Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Adjusting to a New Place, Goals, Running and Boston in 5 Days!

Picking up and moving across the country with three kids in tow brings with it quite the mixed bag of emotions.  It is exhilarating, stressful and tiring.  So much work is involved.  So many decisions to make.  So many things to think about when considering places to live, schools to send our kids to, and how things work in a new place. My standards are high when it comes to my children and I have put lots of thought into finding a place to live that isn't suburbia (we wanted something different than we had at home) but that is still a fantastic community for our family.  We are slowly but surely putting down some temporary roots and it feels good to check things off the list.

All of this in the name of adventure, right? Ha!  Honestly, the major emotions right now are happiness and excitement.  I'm so glad we made this decision to see another part of the world and I'm feeling more and more settled as the days go by.  But it is kind of a roller coaster as I figure things out and get my kids adjusted to school.  I think a lot of the unsettled feelings come from just that...being unsettled.  We are still in an extended stay condo until May 7th.  Once we get into our new home and I have a chance to make it my own and have my first morning cup of coffee on my porch swing of my 1930's craftsman style home with my flower baskets and pots surrounding me as my Nora Jones streams through the screen door, I'll feel like I'm home.  Until then, I'm trying to make the best of each day.

Some big goals for me and things to remember right now:

  • Remember to focus on the things that are good and not on the things that are stressing me out. Daily Gratitude lists have been a MUST for me.  They really help when I get stressed and start worrying about things and wasting energy on things I can't control.  
  • Taking things one step at a time.  I'm not going to know all the parents, have my kids in sports/classes/and set up for play dates all in the first weeks.  Things take time.  
  • Be open minded and try not to judge too quickly.  
  • Make efforts to be social and reach out so that I can make new friends.
  • Be a tourist!  Don't rush so quickly in trying to get settled to the point that I miss out on this extended stay time where I also have the opportunity to just explore, visit new places, try new restaurants, take the kids to hot spots, etc.  
  • This is a temporary move (even though we really are in love and don't know how we will ever want to go back) so try not to put too much worry into making sure my kids are in the best of the best of the best schools.  I've got to remind myself of one of my greatest beliefs:  It's not all about WHAT YOU KNOW but that you KNOW HOW TO LEARN.  My kids can get this in many different schools.  This isn't where we will be settled forever (but then again maybe it is).  They are fortunate enough to have a mother and father that will be enriching their life in so many other ways than just what they get at public school:  family game nights, travel, enrichment activities, being in nature often, talking to them about many topics in the world, etc. etc.  
  • Give things more than one chance.  
  • Be open to LEARNING from experiences that seem bad at the time.  This happened to me recently in regards to a bad first impression I had with my daughters kinder class but it turned out to be a learning experience and I think I dealt with it in a way that will lead to a positive relationship between our family and the teacher.  I'm thankful for the way it all turned out.  And thankful that we are the kind of parents who are involved in our child's life in a balanced way without being overbearing.  
  • ENJOY This RIDE!  We are here for an adventure and that's what we are experiencing.  I'm so happy we decided to do this.  I haven't seen my husband this happy in a long long time.  And my kids seem to be thriving so far.  We have nature at our fingertips but also a city vibe that is SO FUN and right up our alley.  Asheville is a beautiful place to live...vibrant, organic, lively...  There seems to be a huge running community here.  I just need to get plugged in.  Slowly but surely. 
Random Bullet points:
  • Boston Marathon is this coming Monday!  I still can't remember my corral but I will look that up soon as I get ready to pack.  Honestly, I've been so laid back about the whole thing.  When I discovered that one of the reasons I was so sluggish and hurting towards the end of my Napa Valley training (and after) was because of low iron, I have just been devoting the last month or so to HEALING and RESTORATION.  I haven't stuck to a training plan and I've let go of big goals.  I said all along that Boston would be for fun but I hadn't expected to have such a bad race at Napa and I thought I'd be strong enough to train right up to Boston.  
  •  My main goal at Boston is to just RUN and enjoy it.  I have no specific goals other than that.  No time goal or pace strategy.  
  • My iron levels must be going up because after religiously taking iron supplements and a multivitamin for almost a month in addition to taking a good 5 days off running, I'm feeling strong again.  My left leg is still just a tad off but my body is in a place that I hardly recognize anymore.  I haven't felt this WHOLE since the middle of my Napa training. This makes me so happy.  
  • Yesterday, I had my first track workout in a loooong time.  It wasn't anything mind blowing in regards to difficulty but I was just excited to be out there in my PureFlow2s and feeling my body actually work without a limp.  I ran an 800, 1000, 1200, 1000, 800.  It was hard to hit the exact paces that my coach wrote down for me since I only had my watch and my internal clock.  ;)  After using your Garmin for so long and not having had hardly any speed work anytime soon, you just have to kind of go with how you feel.  My paces were all faster than they were written on paper (by a good 10 seconds) but I felt good and my first 800 and last 800 were the same splits.  This makes me kind of excited to do some speedier stuff this summer (maybe).  
  • I'm so excited to be in Boston.  It is one of my favorite cities and I get to see some of my favorite friends.  Not to mention having a weekend getaway with my hubby.  We need this!  I love how the entire city is just so energized during this weekend.  Third time is a charm, right?!  I think this will be my most memorable and enjoyable Boston.  I'm excited.  Did I say I was excited?  
  • I've never been so excited to drop my son off at preschool as I was yesterday when I found his new school.  I'm so so so grateful for this.  For him and for ME!  
The park down the street from our soon to be house

Felt so good to be on the track again!  And it was a hot day so I was happy to have my Nuun.  And happy to feel so good in my PureFlow2s

Exploring the waterfalls in the Pisgah National Forest

Our goal in moving here for an adventure was to live small so that we can live large (travel, exploring the east coast, etc.)  I've always wanted to live in an old home and this 1930's craftsman style home will be so fun to make my own (temporarily).  I can't wait to get flowers for the porch and enjoy the beautiful neighborhood.  It is also walk to coffee, library, restaurants, schools, etc.  I think we will be happy there.  It is pretty small though so thank Goodness for a basement and garage for extra space if we need storage, etc.  Even a place for the kids to put toys/build forts, etc.  

I'm in love with my street!  And the neighborhood houses are so fun to run by.  A running friendly neighborhood!  Some of those old homes are just gorgeous and have so much character.  

I'm really looking forward to getting settled in our new home in May, reconnecting with myself and my friends, and just finding my new ground a bit more.  Until then, I'm enjoying the present ride even if it does get scary sometimes.  I can feel myself growing and learning.  I like this.

Here's to adventures to come,


  1. I'm so excited for you and your family and your new adventure!!! Throw your hands up Amanda and enjoy that ride!!! Can't wait to hear all about Boston!! We'll be at mile 7!!

    1. You'll be at mile 7? I'll be manning a water stop at around mile 7.....not sure if we'll have a banner, but we're a bunch from Keurig to man the water stop.

      I'll look for you!

  2. You have a great attitude. Life is an adventure and we all need to enjoy it.

    I am so excited for Boston. It is my first time in the city! Enjoy your time with your hubby!

  3. your new hood looks lovely! change is always good, and it sounds like you're in a great place now physically and spiritually. i feel like boston came up so quickly, but that could also be because i'm not racing and i haven't been watching the clock. you're going to do great and no matter what the time is you're still running boston!

  4. Your new neighbourhood looks gorgeous and I'm in love with your house (I voted for that one all along). I love where you are with yourself and Boston and honestly, I say this all the time, but from your mouth to my ears, my friend. You always remind me of where I need to be and what I need to do.

  5. I was just finding myself wondering about your move and how you're doing with...all of it.

    We're working hard at keeping Monday's Boston temperatures on the lower side. As I just commented on Fancy Nancy's reply, I'll be volunteering at the water stop at ~mile 7 in Framingham, so will watch for all peeps I know(wish me luck)

    Congrats on always having such a balanced and positive attitude. I like to think maybe it will rub off on me if I keep reading :)


  6. I think we are both in wave 2 corral 4. :) I think. Hope to see you in Boston!

  7. Your new house is so cute!! I love the character it has!
    I hope that you have a super time in Boston!!!

  8. I'm so happy for you! I think the new home is so charming. I'd love to live there! Asheville sounds great. I think it's wonderful that your family has embarked on this adventure. It's right up my alley.

    Now, let's have some fun in Boston!

  9. You sound so upbeat and positive, despite the roller coaster ride you've been on! I love the line 'live small so we can live large' - we have similar goals for our family. It's not about "stuff" or size of home, etc... and by simplifying you can enjoy more of what's around you But I love that house, especially the porch. Asheville sounds like such a perfect place for your family!

  10. Some of my squad are heading over to Boston this weekend. Maybe you'll meet - I mean how many runners can there be?

    Good luck for Monday. I hope you really enjoy your run.

  11. Wow, you moved across country and your running Boston on Monday? That's an amazing feat! Congratulations and the best of luck. I will be up in bean town on Saturday - taking my daughter to her college meet & greet! At least the weather will be much cooler this year! So happy for my friend, her name is Amanda, too. She will be running on Monday! Great luck to the Amandas in Boston 2013!

  12. Glad to hear the excitement and enthusiasm over a new place, the relaxed approach to Boston, and the recent physical improvements. Sounds like things are looking up, and your mental game is intact. Bring on the future! :)

  13. I would totally be a tourist! Both in Ashville and in Boston (to a comfortable degree;P).

    Enjoy the ride.

  14. Super adorable home! I would like to downsize myself, we travel a lot and don't need so much space anymore. Of course we only have one child it's easier to downsize :) Lovely! I hear a lot of good things about Asheville! Enjoy yourself on those roads and best wishes to an enjoyable Boston!

  15. I love old homes!! I want one in the middle of no where, just live in peace and quiet of the country

    Have a blast in Boston