Monday, September 5, 2011

Where's the RUNNING Runninghood?!

Truth be told, I've bee pretty darn lazy lately when it comes to running.  Ever since my marathons in June and July, I've been taking it pretty easy.  Only running when I feel like it, enjoying LOTS of not-so-good-for-me food, and just enjoying summer.  I did run Hood-to-Coast but it was all for fun so I didn't do much to train specifically for it.  I just kept my base up and threw in a few workouts here and there.  It helped that there were a few opportunities for me to race on the track.  So, what's on my running agenda?  How long will the laziness and lack of motivation continue?  Not sure but here is a bit of running talk for those of you that have asked:

June 4th
Newport Marathon.  3:30:17.  Totally hit the wall.  Hard core! Could barely hold on to the last 6 miles.  It was hot, I took off too fast or some might consider it brave and ballsy or taking a risk. I think it was a little of both.  Didn't meet my goal of 3:15 and swore I would never run a marathon again!

Yes, I do have my gels in my bra!  Hey, those speed shorts don't have a lot of  room.  

Jenn sent me a 26.2 tat!  I should have known that it wasn't a good sign that the temp at 5:30 a.m was already in the 70's. 

I was starting to hurt here and think "WTH was I thinking?!!"  My husband and son cheering me on helped greatly!

July 4th
Sauvie Island Marathon. 3:24.  Yep, that "I'll never run a marathon again" thing didn't last too long! I was planning my next one several hours after the Newport was done. Ran this one with my husband Waylon.  He had never run a marathon and said he would never run one.  Then he read Born To Run, fell in love with running and jumped in a marathon while he was only training for a 5k.  My only goal was to run a progressive race.  I wanted to see what it felt like to finish strong and start slow. Felt great the entire time!  

Mile 26. So happy!

Best Running Partner!

3:24 for his first and not trained!  So proud of him!

Rest of July
Very little running.  After a week or two off, I starting playing around on the track to see how I was with a little speed.  I jumped in a track race and ran the 2 mile in 13:09, 1 mile in 6:09 and then did some other races for fun.  This was not racing all out but it did give me the confidence to think that I still have some speed potential.  

Jumped in this track 10k race.  Big mistake.  It was a race that was also a 10 mile track relay where teams of two do 400 meters at a time and then pass off.  I showed up thinking there would be more people for the 10 k.  Nope.  Instead, it was like this hidden track where all of these hard core, Lululemon wearing, buff, fast chicks (and some dudes) with racing flats and short shorts were there to get a KICK BUTT workout.  So there I of five people running the 10k on the same track that the relay was going on.  Only female.  Horrible idea!!  So not good for the mental case in me.  Imagine running a 10k on a track with people flying by you the entire time.  And no support for the 10k runners.  Was really lame.  I almost quit.  Stopped and tried to talk myself out of it but my husband wasn't letting me off easily. Apparently, he didn't want to hear me bitch for days on end about how I shouldn't have quit. Ha! I went back and finished the race in around 7 min miles (first mile was a 6:30 and then I lost my mojo).  I couldn't wait to be done!!  Because I stopped, my time was totally butchered too.  Bummed that that time is with my name but it was my fault.  After the race, a guy said "Good Job!  You were the first place woman in the 10k!"  I wanted to punch something.  Ha!  I was the ONLY woman in the 10k dude!  And I ran at least 5 minutes slower than my 10k PR.  It was a learning experience.  

And an excuse to keep being lazy.

End of August
Hood To Coast!  This was fun!  All of my runs were a low 7 min average.  I ran several sub 7 min miles and right around 7:15 felt like a pace that I could run for a long time.  This made me happy!  

Where I am at now?
Still being pretty lazy.  I have a half marathon coming up in October.  The Girlfriend's Half.  I know several of you who are running it.  At this point, it is too late for a serious training plan for this race.  Part of me wants to start training more seriously for the next 5 or 6 weeks or so and see what happens but the other part of me is just really enjoying not having something to train for right now.  I've been taking workouts from my Brain Training book here and there but nothing consistent.  I take lots of days off and find it really really easy to just stop a workout short or run slower than the workout called for just because I didn't feel like it.  

But if I stick to the plan then I'd be starting week 15 of a 20 week plan.  Today will probably be a 14 mile progression run with the first mile being at recovery pace and the last one hopefully just under 7 min pace.  

Can you tell I'm having a hard time committing to anything right now?  I've been having way too much fun with my cross training:  traveling, concerts, happy hours, jumping on the trampoline, etc.  
Red Rocks  Concert in Colorado

Dave Matthews at the Gorge Amphitheater

Music and Beer with my man

What is after October?
I have nothing planned except maintaining a base and gearing up for some hard core marathon training starting in January.  I'll be training for Boston and I hope that my husband will be training with me.  We won't be able to do much together because of the kids but it would be great to have him training at the same time and to be able to encourage each other.  Suggestions about what I should be doing between October and January are welcome.  I think it will be a good time to do some strength training, cross training, and just keeping up with my base.  

So, there you have it!  For those of you that were wondering where the running part of Runninghood went, there it is! This should balance out my past few posts about putting your artist hats on, defining yourself, and thinking about what your gifts are!  

This and That
1.  I've heard from a few of you that have said that you are working on an art idea (simple art!! and fun!) for the art contest.  I hope to see some soon but you do have until the end of September for those of you that need some time to put those creative juices to the test.  Please think about participating if you haven't!  So many options since there are really no rules!  It can be funny, motivational, serious, big, small, colorful, useful....whatever.  If anything, it will be worth a good laugh.  

2.  My husband has his marathon next weekend.  He is hoping to qualify for Boston with a sub 3:10.  Please send all your positive vibes, prayers, running mojo, or whatever you've got!  I'm so excited for him!  He's been training so hard and I think he has a GREAT chance of doing this!!

3.  I know that a lot of my recent posts have been pretty reflective and harder to respond to but I do want you to know that I have been getting a lot out of your responses and thoughts about self-definement, your gifts, artistic expression, etc.  Your comments are part of my reflective process!  Thank you!  

Off to attempt a 14 mile progression run.  Starting at recovery pace and hoping to make my last mile fast!  Then organizing my daughters' clothes for the big day back to school tomorrow!  What's new with you?  What have you done this weekend?  



  1. Wow, good luck to the husband... I'm sure he can do it with his first marathon time. You guys are a sporty couple for sure!
    I didn't join the art contest because I'm a loser :(
    But I think it's a great idea!

  2. Cant wait to see how your run goes today! You are one amazing lady. I sure hope I get to hug you in Vancouver :)

  3. Sounds like what you are doing is just *perfect*. Good luck to Waylon in his upcoming marathon!

  4. Hey, nothing wrong with being lazy. You ran 2 marathons 2 weeks apart. That takes a lot out of a person mentally and physically.

    Just my opinion - I would not jump into higher mileage for your October half. The risk of injury is highest when you stop running or run low and inconsistent miles, and then ramp up quickly on both speed and intensity.

    As far as October-January? I say enjoy it and build up your base, so that when you start your plan in January you are not burned out, but also you are ready physically!

  5. If this is you lazy...then count me in!! Good luck to your hubs! You're kids have amazing genes!

  6. I think two marathons in a matter of weeks means that you should be ready for a good long rest. Just run for fun for the moment - it won't be long till you have to ramp it all up again. Good luck to Waylon for his BQ attempt. He's going to do great!

  7. I hardly think your lazy just because you're taking a little break from heavy running. I've said it before but you ran your fastest 5K, 10K, HM, and marathon in a few years during your last training cycle. Worthy of a little break sista:) Selfishly, I'm excited for you to start training again though.

    Yes, careful with the mileage and intensity increase. Recipe for disaster at times even if you CAN do it, it may not be in the best interest of your body. 10% rule:) I'm not your mother, just sound like it...

    October to January-I like your plan. I'm really planning to take a little cutback during that time and train for some shorter distance and get my body back in shape here. I can run but I'm getting laughed out of the gym by my buddies as of late-ha!

    Super run today girl. 7:09 is really good for mile 12 after not running distance for awhile. Proud of you. Hope your enjoying a beer with your man right now.

    Speaking of that-I hope Waylon smokes it. Best of luck from the Strands. We'll all be rooting for him!!!!!

  8. you're not your. Dammit. I always do that

  9. Considering the age of your three children, I'd say you had a pretty action-packed summer. Most young moms can't cram that much marathoning into one season. Kudos to you!

  10. Girl, you are an inspiration to me even when you're taking it easy with the running! :) I would love to be able to run 7:15 min/miles! I'll keep dreaming of them and maybe some day my body will catch up.

    It sounds like you may have been/still are in need of some mental and emotional space after two summer marathons - one of which was a total doozy. Maybe you need an easy fall to be able to tack training for Boston with gusto in the winter.

    Good luck to Waylon!

  11. I'm reading along, enjoying every word, grateful the "art project" wasn't appearing anywhere and we were talking RUNNING!!! Then all of a sudden, WHAMMMM, there is was - art. Well Missy, I don't have any Crayons so I can't partake in that little project, so let's just talk about more MAYBE, perhaps, you'd like to NOT train for a marathon and come to Carlsbad and enjoy a little girls' weekend and do the Carlsbad Marathon with Meg and I?!? You could run along side me and find out what it's like to run slow, and we'd just laugh and cry and you'd get to hear me whine about how out of shape I got over the past 2 years!! How cool would that be!! Think about it, we'd have a blast with Meg.

    Anyhoo, I hope Waylon has a fantastic marathon! I think he is part bionic super machine and will knock that BQ right out the door...would be so much fun for you guys to run Boston together! Finger's crossed.

    When I first got so injured I couldn't train for anything, I was majorly depressed - it just wasn't what I am made of. But in time, it really felt pretty good to get up each day and do whatever I wanted (or in my case, whatever my foot wanted) and it actually felt liberating in a way. The mind needs a break more than the body does, to heal and give us the space we need so that when we DO come back and start training, we are that much more hungry for it!!

    Happy Labor Day!!! :)

  12. Good luck to your hubby! A 3:24 with no training seems pretty amazing. I'd bet that if he steps up to the line healthy he's in a great place to break 3:10.

  13. You and your husband are so cute together! You are so speedy and he is so amazing for jumping from a 5k to a marathon! WOW!

  14. great post A! I agree with careful. I am learning about what I CAN do and what I SHOULD do. I am still wondering if I am perhaps running too fast right now...trying to go by feel but it's hard to hold back:):)
    I hope we can run together soon....I am still on BASE mile running til NOVEMBER!!! the next 2 mos is nothing but miles and miles and miles....easy miles...slow miles:( and no speedwork. boo. SO...lets relax together and then HOPEFULLY I will be joining you on marathon training in January!!! I also want to find some 5K and 10K's this fall. call me this week! xx

  15. and p.s I totally think WAylon is gonna do it!!!

  16. You're awesome, and your picture is just simply beautiful. You've got me mentally preparing myself to run a 10 miler this week. And your hubby is going to qualify for Boston! It's a done deal :)

    And I think you've done enough hard running this summer-now have some fun!

  17. Go, Waylon! get that sub 3:10 :) I think he can do it for sure!

    Okay... the art game... I wasn't sure how long we had... end of the month... I think I can muster some creative something to play along :)

    Taking your running as you are sounds so smart. Don't get burned out... be super fresh and prepped for Boston. You will ROCK it!

    I have this silly half next month that I am not ready for. I can finish it but not the way I want, oh well. C'est la vie :) And I think I might train for a late spring marathon... thinking Avenue of the Giants. But we'll see.

  18. Great post! And as said above, it seems you are doing great ... still damn fast even in your lazy days :)

    And I have to repeat, I am in love with that new picture, I am considering printing it out and putting it on my fridge for a motivation ... weird?

    Good luck to your husband, pretty amazing result 3:24 with no training! You are going to Boston together :)

  19. loved this

    and good luck to waylon!

  20. He will get that sub 3:10!! PS I absolutely LOVE that picture of you two together for the relay race. I think it is GREAT that you took off from serious training for a little while, your body needed it. PS I knew that you would sign up for another marathon ASAP:)

  21. I love your new header pic!! So awesome!! Hope the run went well!!

  22. Good luck to your hubby! Love your new header!

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  24. Awww good luck to your hubby! That is such an ambitious time goal but he has proved that he is capable.

    You both are amazing runners and incredibly inspiring.