Friday, November 26, 2010

Fartleking. It's Okay For Runners.

It's Fart LEK people.  Not Fart Lick! 

fart·lek (färtˈlĕk)
  1. An athletic training technique, used especially in running, in which periods of intense effort alternate with periods of less strenuous effort in a continuous workout.
  2. A workout using this technique.

What about you?  Do you use the term Fartlek?

Happy Fartleking,



  1. I never use the word because I don't know how to say it but now I have watched your video twice and I can say it:) THANK YOU!! Your brother is hilarious in the background. Good for you to burn those calories skinny mini!

  2. Who knew eating turkey could lead to such a great FARTLEK ? =D

  3. fartLECKs are actually my favorite. Great little bursts of burning lungs, haha.

  4. I never really use it since my husband thinks as the def from urban dictionary your husband said at the end of the video...

    Funny video... love it!!

  5. hey--i'm new!

    i think my husband would mis-use the word similarly to the way your husband does, so i refuse to introduce the word to him. shhhhh! he already boycotts most things about running, i'd hate to give him another way to ridicule me :)

  6. Ha ha! I use it but I always put an EXTREME over emphasis on the LEK!

    Just catching up with everyone here. I've been reading on my phone but haven't been at a computer in a couple of days. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving! LOVE the post with the background info of you and your brother! Very touching! Great family you have!

    I took about a 4 month hiatus from blogging. Got overwhelming and I stopped enjoying it. I kept reading but just stopped posting. It's fun to be back but I always want to keep it as an outlet and not a stressor....

    Hope your having a great weekend:)

  7. Fartlek is a good workout, especially if you do it with Amanda!:)

  8. I usually call it speedplay. The word fartlek is just so weird. LOL

  9. Too funny! I love Jesse in the background!! HA!

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning!