Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Must Pack Running Essentials

Moving my family across the country is a new experience for me.  I've never done anything like this really.  I mean, not counting my college adventures.  Moving when you have a family of five requires a lot more work and thought.  We have to pack light enough to fly to North Carolina but liberal enough to where we can live comfortably without the rest of our stuff for up to a month.  For me, this means my ESSENTIALS...clothes, journal, a few books, my computer, and my RUNNING things.  Running is what will make everything else in life WAY BETTER!  If you're a runner then you get this.  When I first started running, I suppose I only needed my old running shoes (that I also used for every day use) and a few t-shirts and pairs of shorts or sweat pants.  HA!  My how things have changed.  I've become such a spoiled runner.  Part of this is because I'm kind of still marathon training. I say kind of because I really am just training enough to be able to run Boston so that I don't feel like I'm going to DIE.  A marathon cannot be "fun" unless you are conditioned to run 26.2 miles.  Otherwise, it would probably be hell-like.  Anyway, moving and living in hotels for up to a month means that I need to be prepared for all sorts of runs, different kinds of weather, fueling properly, hydrating, preventing injuries (KTTape and Tiger Tail roller), and alternating shoes just because that's something I like to do.  My husband made fun of me for having a big extra bag just for running gear.  But a runner has to do what a runner has to do.  And for me, I'd rather be prepared and have packed too much than find myself wishing I would have brought more.

Some essentials to pack so that I'm prepared for the weeks leading up to Boston while being in a BIG life transition:

  • Brooks Running Shoes!  Of course.  This time I packed my Pure Cadence 2, Two pairs of Ravenna 3's, and a pair of PureFlow2's in the car that I'm still waiting to try out.  I also have my every day "run errands" shoes that are also Brooks shoes that I no longer run in.  
  • Tiger Tail massage stick.
  • Nuun
  • Nuun and Brooks visors (gotta represent!)
  • Nathan water/fuel belt for my longer runs coming up
  • Honey Stinger Gels and Waffles 
  • KTTape.  Gotta keep these legs in tact.  And oh how they are not happy some days lately.  :(  
  • Compression tights, shorts, Brooks Essential Run Vests (these are a STAPLE for me even when I'm not running!  LOVE), socks, tanks, etc. etc.  
  • Garmin (even though I'm trying to not use it as much)
  • Hats, arm warmers, calf compression sleeves, and other various accessories
So, what are YOUR Running Essentials that you would pack if you were moving far away and needed to pack for up to a month??  What's your MUST HAVE Running Gear list?  



  1. Sunglasses and sunscreen!! Love your list though. I love lists.

  2. Running shoes are definitely essential, I'm currently loving my Brooks Pure Flow. They're the originals, I'm interested to try the Pure Flow 2 once these wear out! Though I've heard some mixed reviews.

    I don't know if I could go without my Garmin for too long, I am obsessed with looking at all the numbers and data haha

    1. I tried the Pure Flow2s and didn't like them so sent them back. Now trying one more time to see if maybe it was just the day for me. I loved the original PureFlows.

  3. My Newtons, definitely my Garmin (I can't help it.), some of my favorite running skirts and compression socks.

  4. Interested to hear your take on going from Cadence to Pureflows

    Your list is spot on, I cant think of anything I would bring. Do you have the Brooks Essential Hoodie? If you dont, it is beyond awesome, I would take that with me as a staple. I am also thinking of trying the new brooks compression socks, but waiting till I hear some reviews about them

    Have a safe and fun trip

    1. I've only just started with the Cadence. I like them! So far so good. I'm not sure I'll stick with the Flow2's. Thanks for the tip about the hoodie! I will look into it!

  5. Ah-I remember trying to pack with little kids for a move just like this! It ended up being almost 90 days in a hotel for us. Geez. Our hotel turned into a HOUSE by the time we checked out!! Practically needed movers to move us out of the hotel-ha! So hard to pack light but still have all you need!!

    Running. Well, I'm not going anywhere for a month but I pack running clothes for 3 days every weekend so I'm getting a handle on what I MUST have!

    Always pack 2 pairs of shoes:) My Brooks Launch and sometimes my Ravenna's or Cadence. ALWAYS my ipod. Always my Garmin and chargers. I LOVE music while running. Don't use it in longer races but I LOVE music on my training runs. I have playlists for all my moods;) KT tape is a must for me these days. My Brooks nightlife hat. I have 4 of these now and I wear one for every run, all seasons. In the winter I throw something over my ears but still wear this hat! My Lululemon Puddle jumper jacket is my running jacket of choice lately being as it's still jacket weather here. Also LOVE the Brooks vests!! I'm still in tights at home for outdoors but I pack the Brooks Essential Capris when I travel as I wear these in anything over 30 degrees (like these a lot). Love the Brooks Versatile (suck you flat as a board) Bras and D'Lite mesh tanks for hotel treadmills and I'm still a Lululemon fan for shorts unless I have PMS (or just returned from a state tournament binge weekend) in which case I would sooner die than wear them in public. Then I resort to my trusty Nike Tempos:):)

    Good luck to you my friend!!! An extended vacation!

  6. Man, you carry lots of SHOES! Right now I'd like to pack a spare hamstring, but other than that I'm pretty basic. Shorts, shirts, bras, socks, shoes (I'd be fine with just one pair although I do work my flats in for the track), sunglasses. Sunglasses are the only fancy little extra I need.

  7. 1. Shoes: Adidas Supernova Sequences (road) & Salomon XA Comps (trail)

    2. Clothes: Socks, shorts and capris (CWX), and a variety of tops: tanks, Ts, and long sleeved. Plus a waterproof jacket, gloves, and hat.

    3. Accessories for the Run: Handheld bottle, reflective vest, Body Glide

    4. Recovery: Calf sleeves and foam roller

    That being said, when my husband and I spent 4 months traveling, I learned that I *could* get by with one pair of sneakers, my handheld, Body Glide, calf sleeves, and assorted workout gear that I also wore as "every day" wear. [I'd wear it until it was ready for the laundry, THEN wear it for a workout. Ingenious.]

  8. This post rang so true to me right ow specifically that "running makes everything else in life that much better". This is so true for me right now AND about the marathon being "fun". Boston is supposed to be "fun" running with my mom and although I'm in respectable 1/2 marathon shape, I haven yet to run anything over 14 miles since September. (20 miler scheduled for Monday though). Good luck with all the moving. Don't forget you are al in it together solemn on each other when you need it:)

  9. My running essentials are:
    Brooks shoes! Ghosts, Pure Connect and Pure Flows
    Honey stinger gels and waffles (I am obsessed with them)
    Foam roller
    Massage stick
    Compression socks


  10. Most of all my running shoes. Running clothes, I would be able to buy somewhere.


  11. I will pack the following:
    -Three shoes: Brooks Pure Cadence, Newton Distance, and my Asics Nimbus old for my Hash Runs
    -Socks, socks and more socks
    -All of my running clothes, including my favorite Nike Capris that make my butt look super
    -Cold weather running gear since I'm moving to England (oh and buy cold weather running gear since I live in Texas)
    -Garmin and HRM (which I still need to use more)
    -Running belt
    -Rape whistle my friend bought me
    -A running hat I got at a 10K, which breathes perfectly

    and I think that is it.

  12. My Sauconys...and pretty much everything else you said. Yurbuds too! Girl you are a rockstar training for Boston AND moving across country!! Yes runners understand...you've gotta have your gear!!

  13. I have a hard time packing for running just for the weekend, I can't imagine doing it for a month! Just this last weekend, I only had one long run planned while out of town and I still had an extra bag just for my running stuff.

  14. Moving stresses me out! Looks like you've got everything I could think of. We'll be gearing up for a cross country move in a few months, too... I'll have to get tips on how you survive it!

  15. Running bras are number one on the list. There is no way I'm running without these puppies being tethered to the porch.

  16. Life is always an adventure :) I'm a military brat so am used to the upheavals and change, but have now for the last 8 years stayed put. It's a little weird now to "not be moving" and I sort of miss having the changes. One of my girlfriend's who is also a military brat says that sometimes the best thing about moving is that you get to "reinvent" yourself. Not start over, but mix it up a bit :) I'm looking forward to reading about your new journey! I might need to check out those Brooks vests too ... being as that I am still in 32 degree weather, lord knows I need lots of crazy weather options!

  17. Once I traveled to a marathon and forgot my running shoes. Another time I forgot my sports bra. Both are very undesirable and have caused me to double and triple check my bag now. Safe travel and best wishes to you guys!

  18. Definitely helps to be ready to run at any opportunity :) Love your list- kind of like packing for a race.

    I suppose it's good to have a comfy blanket and a special pillow, some good tunes or games, a swimsuit, and a good raincoat so you can be outside a lot if you are living in hotels.

    Have a safe trip!!

  19. I usually pack my sneaks, Garmin and heart rate monitor, running outfits, based on the weather. I've come to learn that the rest of the country is not like here - 20minutes outside of Manhattan. Stores & Restaurants close early and they are miles and miles away. So, I usually overpack. Good luck with the move - My brother is in NC and he is absolutely lovin' it!

  20. I hope to meet in Boston :-) I have forgotten a bra before but I have sports tape in my bag so I had tape my chest down. Worked :-) hehehe Safe travels and enjoy your journey :-)

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