Sunday, April 14, 2013

Boston 2013 Goals

Here we are again! Boston.  One of my favorite cities.  The weather is PERFECT for a marathon weekend.  The energy is high but the temps are cool.  I'm surrounded by friends and given an opportunity for a weekend away with my husband without the kids.  Life is good.  But it's also feeling a little stressful lately so I'm taking a moment to myself here to list some goals and intentions for this weekend. Intentions for this 26.2 mile run on Patriot's Day...Intentions for the memories I want to make on this gift of a weekend where I can just be with my friends during a time where the city is alive with a sport I love.

And since I seem to do so well with writing/talking to myself on this blog, I'll do this in letter form.

Dear Amanda,

What a crazy past few months. Moving your family across the country, finding a home, researching schools, nursing a broken down body,  trying to lay down some temporary roots, and planning for more travel to Boston has been quite stressful.  Exciting, yes.  But more stressful than you've even been aware of.  You're holding on to way too much.  All in trying to stay in control when many things around you feel out of control.  So, let's set some goals/intentions for this weekend and then get on with  enjoying a big day in Boston.

Goals for Boston 2013:

  • Acknowledge where you are at in life.  Right here.  Right now.  Acknowledge that your body isn't entirely whole and that you're stress level is high.  Just allow yourself to BE.  Where you are.  
  • Soak up the city!
  • Soak up the friends that are here with you.  Make the most of the short moments you have with those forever friends that you don't get to see very often.  
  • Have FUN!
  • Let go of the the clock.  Don't let pace define you tomorrow...truly allow yourself to use this as a training run.  A 26.2 mile run through Boston where you will be surrounded by cheerleaders every step of the way.  
  • Love yourself.
  • Look FEAR in the eyes. Recognize it.  Know that it is is there.  And then dismiss it the best you can.  Fear lies.  Fear holds us back.  Nothing to be scared of.  Change is GOOD. Scary sometimes.  But good.  Grow with it. Change with it.  Embrace it.  And know that you are loved.  All will unfold as it should.  
  • Use this 26.2 mile run to process life, let go of the stress/fear, and to remind yourself how strong you are.  
  • Remind yourself that you are in control. 
  • Embrace the terribly happy feeling that lives in your heart right now that comes with this move to a place that you love so so much, being in Boston, and having so much to look forward to in addition to being part of right. this. second.  
  • Look around you.  Notice things...other runners, buildings, signs, smiles, colors, people spectating, etc.  Sometimes it is too easy to go inside of yourself and get lost in your thoughts and then miss out on the things RIGHT in FRONT of YOU! 
  • Let your body tell you what to do tomorrow.  Go with it.  Don't OVER THINK.   Just Run.  Listen to your body.  

Here's to a great day in Boston! 



  1. Cheers to that! Get out there and have fun! Live the experience!

  2. This sounds like how I was talking to myself last year: trying to focus on fun and enjoying the experience instead of racing. It helped me to remember that I would literally be HUNDREDS off the front finishers, so it's not like it's really a "race" in that sense anyway! That helped me let go and just enjoy BOSTON!
    Have fun, have a healthy and fast (yeah, yeah, I still said it!) race, and know that I'm thinking about you!

  3. I LOVE THIS!!!!! Print it and remember it... not just today but EVERY day! :) Proud of you!

  4. It was great to see you today and hang with the west coast runner ladies. Blessings to you in your race tomorrow and your adventures in a new place!

  5. I also would add that maybe Boston 2013 should be considered a gift or reward to you for all you've been doing/handling/dealing with/etc. I'm so glad for "normal" weather this year and wish you a wonderful experience tomorrow! ENJOY!

  6. I love that advice to look around you and NOTICE things.. enjoy every moment, can't wait to hear all about it!!!

  7. Enjoy! And congrats on running Boston again!

  8. Hey there Amanda, long time no see ... I have been pretty absent from the blogosphere, though I get your feed in my mail so read it time to time. It is like if you wrote a letter to myself! You are gonna have amazing race tomorrow! Perhaps we will see each other - you never know :) ENJOY!!! Any plans tomorrow after the race? :o Good luck! Would love to meet you in person!

    1. Hey girl. I might be grabbing a beer tomorrow somewhere. What are your plans?

    2. Hey girl are you OK??? I guess we are not grabbing any beer today? Or if you wanted to join us at the W hotel. Please let me know you are ok!

  9. I hope this is the best run (not talking time here!) of your life!! I will be thinking about you tomorrow!! Enjoy your time in Boston!!!

  10. What a great, great post. This is going in my journal "Look FEAR in the eyes. Recognize it. Know that it is is there. And then dismiss it the best you can. Fear lies. Fear holds us back. Nothing to be scared of. Change is GOOD. Scary sometimes. But good. Grow with it. Change with it. Embrace it. And know that you are loved. All will unfold as it should. ". Have a fabulous fabulous time out there. And then tell us how it was. We're watching!

  11. Great goals Amanda- good luck tomorrow. I am so happy that the weather conditions are perfect. I will be thinking about you...sweet dreams!

  12. Dear friend, wishing you the very best tomorrow. If you capture all the atmosphere and enjoy the visit with good friends, what else could be better?! Will be thinking of you and getting all the updates as they come. Love you lots! Run Fearlessly!!

  13. I love it that you are setting realistic goals and i know you will hit them. All the best with everything.

  14. Can't wait to read how you did!!! So inspired by you!

  15. Just praying you are fine right now. Please let us know. God bless you.

  16. Thinking of you and hoping you are okay.