Friday, December 19, 2014

Few Words Friday with Pictures and Captions

I have very little time to write a post here.  In fact, I should probably be making lunches, finishing teacher letters, herding kids, and gearing up for this busy last Friday until Holiday break!!  Seriously, not sure how we will fit it all in today.

Lots of holiday fun (and stress) happening for all of us I'm sure.  I just keep reminding myself that holidays should be joyful, not stressful and that I need to let things go!  Like holiday cards...for the third year in a row.  But my husband really wanted to send a small amount of cards out this year.  So, we made it happen in the 20 minutes we had from getting all three kids home from school right before I needed to leave again to drop my oldest off for gymnastics.  It was hilarious actually.  We found the tripod, got dressed semi-descent, convinced all three kids to mostly cooperate and picked up a plan for the dog (we'd use pine cones as his attention grabber...just like his ball).  One problem.  We couldn't find the camera.  I started to get annoyed but before I could throw a mommy/wife fit and go on a rant about how nobody else did their part to be prepared (yes, I'm kind of in that mode the last few days..poor family), my husband had his phone camera taped onto the tripod and we were kind of ready to roll!   The kids were themselves and the dog sat for the timer (really, he sat for the pine cones he was focused on) after lots of orders to "stay" and "sit".  All five of us were shouting the orders so I'm pretty sure the neighbors wondered what was going on.  It was our version of Christmas Caroling.  We only had time for a handful of shots but we got pictures that were GOOD ENOUGH! In fact, I'm kind of digging the imperfections this year...blurry faces, closed eyes, last minute (I mean really last minute...right down the wire with closing time...and way more stress involved than needed) Costco cards with a print that I really don't like but chose because it worked good enough and I was out of time!

My fourteen mile run yesterday sure does help make these busier days run so much smoother!  Even though I was near tears yesterday with trying to fit everything in with the kids, and the stupid lists (after all the time it took to run), the endorphins were capped off at a nice level!! Oh, and I ran along some of the most beautiful trails I've seen yet since moving to Bend in August so this was SOUL Food!

This spot is around mile 7 of my run yesterday.  Right before I turned around to make my 14.  I'm pretty sure this is darn near at the top of the list when it comes to the most beautiful parts of the trails I've run on since moving to Bend!  I took off at a spot off Hwy 20 near Meadow Camp and ran down to the Deschutes River Trail.  Wow!!  It's almost as if this section had its own mini ecosystem.  More like the lush forests near Portland and down the Oregon coast.  So odd for the high desert Central Oregon trails.  This trail is incredibly diverse..starting at the top and dropping down to meadows, up rocky mountain sides, along the river, and so much more.  So HUMBLING for long run pace...I had my Garmin on for distance and wish I would never look at the pace because it's so so slow!!  My dog was in heaven...he had to have run at least 20 miles to my 14 with all his up and down, back and forth, running off with other dogs, and continuing to run circles around me.  

The starting point to my run.  Much more typical terrain for the trails here in the high desert of Central Oregon.

  Lots of this other stuff going on too:

A beautiful Sunday RunHappy run along the trails at Shevlin Park. This was taken on an icy bridge over Tumalo Creek.

Easiest kid-made ornaments ever.  Air dry clay, fingers for prints to make the heart, a pencil to put the hole for string, and a toothpick to write on the back!  

Thanks to Laura from Mommy Runs Fast, we had a fun recipe for gingerbread cookies.  I wasn't in the mood to do this at all and really kind of dreaded it but as soon as we started, my bad mood faded and I was warmed by the experience!

Final bullet points:

  • Kids made mosaic frames and boxes for their teachers this year along with a heartfelt card.  Note to self, wash the grout off BEFORE it dries!!  It really isn't fun to have to sand it down after the fact!  ugh.  
  • My gift to the teachers this year was a letter from my heart telling them how thankful I am.  This was so EASY with my oldest daughter's teacher.  Wow, wow, wow, and then some.  The whole school and staff, really. 

I'm officially out of time. Maybe even running late.  But if I kick it into warp speed, we will rock this morning and make it a wonderful day!  Oh, and thank goodness the HAT was invented for days I don't have time to wash my hair (um, that might be more days than not).

Wishing you and yours so much PEACE and JOY!



  1. Oh my GORGEOUS!! I can't believe that trail picture. It looks almost fake! I feel like every year I'm doing sub par teacher gifts just to hurry and get them done and I hate that feeling. Life is just so dang busy. This year we gave cute little cactus planters. Which I would like to be on the receiving end of, however I would also really like to have them handmake something. Then every year I tell myself I will start the process sooner.

  2. I absolutely love that picture of your kids with your dog in the foreground!!! It makes me giggle!!! You have been running in some beautiful places! Amazing!

  3. Man, your runs are incredible. Beautiful. I think the cards came out so cute! You have the best smiles!

  4. Love those family pics and love where you get to run. So, so beautiful!!

  5. You are amazing! Don't know how you fit everything into your day. Let's pick a day over break and run the second half of Meadow camp... We can park from the top side and run back. Its so cool up there!

    Also love the family photo. Pretty much naturally affordable family. So much energy!!! I think they turned out great :)

  6. I love the imperfections, too. (And I'm glad we're not the only ones who don't get professional family Christmas pics done!!) We've been doing a newsletter the last several years that we email rather than mail- it kind of feels like cheating, but I love that it saves me so much time and stress. Glad you got to do the gingerbread people!

  7. I've really been working on keeping this month fun and stress free - it has meant far less time blogging and I've actually been OK with it. I've been able to go to all of the concerts and other events without thinking about how late I will have to stay up to finish computer stuff.
    Love the fun family picture!!!