Saturday, March 19, 2011

Veganfit Blog Check It Out!

Happy Saturday! 
Today has been a much needed Saturday! Glorious!  Divine!  
Waking up slowly to our three monkeys jumping and cuddling in our bed.
Cake for breakfast
Finishing a good novel
Lazing around in my pajamas with No plans!
Enjoying the sound of my kids running around the house, building forts, and using their imagination.  Even the occassional hair pull and fight isn't bad.
Pure slice of lazing around and soaking up life kind of day!  And counting my blessings!!

No running for me today. After my tempo run yesterday, I had a lot of pain on the front of my ankle/top of my foot.  The pain was there at the start of the run but I thought it was just from my shoes being too tight.  By the time we were walking to happy hour with friends later in the evening, I could feel the pain with every step.  I iced and this morning it is feeling better but I still have some discomfort so I will be taking it EASY PEEZY! 

Good news is that my tempo run cut short was still a run that helped to boost confidence! I wasn't feeling up to doing the mental work and running outside but I did anyway and I'm so glad I did!  So much better than the treadmill!  And I wasn't limited by just sticking to one pace either!  
2 mile warm up @ 8:30-9 pace
mile @ 7:11 (mostly incline/climb)
mile @ 6:40 (flat to gradual downhill)
mile @  6:51 (mix of incline and flat)
cooldown @ 8:03 --Was supposed to do another mile at 6:40/50ish and then 2 mile cool down but I was really feeling the pain in my foot/ankle so decided to call it a day!

This afternoon I made smoothies for the family with:
Frozen blackberries
Plain Yogurt
Udo's Oil
Ground Flax
Whey Protein Powder for my Husband and I

I didn't realize that I was supposed to be grinding my flaxseeds in order for our bodies to properly digest them! I had been putting them in our oatmeal and smoothies whole. Thankfully, I learned about this from my friend Martha's blog: VeganfitPlease go check her blog out and say hello!  She's got a lot of wisdom to share and she's super passionate about what she writes about on her blog.  Even if you're not vegan (I'm not), you're likely to learn some great stuff about nutrition, fitness and health!  So, here's a shout out to

1.  What is your favorite thing to include in a smoothie/shake?
2.  Do you do tempo runs? 



  1. Sounds like a perfect day! Yeah for running's just the best! I did the same thing with my flax seeds for a long time too! My favorite treat is my smoothie is definitely a little cruchy peanut butter!

  2. Hi Amanda, hope your foot is feeling better soon! Cake for breakfast? YUM! I haven't had smoothies for awhile now since I've been juicing, but sounds like a good idea, maybe I'll make some today for the boys. I always liked to add bananas to them. Yes, I do tempo runs, but not consistently. Your friend's blog looks interesting and I'm following now. I liked the review she did. Thanks for sharing.

  3. BE CAREFUL with that foot....I am glad it is feeling better today:) AWESOME RUN SPEEDY WOMAN!!! I hate and love tempo runs....they do go by super fast!! Sounds like the perfect day!!! I LOVE banana in my smoothies!

  4. 1)I put ground flaxseed and ground chia seeds in my smoothie. Have not tried kale but I do use spinach...will check out the kale next time :).

    2)I WISH!!!

    Have a great rest of your no plans Saturday, sounds heavenly!

  5. Take it easy on the foot! Sounds like you've already got that as the plan :) Great job on your tempo! And good for you for knowing when to listen to your body :)

    Sounds like a wonderful family day! The kind that fell so fulll of love and warmth :) May the rest of your weekend be as sweet!

  6. Sounds yummy.

    BTW you never contacted me with the burpee prize that you wanted. All explained here

  7. Sorry you've got pain...hope it's only temporary. The smoothies sound good and healthy!

  8. Thanks for the plug, Amanda! Heather already visited! :-)

  9. sorry about the careful, you are a wise woman don't forget that and go crazy.

    1. smoothie: Pineapple sherbet.
    2. Tempo: yes, I am not good at it, but I try every week to get better, work in progress situation!

  10. You mustn't watch enough Oprah. I learnt from her that you have to grind your flaxseeds to stop them acting like an express train. That smoothie sounds like you're managing to get all your fruits and veggies in one hit.

  11. Peanut or Almond butter and bananas in smoothies are delish.

    Hope your foot gets better soon. Sounds like you had the perfect alternative for a Saturday morning run.

  12. good call on the flax grinding! i am obsessed with spinach, banana, cinnamon, and flax in my smoothies.

    i admire you- your tempo times are great! keep it up!

  13. 1) I'm not really a smoothie girl. I eat fruits and veggies whole and then drink water, but I think it's because my teeth are very cold-sensitive.

    2) I love tempo runs, but I never do a proper cool-down because I'm scared that my body and my mind will get used to slowing down after a hard effort. I walk afterwards but refuse to run slowly. Weird, I know.

    My last running injury was exactly what you're dealing with! I stupidly ran through it and it got worse. I ended up going easy for about a week, continued to ice it, and it went away. I'm a little less zealous about cinching around my ankles now, though.

  14. Sounds like a loaded smoothie! Love those :)

  15. Bummer about the foot. Take care. Smoothie favorite: blueberries, so good. Tempo? What's tempo? J/K I am not consistent with them, but enjoy them immensely when I commit to them. They make me feel strong.

  16. I love including spinach in my smoothies and I do run tempos, sometimes I love them sometimes I hate them.

  17. I bought spinach today and am excited to put them in my smoothies. :) I’m new to this idea but so excited to get in our fruits and vegetables this way!!!

  18. Okay so i have just started adding flax seeds as well. Good to know that I should be grinding them. Do you have a grinder you suggest?

  19. Hope the foot pain goes away soon for you!

  20. The link to veganfit isn't working for me :( I was looking forward to checking it out!

    I put a lot of the same things in my smoothies but I also add cinnamon. Its full of great antioxidants and kicks up the flavor a bit!

    I'm trying to incorporate adding in tempo runs but I find a lot of conflicting information on how exactly to do them. You should do a post explaining them and their benefits!

  21. I'm an amateur smoothie maker and just recently began adding spinach into the mix!! I've got to try adding kale, too! I actually did know that about the flax but only heard about it recently, too. :-)

    I am doing informal tempo runs.. I do farleks for 1-2 minutes and then ease back into my run. It's amazing what a little speed work does to your body! Tones it right up!

  22. I am SO looking forward to a Saturday like that!!! I love that my kids are "involved" but their activities are "stealing" them from me....Sounds like you had just a great day:)

    I'll have to check out the blog link! Grind flax right before you use it. It loses its nutritional value quickly after it's ground:)

    Hope your foot is feeling better! You got a good run in though! Oddly enough, I had to stop my run this morning at .37 miles because of my foot....not sure what's going on. I'm slightly freaked out and breaking my coffee ration to calm myself down here-ha!

    I have never tried broccoli in a smoothie. Do your kids like them? My kids have been eating a lot of junk this weekend. They need a system reboot with some veggies tomorrow!!!

    OK-5 paragraphs is enough! Hope you have a great Sunday:)

  23. I use Chia seeds in mine.. Yes on tempo runs, but prb not this weeks still. Happy Sunday!

  24. thanks for that link. i am trying out dairy-free (for health issues/reasons - hoping to see/feel a difference!) so some vegan friends will help! (the problem is i also can't have soy... which i know is a common sub for dairy products) :-/ but thanks for the link :)

  25. I didn't know about the flaxseeds either. Thanks for letting us know. And I love doing tempo runs, much more so than other forms of speedwork. Keep enjoying that downtime!

  26. My favorite thing to add in is spinach because I know it is a superfood and it is rare for me to eat it any other way. I love that I can get so many fruits and veggies into one meal with a smoothie.

  27. thanks for sharing Martha's blog! I love to add frozen bananas to my smoothies, makes 'em thicker. : ) Hope your foot feels better soon!

  28. I hope your foot is feeling better! Great job on the smoothies!! I wouldn't have known that about flax seeds either so thanks for letting me know!!

    My favorite thing in smoothies is peanut butter!!

    I HATE tempo runs but I make myself do them from time to time.

  29. My smoothies are plain old frozen berries and milk or yogurt.

    I do tempo runs about 2 times a month. I hate tempo runs and much prefer speedwork, but it's always a good feeling to meet my tempo goal because it's often elusive.

  30. Ah. I wish I had read my email sooner. You made a good choice today, though, by sleeping in. :) Hope the foot/ankle is all better tomorrow!!

    The smoothies sound yummy- yes ground flax is what i use in smoothies, but I like it whole in oatmeal. Can't our teeth be the grinders for it? If we have molars...=D I guess I should go read that blog!

    Hope you have a great week!

  31. speedy!! way to go...take of the foot!

  32. I have yet to do a tempo outside and am curious--they intimidate me on the TM. You killed your times! WOW! No surprise though you stud!!

    I love spinach in my smoothie--I feel "cleaner" drinking it?? I couldn't find kale at the grocey store and am on the search for it! So glad you had the Sat you needed.

    How is your foot/spankle???

  33. What a great Saturday! I hope your foot gets feeling better soon! You're being so smart about it though!
    I love berries and spinach in my smoothies but I'm up for anything!

  34. Amanda--thank you SO much for your kind and heartfelt comments on my blog! They made my evening. :) As for your consideration of "taking the leap" to vegetarianism, my advice is just go for it! I'm sure it is tougher to make that kind of change as a mom than it was for me as a college student, but I think you should go for it if it's something you're thinking about. :) I hope that, if you do try out a veggie life, you'll let me know how it goes!!
    Thanks again for the sweet words :)

  35. Do I do tempo runs? How do you think I got so lightening fast?

    C'mon Mom, that smoothie is way too healthy. Where is the marshmallow cream, oreo cookies, ice cream, chocolate chips?

    Kale, broccoli, spinach? Bleh.