Friday, January 13, 2012

Two Year Old BOY. No Wonder I Run.

I don't know how many times I've tried to sneak a few minutes this week to write down some of my thoughts in a coherent post.  But just as I start to get a flow going and get some of that Runninghood mojo flowin', my writing wheels come to a screeching halt by 

full of life, 
ready to take on the world, 


penis grabbing, 
potty mouth,
gum swiping (and swallowing),
lipstick borrowing,

Yep, that would be lipstick (MY Lipstick) on his face.

too smart for his own good,
flash of 


He starts his day with a BANG and he doesn't slow down until he crashes somewhere. Or into something.  This is usually at night but since his nap boycott, we've found him once or twice passed out...almost as if he were frozen in his action. 

Gosh, I love this little guy.

So Tired.  

And Humbled Daily by this child that seems to push every last button and tap into every last bit of energy that I have.  This two-year old boy train is a way different ride than the two-year old girl train was.  And combining it with the four-year old emotional girl train...well, woooo weeee!  I need my marathon training just to keep me SANE.  But it really isn't working because on any given day, I'm pretty CRAZY.  
Pulling my hair out.
THAT MOM with crap all over her face and shirt,
You know, the one that can't control her kid in the store.
The mom that is basically wearing a sign that says "Do as I say not as I Do" since she is yelling at her kid to stop yelling and use an inside voice. 

The mom that has obviously run out of tricks about a week ago or just too tired to use them and now just tries desperately to convince her toddler and everyone else that she really is the one in control even if she doesn't believe it. 
Yep, that's me. 

But life is still good.  Just busy.  My bundle of boy blesses me greatly and, as all my children do, teaches me about myself and all the riches that life has to offer.  I wouldn't trade my days with him for all the money in the world. 

I love you my sweet boy.   Thank you for adding color to my life.  You are a blessing.  

This was my bear when I was a little girl.  

On a running note, things are still on the slow side since I'm trying to go easy until my abdominal and hamstring strains are better.  I ran 50 miles this week and took today off completely so hopefully tomorrow's long run will go well. I did have a fairly strong threshold workout this week and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself running faster than I thought without pain.  Wahoo! For now, I've been logging my workouts in my running journal.  I've been pretty emotional lately and it has been nice to just keep my training and my feelings in a personal place until I can figure out something like Running Ahead or Daily Mile without it turning into another form of social media or more reasons to be on the computer.  Less computer time is better for me so for now my running journal is serving me well.  I will post training on here too.  

  • I hope to get back to 60-70 miles per week either next week or the week after depending on how my strains heal up.  
  • I want to take more time for strength work.  Definitely core work like planks, push-ups, scissors, etc.  but also some leg and arm work. 
  • Trying to balance outside running with treadmill.  If the weather continues to be as lovely as it has been, I won't have a problem with this.  
  • I am really regretting the trip to the grocery store last night.  Note to self:  Next time you need tampons at 10:00 at night you should probably send your husband.  A tired, hungry, hormonal, PMS laden woman has NO business in a quiet kid-free grocery store.  She will surely come home with more than just a box of tampons.  She might just bring home a large bag of salt and vinegar potato chips, some Twix bars, gummy bears and cheetos (crunchy of course) and she will probably eat almost every last bit of them before bed and then feel like crap the next day.  Pretty sure that this is NOT the kind of fueling and recovery Raina was talking about in THIS GREAT POST.  

More on running next time.  

Yesterday was a sunshine, blue skies, Colorado-feelin', happy feet kind of day for a run.  

I found a new hill for short hill sprints if I ever pick those up like my plan calls for.  



  1. Can I tell you how much I loved the pics of your boy in this post?! He seems to have an awesome personality. You are an awesome mom and crazy busy! Keep up the awesome work. You are so motivating!

  2. Hangin' out with you on the Crazy Two-Year Old Train! LOL

    He is awesome!

    I am so happy for you that you are able to train through your strains :) Yay, Amanda!

  3. your boy looks so sweet and can tell he's a handful by the twinkle in his eye! Your descriptions of motherhood are always so spot on - I so often feel like the mother yelling at her kids not to yell. I also like to pretend like I'm in control even when it's super clear to anyone in the near vicinity that I am so not...ah motherhood! :) yes...we for sure need running!

  4. Could you please bottle some of Sam's energy and send it over here? I'll pay the freight charges.

    Laughed at the bit about the grocery store PMS trip. Hey, if you need a little binge once in a while, who are we to judge. Let the guiltless party cast the first stone. It certainly won't be coming from my direction.

  5. I loved this post and your pictures! I have a two year old as well. She is sweet, smart, stubborn, full of energy and can throw a tantrum like the best of them. Sometimes I feel at such a loss for lack of control I have over her emotional outbursts. And yes, I can totally relate to being that mom in the store. Glad I'm not alone in battling the toddler train:)

  6. Absolutely love the pics of your little guy! Your post brought back so many memories of those 2 yr old days! Hang in there mama, you're doing great....and just wait till the 6 yr train comes to town! ;)

  7. Ahhhh....children. Gotta love them!
    Your mileage is incredible! I'm happy to get in 40 miles for Boston training. :) Love keeping up with you.
    Our weather is taking a turn this had been sunny, 45 and beautiful...we are headed to 20s and snow. Should make for an interesting long run tomorrow.

  8. Your boy sounds like a pistol! Once when I was checking out at the grocery store with my overactive 2-3 year old daughter (she's 20 now), an older lady behind looked at me and said, "that's why young people have children, because you can keep up with them".

  9. he is too cute! my nephew is 2 and he got into some mascara...and even knew to put it on his eyes!! (thank goodness he didn't poke his eye!)

    im glad youre still training and feeling ok

  10. he sounds like he could be a handful! eating avocado, not something you expect a kid to do. he is a cutie though.

  11. oh, how I can relate to this post (the kid, the grocery store.... pretty much the whole thing....)

  12. He sounds like he packs a ton of personality into that cute little body! You are doing great balancing momhood and running.

    Yahoo for pain-free miles! I'm sure you haven't missed a beat.

  13. Oh, that pic with the teddy bear is adorable! I love kids with personality! And being a mom of a boy, I know how boys are. Though having 3 kids, well, that I can only imagine. And dang, eating avocado and bananas! Good job, mom!

  14. I miss that little imp. He has a bit of the Nick in him! My boys were shot from pistols too...I have no idea what it might be like to have a little girl. We have been having lots of fun with Legos though, keeps them occupied and focused!

    Looks like you are doing very well with running and getting healed up from the mystery injuries. Can't wait to see how things continue to shape up for you!

    I can identify with the lady buying the chips...I LOVE salt and vinegar chips too- my favorite.

    Thanks for the shout out :)

  15. I understand your pain. I have a crazy 2 year old girl, which is easier than a crazy 2 year old boy, but I also have a 7 month old baby girl, but thankfully my toddler's nap boycott ended after only 2 weeks so at least I am getting some more time to do things.

    I hope you heal soon and good luck with your training! Keep us posted whenever you can about your progress.

  16. cherish every day with your kids...before you know it they are all grown up! my girls are 9 and 14. i miss the little girl days. :) really great week of running!

  17. I have *three* of them. I get it. And they are NOT mellow. AT ALL. Age three has not been any easier than age two either. Damn. Can not WAIT until the youngest two are old enough to swim (fingers crossed that they want to) so they can put that energy into something productive! instead of destructive!!!

    LMAO at your grocery store trip. It took every fiber of my being not to tear into the white chocolate macadamia nut cookie dough I've had in the fridge over the past week. Craving junk bigtime!!! I wanted the dough and not the cookies!!!! Didn't want to risk salmonella though almost a week before my marathon. That would have SUCKED.

  18. your grocery trip sounds like most of mine. why i always go to trader joes after a run i don't know, but man we sure do get some weird objects then!

    your son is awesome! what a creative little soul, must learn from his mama.

  19. I can so relate to this post with my 2 yo daughter... it's exhausting, but is also what keeps me running. :) Too funny that he would crash out in the middle of his play!

  20. I wanna climb into my computer and kiss him! especially in those little boxers-too cute!

    My boy was pretty subdued. Not the excitement of this one but I had a girl who cut up her clothes and painted the handles on all the dressers with nailpolish to make up for him.....Laughing at him passing out in action. I used to always find Reese sleeping in her closet or with her legs hanging out from under the couch or behind the TV after probably trying to electrocute herself with the cords....

    Hope you had a great pain free run today!

  21. The description of your little guy reminds me so much of my own - and he is now 12. But I remember those exhausting days well! I like to think of it as "cross training!"

  22. Love the avocado - he is adorable! I think little boys are the best...I don't have babies of my own, but I have five nephews which I claim as my own (and which my husband and I "borrow" for the weekends - those days are full of energy, that's for sure! I thought about you last Saturday...I did the Disney Half with my Dad. I got emotional during the race when I thought of how much of a blessing it was to be getting to do that with him. I thought of you and how you feel your Dad when you run and it just really got to me. We aren't naturally very athletic and did the race just for fun and to get to spend the time together. I realize how fortunate I am to get to do that and my realization is partly due to you sharing your story, so thank you. Just wanted you to know!

  23. It's hard to be Wonderwoman all the time, isn't it? I don't mean that by the fact you try to be too much, just that as moms, we are constantly doing 500,000 things at once. Exhausting. But dang, he sure is cute! :) I hope you keep him!! :)

    Sorry about the strains but good that you are listening and adjusting accordingly (like you wouldn't). I'm in awe of your mileage and hope your strains stay away so you can keep bumping up safely! Enjoy your long run, peace and quiet time to yourself without the aisles of crap food calling out your name!!

  24. boys are definitely different than girls!! what an awesome little boy it looks like you have!! Your training is inspiring, amanda. keep it up.

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