Thursday, August 28, 2014

Random Thursday: Running, MESSES, Scattered Thoughts, and Electromagnets

Random quote.  Just because I love these words.  

I had a dream last night that I received four parking tickets in one day and then was issued a court document stating that I needed to practice daily yoga for runners.  Hmmm.  I'm not sure what to think of this dream.  Maybe a few things it's telling me.

  • Find a good yoga video, class or dedicated TIME to be still, breathe and clear my head.  
  • Just as I should pay attention to the parking meter and manage my time when I park downtown or somewhere I am paying for parking, I need to manage my time when it comes to projects.  I've been working on a writing project that will take quite a bit of time and energy.  I just have to remind myself to try not to do it all at once!  This can be hard for me.  A big personal goal for my  present life is to be able to break my work up into manageable increments so I'm still taking time for play, fitness, sleep, and relationships.  A little LESS obsessed and driven and a lot MORE balanced with time management.  
It seems fitting today to write a random bulleted post considering how full and random my mind feels right now.  So here we go with my Random Thursday points:
  • My running today consisted of running next to my three kids while they rode bikes.  This was a first for me where all three of them were riding bikes and I didn't have at least one in a jogger stroller or needing assistance.  New chapters in the life of this running mama!  One of the things I thought about the most on this run was just how fun it was to enjoy being active together.  I was able to join them on their bike ride and they got to see me having fun with running and living an active lifestyle.  This type of family exercise is setting the stage for a future of healthy habits. It is one of the many ways to spark motivation and interest in running and making exercise a lasting part of life for our children.     
  • As I said, my mind is messy right now.  Creative messy, but still messy.  My messes around the house seem to be part of my mind spilling out into my living and working space.  I actually feel kind of sorry for my husband.  Despite the size of our house, I've found a way to spread my work and mess throughout almost every room.  I don't have a specific office where I write/work (he uses that for his work) so I've currently been using the dining room that is yet to be decorated or used as a dining room (we eat in the kitchen).  However, this dining room is just where my sprawl STARTs.  From the pictures below, you can see that I decided to work in the front hallway last night.  I'm not sure why. Random. I think I felt closer to my husband where he was working in the office.  Once I started my work, it was hard to pick it up and move to the table so it made for a very sore back from being slouched in awkward positions. I eventually pulled a stool over to use as a place to type.  I must find a better system.  
It's all cleaned up now, but I woke up to this mess in the front hallway outside my husband's office.  This is just part of what it looked like last night.  Not the best place to work with good posture.  However, I was able to get down and read/write while practicing a revised child's pose position.  Hey, that's yoga, right?  That stool was my desk for some of the time.  And yes, I think it's time to put that mirror on the wall.  

A partially put together dining room that is currently my "office".  I'm thinking I need a better system.  Yes.   Or at least put some wine in that wine holder in the corner!

My husband waited for YEARS to get his own bathroom sink and he finally has one on his own side of our bathroom.  Here's a snap shot of our bathroom sinks.  Can  you guess which one is mine?  I kind of like to think of my current mess as a sign of my creative process.  

  • I was surprised to find that I wasn't sore at all from Hood to Coast!  This makes me feel better about the running shape I must be in.  However, I am sore from my awkward writing positions over the last few days.  I think this is why I need some YOGA! Or better posture. 
  • This morning I was at the table filling out school registration and medical paperwork when I heard "Ouch! It's burning me!"  This is what I found them doing.  Oh, the life of having an electric engineer for a father--teaching them how to make an electromagnet.  Nice.

1.  When your head gets full with a creative process or work of some kind, does your house resemble your mind? 

2.  Is your partner opposite you when it comes to being neat or messy?  Does this work for you or drive the other person crazy? For the most part, we balance each other great!  I go through phases of messy and tidy.  Really, it depends how full my head is.

3.  Do you run with your kids either with a jogger stroller, on a bike ride, or actually running side by side with them?  

4.  Do you do yoga?  




  1. Just found your blog, so great! I have tried to run next to an 8 year old biking and it wasn't the greatest. I was so worried with her watching for cars that I could hardly enjoy me run!!

    1. HI Amanda. I just found your blog too and I'm glad! Yes, I worried a bit about that too but for the most part, they were on sidewalks.

  2. I had to laugh at your kids and their electromagnet. They're learning new and more powerful ways to hurt each other.