Friday, September 30, 2011

Your Turn! What Piece Jumps Out and Grabs You?! Cast Your "Votes"!

It's the moment so many of you have been waiting for!  The end to Runninghood's talk of setting your inner child-like artist free!  And the time to share with you all of the creative entries! Okay, so I will most likely continue to share samples of my running journal, personal journals, and occasional vision collages.  And I will continue to share with you how being in touch with my creative side helps me in other areas of my life.  But I probably won't be doing anymore art contests where I ask you to get all artsy fartsy and child like.  Ha, huge sigh of relief to be heard in blog land.   

Even though there were not a ton of people that participated, this was a lot of fun!  I really didn't expect many people to get involved and that is OKAY!  This was all supposed to be fun.  And it was a way to get in touch with my creative side and to encourage you to do the same.  I'm a big believer in the process of just letting yourself create sometimes...without expectations or judgments of "I'm not an artist, I can't draw, I'm not creative." A simple activity like this can change our energy and give us new focus on other things in our life.  When we create, we are using a different part of our mind that we might not otherwise "fire up".   Almost all of the people that participated in this exercise, wrote to me telling me that they had fun or that it was energizing.  This made it all worth it!  

For those that didn't read my contest rules, guidelines, etc., I included some details below.  For more information, you can see the post: It's a Contest!  Getting Back to Basics! Let Loose the Child-like Artist Within and Play Along!

How This Contest Works:
Since this is a blog mostly about Running and Motherhood, I'm going to make that the focus here.  And I'm going to make it easy.  Basically, I want you, you, you and YOU to take out your crayons, cardboard boxes, scissors, pencils, clay, mud...whatever you have to create with (keep it as simple as you want.  Pencil and paper is fine!!).  To participate in this contest you will be able to choose how you want to create.  Here are some ideas:

  • pencil and paper sketch (stick figures are preferred)
  • comic strip
  • diorama (this could be funny!)
  • clay or play dough
  • window art
  • painting
  • one of those flip books that you can do with post-it know, the kind where you draw a stick figure on each edge in the same place and when you flip, it will look like it is moving?  
  • Rock Scene for those of you that remember my rock art.  
WHAT are you creating, you ask??  You have 3 options to choose from:
  1. If you are a runner and a blogger then you know who SUAR is.  Who doesn't?  And if you are a runner and not familiar with blogs, you really should go check out SUAR's blog.  SUAR = Shut Up And Run.  Google it if you are curious and not familiar with the blog world.  As most of you know, SUAR's blog is never dull.  Anything but.  Shocking at times, funny, raunchy maybe, inspiring, etc.  She's quite the character and so she makes a great candidate for this art project.  Your job is to create a piece of art (picture, sculpture, comic strip, diorama, etc) that represents Beth from SUAR.  Maybe it is a scene from a story she has told...pooping, farting, wearing her green bikini or one of the many many images you might have in your head.  She's told some great stories so even if you don't know of SUAR's blog, it would be easy to go to, read for a few minutes and come away with an awesome idea for this creation. 
  2. More Running or Athletic Art! Create a piece of art that inspires you to run, dance, or do what you do. A piece that reminds you of a story from your life as a runner/athlete. Maybe art that represents a race you are proud of or where something crazy happened, etc. Or a collage that helps you focus. 
  3. Mothers!  MOthers who prefer to do some motherhood art instead of running...this one is for you.  What mother out there doesn't have a funny, crazy, or endearing image or scene in their heads when they think of a day in the life of raising kids? Or who doesn't have a memory of their own mother? I'm sure you could come up with a piece of art that shows something we can all relate tearing up the house, fighting, the exasperated mother, torn up houses, kids saying really embarrassing things in front of our friends or people we want to impress (this would make a good comic strip or diorama), spills, etc.  Oh, and there are the good things too.  You know, the hugs, cuddles, family vacations, and all the more peaceful moments of motherhood.  

Now it is your turn!  Some things about the contest changed but I still need your help in selecting a winner.  As you peruse the "art" samples below and read their descriptions, please notice which one "speaks to you the most"!  You know, which piece resonates with you or jumps out at you.  Maybe it makes you laugh, think, cry, or think about something in a new way.  Maybe you like what the "artist" has to say or their piece made your day a little brighter.  Perhaps their piece puts a huge smile on your face or makes you stop reflect.  Or maybe you just love that the artist didn't take themselves too seriously!  Whatever your reason, please comment and tell me what your favorite piece or pieces are. For whatever reason.  The art that gets the most "attention",  "focus" or "votes"  via comments will win!  I will contact you about your art prize at that time. Voting will stay open for a week (Friday, October 7th) so feel free to send your friends and readers over to comment for your piece or another piece that they like. 

Thank you to all that participated!

Here They Are!  Enjoy:

Chris, from C2Iowa, was the first to submit an "art" piece.  It made me happy to know that someone was going to participate in this thing!  This is what Chris had to say about his drawing that he did while waiting for the doctor:
"I was sitting in the doctors office the other day bored - you know how it is - and I just started to doodle and remembered that you wanted some pics. So, here it is. I am not very good at it, but that is pretty much how I see myself running every morning along the fields.  Kinda fun." 

This lovely piece is from Raina at Small Town Runner.  I will link the post that tells of her inspiration for this can see that HERE.  Raina writes this about her art:
"I used scrap booking paper, a gift bag cut-out and glitter to represent the first 20 miler I did after injury and before Boston. It was a magical run. Physically demanding, mentally challenging, and spiritually amazing. I kept visualizing a cross on top of the mountains in the distance, asking myself if I could get there. I had so much doubt about my race until that day, but i felt like I had ridden on the wings of angels afterwards."

Alicia, who just started a blog this week called The Year Before The Year,  sent me this SUAR piece with a message that explained it:  

"Here is my creation from Beth's blog. It is regards to when she ran Boston and read her daughters school homework after the race. As a mother who drags her kids to races and the gym all the time, I sure hope they feel the same way her daughter felt about her. Seeing her run the race and thinking, "go mom, go!" That post brought tears to my eyes!"  
When I found out she didn't have a blog, I asked her to tell me more about herself, she shared this: 

"I am a military spouse and mother to two girls, 10 and 6. I am not a fast runner, but I run. We have lived everywhere from Germany to Hawaii to Arizona. Right now we are in San Antonio. 
Like I said, I am not fast, but I run and I do it for me. Most of the time, I use running to talk through all my emotions. Like right now, running is helping me cope with the fact my husband will be deploying to Iraq for a year. I like to stay strong for my kids, so the trails and streets are the ones that absorb my tears and anger. 
I also use running to set an example for my girls. I work hard, set goals, and let my determination and strength pay off. Last year I ran my first marathon with my sister--our kids were able to watch is finish. The entire time, in my mind, all I could think about was my little one hugging me at the end. 
I really do admire every mom who has decided to run, it really is inspiring and powerful!"  

Please go check out her blog and welcome her to blog land!

This hilarious SUAR rendition is called SUAR In Shorty Shorts by Jenn@ Running Sane She writes: 
"Now, I'm pretty sure even though Beth hasn't posted any pictures, that she has a pair of these denim hottie shorts in her closet:) Not sure about the pink furry phone but I just thought it added a nice touch. And although I looked HARD through the box of Barbies under the stairs, I could find NO Barbie sized wine bottle so coffee it is....(For the record Mattel, if you're going to give her double D's and a 12 inch waist, at least give her a bottle so Ken can take advantage of her.....)
Also, Beth, I am apologizing now as I see even though I only gave you coffee, you somehow put your shoes on backwards. Understandable.

Harmony, from Keep On Keeping On, sent me this still life that holds some big meaning behind it.  Every Thursday, or many Thursdays, Harmony writes her Thirsty Thursday posts where she shares her heart in relation to her faith.  She always gives me things to think about.  Here is what she says about this piece: 

" is from my Thirsty Thursday post and how I want to view myself as Christ does.  I titled it FREEDOM.  So thankful for the free gift of forgiveness and freedom from the Muddy junk" that distracts me from where I want to go...RUNNING the whole way!"

Julie, fromThe Finish Line Diaries, tried out two sample of art.  The one above is her second try but you can go to her post and see her first one and her creating process!  She says: "

I have MANY creative friends around me.  I don't consider myself one of them.  

But one night I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd give it a shot...

I have several blank canvases laying around that I've picked up from Michael's on sale for when I want to wing an 'art project' with the kids.  Go HERE to read more!

Kathy, from Just Keep Running sent me this simple but awesome pen and paper sketch.  She says: 
"Better late than never - you said simple and I think this qualifies! :)  Fun to just sit down and doodle."

This one, done by Super Kate, was the only piece submitted for just the motherhood category.   Talk about  SUPER Woman!  Kate is hardcore with all of the stuff she does.  Her weekends are filled with trail running, mountain biking, adventure racing, and so much more!  This picture represents something all of us mothers will eventually face when our kids grow up.  Thank you Kate!

Okay, so to get the full story on this one you really must visit Katie at Will Race For Carbs and see her entire post and series of pictures that explain her SUAR scene called "Racing With SUAR"!  She's awesome!  Thanks for participating Katie.  You rock! This is what she says before her series of pictures :
"Here is a comic strip of sorts (minus the KAPOWs and SHAZAMs).  It is my "artistic" interpretation of what running a race against SUAR (Beth at Shut Up And Run) would be like."

This creation is from Julie at Tri-ing to be Athletic.  This was inspired by her first impression of SUAR when she saw Beth in a swimsuit with her underwear hanging out.  Sexy!!  

Lindsay, from Chasing The Kenyans, came up with this hilarious picture to go along with her list: 10 Things I Know About SUAR.  You really must go see her entire post but here is her list she included:ten things you will learn about suar from studying this piece:

  1. she wants to have dean karzanseznesy's babies (who can really spell that without googling. it's like matthew mconohognayhey)
  2. she spent a good chunk of 2010 in a boot
  3. which forced her to get her cardio workouts at the pool
  4. sometimes in a bathing suit that was see-through
  5. often with the geriatric's water aerobic class (she has a different name for this group)
  6. she has a one-eyed, three-legged dog named lucky
  7. her mouth is dirtier than a sailor's
  8. as a social worker, she knows her way around the system. she puts the kids to work with their toothbrushes when she isn't grooming sam for his role as the next hugh hefner
  9. scientists try to blame greenhouse gases on cows, but the real #1 contributor of nitrous oxide is suar
  10. she may not have an ass that will swallow up a g-string, but up top, uh, two bee stings*,**
So, what are you waiting for?  What piece or pieces of art do you "like" the most??


  1. This is hard! There are so many great ones. Jenn's is absolutely hilarious and was my first choice until I saw Raina's and bust in tears! It speaks to me on so many level and touches my soul. My vote is for hers. Thank you for doing this Amanda. Its going to be fun to see it all play out.

  2. It's funny that mine was the only one that was totally unrelated to running since 99.7% of my blog is totally unrelated to parenting. :) It just happened that we were going through the moving out process when your contest posted, and it was very much in my mind.

    I liked Chris's picture. I doodle circles and crosshatches. Clearly I need to step up my doodle game. Also, being as I'm apparently the only person in the world who doesn't follow SUAR's blog (why? I don't know. Clearly I'm missing out on some major laughs) I need to get over there and remedy that situation.

  3. Yeah, why don't I know who SUAR is either? better get over there.
    anyway...I am a very spiritually minded person by nature so the one that touches me the most is Raina's. I love her story behind it. I have had runs like that and can relate. I think that The Lord plays such a strong roll in my journey of running as well so my vote is for RAINA. thanks RAina, it's beautiful!

  4. I think Katie's is hilarious and so creative, and I love love love Kathy's... It's so simple but gets to the heart of my love for running somehow. I just can't choose between the two!

  5. Gotta go with Julie's SUAR stick figure with panties hanging out and all! This is funny and a bit immature, like something we'd draw on the bus before Junior High track meets.

    That blog is outrageous-but in a good way:)

  6. Love to see everyone getting creative. Great effort on everyone's part. My favorite is Chasing the Kenyans because I always love a top 10 list!

  7. I vote for Raina's!!! And the motherhood entry one alreay wins her category ;)

    Obv you saved the BEST entry for last :)

  8. I have to go with C2Iowa--I know exactly how that feels, running past the corn fields out in the middle of nowhere. Plus, I love the picture!

  9. Raina! No question for me. No question.

  10. I liked them ALL!!!
    But...I loved Raina's.

  11. I like Chris' from C2Iowa. It really stands out to me. I should have participated but have been too bogged down with work this month. I wanted to paint something!! :-(

  12. loved Kathy's fits so well with the SUAR motto...

    but they are all amazing!!! I am a big SUAR fan so was able to appreciate all those connections

    I applaud the idea...wish I had the creativity...

  13. I vote for C2!!!
    Though, Jenn's was absolutely HILARIOUS!
    Really I want to vote for all of them, because anyone who has guts to participate in an art submission deserves a special medal of courage.

  14. I was describing you to my husband on our run yesterday and 'creativity, energy, teacher, and talent' were all words I used (along with swagina for your text!! he he!)

    This looks like such a therapeutic exercise! Love Chris get back to nature drawing and Jenn's SUAR creation is stellar!

  15. Grr, this is hard. For me, it is between Jenn and Lindsay. Can't decide. Can each get a vote????

  16. I love Lindsay's, it pretty much sums up SUAR!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Lindsay's piece had me giggling, though all of the entries were AWESOME, laughter is rare in my life, so Lindsay's top 10 takes my vote!
    I am not a runner, but somehow got sucked into this running/cycling/swimmimg blogosphere after stumbling upon Misty's blog which took me to BDD's blog, which took me to Matty and Heather'd blogs, which just kept the ball rolling and I am hooked at reading of the exploits of M.A.N.Y!
    And SUAR's blog is a must-read! If you haven't been there yet, do yourself a favor and go NOW!

  19. C2Iowa!! He's going to be my pacer in the corn fields next year, I must vote for him!

  20. Some made me smile some made me laugh but I would pick the first one and the reminded me of some of my runs....when I just want to go out there and rest my mind, it seems very peaceful, reflecting on the sun, fields and what ever may pop into ones mind.

    Next time I am joining in and designing some thing !!

  21. this is so awesome! i wanted to submit, but just never got around to making the time for it :-\ maybe another time!

    i love them all. i really do.

    i think i would "vote" for raina's if i had to pick just one. it just sort of grabbed me when i saw it. i love the trumpeting angel. makes me smile.

    i love how you inspire such creativity in all of us, amanda!!!

  22. I vote for Harmony's. It's simple and I relate to her with what she wrote regarding Thirsty Thursday. Plus running is a time of refreshing for me just as water refreshes my body, running refreshes my soul.