Sunday, September 11, 2011

All Things Running. And Racing Rules...Do You Follow?

Does it get much sweet than this after a running a marathon?!  

After a five hour car ride from Northern Washington and spending three to four hours driving around a marathon course cheering my husband on, filling water, blasting music (since it was supposedly a no-ipod race), and trying to entertain bored kids, I was definitely in need of a good run tonight!  But all I really wanted to do was wax my mustache and unibrow, take a shower, grab a beer and veg out to some mindless television show or catch up on blogs.  

I am so glad I went on a run!  I wasn't expecting the energy that I found. Instead of the forced four mile run that I was going to try to "fit in" instead of my 12 miles with 8 at marathon pace, I was transfixed by the life sized moon and the strawberry mango sunset that awaited me.  I ended up being pleasantly surprised with 6.5 miles with three of them at a somewhat marathon pace:
Mile 3:  7:45 mostly uphill.
Mile 4: Mix of hills 7:18
Mile 5: 7:19 last half of this one was a pretty big hill!  

I returned as one sweaty, happy lady!  And ready to hydrate!  Water. Beer. Water.  

Friday's Tempo on Treadmill (shortened due to time):
incline on 1.0
.5 warm-up
1 mile @ 7:04 pace (8.5 setting on TM)
1 mile @ 6:59
1 mile @ 6:54
.5 recovery pace
1 mile 7:04
1 mile 7:04
.5 cool down

The Hubby's Marathon

Yes, as I mentioned in the caption at the top, it really didn't get much better than this today.  That's why I had to include this picture more than once.  Our three kiddos were so proud of their daddy after he finished his marathon!  As they should be.

As most of you already know, my husband ran his first marathon mostly untrained on July 4th.  He was training for a 5k and his longest run had been a half marathon 3 months earlier.  He decided to jump in the race with me and see what happened.  What happened was that he ran a 3:24 and stuck with me every step of the way and was strong all the way to the end!  

This is what made us think that he should try to Boston Qualify so that we could run Boston together.  Since he is 32, his qualifying time this year is 3:10.  Waylon had 8 weeks to train but was confident that it would be possible.  Out of those 8 weeks, he spent one week under-rested and over trained, one week of injury and rarely ran over 40 miles a week due to work, being a dad/husband, and being part of a leadership development program.  Oh, and his rib went out of place the day before the race and left him in pain even when he woke up this morning to run.  But we were still betting that he would do it!  

Mile 14.  Restocking his water.  

No BQ this time but MAN, I'm proud of him!  3:20:03 (unofficial).  And a learning experience.  Another marathon under his belt to make him that much more determined and focused on the next one!  I'm sure I could write a race report for him that would be as if I ran it since I was there for so much of it....driving around, playing music, handing him water, and cheering him on....but I'll spare you the small details and just leave you with the picture and words that he posted on facebook today:

"I learned a few things today.
1. 8 weeks of training isn't long enough for me to knock 14 minutes of my marathon.
2. It is more fun to run a marathon with Amanda and music than without
3. Head winds and super flat courses are not ideal.
4. My family is awesome and they are great supporters.
5.Amanda is a badass to beat her BQ time by 16 min.  I did NOT pay him to say this.  :)
6. Beer is good (ok, I knew this already) but it is really good after 26.2"

Race and Running Rules.  Do you Follow??
Okay, I'm just a little irritated here. I'm usually not a person to get all caught up on pet peeves and dwell on the negative things but this one kind of gets me fired up.  Here's the deal, this marathon that my husband just ran was one that banned ipods or music devices. NO MUSIC/EARBUDS!  My husband knew this going into this thing and he also knew that it would make the race harder for him.  But he trained without music and prepared to follow the rules.  Now here's the thing, if there are going to be rules put into place for a race like this, I think they need to be enforced and followed or it just isn't fair for everyone...not a fair playing field in my opinion.  The winning woman ran a 3:14 or something like that and she came into the finish line with her earbuds in for all to see and NOBODY cared!  What?!   I understand the rules are for covering their own butts in case someone gets hurt from the traffic and open roads but is there an unspoken "rule" that you can break the rules at your own risk?  Or can people get disqualified for not following this rule?  This is why he didn't break the rule...he figured it would really stink if he did BQ and then got disqualified for using music.  I was just a little annoyed that so many runners went without music because it was stated very clearly and boldly that music was not allowed and some just went ahead and did what they wanted with absolutely NO problem.  So those that followed the rule, ran this race without music that could have helped them on those open roads with very few supporters. And those that didn't follow the rules...well, they enjoyed their music and ran their race just as they wanted...despite the RULES.  This just bugs me. I think that if they are not going to enforce a rule like this then they need to state in the fine print: use music at your own risk. 

When I was at a stop in Washington on my way home, I heard about Ana Maria's 30k this weekend and I went from being drowsy and bored at the wheel to being all CHARGED up and inspired!  After a week of mileage in the high 70's, AM raced an amazing 18 plus miles on tired legs and hills in an incredible pace.  Gosh AM, you motivate me!  Keep on sharing your running life with us!  

So, how's this for getting back to running in the Runninghood?!  

Do you break the racing rules when it comes to running with music?  Do you think these rules should be enforced or do you think that it should just be an unspoken rule in running culture that it is okay to use your ipods anyway?  


  1. Great job Mr. Runninghood!! I am still in awe that he took 8 minutes off with only 8 weeks of prep.

    The ear buds...grrrr...yes the rules are there for us all to follow. Why bother printing it if you don't plan to enforce it?

    Same thing happened to me at a half last year. It was a RRCA race, and they don't allow headphone use. Several people ran it with them anyway and the RD said it was their choice and the rule was a safety rule. They didn't allow strollers either. And I saw none there..

  2. I take my MP3 if the rules just discourage their use. And I only ever wear it with one ear bud in. If the rules say no way then I don't. I hate it when others ignore the rules and get to use what I've had to relinquish.
    Well done Waylon. BQ or not, any time you finish a marathon is an enormous achievement and yours was a PB.

  3. A big way to go to your husband!

    And as for the ear buds, I would think at least the WINNER would be disqualified for breaking that rule even if a blind eye was turned to other finishers! That doesn't really seem fair...

  4. Congrats to Waylon! a 4 + min PR on 8 weeks of training....can I have that please? He will BQ, I am sure. Plus, since he is fairly new to running, his body is still getting used to pounding. The 2 of you will run Boston together someday.

    OK, guilty as charged. My race yesterday specified no headphones but many people wore them including me. The only races where they really enforce the headphones rules are triathlons. I know, not fair. It happened to me too and then I learned that this is not an enforced rule.

  5. OK-just getting ready for work but quickly...

    Waylon did awesome!! Really impressive on the short amount of training he's done and a BQ in the near future is a given for him!!!

    As you know, love to hear about your running! Great job this week!

    Yes, the ipod rule. It is in A LOT of races around here. I did hear the winner at Milwaukee Lakefront a couple of years ago got disqualified for using hers I think. It seems that they really don't enforce it for the non-elite athletes though. Very frustrating. I would have taken the same chance as Waylon if I was going for the BQ though. Would be awful to qualify and then have it taken away.

    Yes, Ana Maria surely deserves this shoutout!

    OK-off to work:) J

  6. Congrats to Mr. Runninghood!!! Seriously it is amazing how much time he shaved off considering all his setbacks training! I love all the shout outs he gave you on facebook! I totally hate when I follow the rules with the ipod thing and no one else does! When I ran Boston, that was the rule....but low and behold I was the only one practically without them! I was too scared they were going to disqualify me!

  7. I think if it states that none are allowed, people should respect the rules. If they are not totally banned, then people should be able to use them. I have always run all my long races without music. I like to hear the crowd, see the people, and talk to everyone. But, I may take it with me this one last long race and see if there is any difference.

    And congrats to Waylon! He's awesome.

  8. Water, beer, water, repeat. :) Great run, lady - you needed that!

    Great job to Mr. Runninghood. My hubby is a Kamakaze runner as well - you never know what kind of mileage he's going to bust out, or in what kind of times...and he just hopped on a treadmill next to me at the Y 2 years ago to "see what would happen!" Naturals...

    I'm a big believer in following rules - it's what I teach my kids, so alas, it's what I must live. I don't train with music - unless I'm on the TM - trails are to busy/dark/full of cyclists, need to stay aware. I do feel bad for those that rely on music to push through - but think that rules should be followed - no matter how silly.

  9. I am obviously NOT a math major, but he still did great!! And I bet with the ear buds he could have taken another BIG chunk off!

  10. Your husband did amazing, I am so proud of him and love love love that smile on his face with all your kiddos piling on top of him after the race. Life doesn't get much better than that!! He'll get faster and faster with a little more healthy training behind him and you guys will all go to Boston together in 2013, no doubt!

    I know Pikes Peak was pretty adamant about not having head phones on the race course but as I read deeper into the rules for disqualification (there are plenty in a race like that), head phones were not listed, which was really frustrating because I ran in 2008 when they evacuated the mountain due to lightening and snow - you'd think you want people to hear that. But nevertheless, many had iPods during the race this year. At first I was ticked but I just let it go, there are always going to be rule benders and all you can do is abide by the rules and do what you are told to do and feel good about that.

  11. That would definitely bug me if I was the one following the rules and other people didn't! I cannot imagine doing a marathon without music. DANG, he did amazing and I loved the lessons that he learned, especially the one about how amazing his wife is! Girl, you are looking incredible and great running....isn't it crazy how hard it is to get out the door but once we do we feel so much better!

  12. That is really irritating! Why even have the rule then? Grr. You and your husband are just an incredible running duo! I can't believe he just hopped in with you and ran a 3:24! Who does that? You are like superman and superwoman! Holy cow.

    And then he goes and runs a 3:20 after 8 weeks of training! AMAZING! I am speechless.

    Jeez louise... so inspiring.

    Do you run with an iPod? I personally can't. It is too distracting and I need to be really in tune with my body to be able to push it properly. But on everyday runs I enjoy music. :)

  13. I don't run with music anyway so I have no trouble following this rule.

    Its a tough rule to enforce, I get that. But any winner - overall or age group - should be "DQ'd" from an award if they run with music. They can still be considered a finisher but they should not be eligible for prizes/money/awards.

    Pro's can't run with headphones/"assistance", so I Think it's fair torequire the same of amateurs who want to compete for awards.

  14. Congrats to your hubby! Seriously an impressive time and nothing to be dissapointed about. He is right on track for BQ next spring.

    The exact same music issue happened to me at a race in Januaray. They stated no music all over the rules but come race day 90% of people had it. When I asked they just said use it at your own risk so luckily I had mine in the car and grabbed it before the race start.

  15. Wow, how awesome do you look in the post-run picture?? Nice speed, for sure!

    Congratulations to Waylon...what an amazing marathon even if he HAD put in a full 4 months' training for it. Love his lessons learned post. :) You guys are really lucky to have such wonderful support in each other and to RECOGNIZE the gift that that is.

    It's frustrating when you follow the rules and others don't, but you know, that's on them.

  16. Congrats to the MAN.

    The pic say it all -- family experience.

    Ipod - rare that I use it; I follow the rules. What others do may irk me - but its not about me.

    Very nice post.

  17. I am totally a rule abide-r. I mean, why the hell make the rule if you're not going to enforce it? I think you're right... that it's a safety thing... but still, it's lame that the winner didn't follow the rules and didn't get DQ'd.

    I am SO ready to get back into marathon training. After March, I plan on registering for a fall marathon to get me BACK on track!!

  18. I really don't understand this rule. Why no ipod? It makes running so much better.

    I was a teacher and we'd always say a rule was only as good as the enforcement of it. I think if you aren't going to enforce it you just need to take it out of the rules! But what an amazing time your husband had! I know he didn't BQ but I think that is pretty fast!!

  19. WOW, cheers to your husband!!! There's nothing like running around the course, cheering on the MAN you love...he'll get his BQ soon, I know it! My guy is still working on his, it will come!

    Boo on the earplug girl! I am not a total rule follower in every case but there are some things that you MUST do and that's follow the marathon rules. It's an issue of respect to the other runners as well. Grrrrrrr...
    Missed you and your cute family!!!

  20. Way to go, Mr. Runninghood!! nice race and nice reward with those kiddos!!! Amanda, sounds like he had the perfect cheerleader. Maybe for his next BQ attempt, you can run in front of him in some shorty, short shorts and sports bra and pace him? would work for my husband. ;) Gosh that ear phone thing is hard!! I wouldn't have risked it either with trying for a BQ. I guess I'm a rookie in this department but I would have followed the rules too...sounds like it is just a 'safety rule' to be followed by discretion?! Who knows? Would love to know the answer to that one. Love that first pic of you, amanda!! If that isn't inspiration to get out there and run, i don't know what is!

  21. Wow, congrats to Waylon! I thought about doing that same marathon after I didn't BQ at Sauvie Island, but then my body let me know it wasn't ready for another marathon so soon. I'm going to predict many Boston marathons together for you two in the future!

    Lame about the headphones issue, I totally agree that they should just discourage if they're not going to enforce it.

  22. Holy cow! I can't imagine running that far without training! That's awesome! Glad you had a good run tonight too!

    As for the earbuds thing: i'm a rule follower (can't help it) so it drives me crazy when they say no earbuds and i'm struggling to stay motivated while so many others listen to their music. I will bring my music if it says listening to it is discouraged but not against the rules and just have it loud enough for motivation. It all comes down to being safe and respectful to other runners, I think.

  23. I haven't seen your actual site in a while... SUCH a good picture at the top! Amazing.

  24. I think you and Waylon are setting such an amazing example for your kids on the lessons of love, health, support, marriage and having fun!

    Waylon is naturally gifted if he can pull out a 3:20 on less than 8 weeks of training!

    And, I want your speed!! YOu post-run hottie you!!!

  25. Impressivo! I have just managed to get my trainers on after a wee break - but after moving to Nairobi the altitude is killing me! Looking forward to being able to do long runs again!Well done -both of you-cheerleading is super important!

  26. In USATF races I've done, you can finish first (or place) but you can't "win" the race if you violate the rules, like running with music. So, even though the woman finished first, she may not have a valid spot when all is said and done. The top two finishers in a midwest marathon lost their awards that way.

    Congratulations to your husband on his finish, and without the assistance of music!

  27. Great job to your hubby!!! He did a great job!

    I think I'd struggle to run a marathon without music. I see a lot of races say that people competing for WINNING can't use them but other people can. I'd have been annoyed too.