!

    Enjoy a fabulous trip to CO!!!!!!!!

  14. Guilty pleasure? Controlling the remote until no one is in the lounge room with me then having some me time with a cup of tea and a home made cookie. Or staying up late reading.

  15. Great answers!!!

    Jake and Vienna blech but I still love the show

  16. Love your answers and guess what! Your bucket list looks a lot like mine -- not that I've officially made one, but all of those would be on mine as well. We NEED to be real life friends so we can do all of those fabulous things together! :) Creepy? Okay, I'll stop.

  17. You pierced your own belly button? brave girl! I pierced my ear in the cartilage... ice cube trick works :)