Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thriving on Routine! Running, Motherhood, Life!

Sitting here after a shower, kids in bed, buzzing with that runner's high that you get from pushing yourself hard.  
Happily tired! And so glad that school has begun and we are all on a schedule around here!  I'm that kind of person.  I do so much better with routine! At least right now.  

Something about school starting again and settling into a routine that has made me really excited about training more seriously again.  Tonight I did a workout from week 15 of a 20 week half-marathon plan.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I have not been following this plan very well.  In fact, I've only done a handful of workouts from it over the last 15 weeks.  Considering my fitness level and lack of dedication to training, I am very pleased with my workout tonight. Since it was in the high 90's today, it was a little too hot for me to do this workout outside so I went to the gym and hit the dreadmill.  

1 mile warm-up
2x 2k @ Half marathon pace (I did 7:03 pace for this workout)
3 min active recovery
1 x 1 mile @ 6:44
3 min active recovery
1x 1k @ 6:22/6:30 pace (started at 6:22 pace and then slowed to 6:30 pace after about .3)
3 min active recovery
1x800 supposed to be 3k pace but I wimped out and did 6:58 pace.  So tired!
1 mile cool down.

Total mileage was only about 7 miles but dang I feel good!  Good enough to feel like I earned this as I type this post:

At this point I don't have a goal for my half marathon in October.  I want to have fun, run hard and enjoy meeting up with Girlfriends!  I don't think it will be the half marathon that I try to break 1:30.  I'd be happy with a 7:15/7:30 pace but I think I have it in me to run faster.  We shall see.  My best friend Jenny is doing it with me so this makes me really excited.  She's the reason why I met Waylon! 

This week has been a reminder of why I love being a mother!  It has affirmed my decision to be a SAHM and, for the first time in a few weeks, I have felt like I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing...being a mother!  Thank you for school!  For routine!  Having my oldest daughter in school all day is not only good for her but it is proving to be good for all of us.  The energy has changed so much. I have time to THINK!  I'm inspired again!  

Today, I actually had a moment to pick up one of my books on literacy instruction (one of my greatest passions) and read about teaching kids to write poetry.  And I SAT DOWN to read it.  My younger two play so well together and there has been NO fighting!!  I even have alone time with my middle daughter when my son naps.  Today we even went to the zoo by 9:30 and practically had the place to ourselves.  I strapped them in the double jogger and I jogged from animal to animal and then let them out at each stop.  We saw SO much and still made it home in time for nap and picking up my oldest daughter.  This would NOT have been nearly as easy or fun with all three kids together!  

And when my oldest daughter comes home, I have plenty of energy to focus on her! Since the other kids have had attention all day, this works well for everyone. She's also a kid that thrives on routine so by the time she comes home, she is so much more enjoyable to be around! It is a win, win, win situation!  

Artsy Fartsy
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, this whole art contest...some of you are rolling your eyes. I get it.  No hurt feelings.  Hey, it isn't for everyone!  But you have to go check out Lindsay's post today.  She's hilarious.  And creative!  And a fast runner!  She explains this whole thing SO much better than I do.  And with WAY less words.  Easy on the eyes.  Thanks Lindsay!  You crack me up.
So, go check Lindsay (from Chasing the Kenyans) out and read her to 10 SUAR facts that explain this picture. Lindsay, you Rock!

1.  Mom's are you happy to have school back in session or more of a routine in place if you homeschool?  
2.  Do you like having routines or a schedule for your days?  Right now I do.  However, I also find it enjoyable to have times in my life where I have NOTHING planned or expected of me.  Similar to the seasons...I'm usually ready for the season when it comes and ready to be done with it when it is time to move on to the next.  



  1. I can feel your CALM in this is refreshing. I too indulged in a post run beer, cheers to that!!

  2. Love routine. I am so glad school has started. I feel like a real person again :P

    I agree with Mel... your CALM is palpable :)

  3. yay for a great work out and a post run beer! (fat tire is a fave in our house) Isn't it crazy how the dynamic changes with just one gone? I'm so happy for school to have started and to jump into a routine. You totally reminded me I got to get on my running art project! :) you are going to rock the pants off of Girlfriends!! Need to figure out a little bloggy get together either the night before or brunch after? I'll have to figure out who is all coming...Harmony, Jess, you..???....I'll put it out there on my blog soon. It would be nice to connect more than a quick hi at the race! I'm excited...I think you are going to be one of the front runners! :)

  4. PS. Good luck to your husband this weekend!! can't wait to hear about his race. You guys are a mighty running pair!! Boston BEWARE! :)

    PSS. I really appreciate your spirit, Amanda. You have reminded me that it is okay to be quiet, reflect, calm and present in the moment. Love how you process and embrace the chaos and the calm. I'm needing to lean more toward the calm for sure! :)

  5. I love the new picture you are using for your blog header! :D And I love this post, especially the motherhood part. When we have a baby, I plan on being a SAHM and I love hearing how much other moms love it. :)

  6. haha thanks for the shoutout. i'm glad i did a good enough job 'splaining the 'contest'. i was thinking i didn't say enough! :)

    i've wanted to break a 1:30 half for a couple years now... you'll probably beat me to it seeing how i'm still only running 2 miles ;)

  7. OK-yes of course the first thing I will comment on is that kick A$$ run that you should STILL be smiling about this morning. Nice job girl! I bet you felt REALLY good about that and you deserved that FAT tire AND a bag a chips:)

    You sound great in this post-relaxed, refreshed, happy! No doubt you WERE meant to be a mother! You're a great one:)

    I love routine. I am the most efficient when I'm working full time, all of the kids have their activities on a huge board in the kitchen, I've organized ALL the lunches/suppers for the week. I get a huge satisfaction out of getting it all done when I'm busy! Of course, I enjoy the down time and the lazy relaxed days too. I'm just not as productive then:)

    OK-off to work! Hope you have a wonderful day. Keep posting those workouts!

  8. Yesterday was the first real day of school at our house and all I have to say is AMEN! The kids are so much happier, I am so much happier. I love being a SAHM, I just love it more with both kids in preschool!

  9. Great workout Amanda!! You will surprise yourself on that half me! I bet you DO break 1:30 even when you think you won't:) I am also LOVING the school!!! oh's amazing haveing time with both girls at school for a few hours. I feel like my time with them is so much more quality now:) I also thrive on routine...I was thinking yesterday how God is a God of Order and how my life is most joyous and peaceful when my life has order and routine in it:)
    thanks for sharing.....I always learn so much from you.
    Love you!

  10. I'm glad they are back in school and we are on a schedule again. I've already scoped out the calendar and I see they have day off the last week of September and I'm already worried about how it's going to throw off my new "me" schedule ;-) about May, I will be craving sleeping in again and wanting them available for hikes and camping and fun and will count down the days until we can be schedule free again.

  11. Green with envy about your workout. Nice!

    Routine: hate it. I really do my best to keep pushing the edge further and that is difficult to do if I let routine take over life. To each their own ~ as they say.

    In the immortal words of Yoda: Fast you are.

  12. I had to see a picture of a delicious Fat Tire while I am at work at 10 am. Thanks a lot! Now I will be daydreaming of that all day! :)

    Nice run! You deserved that Fat Tire!

    I might be the only person not happy about back to school because traffic on my morning commute has been insane this week! Between the University and the high school nearby it has been a nightmare! I want summer traffic back!

  13. Great post and yes I LOVE routine. I always love breaks and vacations but seriously thrive on getting back to routine!

  14. Nice splits on the run! 7:30 pace? Nah, you've got 7:15 or better in you!

    I am so happy to have routine back in our lives with school. Sometimes I feel a wee bit guilty for saying that, but I too am a better mama when I have that chunk of productive time in my life!

  15. I think you will so break 1:30 and if not still do amazing! :) You know I read that beer is the perfect recovery drink! :) Thank you so much for your kind words last night. It means a lot. I am very sad I won't get to meet you in October. :(

  16. I definitely need a routine. For sure. It's been great having everyone back in school. For my sanity and theirs! Still way too hot here...

    Sounds like you are in a great place in life. Enjoy!

  17. Sounds like your first week back is going like a dream. I'm a routine person too and can understand how much you like it.

  18. Great run and great post. :) I crave routine... I really enjoy the freedom of summer and i Love having my kids home, but I do also love how the days flow when we have school and a more strict schedule.

    the art contest is cracking me up! Love it!!!

  19. I don't have kids, but I do like to have routines. They keep me anchored. I lay in bed every morning and plan my day--what I wear to work, what I'll do for lunch, and what I hope to accomplish that day. It keeps me sane!

  20. That looked like a pretty good workout especially in the heat.

  21. I've been all at work on my art contest picture. Haha. So not my thing...thanks for dragging me out of my little comfort zone. :)

    I LOVE when my kids are back in school, even though it means that I, too, am back in school. I NEED the routine. I don't do well without something to fit things around. Otherwise small things just spread like liquid on the floor and take up every available space.

  22. I can feel the excitement and - yet- the peacefulness in this post. So happy you are really enjoying yourself. Great run too, Amanda. Serious hard work.

    Routine...I am not sure i know how to do one at home yet. I know i need to plan better for it. We haven't started school yet. But we will before October. I know it will go well, but i need time to prepare.

    Thanks for the three comments today. You made me laugh. :D ...I DO have eyeballs glowing at me whenever i run. Usually deer or house cats, though.

    have a great weekend!!

  23. You sound much more peaceful...good to hear this and happy that your mom time is so much more enjoyable now that one is at school and you can focus on each individual better. You're the best mom EVER!

    Your running is coming along great, no need to stress about it, you're heart is in the training for Boston, now it just maintenance - and enjoyment!

    Have a great weekend...hope the hubs does awesome!!

  24. Amazing workout! I am so excited for fall beer :)

  25. So glad you are feeling more grounded and positive! And just for the record...surviving the day buys you at least one frosty cold one - your work surely merits two. :)