Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Quickie and a Good Pacer

Follow-up from "Bad Boy".

  1. No, I'm not really irritated with my husband for running a casual 19ish 5k.  He's awesome!  I thought his text was funny and I was teasing about being annoyed.  I know he can run much faster than a 19. I'm glad he will push me and be my racing partner in the next couple races.  I just hope I don't feel like chewing his head off when he tells me to go faster and dig deep.  
  2. LIttle Man Runninghood has only been in time out 3 times this morning.  Once for throwing his oatmeal with flax seeds across the table because he wanted more and there wasn't anymore.  A second time because he tried to hit me and call me a bad boy when I tried to change his diaper and informed him that he wouldn't be racing the 5k with me next week.  
  3. My 5k next week is part of my marathon training.  I'm not tapering for is a "tune-up" race.  In fact, 2 days before it, I will be running repeat miles. 
  4. I'm realizing that if it is time to start leaving my little guy with a babysitter more often.  He has some major anxiety about leaving me and I'm afraid that if I don't start leaving him to cry it out now then I will be one of those parents who stands by his classroom door because he can't handle it.  Next week we are leaving him with our teenage nephew so we can go race together.  He is going to FREAK.  No, he will be fine.  Yes, that is what I will believe.  
  5. I ran in my Brooks Launch shoes last night for my 12 repeat 400's (9 miles total with warm up and cool down) and They. Felt. Great!  Here's to hoping that things stay great with them.  I rolled, iced, stretched and ate some protein when I got home just to take extra good care of myself.  I didn't feel funny in them like I have been feeling in my Mizunos.  They felt light, natural, and my form/stride felt great.  Today I feel fabulous!

1.  If you have kids, was it ever hard to leave them with a babysitter or child care?  My girls did fine with this because I worked.  I have been home since this little guy was born, so this is a very difficult thing for him.  

2.  Do you  have any races coming up?  

3.  What is your favorite distance to race?  Least favorite?

4.  Does your training plan ever call for "Tune-Up" races as part of the training?  



  1. Tune up races? I sure hope not because I have no freaking idea what those are.

    Fav distance: 26.2
    Least: 5k

    On #4 - he will be fine. promise. promise. promise. :)

  2. 1.We rarely ever use a babysitter outside of daycare. We plan everything to include the kids.

    2.My first marathon is on March 20th. (nervously excited!)

    3. My favorite distance is 10K.

    4. I've never included races as part of a training program. I'll sometimes run a race during training, but never as part of it.

  3. We have the opposite problem - our kids sometimes don't even look back when we drop them off.

  4. We rarely have a babysitter while the kids are awake, and they don't go to daycare or preschool. I love it, and it works for our family, but partly because they go to bed at 7pm, so my husband and I can get an actual date or alone time. Parenting is so personal - you just have to do what feels right for your family. I was worried about mine being too clingy when they get older and go do school or sports, but by slowly introducing opportunities for them to succeed away from me (i.e. gymnastics for Fancy), they are getting some of those skills. That said, just yesterday Fancy told me she didn't want to go to school, and she doesn't like her friends, and she only wants to be with me, her brother and her daddy. Hm....

  5. 1. Shaye Baby cries as long as she can see me leaving. Then she stops. Tayte has always been content to be with just about anyone while I leave.
    2. My first tri of the season is an Olympic length on April 2 - or 3...maybe I should find that out.
    3. Right now......longish sprint tri's are my favorite. I did NOT like the half marathon I ran, but maybe it will frow on me.
    4. I will have to look into the "tune up" races.

  6. Aww sounds like your little guy is having a good time!!! Hopefully he will do well with your nephew!!

    I have a half coming up on May 1 and I'm really excited for it!

    I love the half distance and I'm not a fan of the 5k. Those are the only two distances I've raced so far though.

  7. 1. It is hard every time to leave baby girl with a sitter, but it is really good for her and me- mentally and physically! He will be upset the 1st time, but when you come back you are going to get the best hugs and kisses ever!

    2. 3 races coming up! 10 miler, 5K with dean and Indy 1/2 marathon

    3. HATE HATE HATE 5 K, LOVE 13.1!

    4. Plans don't call for tuneup races but I like to do them to beat the boring parts of training!

  8. Finally have a built in babysitter. I race this weekend with Dean! Oh ya I'm as cool as SUAR now. (ha ha) Okay me and hundreds of others but it should be good.

  9. Believe it or not I never left them to run, 5 kids? It would cost a fortune!! I didn't start running till my oldest was 12 and had cpr training. Before that I got up at ridiculous hours to do video taped workouts.

    No races untill May 15th!

  10. Ok, i was expecting a different post, lol!
    My son loves baby sitters and employes us to go out.
    I think this is bc he was in school since age 1.
    Your son will be fine, 18 month is when stranger anxiet peaks, so it is a tough age. I like his personality, he is such a boy and I am partial to boys.
    You will rock your 5k. I am faster than my husband as he does not run
    Outside of tennis and Vmail. It would drive me crazy if he were, though, so you are a better person than me! What is your 5k goal?

  11. 1. When my older two were little, like 2 and 6 mos., it was hell leaving my oldest. The babysitter I had wasn't very good (not a bad person, just not a GOOD babysitter...I'm sure he wasn't getting much out of being there other than meals and an adult warm body near. He would sob, "No, mommy, no...please don't leave me here!! Take me with you!!" So awful. He was in daycare of one form or another until he was old enough to be home on his own after school, and that was the only one he was like that with. My youngest has a hard time starting somewhere new and then is fine.

    2. Quivering Quads trail half marathon on March 20. Still deciding about whether or not to do the St. Louis St. Patrick's day run on the 12th. An adventure non-race on the 13th. And my first marathon(yea...and yikes) the last weekend of April.

    3. Hmmm...I like 10K-half marathon. 5K is ok but over so soon (though not as soon as YOURS are! :D) and never gone further than half marathon.

    4. No, but I fit in races wherever I have the opportunity.

    So glad your shoes are working out! :)

  12. I love half marathons and hate the 5k. I just cannot get myself to move fast enough and I don't feel like I've accomplished enough if I run for only 20-ish minutes.

    Good luck with your training and 5k!

  13. My little one goes to daycare and seems to do really good with it. Then again, she's only 4 months and isn't completely aware that mommy is leaving her behind. :)I have a 5K coming up in a couple weeks!

  14. Hang in there! it's so hard when they have a hard time. He'll get used to it fast. Fav. distance?--Halfs Least: 5ks. I like running a Half Marathon in the middle of marathon training to give me a good predictor of my fitness level and how training is going. Looking forward to Ft. Vancouver 1ok on 3/27 and hoping for a big improvement from Portland Heartbreaker.

  15. Your little man will probably cry... and you will feel horrible... but the day will come soon enough when he'll realize babysitters are pretty fun, and you'll be sad that he just walked away with out even a 'bye'. You just have to trust the person you are leaving them with.. and chances are as soon as you're out of sight he'll turn the tears off and be fine.

    March 20th... wow, three weeks!! You sound like you're ready... lots of training, hope the shoes work out!! Half Ironman race June 5th.

    I love half marathons. I'm no speed demon and a half is a long enough distance that I have to reach beyond my comfort zone, but it's not torture. I like the idea of 5km races... but I always frustrated that I can't seem to keep up a good speed for 5k.

    I just did a half marathon as a part of my triathlon training plan, and it does have other tune up 'races'... I will likely do self supported 'races' from home as I can't afford the fees, travel etc for real races, but that can be fun too.

    Glad to hear you only had 3 T/Os today... so far! Mine are suprisingly well behaved at the moment, are sharing... now I probably jinxed it!!

  16. So funny about you and your husband... we are the opposite... I am way faster than my hubby... which isn't to imply that I am fast ;-) but he is pretty slow! lol

    It was always harder on me than my kids. Always. I definitely followed that "get out quick" advice when dropping them off. It really is better than prolonging the drama, in my opinion. Of course, we shall see what happens with Miss C... being my last baby and all, I have a feeling it'll be even harder for me but no idea how she'll handle it.

    Next scheduled race: SF Bay to Breakers on May 15.

    Favorite distance to race: I'd say historically 5 miles is my favorite distance to actually 'race'. Shorter than that and I am just too slow ... longer than that just feels like survival.

    When I did my 2 marathons, the training plan did call for a couple of "tune up" races. I did my best 5K ever 2 weeks before my first marathon (21:20).

  17. Fav distance - all of them; of course.
    least - dont have one.

    I have a 5k on Sunday on the TM - thanks Hal.

  18. 1. Ryan was attached to my leg as a 2-year old. I didn't work then and HAD to get a 2 times/week sitter for a couple hours so he'd adjust to this separation thing better. One day the sitter called, about a month into the thing, and said she couldn't do it anymore, he cried for a full hour of the 2. ugh. But today, he really has no problems being alone ... so in another 14 years, you will be good! :)

    2. Unfortunately, yes - Skyline in a mere 5.5 week. Doubtful I can run it. After that, a race in Iowa - again, doubtful. After that, it's just a matter of WANTING badly to sign up ... but not going to until this thing is healed!!

    3. Fav: Marathon. Least Fav: 5K

    4. Of course. I follow the same book as you. :)

  19. 1. I have been home since the birth of my 1st son. Both my kids were mama's boy. It was harder with the younger one but we decided to use a sitter once a month just for a couple of hours and now all is good

    2. Yep Sunday 5k Race for the cure!

    3. Favortite for now 10k and least 5k..I am not a sprinter!

    4. Yes. My half marathon plan calls for 3 races in the 12 weeks. 1 5k and 2 10k.

  20. We are lucky that our babysitters are family members or the neighbors that have kids our kids' ages. But, I work at the YMCA that has "free" child care while I first born had a hard time, but Miles did well.
    ~ I have a 5k next weekend! Eeeeek! :-)
    ~ I really don't have a favorite distance...5k's suck though..haha!

    ~My "tune up" races for half marathons are 5-10k's......

  21. Leaving him with a good sitter is a good idea. :)

    I have trouble really trusting them, though- go figure. I like the grown up ones with children that distract my kids as I slip out the door.

    Yay about the brooks launches! I have been doing a lot of shoe thinking lately. TH\hinking about the possibility for more arch support here. Don't know...
    Anyway. I looked at some info again on racing shoes for marathons and found it in Pfitz. ;)

    I'd love to race a 5K again...if circumstances were different. Actually at the moment the 10K seems hardest. But, heh, they all have pros and cons.

  22. YOu got the launches! yay! I LOVE MINE...they are fabulous..feel so light:)
    FAvorite far I don't have a favorite. I like the 5k,10k and half for all diff reasons...I'm waiting to see what I think of 26.2:)
    I have a half marathon on April 9th at part of my training and to see if we guage what my marathon goal time should be sine it's been almost a year since my last half:)

  23. 12 x 400 sounds horrible, that is a lot of repeats! I can only handle like 10 before I go crazy, haha good luck with your new shoes, sounds like you may have found the right one! Based on your last post it sounds like you are neutral in terms of pronation, one of my blog friends I think is the same way and she likes the Nike Vomero's:,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-362632/pgid-301213

    As for your questions:
    #1 - doesn't apply to me, haha

    #2 - I wanted to do a 10K on March 19th, but it sold out. So now my only race is Bay to Breakers on May 15 - a long way away...

    #3 - Most favorite race distance is 13.1, it is far enough to be a significant challenge, but doesn't suck everything out of you like training and doing a marathon.

    Least favorite distance is basically the shortest distance that I normally run right now in races - 5K, I don't do mile races anymore. The shorter the distance = the more intense pain because you are running at a higher heartrate and thus the pain is greater over that short distance, haha

    #4-most training plans I do call for some tuneup races throughout the program, I think it is fun anyways to do some, because you are guaranteed to be in good shape, and getting some competition and setting good times is motivating.

    good luck with marathon training!

  24. Thats great that your husband will be able to push you to run faster! I have 5K this weekend. I like 5Ks but I think I like the marathon more! Its just a fun and rewarding opportunity that I dont get to experience very often :)

  25. My youngest, who is now 3 1/2, had major separation anxiety issues. But, even though it was hard to leave him with a babysitter, at Kid's Club at the gym, or even at preschool where he cried and cried as I walked out of the room, it needed to be done. It was rough for awhile, and sometimes I would cry after I walked away b/c it broke my heart so much. But, he's fine now AND your little guy will be fine too!!

  26. I run a ton of races as tune up races or tests. It allows me to see if the training plan is working or not.

  27. I don't usually do tune up races, but they sound like a great idea...i have done a half before a marathon as kind of a long run.
    babysitters, yes, yes, yes especially since I stay at home with 4 kiddos. when they were younger my husband and I tried to get out once a week, now since we have middle schoolers it doesn't always work. to much homework and to may activities.
    I hate the 5 K, but I love the half marathon.

  28. I had to leave my oldest son with my sister once a week so I could work - and it was harder for me than for him. He really enjoyed having a cousin to play with.

  29. I don't love running 5k's because I don't feel like I have enough time to get in the groove. I really like half marathon's and 10k's.

  30. good luck on your 5k! i've been a runner for years, but i've only ran 1 official race (9k.) hope to step it up a bit and do my first half this year! any tips i will gladly take. :)

  31. 2. Snicker 26.2 on Sat - send good vibes
    3. Fav. - 2 mile - 26.2 - least fav. ????? hmmm 1 mile???
    4. YES! Even when I was TOTALLY 100% focused on BQing, I ran a few 5ks or other races (about 1 per month) I think it's an excellent part of training. This time around I have been racing a LOT of races. This time I run the risk of over racing and peaking too soon, but it was a risk I was willing to take. I think it's worked out fine this time as I feel I am peaking at the right time. Sadly, now the weather is NOT cooperating with me for Sat.

    Happy you're racing some 5ks and enjoying your training. I certainly enjoying your training and racing.

  32. oh man, i'm already starting to have anxiety about my little boy heading off to k'garten next year. he's definitely more clingy than my daughter, but that's just his personality. i've been home since my daughter was born, but she was just much more independent. it's tough when they cry...i hope to heck i don't have to peel him off my legs to get him on the bus next year!!

    so glad your new shoes are working for you!! i was going to tell you that i've got the Gel Nimbus 12's and have been happy with them so far. i had the 11's too. would love to check out some other shoes, but you hate to switch away from something that works.

  33. My son was the most anxious of the three of my kids! My kids didn't have babysitters too often but they always loved them!

    So, you're 5K is next weekend? Wow, that snuck up quick! Yay-back to racing! Nice of your hubby to pace you! What a guy! You're right on track here! Excited to see how it goes for you.

    I ran a few tune up races for my first marathon. A 10K about 7 weeks out and a half marathon 3 weeks out. I didn't taper for either of them. I only ran one "tune-up" for Boston- a 10 mile during a 63 mile week, no taper and at the peak of my training. My legs were a bit tired but I felt good about it. I hope to run about 3 tune ups for Grandmas! We'll see!

    So glad you're loving the Launch!!

  34. Hailey's been acting out BIG TIME lately and i'm averaging putting her in time out AT LEAST three times every night.

  35. Oh and glad to hear the Launch's are working well for you thus far. Here's hoping they continue to... :)

  36. 1. All 3 of our sons went to daycare between ages of 12 months and 3 yrs. At first they would cry when I dropped them off, but the daycare provider (she's awesome & like family) always told me they were fine after I was just the initial leaving part they didn't like and it's better to do it quickly and not linger.

    2. I have a race on March 19th, it's a 5 miler.

    3. I haven't been in a lot of races, but I always liked the 10 milers because you still feel good after. I don't really like 5Ks, they are too short for me, takes me awhile to get warmed up I guess.

    4. Yeah, my training plan does have a few "tune up" races and some times I do them, sometimes not.

  37. When my girls were little I stayed at home with them but they adored all of their family members so much that leaving them never seemed like a big deal (except for infants)

    I think a lot of that is how you present it. Maybe have a fun thing that he would really like planned so he can get excited?

    I like running all races right now. My first experience with 12.4 miles was pretty grueling but I still loved the experience overall. I do like training for 5ks though.

  38. I started being a stay at home mom with my child number 2. We always have a Friday night date so my kids are left with a sitter every week. But #4 came along and he is a big mama's boy. He didn't like to be left and it broke my heart to hear him cry as we left. But he always stopped and now he does so much better. And I NEED my date night. He still has issues. See this post on the topic,
    but I think knowing we can be separated and we'll be back together is good for him. It still doesn't make it any easier.
    I'm glad your new shoes are working well!

  39. I hate 10k's...Sometimes I think I should remedy this, but then I stop caring again.

  40. Amanda you are UNREAL. Speed demon, mother of the year, and super blogger...when I have kids one day will you teach me how to be you? Perfect. xoxoxo
    p.s remember how I said I'd send you some tunes...I haven't forgotten! Promise. I've had some technical difficulties. I'll get them to you this week! :)

  41. Thank you for your sweet comments on my post! You make me feel so good! I forgot to answer a ? you had about lifting a while back---I don't do it, I should, but I don't. I think I am a mesomorph--wish I was an ectomorph though!

    You are such a good mama!! I hope your lil guy makes strides with his attachment--kind of flattering in a way though.

    I'm SO excited that your shoes felt good!!! Relief! And, I have this inkling that despite running mile repeats days/hours b4 your 5k, you will be a gamer and dominate!


    That's who Chris is meeting. She. rocks. She lives there!! :) awesome!

    Sandy Pockets has been hitting his mom and only wanting to be with dad! Does that happen to your guy? She's been so worried and I feel like I can't help her too much because she and her brother weren't like that! He's also tried to throw rocks at her, can you believe it? My sweet little guy?!
    Is all this normal????
    I can NEVER do a 5k as a training run because I am SO STUCK on trying to go sub 20 that I won't waste my time unless I think I can reach that goal. I'm such a brat!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  44. 1. If you have kids, was it ever hard to leave them with a babysitter or child care? No kids (yet?) Just a pup.

    2. Do you have any races coming up?
    April 3 - half marathon! Looking at a May 7th 10k. A May 22nd half. And a May 29th 5k. This is crazy for me! But I'm too much of a wimp to race in the summer.

    3. What is your favorite distance to race? Least favorite? I like the half marathon because I can run it slower :) Least favorite is 5k? though I've only run one of those so far.

    4. Does your training plan ever call for "Tune-Up" races as part of the training?
    Hal Higdon's intermediate half called for a 5k, 10k, along the way- but there weren't any nearby that coordinated with my schedule.

  45. Beautiful shoes, I am too old and I remember the glorious Nike Elite Classic and Nike Pegasus that I wore with proud long long time ago.
    About your questions:
    1. Our kids (now 31 and 26 y.o.): we used to leave them with the grandparents (my wife and I don't have any brothers);
    2. A lot of 10k races coming up, long list but I'm looking for a 5 km in Scotland on march 19th.;
    3. My favorite distance is 10k at the moment, before the incident the half marathon;
    4. The races are part of my training (expecially h.m.).

  46. 2. The Shamrock 15K!! Eek - my first race at that distance!!

    3. I am not sure of my favorite distance right now. I've done so many 5K races, and a few 10Ks, but that half was so fun that I feel like it could move into the number one spot pretty quick!