Monday, August 12, 2013

Embracing Change; Dancing Through the Downpours

Runninghood has an Instagram now!  Imagine that...finally!
If you can't beat the downpour of rain, throw your hands up and embrace it with one big rain Playdate party! Best summer memory ever!!

I'm laughing to myself because this morning I wrote a really long blog post here and now I've decided to just save it all for myself.  I know some of you already read it and you were probably tired after doing so.  Ha! It was all good stuff ...for me.  Lots of processing as is typical for many of my posts.  But as I drove back from my appointment today, I thought about how just writing the post was enough for me.  It was what I needed...For Me.  And now I'm saving it in my journal, sharing the above picture (because it brings me much joy), deleting the long wordy processing post,  and being happier for it.  Really, it was just a long ramble about something like:

  • Change is hard
  • Change is good
  • Change can bring hard work
  • I'm happier for it
  • I continue to learn from watching my children live life
  • I wouldn't go backwards for all the money in the world
  • Life is Beautiful
  • Despite some hard work, life has brought with it a long overdue exfoliation.  
  • I'm so grateful
  • I feel different.  Life has changed me.  I see things differently.  Think things differently. But my heart feels bigger, my spirit wiser, and my eyes wider.  
  • Excited about things to come.  
  • Life. Is. Good.  Even with the RAINS.  
More soon... so many thoughts running through this head of mine.  In a good way.  Feeling excited about a few things in particular (one of them being a possible marathon) and glad to be embracing some NEWness in my life.  



  1. I LOVE this picture! What fun summer memories!Yes, life is good. Even in the rain. SO many life lessons there about finding the good or MAKING the good out of what life gives you.

  2. I love how you are a "deleter" when it comes to FB and the blog. I am sooooo that, too! Sometimes you need to get it all out, but maybe not for everyone to see/read, right? I think the first year of a move is hard. It was hard for me, and I wasn't even married with kids! There is so much new- some good, some bad. It can do a number on your emotions!

  3. I've learnt that the hard times go a long way in helping you savour the good times even more. The suffering part is not fun but when you come out the other side there's a new appreciation of even the most simple things.

  4. Hey you;) I read your really long post-ha! I enjoyed your written thoughts earlier but I know how that is when sometimes we just process this way and then don't feel the need to keep it all out there.

    Love the pic of your girls running through the rain. Great shot. Reminds me of living in Texas where it NEVER rained and when it did, it nearly flooded. I laid in a puddle in the street one day during a downpour when I was pregnant with Reese.....Ryan stomping in her rain boots all around me....she still remembers this.

    Life is beautiful....I'm so grateful...I see things

  5. I love change and always try to make the best of it. I know how you feel after writing the long blog. I often do that. I write in Word and never publish many things. Writing is my therapy sometimes. I love that photo!

  6. Change is good. I am going back to school in 2 weeks--talk about a big change for me! And that only happened as a result of absolute heartbreak and a belief that life is worth living more fully every day.

  7. Oh, I bet the kids had a blast! My mom was always on me for stepping in puddles and I made a mental note to be more free with my kid. I love dancing in the rain with Petru, so fun and so freeing! Now that I met your kids, the pics have extra meaning to me. Yes to all the bullet points! And I might add a reminder of how strong and wise you are:)