Monday, March 28, 2016

Project Begin Again. Day 2

I woke up extra early this morning.  The house was still cold before the heater kicked in but the coffee was hot, house quiet and my journal was calling my name.  I filled my coffee mug, wrapped myself in a big blanket and started a new journal especially devoted to my Begin Again Project.  I don't expect I'll actually FEEL like writing every morning or evening but I think this will come down to the discipline part...the part of setting and keeping a goal that actually takes a little intention and work.  And I know that when I do stick with this goal, I will start to see small changes in my life.  As I see and hear so often, If we do nothing different, nothing will ever change... so here's to putting in the mental work to be more deliberate about my intentions and gratitude again.

For the sake of keeping my goals for this project before me, I'll begin my posts with this:

So, here's how this will go. 
  1. I will write something on here every day for 38 days because that is how many days until my 50k.  
  2. I will keep in simple!!! Some days will consist of three sentences if that's all I have.   
  3. I will write for me.  
  4. I will try very hard NOT to compare my old Runninghood self to the Amanda typing today.  
  5. I will keep my posts to daily gratitude, intentions and.... because how can we not feel sad, heavy hearted and powerless at so much happening in our world...I will include at least one small way I can or have done something to make the world a better place (this can be as simple and powerful as helping my child learn a lesson about love and kindness).  
  6. Why am I doing this?  To Begin Again.  Just as with training for a marathon when we put in our daily workouts, I want to get into the habit of focusing on the things that make me happy and my intentions for making my life what I want. Writing helps me with this.  
Grateful.  For this life.  For adventure.  The waves.  Warm waters. Beautiful sunsets.  These amazing children that I get to raise and have as my own... these children that bring my life more JOY than I even know right now.  Someday I will look back on these days and recognize these treasures and know their depth in entirely new ways.  

Day 2:

  • Listen to my children.  Truly listen without distraction.  So often, my kids (especially my youngest) will be talking to me...telling me something...sharing a part of his or her life and mind...and I'm too lost in my own thoughts to stop and really LISTEN.  Listen with my complete self.  This is hard for me.  I half-listen lots!  And they know when I'm half-listening.  I know we can't always stop everything and give 100% of our focus to our kids when we have so much going on (especial when so much out of their mouths can be whining and tattling and arguing...the stuff we WANT to tune out) but I can definitely be more mindful of doing this way way more.  
  •  Enjoy teaching this week.  Take note of what an honor it is to get to teach these students.  Make connections with them... lift them up.  
  • Today I discovered a new language app/program that I really loved.  It's called Duo Lingo.  I'd really love to have my kids (and us) do it a few times a week with the Spanish lessons.  As with anything, this will take INTENTION if we want it to be a habit.  
  • Get my runs in this week even though it's almost a full week of work in addition to running 3 kids around after school.  By the time evening comes, I'm exhausted.  The last thing I want to do is run but I know I'll feel better if I do.  Besides, this is what so so many others have to do to fit in their training as working parents.  Either early mornings or later in the evening.  Weeks like this make me appreciate my flexibility with subbing and having most my days as a stay at home parent ALL THE MORE!  I do NOT take it for granted.  It is a surely a choice I feel very grateful to have.  
  • A beautiful weekend of reconnection with my husband after I was away all week for Spring Break taking the kids to California for a road trip to see family.  One of the best weekends we've had in some time.  One that made me so happy to wake up next to him and see him again after work tonight.  Marriage is a constant give and take and one of the things I think we can take for granted more than anything else. What a good good man I have.  The very best kind.  So thankful for him.  
  • On the way down to California, my mom went with me.  Glad for this time with her!! And glad she had this special time with the kids.  
  • I came home from California to a spotless house and the front and back yard cleaned up for spring.  Big bonus points for the hubby.  :)  
  • Hot coffee and and morning quiet time before the kids wake up.  
  • New goals.
  • Beautiful music while I write.  
  • DREAMS.  HOPE.  SPRING (literally and figuratively)  
How have I, or can I continue to play even a small part in making the world a better place (Be the Change):  
  • I'll likely use this one a couple of times in my 38 days... I can play my small part in making the world a more loving and positive place by using my voice.  By reaching out to let someone I know or don't know of something I'm glad for about them.  By telling them something I notice that they do well or that I value about them.  It can feel so uplifting... to hear something positive.  I think when we use our voice to let others know we like or  notice of the ways they shine, we spread such energy that keeps giving.  When we lift each other up, it's a gift that keeps giving.  


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  1. I love this Amanda. I'm also sitting in my house while the family is still asleep and the coffee's on its way. And you've inspired me to pull out my journal and do it now - rather than wait till tonight when I will, most likely, not feel very inspired. Thanks for the reminder to pay attention - to myslef and others. I think that's what I will start with today. Keep at this because it goes FAR further than your own life. Hugs, Petra