Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter Storm of 2010

SNOW in Portland!
Yes, that's right folks.  Schools are canceled, the meteorologists are getting more action than they've seen in a long time, and the entire city of Portland is moving slower than usual.  All this because of maybe an inch or two of snow!  I remember the first winter I spent in Oregon. I thought it was so funny (and ridiculous that school was canceled because of an inch of snow that melted before noon.  Being a Colorado girl, I was used to walking to school in 3 feet of snow and not being able to see the roads for weeks at a time.  (Disclaimer:  When it snows even a little bit in Portland, it can be dangerous because of all the rain turning to ice on the roads so the "winter freak out" really is warranted.  Just funny.) Here's a picture of our friend Cindy enjoying the early morning snow.

I'm not really quite sure how Cindy came to be part of our family.  I'm pretty sure she was one of the many creations that my husband made with the kids when I was off at the gym or on a run or something.  She's always around now though.  She even helped us pass out candy on Halloween while we went off to trick-or-treat.  She's so excited about the snow!

This weather even makes for some good early morning cross training.  Nothing like some good "sled pulling" intervals to get your heart rate up AND win you brownie points in the mom department!

Gratitude Cards
On another note.  It is great having a daughter that can write now!  My 5 year old was in charge of our gratitude cards this year.  These are the cards everyone will write on before our Thanksgiving feast.  And yes, I make everyone share around the table.  Even though I get some eye rolls and groans of complaint about this, I know that deep down, everyone appreciates this tradition.  This is what happens when you take a teacher out of the classroom.  My traditions only get worse the longer I'm not teaching.

Running to Relieve Stress
I know that lots of blogging runners have written about how running helps to make them feel better and have more to give as a mother, wife, and person, etc.  I think this topic will come up again and again in my life and as I continue to read other blogs about running.  There is really no replacement for what a Run can do for my mood.  Last night I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed with all the noise in the house, the list of things to get done before Thanksgiving, having so many people needing me at once, the puddle of wine all over my floor from the bottle that my 16 month old knocked over....it was all just a little too much at once!  Before going to my book club down the street, I went on a short but fast run around the neighborhood.  It was truly as if I could feel the stress of the day just melt off of me with each step.  Every stride, every breath was making me feel whole again.  I came home, grabbed my book and purse and headed off to book club feeling like a new ME!  I'm so thankful for Running.  There is no better medicine for renewing my spirits, clearing my mind, re-energizing  and refocusing on the important things in life.  Running is definitely at the top of my Gratitude List for Thanksgiving and every day!


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  1. A good run always helps me clear my mind and set me free from the current stress or situation.

    One of my sister offices is in Seattle and I heard their office was closed for the day due to snow! So not fair!! I know my snow days are coming. We tend to get a lot of snow all at once and our company and good about snow days since we have so many people out on the road. Enjoy it and becareful!

  2. crazy weather we're gettin!

    love the sledding video. i thin our neighbors dog would love to join me on the many hills pullman has.

  3. Yes it is a crack up at times the Seattle/Portland are when it comes to snow. I lived in the midwest after living in Seattle all my life. Quite the contrast! The funniest thing was the local news broadcasts. The minute it started snowing it was almost a Breaking NEWS special interruption type thing. We would get barely an inch or less sometimes and the local news would send a reporter out to the nearest intersection waiting for a METRO bus to slide by. Or, 1-3 inches will be called Arctic Blast 2010 or whatever year it was. Have fun up there! Stay warm.

  4. Oh...I love the gratitude cards your daughter made. SO cute!!
    I'm kind of glad we didn't get more snow, because I WANT to be out pulling a sled like you, but I'm still pooped from my cold. I'm ready for a big one like two years ago, though! I <3 snow!

  5. Hooray for snow, even if it is only a bit. I definitely have to agree that running is a huge stress reliever. If I hadn't made it out this morning, I think my kids and I would all be going crazy by now.

  6. Your family member 'Cindy' is quite a crack up!! I love this weather. I slept with the blinds up on our windows so I could see the snow whenever I woke up! ;)

  7. Hooray for snow!!! It's weird that you got some before we did here in CO, but I know it's only a matter of time before it hits us too!
    That video was AWESOME!! :)

  8. Cindy-hilarious!!

    Yep-you did get a little snow. I lived in South Texas for 3 years and they canceled school if it rained. Just a little different than up here!!

    I LOVE the gratitude card idea. I had a sister that died 10 years ago. We made cards of our favorite memories of her the first Christmas after and have continued every year. We then hang them all over a special tree and read them all Christmas Eve. It's a great tradition for our family.

    Great video. Your little one is having a blast!

    Running is at the top of my gratitude list this year as well. I'm even adding my injury to the list. It has given me such a renewed appreciation for so many things. So glad you are back at it!!

  9. I love CINDY and have to tell you that I stole your thankful jar idea from a few posts ago. It is very interesting to see what the 5 and 3 year old want to put in the jar!
    The cards are cute :)

  10. Cindy is awesome - I bet you smile every time you pull her out and show her off - she screams fun!! Snow?? Awk! We had a couple inches in Denver a couple weeks ago but it's gone now. Soon to be b ack, I fear - bleh!

  11. we had sleet in miami last time for I guess the first itme in like 50 years and people FLIPPED. they actually took down a power grid with the run on space heaters :)

  12. Have fun with the snow! Hopefully it won't end up as bad as last year with everybody being trapped in their homes!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!