Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Your World Through the Eyes of a Child

My Challenge for us all today:
May we all find something in the world around us and look at it as a child would.  
With wonder, 

The discovery of these lentils sprouting was reason enough for a 
6:20 a.m.
Singing with delight
Wake up call for Mommy!  

But the joy in seeing her joy at the magic of LIFE,
the simple sprouting of a seed,
an experiment unfolding,
Such a sweet way to wake up.  

Today won't be hard to find beauty and see the world like a child.  It is already almost 60 degrees and our entire sky is brilliant with blue.  This is so rare for Portland, Oregon!  I plan on savoring every minute of it.  

Oh, race report is coming soon!  Still processing.   I'm hoping to find some quiet time later today.  

Happy Tuesday!  Look around you.  Be wide-eyed with wonder and notice something that you might otherwise pass by.  Be child-like today!



  1. Isn't today just perfect and gorgeous, Amanda??!!!!! I'm so excited for this weather that my friend and I have been planning for a week to pick just the right day to play hookie and go hiking in the gorge. Today IS THAT DAY!! WOOT!

    I promise to look through the eyes of a child today and witness all of God's glory among the wilderness of our hike!

  2. These seeds are beautiful, aren't they? My kids LOVE planting seeds too.

    I love this assignment Amanda. I am on it!
    It was 41F here this morning and foggy!! How did you get 6Of?

  3. oh my gosh, loving the weather today. Thinking I'm going to have to take a drive up the Gorge. Too few days like this. Looking through child like eyes today, amanda. Thanks!

  4. Great way to look at things. You are always so darn inspiring!!

    My day began listening to my little one read a Jan Brett book, a family favorite. Love the sound of her voice as she works through the words.

  5. You are always making me think Amanda! I love the way my kiddos see the world and this was a good reminder to, right now, enjoy that!

  6. Love how kids get so excited about simple, yet amazing things! Happy Tuesday to you!

  7. Great post! Thanks for the reminder I really needed it today.

  8. We should laugh as much as they do as well!!!! Ever notice how much they laugh?

  9. You are so inspiring my friend. The weather is gorgeous in Spokane also. I can't wait to get home from work and take my pups for a walk in the park. Can't wait to read your race recap...I am working on mine tonight.

  10. Great idea! We enjoyed the wonderful weather last night and took the kids to a pumpkin patch. Talk about seeing things the way a kid does! I was giddier than them!

  11. The seedlings are so pretty! My daughter and I tried to grow some seeds from a leftover failed biology project she did ... but we didn't have any more luck than her biology project. It was really fun planting them though....next time we'll water them and see if that helps! :)

    Enjoy your gorgeous day! A bit chilly here in Denverland - only 55 and it's 2pm. burrr.

  12. Umm Yes, it snowed here today. Perfect day for me to look through the eyes of a child as many children actually enjoy snow....

    So sweet though, I love seeing my kids eyes light up over things I sometimes take for granted. What a great start to the day!!

    Excited to read your race report and hear your "processings". You ran a really great race!! One you should be quite proud of:)

  13. Thank you for this lovely reminder! I'm so focused these days on slowing down. I'm tired of "rushing." When we rush, we miss following our natural rhythm. And I think that's what my kids do for me. The days when we don't have to be anywhere at a certain time and we don't RUSH, I notice I can totally stop and see the world through my children's eyes. It's really cool. I aspire to live like this every day. AND...now I want to sprout lentil seeds, too!

  14. I love this post. And I will be taking it on. :-)

    Enjoy your beautiful weather!!

  15. We as adults, complicate life, don't we? Children are simple. The way they look at things. No stress. You inspire me so much. Stop, slow down, smell the roses.

    It's a gorgeous day out! It would have been a great hiking day. A hike up Multnomah Falls would be amazing!

  16. I wish I was living in Portland Oregon right now. Our temps here in S. AZ are still in the 90's. :(
    Love the post!

  17. it was a BEAUTIFUL day today!!!!!!!! warm wind...colorful leaves. amazing!. I love How Erika gets excited at the simplest thing. So important to remember what it was like to see the world like a child. thanks for the reminder. you help keep me grounded. xx

  18. This blog made me think of the Christmases long ago when the kids were little - how the glitter and sparkle and excitement came rushing back. Kids give such a wonderful perspective. I'm loving watching my baby great niece embrace new experiences. I think I'm almost ready for grandkids.

  19. SO excited for the race report. Girl, I am glad the weather is good right now in Portland:) You are such a talented writer and I always look forward to what you have to say!

  20. oh the post race processing...hope that it is treating you well and that no matter the outcome of your race that you still are feeling speedy and insightful.

    wish we were having portland weather today. cloudy, 40 mph winds, rainy, gloomy grey. but the sun will come out eventually and i think that it may be a sign for me to stay indoors and be productive with my time for once!

  21. Well said. Love being roused by a child with a new discovery, your post reminded me of the dill worms we watched hatch to butterflies this summer. *ahhh* Thanks for the reminder that everything IS amazing!

  22. Love this! Thank you! Having a case of the blahs and this made me smile. Kids get home in 20 minutes and I will do my best to see the world through their eyes.