Thursday, September 27, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy...An Exercise in Happiness

I know, two posts in one day.  What is happening to me?!  Must be in the mood to write.  Maybe that means that fall is setting in and it is the season for writing and reading blogs. That, and I always write more when I have the most to process or express. My friend posted today about things that she liked and things she didn't...just two simple lists but they spoke so much.  I loved the idea.  But instead, I'm just making one list of things that make me Happy...and just the process of making the list is something that makes me happy.

Things that Make me Happy:
  • Crisp fall days with blue skies, sunshine, changing colors, and kids happy to be starting fresh in school 
  • 1.5 hours all to myself two days a week where all three kids are in school at the SAME time 
  • Morning runs where I'm coming back from injury but yet I look down at my watch and see my easy pace faster than expected and feeling effortless
  • Being able to try again when we fail at something
  • Learning and growing from life...the good, bad and ugly parts
  • True Love
  • Friendship with no expectations and unconditional love
  • Seeing my kids try new things for the first time
  • Hearing my middle daughter play the piano
  • Seeing my girls score goals in their soccer games
  • My son's giggle when he is causing trouble and his most joyful laugh when we pin him to the ground and tickle him
  • A clean house
  • Coffee in the morning by myself
  • Wine with girlfriends that can just stop in without plans or only in response to a simple text of "come over" 
  • Even better...a wine date via e-mail  with your girlfriend who lives all the way in MN
  • Friends who will take you to a coffee shop just to listen and let you cry and let you just lose yourself.  And then will still be there the next day and the next to love you as you come.  
  • The same friends that won't think you're bipolar (I promise I'm not...ha!) when they come over only 4 days after the huge cry to find your face shining and smiling and hear you laughing like they remember from before. But instead they will just smile with you and be glad for you to have running in your life again to help you process and pick yourself up.   
  • Fridays
  • My husband and I looking at a house online and both agreeing that it is our dream home even though now isn't the time for it. And it probably won't be that particular house. Just nice to have the same tastes and dreams for our future.
  • The freedom to express myself with words
  • Songs that tell a story or capture an emotion so perfectly  
  • Funny people who make me laugh
  • Laughter
  • Watching my daughter fall in love with writing and reading and LEARNING.  And finding little kid notes and stories all over my house.  
  • Trees
  • Sleep
  • Waking up in the middle of the night to see my little girl so happy and peaceful in her daddy's arms...both of them with heavenly smiles on their lips, obviously so happy to be near each other.  I love this even though she woke me up when she weaseled her way up into our bed in the middle of the night.  :)  
  • Picking up my kinder from school and having her take a running jump into my arms.  I know the day will come when she won't want to do this.  I'm so glad it isn't now.  Sweet days.  
  • New possibilities and always believing in the power of making our dreams reality 
I could go on and on with this list.  Making a list like this has left me smiling. Similar to listing gratitude...such a powerful exercise in helping us change our perspective on things...or just saying THANK YOU for all that we have that is GOOD.  And when we recognize these things with gratitude and love, we almost always get more of them.  

I would love to hear a few things that you love...first few things that just pop into your head when you comment (IF you comment...I know, I know, I've been so so bad at commenting back lately so I'm surprised that anyone still reads this thing).  Love and Happiness are contagious...I love reading what people are thankful for, what makes them happy or what they love.  So, in either a comment or a post of your own.....TAG, you're it!

What makes you Happy??  First 5 things that come to your mind.

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  1. Giving 5 things that make me happy right now...
    1. even just looking at my amazing kids
    2. honest, kind friends
    3. being able to exercise
    4. emotional awareness
    5. finding that my heart contains a limitless capacity to love and an infinite amount of hope.

    1. LOVE this! Especially #5! Me too. Actually all of these I could ditto! Love your spirit Marjorie. Love it.

  2. I listed my 5 things on fb, but I just have to say I love you and everything you're made of. Your passion, mind, and heart. I so wished that I could run over to your house the other day for nothing more than a hug. I can still see your blue car parked out in front of your college house :) I would have been there in a second. I thought about you all day and then some. Glad I can hear your smile again here.

    1. Love you T! It's there. Quickly returned...too much to be happy about. Heart still hurts but the love and joy in my life helps so much and w hen I focus on that...things are so good. We still have that blue car! Hubs drives it to work. :) Special car...I consider it a gift from my dad. Was going to get rid of it but rethinking that now.

  3. First five things that come to mind...

    1. Pumpkin pancakes
    2. Surprising myself with a speed workout that I didn't think was possible
    3. Crisp air and the hint of fall colors
    4. Big, long morning hugs from my 7yo (who will be 8 in 2 days)
    5. My 11yo waking up and telling me a story she wrote in her dreams last night

    I love gratitude lists. Reminds me of a favorite quote "If the only prayer you ever say is thank you, it's enough." Your post brought a smile to my day, thank you.

    1. LOVE this! Thanks so much for sharing your happiness. It IS contagious! You paint such a wonderful picture here. Love that quote!

  4. I love how you are always so positive and can see so many good things everyday. Things that make my happy right now are:

    My precious pups
    Running that seems to be on the mend
    Close friends
    My new run club

    I really need to try and see more positive things everyday. I am so bad at that.

    1. Well, this is a start Tasha...great things to make you happy. Love that you have a new run club. Off to catch up on your blog now. xo

  5. What a happy post! I always feel better after counting my blessings. So glad you are on the mend and things are going well.

    1. cool crisp morning air
    2. kids playing with my hair
    3. autumn leaves
    4. hugs from my husband
    5. dog licking my legs after a sweaty run

    1. LOVE. I loved your post so much Jen...thanks for sharing that with us...So many should take the time to read it. Hope your heart is mending too. Love your list!

  6. I love....
    waking up in the morning and drinking my coffee outside
    farmers market on Saturday mornings
    date night with husband
    trail running carefree from the world
    weekends where anything goes!
    Thanks for this post Amanda. It's always refreshing to think of the things we love instead of the things we hate. Have a great day!

    1. Yes, I love all these things. Thank you for spreading your happy things. Makes me smile.

  7. What a great post! You just inspired me to write a quick post listing things that make me happy.

    I should have added to my list that meeting a new friends makes me happy. :)


    1. Loved reading your list Kristen...lucky you for seeing that sunset!

  8. I see bloggers frequently as well taking a hiatus for numerous reasons. To reiterate from previous posts, I LOVE your blog. Almost always, it speaks loud. There is not something in your writing that someone else can not gain from.

    I love...feeling blessed to have been raised in a healthy family environment (now my parents and sisters my best friends), being able to decompress and find meaning with running & other exercise, meeting the love of my life three years ago, being able to feel grateful that I love my job & am finally stimulated, and having the ability to travel and see other parts of the world.

    Thanks yet again Amanda. Awesome start to the weekend...

    1. Your words here mean so much to me. So much more than you know. Always nice to know that your words are appreciated and heard...they are almost always from my heart.

      Thanks for your list here. Being stimulated by what we do is so so priceless. And so are the other things you mentioned. :)

  9. 1. A fresh apple that my sweet employee brought me from her apple tree this morning.

    2. A pain free run to start my day off.

    3. Anticipation to head to Moab with friends and go hiking all weekend.

    4. Going to lunch with my Mom every Friday.

    5. Thinking about my future and the possibility of relocating. :)

    Awwww life is good! Thanks for the reminder. :):)

    1. Awesome list! Pain free run!! Yippie. Take it easy girlfriend! A 2:58 marathon is no small accomplishment...go easy for a bit. We all want to see you reach that next level. YOU INSPIRE. And can't wait to follow your life journey.

  10. 1. Reese running the mile on the track today for gym and waving WILDLY as she saw me running by during my run. Stopping to watch and seeing her charge across the field to share with me when she finished...sticking her little fingers through a wire fence to grasp mine. Seeing her face SO happy that I was there.

    2. My husband never leaving for work without walking over to my side of the bed and kissing my cheek and saying "I love you" No matter what....

    3. Starbucks Verona Roast

    4. Fall football games with friends and school spirit!

    5. Words-special words that write themselves right on my heart...

    1. Ah, love your list dear friend. Reese...mile...must know how this went!

      2. W always gives me the same kiss matter what.
      3. Love coffee
      4. Love FALL everything
      5. I agree. Just as special to give them as to receive them.

  11. My puppy.
    A good run.
    Making something delicious in the kitchen that also looks pretty.
    Hearing my middle son laugh or sing.
    Spending time with friends over a coffee or breakfast.

    1. I wish you lived closer so that something delicious could be shared with me! Love hearing my kids laugh and sing!

  12. I love your post and list. :) I have a (free!) app for my phone called "Be More Thankful". It allows you to type in a daily "I'm grateful for..." and save it. I love looking back at it when I'm feeling grumpish.
    Five things that make me happy, lately :
    1. (slightly) cooler temps
    2. Lunch dates with my boys, at their school
    3. pain-free running
    4. long, restful nights of sleep
    5. delicious finds at the Farmer's Market

    1. Love this idea for an app! Yes, "slightly" is key here when I say how much I'm loving the coolness. Pain-free running...yippie!! Farmer's Market...must go this weekend.

  13. I followed suit and posted my happy list!

  14. your whole list had me smiling. i am totally stealing this for later on but for now:
    1. running again (especially since my first one back will be with my bf)
    2. the weather
    3. date night (tonight)
    4. surprise parties (couldn’t mention it on my blog but it’s my bro in laws 30th!)
    5. the excitement of change coming

  15. I can hardly think of 5 at the moment because I have brain fog from work - but finding little kid notes with their misspellings is one of my favorites. The other day I found a paper listing the senses and taste = FROOT. Love, love, love....

  16. Hmmmm. I like this. I may have to do a blog post on it. What makes me happy in this moment is early morning runs. I often dread the alarm clock but never regret the workout.

  17. I love this! I'm definitely adding this to one of my posts next week. Thinking of what makes you happy MAKES you happy. Why not do it?

    What makes me happy right now? Running. So thankful to be injury and pain free again!

  18. "My son's giggle when he is causing trouble and his most joyful laugh when we pin him to the ground and tickle him" . I love this. This is where I am right NOW. I am enjoying seeing my kids just squirm when I catch and tickle them.

    It is so good to make time to reflect on the positive. I find that when I seek it out, it is there and multiplies.

    Thankful for understanding friends. Sorry I caught this post so late- I have not been reading much since getting "school serious".

    Also happy with leaves, cool mornings, my MIL's K cup brewer, playing outside and catching tadpoles, and spending good time with my hubby.

    Hope you are getting in some great runs. SO happy YOU are running again!