Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recovery Days, Lucy Shorts, Marathon Plan, and Monkey Boy

Here I am on week three of my Pfitzinger plan and today is a recovery day!  After a non-stop day yesterday of trying to fit in 13 miles in addition to all my parental duties of carting kids around, running errands, doctor visits, meeting up with friends and still remembering to eat, I felt like all I did was run.  I am welcoming my measly 5 miles that I have on the schedule.  Giddy really.  And I'm extra indulging in this recovery day by not even planning on my run until this evening.  At that point I will probably go outside and just plod through it at a very slow and sweet pace and not even take my Garmin with me.  

Just a few reasons why I'm loving recovery days:

  1. More time with my kids.  Instead of heading to the gym or turning on Seasame Street so that I can fit my run in, I can spend more quality time with them  write a blog post.  
  2. I actually put on make up and wear normal clothes instead of spend my day in workout clothes and looking like crap.  On days that I have longer runs to fit in, I usually end up wearing my workout clothes for most of the day until I can fit in my runs and find time for a shower.  It's funny the look I got this morning when I dropped off my kids without running tights and a workout hat on.  
  3. More time to sleep.  I usually end up sleeping in a bit since I'm in no rush to fit in my longer runs and all the other stuff that comes with the day. 
  4. I don't feel as much pressure to go to sleep as early the night before since I don't have a ton of miles or a hard workout staring me in the face for the next day. I enjoy staying up later since that is my kid-free time.  
  5. More time in general!  More time to read for fun, catch up on blogs, have one-on-one time with my kids, talk to friends, etc.  
  6. Running slow can be so fun sometimes!  
Oh, and in addition to a recovery day today, my son slept in until almost 9.  I'm tempted to use exclamation points throughout this whole blog post today.  Can you tell I'm happy?  !!! But I'll try to use periods and save my exclamation points for most appropriate places so I don't overdo the !!!. !  This was my facebook status this morning:

"AMAZING the time I have on my hands when good ol' Sam sleeps in late.  Still sleeping.  Usually by now he's already knocked over a few chairs, spilled some water, made me pull out a few hairs, put a few dents in my table, poked some random holes in my coach cushions, crashed a few cars into his sister and serenaded us with his loud loud 2 year old voice.  Gosh, I love that little man.  But it surely has been nice having some quiet reading/breakfast time with my little girl.  Thanks little guy."

Marathon Plan
So far so good with the Pfitzinger plan.  I'm on week 3 of the 12 week plan.  Honestly, I don't think I'll ever follow a plan to a T.  But I think that is the way it should be if we are being responsive and adapting to our personal needs. Our plans are simply a framework to go from, right?  Playing my own coach means making changes as I see necessary.  The biggest reason why I switched to The Advanced Marathoning Pfitzinger plan was because I felt like I'd missed so much with my Hudson plan with my injuries, time not specifically training, etc.  I just felt lost. I wanted a fresh start to a more linear plan.  And I like the way his plan looks all typed up in his book. His book also captured my interest a bit more. I have to say that I have learned a ton through this process of reading so many books and watching running videos on youtube.  I could see being able to actually write my own plan in the future and not be so overwhelmed.  In the meantime, gosh I'm thankful for some really wise and dear friends who seem to know their stuff!  My new doctor seems pretty darn wise too and he gives plenty of advice when it comes to the training.  

Things I'm digging about this plan:
  • I can see a very linear build up of how I will get from here to where I need to be.
  • Plenty of easy long runs but a few good marathon paced runs that I think are good for me if I can find a race to use to be more successful with them.  
  • Plan seems pretty uncomplicated.  Just fitting in the mileage. However, I have to break his plan when it comes to the medium long runs longer than 11 miles because I just don't have the time to fit these runs in.  I try to do a longer run of like 10 or 11 miles with a shorter run later in the day to make up the mileage.  This will have to do.  
  • Silly little thing but I like how the weekly mileage numbers are written at the end of each column so I can see the progression without counting them up.  

Lucy Shorts
Not too long ago I received these Catch Me If You Can Lucy running shorts.  Have to say, I really do like them even though they are not a short that I would rave rave rave about. I think they are a quality item worth buying if you like them. At first I didn't know what I would think since I already had a pair of shorts that looked like this but it is clear that these are a much more quality short than the ones I own like this.  They run around $35. 
  • Great fit.  They don't bunch or blouse out around the crotch area like some shorts this style.  
  • Light and great to run in in warmer weather (like Hawaii)
  • They fit really well around the thigh...I think they are good "make your legs look good" shorts.  
  • The fabric feels good. 
  • I like the little orange Lucy tag on their clothes.  :)
  • I like that I don't have to roll the top to get the right length.  These shorts lay nicely on the top of my hips unlike my Nike tempo shorts.    
  • I would prefer more pockets.  Like maybe one more so that they would be better for racing in or going longer distances.  
  • I like the key pockets to go horizontal instead of vertical so that my keys don't dig into my leg.  

Okay, onto my day.  Gotta get to the bookstore to get a couple of books and spend some time with this little monkey of a boy of mine that is currently holding on to my back jean pockets like they are monkey bars.  Pretty sure my butt crack is showing as I stand in a sort of chair position to brace myself as I type on the kitchen counter.  He's really swinging now....These are expensive jeans so I better go so he doesn't rip the pockets off. Weeeeee...

  1. Random here but anyone know the author Cathy Lamb?  Just found out that she will be coming to our next book club.  This means I really must find time to read her new book.  
  2. Are you as excited about recovery days as I am? 
  3. Anyone have any good 2 year old boy stories for me to make my child look more normal??  



  1. I hope your pants pocket survived :-)

    I am intrigued by your new training plan. I am going to have to look it up sometime. I still don't know if my body could handle super high mileage like you have been putting in, but you never know until you try.

    I also think that training plans are meant to be guidelines. When I was trying for CIM I made zero deviations in my workouts or the days to complete then. This time around I am already swapping dates and workouts. Hopefully it doesn't come back to bite me in the butt!

    I am meeting with a "potential" coach tonight. I say "potential" because I am pretty sure my husband will say no. Actually he already did say no....but, I am still meeting with the guy because I am intrigued at what he has to say. We shall see!

  2. I end up rolling the tops of most of my running shorts down. I really don't like fabric near my belly button.

  3. love your post - going to look up that marathon training plan. As for making your son sound normal, I think that you're going to find that we all have stories like yours :D

  4. As usual... reading this makes me miss running. But it also gets me ridiculously excited to get BACK into it.

    5 weeks to go till baby!! :-)

  5. I agree-- as much as I like wearing workout clothes, it's nice to start the day dressed in real clothes for a change. :) Recovery days are a nice treat. I don't follow a plan to a T either, I like feeling like I"m still in control! And my 2 yo daughter sounds just like your son, she's suddenly demanding a lot more attention and creativity to keep the meltdowns at bay, and sometimes they still come... hoping this is a short stage!

  6. Sounds like our little guy - except we're lucky if he sleeps until 5:)

    Cute shorts - I prefer low riders also.

  7. Love recovery days! They totally make the hard training worth it and it is so nice just enjoy the passion of running without the pressure.

    Have a great day Amanda!

  8. Yay for little ones sleeping in! I'm so glad you're enjoying Pfitz and a recovery day.
    Great point about the key pocket. One can never have too many pockets on running gear IMO.

  9. I think your smart to adapt the training plan to your life - being married to the plan is a sure way to get hurt or burned out!

    I love Lucy clothes - I don't have any shorts, but I have lots of shirts and capris - love them and great quality!

  10. I am laughing still at the last few lines of this post. Oh what it woudl be like to have a BOY. I guess I will never know. never had brothers even or my dad in my home...grew up with AlL girls so it's fitting I have 2 of my own. I would be lost with a boy! when I visit my sister, her 4yr old can wear me out in no time..but he is so cute. I do have a soft spot for boys:)
    Training plan is a guidline yes! John has had to re-arrange mine a few times too b/c of all the crap that keeps coming up. it's a bit ridiculous really.
    I wish you were closer b/c I have 4 more easy miles tonight too! actually...I should come out ther eand we can run slow in the dark together!!! would be so fun! are doing great! I love you!

  11. Gald you were able to switch it up and find a plan that works a bit better for you. Hudson's plans can be tricky because they have such a long cycle and bulk. Plans throw me off and I'm opting out of holding myself to a concrete plan these days, only intuitive running with daily adaptions based on what my body needs. It feels so stink amazing to train like this where there are only a few key workouts that I'm hell bent on fitting in during this cycle.

    Fingers crossed that when I have kids they sleep in until 9!

  12. LOVE recovery days. And honestly - the simplicity of the Pfitz worked for me really well. I love the marathon paced runs - they are hard but work and still allow for enough recovery. Basically with the Pfitz you can just do what he says and get on with your life I find. Nice one.

    As for boys - girlfriend - we ALL have those stories. And girl stories - I have an 11 year old who's been going on 45 (think Marge's unmarried sisters) since she was 2. Over a beer or two one day...

  13. I love to say we're all an experiment of one and if the new plan works best for you then that's what to go with! I hope you stay injury free and have tons of healthy miles to Boston! :)

  14. I'm really proud of myself because I'm on the third week of my 50K plan without missing a run yet...something that's unprecedented for me, especially when this plan has this 3x week runner (at best!) running 5x week. Of course, it's the easy weeks I'm succeeding at, but I have to celebrate it while I'm still being consistent.

    Little boy stories...ummm...between the ages of 1 and 4, my two older boys were at the ER for head injuries (stitches, possible broken nose) a total of 5 times. Also, every time we walked into our house, they'd strip off all their close and run around naked. I'm sure there are many, many more funny stories, but I'm tired and not remembering any right now.

    I like those shorts!

  15. I can't remember the time that my boys were awake before me. As I type the 18 yo is still asleep and it's just after midday. I think the transition happens around puberty so maybe Sam's showing signs of early development ;)

  16. You do what you have to do to fit your training in. You fit your training into your life, not your life into your training, as it should be.

    Oh, boys! Love 'em! Good thing little S let you have some free time. Ahh!

    Glad all is going well Amanda! Can't believe I will see you gals soon! Excited!

  17. Yesterday I ran an easy 3.5 recovery and it was WONDERFUL! It's so easy to get caught up in big numbers and going for a quick easy run every once in a while works wonders!

    I love it when they sleep in or take long naps. My usually not so great napper actually slept for 2 solid hours today and I was able to get so much done! (Apparently, it made me want to use a lot of exclamation points too!)

  18. You are such a great mom and such a smart athlete! I'll be you do pretty amazingly in the Big One :) Can't wait to see you do it!

  19. My son is 4....he does the same exact stuff as your 2 year old... :-)

    I have a love.hate relationship with recovery days. I love to move!

    I feel the same way about being in workout clothes everyday. When I wear jeans and a non race top, my hubby always wants to know " why are you so dressed up today" great... :-)

  20. "blouse out in the crotch area" This is exactly what I mean and can't explain half the time. Now, I have a way to explain it:)

    I'm glad you've found a plan that you mesh with! I'm just excited to have NO plan. NO plan at all-ha ha! Also glad you're getting some great training advice from your doc. You're doing great fitting in your runs. Family first always and you've always had a great handle on that!

    Also, I'm way over the top with exclamation points even when they're not called for AND smiley faces:) I'm working on this!!!! Hope you had a great recovery run:)

  21. Can you put up a picture because I don't remember what regular clothes or make up look like

  22. Great job following your plan Amanda!! I know this is challenging - following rules, etc, but a framework is nice :) You know when to adjust and will do what's necessary for family and sanity. I am super pumped to see how you do if you follow it all the way through. Which you better. Or I am sending Nicole over to your place with a tazer.

    So...I have no idea what it would be like to have girls! Only boys. Let me tell you there are many many days i need to just duck and cover! Battle gear helps. Should I send a nerf gun to Samuel? or just wait til my next visit and show him how to use it?? Levi can cock one with his little teeth. Watch out! It gets fun!!

  23. Yes I LOVE rest days (sometimes) and others I feel like I'm cheating. Though lately 2/3 rest days are boot camp / cross training days so the actual day off in my week is nice.

    Sorry no crazy 2 year old boy story but I have a crazy 2 year old girl who has become obsessed with trying to back flip off our couch, and whenever she hugs me jumps in the air and hangs from my neck, so you are not alone. :)

  24. I used to feel like a bum on recovery days, but as I get older and wiser...(ok just older!!) I find that they are necessary because of the necessary balance of stress vs. rest.

    Just the fact that you like your training plan sets you up to be more successful! Keep getting after it! :)

  25. You're so right about rolling shorts' waistbands - I have to do that on every pair to get the fit right. I don't want them pressing into my bladder while I run (misery!) and I don't like when they ride up if the waist is too wimpy. I always have to fold.
    I keep thinking I should buy Pfitinger book. A lot of the good runners I know use his plans! Right now, I am doing what I always do: guiltily staring at a plan I printed out that I have not followed at all. II've gotten so lax compared to my early running days, when my training plan was law.

  26. I could tell you a LOT of stories about my son when he was two. But you already know what I mean so I won't write another epic comment on your blog.

    I am glad you like recovery days. I like them too. The lack of Garmin, just keeps the joy in it and makes the fast hard and/or long ones more fun when you do have to tackle them. I don't trust people who don't like these kinds of runs. :^)

  27. Glad to hear how happy and dedicated you are! One quick note concerning the "longish" runs over 10 miles. I am working with a coach and he says that you need the long runs to be done "in one", the mid-week longish runs can be split in two phases and they still have same impact on your training. So don't worry about that!

    Enjoy your training, you are so so fast, I hope to get there some day :)

  28. I like recovery days after having a hard block of weekend workouts. Nothing feels better than running easy. I run recovery runs so slow that I don't exactly look forward to them but know how important they are so that I can run fast on my workout days.

    Looks Like Pfitz is fitting your fancy! Great work!