Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bad Boy

Some Random Mommy thoughts for today:

  • What is up with my son calling me and everyone else "Bad Boy"? Everything and everyone is Bad Boy these days. All you have to do is look at him funny and you, my friend, are a "BAD BOY". Now, I know what you're thinking. "Hmmm, he must get that from somewhere. That's not nice to call your son bad boy." No, I do NOT call my son bad boy. In fact, I have always tried hard to never refer to my children as bad or good but rather to only refer to their choices as poor or good. I have his oldest sister to blame for the Bad Boy thing.
  • Not only is this little man into calling everyone Bad, he doesn't think twice about smacking his sisters in the head, grabbing their hair, and throwing his toys across the room while he grunts and hits his chest.  Okay, so no grunting or chest pumps but he might as well.  His morning consisted of at least 3-5 time outs in his crib.  "Bad Boy Chillin' in the Crib" would be the title of his movie if he had a movie made after him.  
  • Little man Runninghood really is a great kid.  He has a lot to compete with to get our attention and I bet it is hard being 20 months when you can't quite express yourself in fluent sentences.  I'd probably throw, grunt, and express my power and control in little ways throughout the day too.  

Oh, how I love this little man anyway!

  • Why do my daughters insist on fighting over almost identical unicorn jewelry boxes that have been forgotten about for the past year? Each one so fired up and insistent that THEIRS is the one with the Unicorn with the bigger horn or something. Good grief. Both of the boxes are mine now. I will find a use for them. 
  •  Why did I think it might be a good idea to take my exhausted and feisty 20 month old and 3 year old into Portland Running Company to find the perfect shoe for me? What was I thinking? And I will never again argue with people that tell me that having a boy is an entirely different ball game! I BELIEVE YOU NOW!!! Thank God that the retired professional bad ass runner dude who was watching me run and fitting me with the perfect shoe had kids of his own. He seemed to understand. Yet one more reason why I LOVE the Portland Running Company and now feel even more guilty about being a cheating running shoe whore and shopping at RunningWarehouse online. After today, I will never cheat again. Unless Running Warehouse has an awesome sale. 

Shoes Shoes Shoes and More Shoes

  • Didn't Amanda just buy a crap load of shoes online?! Why oh why is she shopping for shoes AGAIN?! 
  • Yes, yes, Yes, I did. But. I'm not sold on them. I've run 1-2 times on the treadmill with the Mizuno Inspires and I tried out the Wave Riders briefly...just not working for me. 
  • I'm returning my shoes from Running Warehouse. 
  • I'm determined to find "MY SHOE" 
  • I ran for the super awesome runner dude at Portland Running Company in a variety of shoes. He told me that I'm not really overpronating much at all. He suggested a neutral shoe with mild support. 
  • He fit me in an Asics Gel Cumulous 12. A neutral Shoe with some support. 
  • Why are some Asics shoes named after clouds? 
  • I also bought a pair of Brooks Launch shoes for my speed/tempo days and for racing in. 
  • I will try both of these shoes out this week on the treadmill and then return them if they don't work. The Portland Running Company is cool like that. 
  • I'm excited if the Brooks Launch shoes work for me because then I can be just like Jenn. No, really, I've heard they are a great shoe and I'd love them to be great for me too. 
  • Still can't believe that I've been running for so many years and don't really have "MY Shoe" yet. Having kids took me out for awhile (my choice) and then this hamstring injury changed the way running feels to me. 

Random Running Thoughts
  • I'm trying to stay positive and dream big 
  • The past few days there has been a tiny voice in the back of my head saying things like "What if you don't have it in you to run like you want to now?" "What if you will never run fast? You really are dreaming too big. Who do you think you are? There are so many people better than you so what are you joking yourself for? Why are you taking this so seriously when you really don't matter in the big picture of good runners?" I'm trying to silence this voice and keep on keeping on. I'm trying to remind myself that it is about being the best runner that I can be...pushing myself to MY limits...not somebody else's limits. 
  • This is important to me. I don't plan on being this obsessed about running forever. Once I prove to myself that I can still do it and that I can be better than I ever was ready for before, then I think I will probably go back to enjoying running for fitness and fun. 
  • Something irritating about my husband calling himself a "non runner" but then texting me that he just ran our 5k race course that we are running in a couple weeks and just casually noting that he ran it in 19:17 (not racing). So easy for him and his nonrunner self. Grrr. At least he is going to pace me when we run it. 
  • Excited for my increased mileage and workouts this week!



    1. That would irritate me too if my hubby said he wasn't a running and knocked out a sub 20min 5km easily. Men!

    2. I have to try really hard not to compare myself to people who are naturally, without practice, better at things than I will ever be with all the practice in the world.

      Remember, you EARN the runs you have tucked into your "awesome" belt. You earn those every bit as much as more naturally inclined runners earn their faster runs. You are working just as hard, if not harder. You should only race against yourself in that regard.

    3. ARGH! My fiance is the most inactive person in the world, but when I coax him onto the treadmill once in a blue moon, he pulls CRAZY numbers. So. Frustrating.

      And the "Bad Boy" thing made me smile- I teach dance, and my kindergarten students have been calling EVERYONE (including me) a "bad mamacita" for approximately three weeks. I have no idea where it came from, but boy does it drive me crazy!

    4. Sounds like you have had a fun parenting day... gotta love being the referee!! I often watch friends with kids under 2 and wonder how I got through it... in some ways it's sucha cute age, but SOOO frustrating, for us and them!!

      Shoes... I too struggle with my perfect shoe, I am hoping the Kinvaras are my match made in heaven. They feel like slippers, so light, we'll see how they hold up I guess!

      As for the doubts, we all have those once in awhile, I often feel I should not take myself so seriously and rememebr to have fun with it... after all it is a hobby and not my profession. It's human nature and the competitive spirit to want to do your best though, otherwise it would be more entertaining to sit on the couch.

      But really... your hubby should keep his times to himself:-) non-runner husbands are renown for flaunting their times when they KNOW how it'll bug you a bit, that male ego thing...

    5. Older kids definitely add to the young ones' knowledge base...and not always in good ways. We're learning that in spades with 18, 16, and 7. I'm shocked that I don't get regular calls from J's teacher to tell me that he complained about his desk being "ghetto" or the school lunch being "janky" (I don't even know if that's how you spell janky). And my youngest, too, sees nothing wrong with kicking his brothers, but just let them touch him and he's hollering like somebody's trying to kill him. Sigh. I'll miss them when they're in college, but not this.

      Yea for new shoes and understanding salespeople. :)

    6. Man, I remember those days of trying to find 'My Shoe.' Now I have my shoe.... the Asics Kayano. Love them. But they're spendy!

      I haven't found my ideal trail shoe yet, though. I just bought a pair of Montrails and so far, so good!

      Your little 'bad boy' is adorable!!

    7. I didn't know you could have two different shoes for different running events. I usually just have pair that does it all. It does make me wonder what would work well for me!

    8. Running can definitely take over! We all need to be careful with that. Is there such thing as a perfect running shoe? Probably not. Shoes that used to work for me in the past are no longer working, bc my stride changed. I am now most comfortable in minimalist shoes. I like Brooks Launch but I have really narrow feet, so they are a bit too roomy. You know I love Nike free 5 v4 (not the newest model!).

      I have a boy and am comfortable with the "boy behavior". I actually love that. I am a bit of a tomboy myself and love to roughhouse with him:)

      Seems like you are in touch with yourself...good thing:) Good luck with the 5K. Your hubby is speedy and so are you!

    9. New shoes is always fun but man you are a brave lady to take the kids into the running store! Try to push those negative thoughts out of your head! You are an awesome runner!

    10. Ahhh haaa... Shoe Whore. I love it.

    11. I don't have "my" shoe, either. Right now I own four pairs!

    12. Asics names their shoes after clouds just to give you the image of running on big, soft, puffy air. Unfortunately it doesn't feel like running on air when you're on mile 19 of a long run.

    13. this quote of yours really resonated with me:
      "This is important to me. I don't plan on being this obsessed about running forever. Once I prove to myself that I can still do it and that I can be better than I ever was ready for before, then I think I will probably go back to enjoying running for fitness and fun."

      This is almost my exact feelings about marathons - I guess I'm new to marathons, and in the future maybe I'll end up doing 1 per year to test myself, and also as a way to guarantee myself that I'll be in great shape. We shall see what happens...I think I'll always keep running in life, but I know my level of interest will vary over time...

    14. I might just slap him if he were my hubby! That is just mean. But then I could be called "bad boy." Sigh...

      P.S. I linked your blog in today's post. I actually started a journal. I didn't have a Athleta catalogue so I went with my Title Nine. It was fun! I followed it up with a great 7 miler.

    15. don't have negative thoughts! you are awesome and you inspire me! i have always thought that you can never have too many shoes...yes, i am talking about running shoes. i want to get another pair.

    16. It's so great that you realize that you are doing this running thing for you. You have goals for you and not for the running world. Stay positive! You are awesome and have a lot left to give and prove if only to yourself!
      There is nothing like little kids. Nothing. Mine are getting older and it makes me miss those crib time outs. I still have my share of stuff, but I miss that toddler/2 year old age.

    17. Wow, wow and much to comment on and I even have time to for once (well, maybe not, but I'll try :)).

      Yes, my oldest is a girl and I can tell you I wanted a girl more than life ...I never had any sisters and wanted to find those cute clothes and hair bows and cute shoes and ballet classes, etc. and I got that wish and admittedly was a little bummed when I had TWO boys the next round....but let me just tell you this, now that my kids are much older, I am just going to tell you that yes boys are a little more physical than the girls when they are little but I promise you, come middle school, you are going to squish that boy to death after going through that age with girls first - I'm not sure you could pay me enough to relive 7th grade with my daughter, but easy-peasy for my boys!!! So just remember that little bit of advice and secretly smile inside when he yells "Bad boy."

      Shoes (again??!! :)). My podiatrist told me on Monday that though the movement is towards minimalist, I should not be one. So just know whatever works for someone is not necessariy working for someone else. I LOVE the Launch, my very favorite shoe (shown on my post with "Boot") but I fear if I ever get to run again, the Launch are going to have to go bye-bye. Sad! So test away girl and you will find the one that works (and did you check out the ZB Sports? The Launch are like $65 with the coupon). I agree though, the local running stores so deserve our $...but egads, sometimes $$ is short and you gotta go with the cheaper deal (sometimes? More like most times!). I used to wear the Asics Nimbus before the damn heel problems...if you like squishy cushion, these are great!

      Ok, that's about all I can think of tonight. Glad I had a few minutes to ramble off more than a sentence or two for once...I feel so connected with ya now! :)

    18. So frustrating about the hubby and the 5k course but think about the athletic genes your kids have from the both of you :)Love that he is pacing you in the race. Good luck! When is it?

    19. Bad boy in his little military haircut! What a little stud. Chillin' in the crib-ha! Oh the fighting girls. Sorry, my girls are perfect. They brush each others hair, call each other honey and sweetie......

      So glad you went into the shoe store. See, I told you I'm not an expert:) I've been fitted before! Sure makes it easier to buy cheap shoes from Runningwarehouse after you know what works (even if you are being a cheating whore). The running store I use is 6 hours away so I justify it that way!! I've worn the Cumulus before. Also, the heavily cushioned Nimbus which felt like BRICKS on my feet-they've changed shoes a bit since I wore them. Stickin' with the Launch:) They ARE a little roomier in the toebox though so hopefully they work for you!

      I just punched that "voice in your head" in the face. I have pretty good upper body strength. He was a stubborn bastard and I broke a nail but he won't be talking to you for awhile!!

      Your hubby-SPEEDY! That is close to my hubby's PR in a RACE and I thought HE was pretty speedy. Nice he will pace you!

      Thanks for the Plug:) Glad the running is going well for you!!

    20. Great. Now I am not even fast enough for my excuse to be that I am a "non runner". I have to find a new title.

      Keep us updated on the shoe. I really want to try out the Mizuno.
      (I wear the cloud shoes now.)

    21. im not exactly sure if i have "my shoe" yet either! i got properly fitted but im thinking i have to try out some others. Plus, i might also need orthotics so im going to see a podiatrist first then tackle the "my shoe" territory again.

    22. The problem with having "YOUR shoe" is that your feet change day to day and dependent on what you're running on.

    23. Men are freaks of nature and it kills me sometimes how Spike has a "bad" run that's easily a puke threshold run for me. It's best just to focus on what you're capable of and doing the best you can.

      Good luck with the shoes!!!

    24. Your Husband... GRRRR. You should kick him!

    25. I can't thank you enough for this shoe post!! As you know, I'm not a "runner" (yet!), but I am looking at buying my first pair of running shoes this weekend. So thanks for shedding some light on all the different choices I'm going to have!! :)

    26. ha! I never made that correlation with Asics! Your lil ma looks just like YOUR man. Wow! Maybe he will be a "non-runner" too--grrr! It's so easy for some. But, I cannot let you discount your natural talent and drive. You are very fast, motivated and have the preparation in place to dream big. Tie on those "cloud" shoes and go for it BAD BOY!

    27. running shoes are so tricky. i've started to believe that i'm never going to find the "perfect" shoe. i've been running with "good enough" for so long...and i'm just tired of spending so much money on shoes that i don't love.

      i like that you see this running as a season of your life. it lets you focus on it more, knowing that it won't be your top priority always. i think that's so healthy! i imagine that once i have kids i'll want to prove to myself that i can still run fast :) i believe in you!!!

    28. My son went through the same thing with calling everybody "Bad Boy" and he got it from his older brother! He would say to me, "Bad Boy Mama!"

      Hope you find a shoe that works for you. I have the Mizuno Inspires but would love to try something different.

      Well, now that Jenn has just punched that "voice in your head" in the face you should have nothing more to worry about! You can push your limits and be the best you can be!!

    29. Keep those thoughts out!!! Seriously, you are such a talented amazing runner and you have so much potential and I just love everything about you!! I LOVE my Brooks Launch. Little Man Runninghood is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Non-runner Billy is doing the exact same thing.....he is killing me in workouts that kick my trash, it is not fair. I love you and I believe in you so you should too k?!?!

    30. Keep silencing those thoughts, girl!!! DREAM BIG!!! And to quote someone I know, "Go-gettum, tiger"!! ;)

    31. Your husband is a Stud. First, he lands the prettiest girl in Oregon, then he casually runs a 19 min 5K. I hate guys like that.

    32. umm i have thoughts like that sometime. i have huge goals/dreams but sometimes i'm like, i will neverrr get there! (they are HUGE) i guess the point is, we should aim high and be content with whatever pr's we do hit?

    33. hmm, does he follow it up with "what cha goona do"? If so, you should stop watching cops :-).

    34. Stinka!...that refers to both your little and big man...

    35. little man runninghood, so precious. No wonder you don't want to leave him.
      I love how you share your thoughts here, its so real and encouraging! Please keep dreaming big, I believe in you!