Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good and Bad but Thankful

1.  Good News:
I actually made time to read a book just for fun.  It had nothing to do with running and it wasn't to learn about something.  I read it just to enjoy a good story.  OH, and because it was our book club book (not always a good enough reason for me to find the time to read fiction lately since my book club is cool like that if I don't read the book).  But the biggest reason that I made myself read this book is because the author is coming to our book club for dinner, conversation and book signing.  

More good news is that I liked this book and it made me grow and think.  

Cathy Lamb (the author) is coming to our book club TONIGHT.  In fact, she's there RIGHT NOW.  And I'm NOT.  I'm home with sick kids and no hubby to help.  Sad to miss out.  

2.  Good News:  
Training seems to be going really well.  I've already run 36 of my 70-75 miles for this week.  Yesterday was my first day in this plan to have a speed workout that isn't a tempo/threshold run.  I ran five 1200's with a total of 11 miles.  My splits were 6:19 pace for the first four and 6:15 pace for the last one. I jogged a 400m active recover between each 1200.  On Saturday I will run in a 30k race and use it as a training run with 12 of the miles at marathon pace or around there.  Looking forward to it.  

Bad News:  
All of my running this week has been on the Treadmill in my garage.  I almost poked my eyes out today  while running 15 miles on that thing.  I ended up taking several small breaks to help get kids involved in new activities, take care of my sick daughter, put my son down for a nap, and post a facebook status on Runninghood about my eye-poking treadmill fun before I decided to stop whining and get the job done.  I'm so very thankful for that treadmill though.  I couldn't do these miles without it.  

3.  Good News:
I've been having a really great past couple of days with my kids.  God has given me an incredible amount of patience and love...more than usual...and I've been enjoying having all three of my kids home.  We've done some fun crafts, cuddled lots on the couch, and read lots of books.  

Bad News: 
The reason it has been so low key around here and my kids have all been home is because they are sick.  

4. Bad News:
My roses from Valentine's Day were wilting.  

Good News:
I used the flower petals for some fun flower art.  This activity provided peace and quiet for at least 5 minutes.  

5. Bad News:
I've been eating way too many of the wrong kind of calories lately.  Just stuffing my face. All the freaking time!  It is ridiculous and I must get it under control by getting back on track in eating lots of good carbs, veggies, and good fats!  

Good News:  
A lot of the stuff I've been eating has been really delicious and baked with love.  Two of my friends brought "food gifts" this week. Homemade bread and red velvet cupcakes.  A perfect week for it too since my husband was out of town and my kids have been sick.  

Things I'm Thankful for:

  • Girlfriends.  The close kind.  The kind that you can trust.  The kind that are there for you.  The kind that accept you and love you for who you are.  The kind that you can laugh with.  The new ones that feel like old ones.  Even the ones that you've never physically "met" before but still feel like you've known them always.  
  • Training is on track for a really great marathon. 
  • Going to the beach this weekend for a night with good friends.  
  • My 30k this weekend.  Even though I'm not racing it, it will be fun to be in a race atmosphere.  
  • Hearing "I love you Mama" many times this week.  It feels good to be needed and loved.  
  • Art and creativity coming back into our daily routine.
  • Having a treadmill.
  • Not being in a rush to be anywhere but where I'm at in life.  I'm happy.  

What are some of your Bad News/Good News statements?  Or what are some things you are thankful for today?  



  1. Good and bad have been coming at us in waves lately. Or maybe buckets is a better description. Any given day it feels like either a bucket of victory Gatorade on the coach's shoulders, or a bucket of straight poo. What a ride!

    And I agree, we can't control the good or the bad but we can master the thankfulness.


  2. What a great post! Love the format:)
    I feel for you on the TM all week part...that is just no fun:( even if the weather is crappy,it's still nice to get some fresh air.

    I wish I hadn't worked tonight, I would have watched your sweet babies so you could go to book club,i'm sorry:(

    I am with you on the food! I've been eating so much "stuff" and not good stuff either and I seem to want a BIG snack at 10pm every night before bed!! ugh.

    your workout was AWESOME and you're gonna do SO great in Boston, I'm excited for you! I am excited to spend the first half of saturday with you and glad I can cheer you on for loops 2 and 3 of your 30k:)

    I am also thankful for good friends...YOU being one of them! such a blessing in my life!
    Love you!!

  3. I really hope the kids are feeling better soon. There's nothing worse than having a house full of them - except maybe having a house full and being sick yourself. Stay healthy.

  4. your perspective on things is always so nice and refreshing!

    I've been thankful for my husband being my gym partner so that I can stick with my workout plan. :) :)

  5. Nice list! Let's see, mine would read something like:

    Bad News: There is a constant barrage of viruses attacking my family.

    Good News: I'm still as sassy as ever. ;)

    Good luck with your 30K!

  6. Good news...I am loving my new job at the running store.
    Bad news...My husband is away this week as well and the kids are on vacation. We just got a foot of snow and can't make our scheduled trek to Boston.
    Honestly if that is the worst of it then I have nothing to complain about .
    Sorry the kids are sick. My 5 year old has been sick the entire weekend. It is so draining.

  7. Funny bc I have been eating a lot lately wonder the scale shows that, LOL.
    Bad news: snowing here
    Good news: easy run, so snow should not be an issue.
    Hope the kiddies feel better. Amazing to me how much you can run on the TM. You are doing awesome. Yes, great marathon!

  8. Great perspective you hold on life. Something to cherish.

  9. Well at least you have a nice balance of good things and bad things. I totally feel for you, for not being able to go out at night because of an awol hubby!

    It's fine during the day, but at night there should be some relief from parenting duties.

    Mom's Home Run

  10. Love that you can see both sides of things. When it is tough, there is always the silver lining. Sometimes having the kids home sick really does make us slow down...but after a couple days of it, I am chomping at the bit.

    Adding that book to my list!

  11. I love how you always see the positive in everything! I need to do more of that. I know that you aren't racing this weekend, but good luck! It will be a great workout before Boston. I hope that your kiddos get to feeling better and I am sorry you missed out on your book club. :(

  12. ah I hope your kiddos are better soon. That pic of them sleeping on the couch a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.! I bet they are SO happy to be at home with you.
    Being thankful for what is being given to you each day is the best way to move through the day - thankyou for the reminder.

  13. Great list! It's all about perspective: sick kids, garage treadmills, etc.

    Good luck on the 30k! That is actually one of my favorite distances-I think there should be more of them! Go rock it!

  14. Life is filled with the ups and the downs...thankfully, life is still good :).

    Sorry about the sicky kids...had one home yesterday myself (but mine are older and are much more self-sufficient). Glad God gave you some more patience this week, sounds like you needed it! Hope they feel better soon!

    I find when I run long on the treadmill, I MUST break up the miles somehow...hills, intervals, walk breaks, ANYTHING! Hope you get back out on the road here soon!

    Miss ya!!

  15. So so sorry to hear your kids have been sick but it looks like you are making the best of it. Awesome training as always and the craft project looks so fun. :)

    Good news: Training is right on track.

    Bad news: I woke up to 8 inches of snow this morning and have been stuck on the treadmill all week.

  16. Good things: I like your blog. You definitely have the gift of writing. I spent an hour yesterday sewing with my kiddos. Needles and thread, sewing machine and some really sad looking dolls. But it was quality time. Bad things: My elderly uncle passed away this week and we spent a week watching his slowly go. I have to give his life sketch at the funeral and now I'm wishing I had your gift of writing. I liked Ryan's comment "master the thankfulness." Hope your kids start feeling better. SO SORRY you had to miss the author. Good luck getting the rest of your miles in this week.

  17. HEY GORGEOUS!! I have absolutely loved watching you get so speedy...your 1200 splits are incredible. Bummer about having to do all your miles on the treadmill and I hope you get an outdoor run in asap with some good friends! Hope your kids get better fast too!

  18. What a sweet post! It's so helpful to look at both sides of everything... glad that you can be thankful for that treadmill (I'd love to get one!) and can enjoy your kiddos despite them all being sick. You are nailing your training, so excited for you!

  19. I really enjoyed the format of this post-- I may have to copy you one day :)

    Nice work on finishing your book club book! I am terrible and I just read the entire book for my book club for the first time this month...and then wasn't able to attend the meeting, oops!

    Anyway, I also wanted to mention that I love following a long with your training for Boston, you are so incredibly strong and fast, can't wait to see you rock the race!

  20. Great post!! Very inspirational. I can't believe you did 15 miles on a treadmill. Impressive. I did 11 once and wanted to DIE. It was so hard mentally.

    Bad: Packing to move sucks.
    Good: I can't wait to live in my new place and make new memories.

  21. You do quite an impressive volume, and on the! Glad I found your blog for some inspiration for my own heavy training!

  22. OK-finally here although I read this right away this morning! Love the post idea!! Great to read!

    Super training week as I just spewed out in email. LOVE to hear you say you're looking forward to this weekend! I'm starting to feel a real fire in you and that "take the bull by it's horns" Amanda is coming out!!

    I've been having a great week with my kids too! Ryan's team over for supper and then I went to the rink with Max on Wednesday night. He always wants me to watch him and I'm always "too busy" it seems. Felt really good to see him SO excited to have me there.

    Hope those sickies feel better soon!

    Good news-my kids are in playoffs this weekend and I'm SO excited. Potentially a big trip back to the Twin Cities finally as a family for the state tourney for Ryan!!!

    Bad news. I am out of Captain Morgan....

  23. Sorry that your kiddos are sick. :( I would love to come over and we could chill with my green cooler- I'd bring a Pyramid Hef, or Black Butte porter for you...And I might drool while you drink em.

    Book club would have been fun today too. Why does everything happen at once?

    Your kids have a great mom. They know it, too! I love to see Sam at the art easel. That is just awesome. Levi needs one and I need a TON of butcher paper.

    You are doing so well in training, Amanda. Remember where you were last year? You never thought you'd come near a 70 mile week. Look at you now!
    Very thankful to have you in my life :) Hope to see you again soon.

  24. Nice post! I think the good outweighs the bad by far. My bad is that I'm working this weekend but I'm also thankful that I have a great job. Looking at the positive side is the best to do always. The good: 10km run Saturday and 33km run Sunday with my wife supporting me on her bike for both runs. Life is good! Have a super weekend!

  25. Love this Good and Bad post!!! Pretty much sums up my life on any given day.

    Good: Last day of my next to last graduate school class! Also a rest day for me. Yay!

    Bad: House trashed as usual. Off to clean!

  26. I hope your kids feel better soon!

    I am often thankful for my treadmill -- when I'm not wanting to poke my eye out because running on it can be so monotonous, that is.

  27. bummer about the book club and sick kiddos - that's never fun!

    Love the easel - we have one too and my daughter goes to town painting on it!

    bad news, foot still not 100%. Good news - getting more of my house (interior) painted, decorated and finished the way I want it (less running = more time for such things)<--silver lining?

  28. Sounds like the Goods are winning, as they should be! :) Hope the kids are all doing better and have a great weekend at the beach/running.

  29. Well, I am super behind at reading all your posts but this one made me smile! I just love your blog style. You never brag and seem so fun and down to earth! Hope everyone is feeling better this week!

  30. Thanks for sharing the book. I'm looking for a good read during my upcoming vacation and will check this on out. Hope your kids are feeling better now!