Monday, June 16, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why Grandma's Marathon Sounds Awesome!

I finally sat down tonight to do a little reading on Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN.  After all, the marathon is this Saturday so I figure it might be helpful to know a bit more about the race before race day.  Life has been a little busy lately so marathon training has taken a back seat.  However, after reading about Grandma's, I'm more excited than ever to be running this weekend!  I might not be in condition to run my fastest time but WOW, this sounds like a marathon to have on your must-run marathon list!  This will be my 10th marathon and I can honestly say that out of all the marathons I've run, this one seems to get some of the best reviews.  I've read quite a bit about Grandma's Marathon tonight and almost every review was incredibly positive.  Two Thumbs Up.  Top Notch.  In fact, several of the reviewers that posted compared Grandma's to Boston, New York, Chicago and some of the other marathons that go down as the best in our country.

From my research, here are some of the top reasons to run Grandma's Marathon (I'm sure I'll have plenty to add once I get to run it myself!):

  1. ORGANIZATION.  Almost every review I read had something to say about how amazing the organization is in this race.  From aid stations to timing to transportation to emails, this race sounds flawless when it comes to being well organized!
  2. Volunteers/Spectators.  It sounds like there is a huge amount of support before, during and after the race.  Reviewers raved about the volunteers and spectators.  As so many of us know, the volunteers really do help to make an event great.  Big time! 
  3. Pace Group Leaders.  Many people had such positive words to say about the pace group leaders they ran with.  In fact, this year might be the first year I ever try running with a pace group because of all the positive things I read.  Now, choosing the pace group I'd best fit in might take some thought since I'm not sure where I'm at with marathon fitness right now.  
  4. Great Course.  Gentle hills.  Mostly flat.  And Scenic views of Lake Superior.  Sounds like a good PR course.  
  5. Great City!  Duluth sounds like a charming city with a BIG HEART! And a city that loves their marathon.  The people sound welcoming and friendly, plenty of fun places to eat at, and college dormitories available to stay in as an alternative to hotels that either fill up quickly or a little overpriced for marathon weekend.  The reviews had great things to stay about the dorms.
  6. Depth of Field.  There are runners from all over that are in Duluth to race different distances this weekend.  From professionals to first timers...this marathon is the real deal! 
  7. Time of Year.  Running Grandma's means you get to run an early summer marathon with only part of your training in winter.  You still get to enjoy plenty of the hot summer months recovering and enjoying a slower pace and you are able to enjoy many training runs in spring time rather the the depth of winter training that comes with early spring marathons.  
  8. Finisher Shirts and Medals sound nice.  
  9. Events around the race:  spaghetti feed, concert, speakers....I'm excited about all of this!  
  10. MINNESOTA.  Let's face it, we've heard the stories about what these Minnesota locals have to endure during winter.  Long, cold (understatement), brutal winters.  My bets are that they know how to put on a June race with plenty of celebration, Joy, and post race festivities that make the most of summer weather.  They take their summers seriously!  I'm looking forward to celebrating in Minnesota! 

Have you run Grandma's Marathon?  What are your thoughts about the race?  



  1. Those sound like some pretty good reasons :) I have not done Grandmas but I have heard so much about it, someday I would like to.

  2. This will be my 4th Grandmas. And I grew up in Duluth. Race organization is stellar from start to finish. The volunteers and spectators are fantastic, but know that the first 18 or 19 miles are fairly quiet, with people who live along the course coming out, as well as a few spots spectators can get in. They shut down the entire highway, so it isn't easy to get to us. Miles 9 and 10 offer the best views of the lake (in my humble opinion) as long as it's clear enough to see it (last year we ran in spectacular fog). The weather is usually perfect running weather, which means you'll want to check something warmer to get into when you finish - it's chilly along the lake. Oh, and the last mile or 2 seem to last forever - most of the turns in the whole course are in this part, and even tho I KNOW it isn't, I try to convince myself that the finish is around the next corner...or the next one...or maybe the next one haha!

    I hope you love this race as much as I do! Good luck!

  3. Aw, this is on my wish list!

  4. Grandma's marathon was one of my favorite marathon. Loved Duluth and the people were awesome. GOOD LUCK this weekend have fun.

  5. My husband will be there running it too!

  6. That sounds like a great marathon. Especially the 'mostly flat' part. Good luck with it.

  7. I was trying to figure out why I knew about this marathon. One of my husband's good friends lives in Minnesota and they keep telling us we should come up in June and that I could run it!
    Good luck and have fun!

  8. Really want to do Grandma's. Staying in a dorm is even better! Can't wait to see how you find it. Have a fabulous wonderful time out there, enjoy the friend time and the running time and the soaking up life time. Big hugs, Petra

  9. Good luck this weekend. I'm definitely looking into this race for next year or in 2016.

  10. how was it?! !!!!I hope it was cool weather for you. I did race it once in like 1996 . . . . it was record heat, steam coming off lake and like 90 at the finish. It was my worst bonk ever, tried to get on the sag wagon then changed my mind, don't remember finishing, but apparently got a 2 min pr at the time. Otherwise a good time, lol

  11. Yup gotta do it! 10th is good! Hope you enjoyed it!