Monday, November 15, 2010

Clearing Energy Blockages

The past few days have been one huge energy block for me.  I've felt unmotivated, emotional, uninspired, tired, irritable and my mind has been a mess of thoughts that I can't sort out.  Every time I've sat down to write and express my feelings, the words just get stuck or come out jumbled and lacking cohesiveness.  It isn't that I have not wanted to write or express myself creatively.  I have been desperate for a  creative release and energy boost but I've felt blocked in every way. A creative constipation, writer's block, hitting a wall...whatever you want to call it.  The energy has just not been flowing.  Instead it has been all tangled up in a massive energy knot. When we experience energy blocks like this in our life, it affects everything around and within us and it is important to find ways to get the energy flowing again so we can be our best selves, experience joyful living, and radiate positive energy to others.

Last night I sat down to write.  I wrote and wrote for hours but nothing was flowing.  I labored over every sentence and every thought was jumping off into a new direction.  I had too many thoughts but no direction or inspiration. I finally went to bed and woke up this morning determined to release some creative energy and get myself unblocked!  I was determined to recapture my creative mojo, my words for expressing my thinking, and my physical energy for running.  I tried many things and I'm starting to feel like my passionate self again! Here are just some of the things I do to clear my energy blockages:

Running of course!  There isn't a better way I know to get my energy flowing.  Running is usually the answer to renewing my energy and breaking through emotional and creative blocks.  Last week was an awesome week for running considering that I'm coming back from an injury.  I logged about 20 miles and even got some strength training fit in the mix.  Unfortunately, this energy tangle that I've been stuck in wasn't being solved by just running alone.   Everything else I did today gave me the jump start I needed and then after I dropped my daughter off at school, I went running again and this time the energy floodgates just flew open!  It was an amazing a feast after a famine.  I had so many words and ideas flowing that I stopped several people to ask if they had a pen, crayon, pencil or anything that I could have to write with.  I finally found a couple of men in a carpet delivery van that generously gave me their pen.  They jokingly asked me how much money I had but the truth is, I would have given them all the money on me if I had had any.  I couldn't wait to start writing down my thinking and take advantage of the end to this creative drought I've been experiencing.  All I had was a receipt and a random square of paper to write on but that didn't stop me. It didn't matter that I was just scribbling out chicken scratch...they were MY ideas and they were flowing and I understood the flow.  Thank you God for Running! 

Yoga, Prayer, and Meditation 
Creating space and time to slow down and be still with my thoughts, breathing and body are one of the best ways to help me tap into my energy flow.  Yoga used to be something I never understood.  After having my third child, I started going to yoga classes and realized that it is such a wonderful way to go within myself and meditate on peace, joy, and gratitude.  As with running, yoga is a good time for me to pray and connect with God.  I don't go to many yoga classes these days but sometimes just laying my yoga mat on my living room floor and doing a couple of poses in the midst of kid chaos can be a great way to recharge my energy. 

This morning I turned on some Nora Jones and Jack Johnson and let it fill my house while I went about finding other ways to start my energy flow.  Music isn't always helpful when my mind is feeling cluttered but today it was perfect!

Throwing Out Things I Don't Need
It felt liberating to take a trash bag around the house today and just start throwing away random clutter.  This was such a physical way of clearing out space for energy.  I found so many random toys, art supplies, things collecting dust and old stale energy.  By physically going through the motions of clearing out my life, I was able to clear our my mind too!

Writing in my journal is always a safe place to be when I'm feeling stuck.  It is a place for me to be with myself to work through things.  Today I went through it and reread old prayers, lists of gratitude, ideas, etc. 

Writing To My Children
In addition to my personal journal, I've also always had a journal or special book for each of my kids.  I started writing to each of them when I found out I was pregnant and I continue to fill these books with letters and short notes to them, special pictures, letters from teachers, funny things they say and do, etc.  I also have their Grandparents, Dad and other special people write letters to them.  Taking time for these special books always makes me feel happy. 

This was a note to my baby boy from his Nana after he ripped up my to-do list and I lost my mind.  My mom thought it would be funny to also include the ripped up list. 

Thumbing Through Books
One of my favorite things to do is go to the bookstore, get a coffee and just get lost in all the books and magazines.  This has always been a release for me but unfortunately, since having kids, I don't get to do this nearly enough.  Today I took all the books I'm trying to read, and even some old books that have just been sitting on my shelf and I found myself getting energy from them merely by looking through them and reading one or two sentences from each one.  Even reading the titles and feeling them in my hands made me feel a new flow to my energy level!  I did the same with some of my professional books that remind me about things I'm passionate about. 

Getting These Delivered
Recently, my Grandfather passed away.  Since my dad died when I was a kid, my Grandparents always took my brothers and I under their wing and did things for us that my dad (their son) couldn't do.  After, my grandfather's death, my Aunts and Uncles spent time sorting through all of their things and asking everyone what we wanted.  I had never bothered buying china and never really had any desire to have any until I was asked if I wanted my Grandmother's.   These dishes hold a huge sentimental weight and I am honored to be able have them! 

Opening this rocking horse just blew the emotional energy block right out of the water and it all came out.  This was my dad's rocking horse when he was a baby/toddler.  When my second child was just about 18 months, we took the girls to see my Grandfather.  He was so excited to see the girls rock on this rocking horse.  It meant a lot to him and he had held onto it all these years.  I'm sure it was a part of his son that he was holding onto and I knew it meant a great deal to him.  When my Aunt asked me if I wanted it, I couldn't even imagine not having it as a family keepsake.  I cried when I opened it but was even more touching was seeing my 16 month old son get on it for the first time.  It is almost as if he knew it was special and he needed to be gentle.  It felt like my dad was there for a visit too. 

Writing this blog was the last thing I needed to feel a full level of energy!  I feel like myself again...alive, passionate and joyful. 

There are so many ways to get your energy flowing when you are feeling "stuck".  Here is a site that I enjoyed reading as I was writing today.  It was also a site that helped me think of the words for my title :  

What do you do to clear your energy blockages?  How do you get yourself unstuck and get energy flowing again? 

Happy to be back,



  1. This was a fun post! I LOVE that you write those journals for your kids, and the china is gorgeous!

  2. I do those first two that you mentioned. I start my morning listening to a daily devotional from our church's site and a prayer after. It just sets my mood for the day and I feel sooo centered and energized. Oh and plus coffee helps =)

    Glad you're feeling much better now =)

  3. I love the journals that you do! Where do you find the time? Those are some beautiful keepsakes. I wish my granddad had met my kids. I also inherited some china and an antique sewing machine (I someday hope to learn how to use!)

    SO glad you got time to thumb through those books. I really miss the coffee/bookstores too! Great post! You just keep that positive vibe coming =D

  4. We have a lot in common when it comes to getting energized --minus the long runs! I love to read and always find time before I got to bed at night. Plus one of my favorite things to do is go to the bookstore, get a coffee, and read magazines or anything of interest. I used to do this every week but now it is more like two times a month. I don't keep journals for my kids but I do write them a letter every couple of months. I treasure these letters and all the memories they hold. I just started taking sewing lessons so I'm hoping that will be a new release for me as well.

  5. OMG! The books to your kids are amazing!!! I'm the queen of starting things like that and NEVER finishing them...but after seeing yours, I need to start again! So awesome!

  6. I'm with Erika...queen of starting things but not finishing them. I have two books for my kiddos but they have so little in them. Never too late to start it back up, though!

    I love bookstores. I could (and occasionally do) spend hours just sitting in those big comfy chairs at Barnes and Noble reading book after book. I actually wanted to be a librarian when I grew up :-)

  7. so glad you were able to get back to yourself. First of all, your kids journal books are amazing....I'm going to have to start some myself. The rocking horse brought tears to my eyes...and the china...Too special. I have my grandma's sterling silver and it is my most treasured possession. great ideas, all around.

  8. Awesome post. One thing I do is meditation also. I sit quietly, center in my head and ground by connecting to the core of the earth. Imagine energy flowing and energy I don't need releasing down the grounding. The other thing is if I'm fretting and holding energy, that means I'm not in the present moment and try and bring myself back to the present and feel the wind, the sun and be alive with what's around me.

  9. Thanks for finding my blog :)

    1. I love me some Nora when I'm cleaning or relaxing....or really doing anything.
    2. Those journals for your kids sounds like an incredible idea! I'm going to keep that in mind for the future. What a unique and precious keepsake for them.

  10. I am so glad you are feeling like yourself again! I am going to copy you someday and make journals for my kids!! You are an inspiration!! Running, working out, cooking and baths are what I need to get level again!! GREAT POST!

  11. I love your blog! I am a big journaler too and I like to go back and read them. Sometimes I will write out my prayers or sometimes I just write out my prayer lists. I love the idea of journaling to your kids, I may have to start that.

  12. I LOVE the idea of having a book for each kid. I might have to copy that.

  13. This is really a GREAT thoughtful post! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I have PILES of journals but had never thought to do a book for each kid. That is such an awesome idea and what a treasure! I'm glad you bounced out of your funk! Oh how I wish we had a decent bookstore, or a coffee shop....Honestly, if I want to get the energy flowing I pick up a broom. Once I start cleaning I can't stop and I feel SO awesome and satisfied when I'm done that I'm willing to tackle anything!

  14. Super cute idea for the kids' journals! And happy late 32! Loved your 32-themed workout. :)

  15. I love the notion of clearing energy blockages and especially the idea of getting rid of clutter and stuff. And — what a fabulous idea — to get some letters from grandparents into the kids' journals and including pictures in the journals, I don’t do that now (they have memory boxes with pics), but it would be great to integrate pics into the journal too. Thank you for sharing. So inspiring!!