Monday, June 30, 2014

Stop Waiting on Perfect and Just Do It

What if we just take the first step,
and keep walking forward?
What if we LEAP with both feet,
arms out,
falling freely,
What if we stop waiting on Perfection, 
and DARED to start with...
"It's Good Enough!"

It's crazy how one can go from feeling brazen and ballsy and ready to take on some new idea one minute and then, in almost the same breath of a thought, have a head full of every possible critic or naysaying message of why something won't work, why someone out there is already doing it better than us,  or why our idea is stupid.  I'm certain this is part of the creative process for many. No doubts that everyone that ever gave birth to an idea or a dream has been faced with these road blocking fears and doubts in some form.  However, the biggest thing that separates those that just make things happen and those that don't, is action, patience, and finding ways to get better and better at telling the critic and coward voice to SHUT UP so we can move forward. And I'm pretty sure that once we get to the other side, we almost always look back and wonder why things seemed so hard in the first place.  Reminds me of Elizabeth Gilbert's words this weekend when she said "Your labor is your contribution to the miracle." The miracle is already there for us.  It's up to us to receive it and give it life.

What is an idea, goal or dream that you are sitting on?  What's something you're waiting for the right time or the right amount of perfection (it will never happen) before you put out for the world?  What would happen if we all just took one bold step forward today in making these things come to life?  Just open a door.  Put it out there.  Stop waiting for perfection or a time when we aren't scared or full of doubt.  What would happen if we all just said "Yes, I am enough" and just put it out there?  You never know...



  1. Something I try to remember when I'm doubting is to just "do the do", meaning get out and make it happen. It's tough to feel your way into action, but usually if you take action it will change the way you feel.
    For those of us analytic personalities there will never be a perfect time to get going; there is always something else to prepare or learn...but I love your idea of just taking one bold step forward. It's a good reminder for me today and I highly doubt that I will ever regret walking through that door!

  2. This one hits home for me, for sure! I've always struggled with perfectionism - waiting until everything is just right for me to perform a lab experiment, waiting until I have all the information before making a (not life-changing) decision, and wanting everything beautifully in place before I launched my business. But that last one - that's the one that caught me. Because everything will NEVER be "perfect".

    So that's when my husband stepped in (wise man that he is) and reminded me - 'Holly, just START. It's good enough for now! You can always adjust/change/improve as you go along. But now, you're just using perfection as a tool for procrastination!' Dang, that guy is annoyingly good at seeing right through me! :) Thanks for the reminder of this today - on this topic, I can never have too many (reminders, that is)!