Monday, January 5, 2015

WordPress Learning Curve! And Goal Setting with Kids at Run with Me Kids

Please join me today on Run with Me Kids for a post on Goal Setting with Kids!  And bear with me as I try to get used to WordPress!  Yikes, hello learning curve!!  Our website is surely a work. in. progress!!  Not only am I trying to find my writing voice, but I still haven't figured out how to change font size, type, or color.  We also need to change the format, header, add some features to fancy it up and so much more.  Tips welcome!  I think I might just need to ask some WordPress saavy friend to help a girl out.

I'll be back to Runninghood soon (ah, just typing here right now feels so comfortable and familiar after posting on another blog) to share some of my personal goals with running (15 weeks to Boston!), life, and parenting!  I'm itching to write and catch up on a few of my favorite blogs now that the winter break is over and we have routine again!



  1. You look great on Wordpress!!! I hope you share what you learn with all us Wordpress newbies too! :)

    1. Mary Jo, Thank you! Slowly but surely. I love my safety net here on blogspot! :)

  2. Heading over!! I'm trying to motivate/set goals with my daughter!!

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