Friday, February 17, 2012

Silence that is GREEN, Motherhood Reflections, and Week 4 of Boston Training

Not even sure I can imagine silence anymore.  When my kids aren't talking loudly, asking me questions, or creating noise of one kind or another, my head is usually loud enough with my own thoughts to keep me from even recognizing silence when I do have it.  I really should make more of an effort to just...
With Silence.  
This would mean getting up extra early for some morning meditation.  Or turning everything off at night and just sitting for a bit with myself before I fall asleep. Silence is most definitely not going to be found around here during the day. I'm certain this practice of BEING with silence would be good for me to start.  After Boston.  Until then...

Here's another kind of silence that I'm lovin' as of today:

The Green Silence by Brooks

I've been wanting a nice light shoe to use for shorter races like the 10k and 5k.  It has taken me forever to get a pair since I've been content just racing in my Brooks Launch but after hearing about these shoes from several friends, I finally ordered a pair.  It was hard deciding on a color because they come in some really cool designs!  I went with the baby blue but I'm sure this won't be my only pair.  My first thoughts when ordering these was that if they didn't work out for a racing shoe, they would surely make a great addition to my wardrobe and look cute with jeans, shorts, capris and even a sporty dress!  You can read all about these shoes on the Brooks Running website.  You can also read more about them by reading the excellent review of them on RunBlogger.  I can't write a very good review of these shoes at this time since I've only run in them once.  My initial thoughts:
  • I like that they are a "Green" shoe and are made with recycled materials.
  • They felt great in my tempo run today.  I ran a total of 6 miles in them and then switched back to my Launches just to make sure I wasn't overdoing it on my first time in them.
  • They are only 6.9 oz
  • I think they will make a good racing flat for 10k and under or even up to the half marathon perhaps.  The review that Pete from RunBlogger did says that he would give them a thumbs up for a marathon even.  
  • They are so CUTE.  I know, not the biggest reason to buy a shoe but with this shoe fashion meets function.  I might have to break the rules and wear these out sometimes when I'm NOT running.  Shhh, is that allowed?  If anything, I'll just have to replace them sooner.  
  • They look unique with the way the laces tie
Here's what Brooks has to say about them on their site:

"Make an eco-statement with the Green Silence racing flat. Each and every part in this fast, groundbreaking shoe has a sustainable element, including soy-based inks and recycled materials. And in this case, "green" goes hand-in-hand with the great performance you expect from Brooks. The Green Silence helps you take responsibility, and first place—with good karma to spare. Weight: 6.9 oz."

And if you're interested in seeing some of the other styles, here are just a couple:

Ooooh, I didn't even know until now that they have brown!  After these have too many miles on them for running, wouldn't they be cute with jeans?  Putting them on my wish list.  And brown is easier to keep clean than the blue that I have.
I know that this SPEEDY GIRL loves these shoes and I'm pretty sure she has this color. 
Boston Training
So far so good.  I'm recovering quite nicely from my strains that I had awhile back.  I've been eating lots of healthy (and some not healthy) food, making sure I get adequate recovery, taking time for core work (although still don't have a set routine), and really just enjoying running without OVER-thinking the whole thing.  I'm not making things any more complicated than they need to be.  Just running.  And taking care of myself and my family.  Thankful for good friends to keep me in check and help me keep things in perspective.  Here are some randoms of training:

  • I'm still having to break up my mid-distance runs that are over 11 miles.  I just don't have the time to fit in a 15 mile run in one stretch of my day but once a week I do go to the gym and do 11 miles while my little man plays in the gym daycare.  He enjoys it and it gives me a chance to fit in a longer run and still have plenty of time to be with my kiddos and feel productive as a mom, self, wife, etc.  Then later in the day I can fit in 4 more.  
  • My body is handling the mileage very well and I'm glad I decided to only do the up to 70 miles a week plan instead of shooting for higher this time.  I'm in a good spot for ME.  No doubt that I could handle higher mileage but right now I am happy to just be healthy and strong.  I'm not doing too much and I'm improving...isnt' that goal?  
  • I'm still not entirely sure of my Boston goals.  Part of me thinks I will just be content running strong and enjoying the ride without being too ambitious with my time goal.  But this could also just be the part of me that is scared to shoot too high and then fail.  If I'm ever going to see what I'm capable of, I have to get rid of the safety net.  Not sure I'm ready.  
  • I'm keeping on the weight. I always feel stronger and better about my body when I stay at 120 lbs without going under.  I'm 5'4 and weigh more than most people think I do.  If I got down to the weight that many people my height are then I would look AWFUL and not nearly as cute as they do at the same weight.  117 on me is probably the lowest I'd want to get and even that is pretty low for me.  Weight is all relative.  SO different for everyone!  I'm just personally happy to be staying solid and strong without losing weight while I increase miles!  Yay!  
  • Core work often means playing with cars while in a plank position and using funny voices to make the cars talk and crash into each other.  I'm okay with this.  It's called multi-tasking.
And since I don't keep an online training log, I thought some of you might be interested in seeing some of my training.  And some of you probably don't give two hoots.  Here is this week (week 4 of 12 in Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger).  I've been sticking pretty closely to the plan but last week I had to change some things around because of changes I made with my long run the week before. This is all part of being responsive and adaptive with training and I'm thankful that I'm learning so much about training so that I can make decisions that are best for me.  This week has been spot on for following the plan.  

Week 4:
Monday 2/13:  
Off/Rest/Nada/Zip...a good solid Mommy Day!  (20 miles on Sunday@ 8:13 pace and ending week with 68 miles)
Tues  2/14:  
13 total  A.M 9.5 on treadmill at 5:30 a.m so that I still had time to read to both of my girls' classes for Valentine's Day.  Most at 8 min pace (7.5 speed) with lots of playing around with the incline.  P.M 3.5 easy
Wed  2/15: 
15 miles total.  11 miles in morning with some .25 pick ups @ 7:14 pace for first 5ish miles.  Ran miles 6-10 @ 7:53 pace and mile 11 was 7:30ish.  In afternoon I finished with 4 miles. Not sure my avg paces when I run on the treadmill and not outside with my garmin since I'm too lazy to do the math.  
Thurs 2/16:
5 miles SLOW recovery with Nicole
Friday 2/17:
10 miles in 1:14:31 (this is with stopping the TM for 3 or 4 minutes to stretch, get my kids situated, etc. so not a true 7:27 avg since I had a couple breaks)
First 2 easy
5 mile threshold:
.25 @ 8:34 for active recovery
Finished 10 miles with last mile @ 7:24.  
Feeling STRONG

5 miles recovery
18 miles

I have some motherhood reflections coming soon. Hope to get inspired to do a blog post on managing motherhood and marathon training and ways I make it all work without losing my mind or ruining theirs. Lots on my mind as I am ramping up my training here.  What I am I talking about?  It feels like I've been training forever really.  I miss some of the motherhood magic that comes for me when I'm not focused on a serious goal.  Although I'm surely enjoying my training and having fun with it right now, I do know that I will welcome the transition that will come when Boston is over.  I'm not rushing it or wishing it away.  Just knowing that when I'm not specifically training for something, I will have more energy and inspiration to be doing some of the things with my kids that make me excited as a mom.  Like creating forts, going on more adventures around town, PAINTING and creating art, coming up with performances to perform for our family.  I'm still finding time and energy for lots of fun and memorable things but I'll tell ya, this marathon training takes a lot out of this momma!  

Hope motherhood, running, and life in general is good for you right now! Happy Friday!

1.  Have you ever heard of or tried out the Green Silence shoes?
2.  How do you balance motherhood and training so that you still feel like your doing a good job at both? What are you tricks for making it all flow? (Blog post about this coming soon).
3.  Anyone racing this weekend?  I know that Nicole from I Dream of Running is racing a 10k for a speed workout so go wish her good luck.  That girl has got some talent to go with her beauty and strength!  



  1. Wow those are some serious miles girl! Can't wait for Boston for you, I think that I may be just as excited about this marathon for you as you are!

  2. Hey there, A! Great job with the mileage this week! You are training up for a seriously fast race. It won't take too many more weeks like this to reach an amazing goal!!!

    The shoes- YES. I love the reviews I have read, but the color choice i want is the purple/yellow and they are out of my size! I hope they aren't going to discontinue. Might be a good idea to stock up. They have been out for a few years. Maybe there will be a green silence 2 soon ?

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. You are doing great. Solid head on your shoulders:)
    Weight - you absolutely look thinner than 120. But, you are ALL muscle. Nice to know what your best weight is, one at which you are fast but also strong and sexy. I would not want to be a skeleton even if that would mean a sub 3 marathon:) Solid tempo:) Solid miles:)

    Balancing training and motherhood...honestly I think I have become a very efficient person. I get work things done much quicker than other people at work. I don't dilly dally, I work at night, I focus on what I am doing. Training is important to me and I make it happen. Chris and I negotiate a lot and often tag team over the weekend and then Sunday do something as a family. The rest of the time one is with Petru and the other one working out or cleaning or cooking. I also sleep a lot - this is helping me because I feel I don't normally run out of steam. But, I only have one child who is becoming very self sufficient. I can't imagine having 3 little kiddies..

  4. Hey girl-on my phone but needed to comment right away on your workout:) Great job. Really great job and I bet you feel awesome! You're doing so well. Strong miles, strong paces, setting yourself up for a great race whatever your goal ends up being!

    I got the Green Silence too and I can't wait to try them on the TM tonight!! I wanted to try them pm my earlier run but it is mucky outside and I didn't want to wreck them just yet. Really cute shoe-hope it feels as good as it looks!

    I've never put much into a number when it comes to weight. You look fabulous right now! Super strong, thin but fit. Good to see things working out well for you in that area. I somehow ran A LOT of miles last week and gained weight...somehow? or maybe I know how-ha!

    On a sidenote, like I mentioned before I think keeping one run in the double digits like you are on the MLR days will suit you just fine. I'm often doing the same because that's what I can make work. An 11 and a 4 considering your other mileage sounds great!!

    OK-back to game! Again, great workout today! Smiled big when I saw it!

  5. I have a bit of a shoe fetish and now I want those too!!! Love to hear about your Boston training!! And so glad to hear that you have recovered from your strains! Stay healthy, stay strong!

  6. I've been really interested in the Green Silence for awhile now, but basically I'm waiting for them to go on clearance somewhere before I try them out. They are certainly cute!
    Looks like your training has been really solid! Mine? Eh. Between the sinus infection FROM CHRISTMAS that won't go away and our pathetically warm and humid winter, I've been struggling. I just can't get any speed going! The worst part is that, before Boston, I have RnR New Orleans - I don't know how I will handle it but I think no PR this time :(
    Do you think you could PR at Boston? I know it's a tough place to do it, but you have gotten LOTS of miles in!

  7. It always amazes me how far Boston seems, yet how quickly it comes up every year. I'm glad you're both enjoying the training and looking forward to the change having it behind you will bring.
    Ironically I trained more seriously when the kids were younger, making it more challenging to do so. All of my runs were done before 7am. Now that they're in school at least part of the day, I have more freedom to train, yet lower mileage seems 'right' for me at this point.

  8. So speedy! I already told you on Facebook but I love those shoes. I agree they would look really cute with jeans. Great job on the miles and long runs on the treadmill. That takes some dedication!!

  9. Can't relate to the motherhood things but I can totally relate to the silence comment.

    At some point, several years ago, my wife and her sister decided to go on a "camping" vacation with the women and kids. I came home from work to silence for a week and never turned on the tv or radio. It was very refreshing :-).

  10. I remember silence. And sometimes I crave it. So looking forward to when uni starts back and I have and empty house for a few hours each day. Then silence and I can re-acquaint ourselves.

  11. Love those shoes! so cute! racing the hearbreaker 10k in p-town. your mileage is so impressive, you rock!

  12. Boston will be great for you - a celebration of your hard work! Those shoes are great - I love that they are "green" shoes. I am partial to adidas because of the way they fit my foot and I can order them online without trying a pair on in the store.
    I hear you on the motherhood front about missing out on the stuff with the kiddos. On the weekends our lil dude has a class in the morning and I get my long run in then and then Sunday's are family days - It mostly works for us…mostly!
    Enjoy the weekend:)

  13. I really like the purple green silence shoes! I have been looking at them for months now, but unfortunately with my knee issues I don't think they would provide enough support for me. I am glad that you are liking them. I know lots of people that swear by them.

  14. I keep toying with getting those shoes, but I got the Pure Flows instead, which I love.

    I am excited for Boston, not because I get to do it, but because I have been following so many people who are training so hard for it. I can't wait to see how everyone does!

  15. look at that mileage...awesome job! such an inspiration!!

    love the shoes too! have a great rest of your weekend

  16. Great way to inspiring the Mother Runner Community. :) The Green Silence aren't my style - but I love Brooks! Balance family and training - it's sorta like a marriage. Everyone thinks it's a 50/50 relationship. Really it's 100/100. You give 100%, you get 100% back. Personally - I get up at 4:30am to get my training in before my daycare kids get here and I start home school. It works for me, but only if I get to bed by 9pm. Can't wait to hear your insights on the balance thing.

  17. great mileage Mom! I love the attitude and balance. I also think it's very healthy to go from phase to phase - "mom focus" to "training focus" - back and forth. This allows some time for you, and it also gives you the desire to be, and "do" for the kids, giving you balance throughout the year. Doing some things for "you" certainly makes you a better Mom in the end.

    as for Boston - no pressure - it's a win/win situation. If you go and "all out race it" - you will be ready. YOu have some great mileage/training and will have a great race. If you decide to scale it back and "tempo run it" - it's Boston - it's totally inspiring at any pace. Go and enjoy! This is your moment....

    my husband recently reminded me that "very few people qualify for Boston" (he was encouraging me to go back again in 2013 - I'm thinking about it)

    savor the training, savor the moment....

  18. I have a pair of Green Silence that i used for track work and some short runs before I got my PureFlows and I liked them a lot. They weren't quite right for me, but cute, light and FAST for sure.

    You are doing an awesome job with your training and I think you are going to have a great race in Boston. I hope we are able to hang out some! I am glad this training plan is working so well for you. Keep up the awesome work.

    Balancing motherhood and training is always important. I have a good balance right now but it is not easy for sure. You are a great mom!

  19. I had the original black and green Silence's when they first came out...I really do love them! And the new colors are so fun - I love choices :). Another shoe you may enjoy is the Brooks PureFlow, it's been my go-to shoe for a few weeks now, love it!

  20. My head is spinning 24/7 and I really need to practice silence and mindfulness. Any advice for beginners?

    Love the shoes!!!

  21. I do feel like it's hard to balance everything, but running actually makes it easier to give everything else the right kind of patient attention it needs (kids too!).

    I can't wait to see how you do in Boston!

  22. What a great training week! I'm always impressed with your miles... and yay for feeling strong! Love the idea of green shoes, haven't heard of those. And I look forward to your motherhood-training balance thoughts, it's tough some days!

  23. Once you have a good idea of the various features your looking for in your ideal fitness machine and have a fixed budget in mind, buying an abdominal exercise machines shouldn't be too hard.

  24. Just ordered the Brooks Green inspired by you :) Thank you for being out there! :)